K'vvan, Ivy


Ivy and K'vvan jibe at one another, while Nadeeth and Udath reclaim a friendship.


It is afternoon of the seventh day of the second month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Lake Shore

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

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Eight degrees above freezing and sunny, but Ivy still needs to bundle up like a kid in a snowsuit to do anything out of doors at this time of the year. Udath don't care about the temperature, and is slinking about in the shallows, scrubbing his blocky head against the lake bottom to rid himself of a few traces of blood leftover from his last meal. Ivy's hopping from one foot to the other with her hands tucked into her armpits, just waiting for him to be finished so she can go hide in her weyr with some hot tea.

As if she is a rock dropped from the sky, Nadeeth comes out from the clear blue sky to dive right into the lake. She checks her speed right before hitting the water, and then slides under smoothly. Droplets splash upwards and outwards as she enjoys the chill of the water. K'vvan, dressed warmly, but in leathers and now in marshmallow like layers, takes a more subdued approach to the lake than his lifemate. "You really are a wimp Ivy."

Just when you thought it was safe ot go back in the…"K'vvan," Ivy greets with a distinct air of resignation, having at least had Nadeeth's dive-bomb to warn her. Udath offers a pleased thrum of a much more heartfelt greeting to the green. The cold has turned Ivy's nose and cheekbones red; at least if she gets to blushing again it's harder to see. "I show up for drills and Threadfall, what does it matter what I'm wearing?"

"Did I say it mattered?" K'vvan tosses the question back at Ivy, as he comes to stand next to her at the edge of the lake shore. "I just said you were a wimp for wearing it. Leathers are warmer AND don't decrease your mobility." Nadeeth is more than happy to greet her wingmate, moving close to brush against Udath and letting out of quiet murr in his direction. Isn't the water fine?

Ivy gives K'vvan a wry look and unzips just the very top of her puffy coat with clumsy puffy-mittened hands; there beneath is her riding jacket. Then she zips right back up again and ducks her chin into the warm coat collar. C'mon man, she's // tiny //. "I'm not a wimp. You're just…" A vague mittened gesture. Mean? Bothersome? "…able to regulate your body temperature, good on you." Udath whuffs at Nadeeth's brush, surprised and pleased. LOVELY weather out, LOVELY of her to came grace the lake with her presence.

"Movement helps." Which is K'vvan's way of being utterly unhelpful in this matter. His hands shove themselves into his pocket, perhaps a hint that he isn't quite a warm as he's pretending to be. "Perhaps you could run around rather then sit and try to be a fat looking icicle?" No real ire in his voice though, as he looks out. "How do they manage to be so happy when it is cold?" A rhetorical question altogether. Deeper into the water Nadeeth moves, beautiful ribbons tugging playfully at Udath's in a mute invitation to come play with her.

"Was moving," Ivy answers reflexively, throwing a sidelong glance at K'vvan and then looking away again quickly. Bloody haircut. "Well you look like a…a…" Someone needs insult lessons. "A stringbean. A cold stringbean." Sooo there. Udath complies gracefully with Nadeeth's request, slipping out in the deeper water with a few blood streaks still on his blunt muzzle. Chicks dig that, right? The next look K'vvan gets is one of mild surprise. "Udath says it doesn;t feel cold," Ivy offers, so muchfor rhetorical.

"You need better insults." It's almost a flippant response. "If I had more free time, maybe I could show you some." K'vvan doesn't really mean it, and his gaze doesn't leave the two dragons in the water. A small smile plays upon his lips as Nadeeth plays- she hasn't gotten much of it lately with their schedule being so busy. It's a game of tag! Her tail flicks out towards the brown, sending the challenge for him to catch her!

With a wry nibble on her lower lip, Ivy drawls a soft "Yeaaaah," of agreement, though she's certainly not about to agree to hanging out with K'vvan, even completely hypothetically. "Udath thinks she's the prettiest green," she offers absently, though Udath has certainly told Nadeeth that himself. The brown in question leaps delightedly after Nadeeth with his long tail a-lashing, for all he's a big brown with a big fat head his body is lean and he cuts through the water easily.

"She is the prettiest green." K'vvan can take a compliment for his lifemate without a single ounce of typical self-admonishment. "I am glad to see her reforging the bonds she lost when we moved to Whirlwind. She forgot most of Arroyo… but it was never the same." Have a look at inner K'vvan Ivy, as he digs his hands deeper into his pockets. "I know most of you are not glad to have me back." A blunt and abrupt change of conversation, as K'vvan finally looks over at Ivy. "But for her sake, I am glad to be back." Fuzzballs of laughter cascade through their linked minds as the green cuts through the water. Alas, there is only so much depth, and she is soon running out of lake.

Ah, a conversational place they can inhabit together peacefully. "She's very lovely." Ivy keeps her gaze on Nadeeth as her rider speaks of her. Udath pounce-paddles after the green and feints at her with sweet amber amusement, but when she ends up out of her depth, so to speak, he politely leaves room for her to 'escape'. He would never corner a lady. "I don't hate you." It's not a plea or a defense or anything more than a plainly stated fact dropped into the cold still air.

"Your Udath isn't all that bad." It's a grudging admission from K'vvan. Her comment draws an upraised eyebrow. "You and most of Arroyo have cause to do so. And I have no intention of doing anything to attempt to change your minds." The cold draws his hands from his pocket to rub them together vigorously. Nadeeth doesn't actually want to escape though, and curves in what little space she has, leaving it open for him to tag her back.

Ivy does a couple of almost-hops to try to get the blood flowing again; she's been standing still and watching the dragons for too long. "Well I certainly don't /like/ you," she adds helpfully. "But, you know. Not everyone has to like everyone." Her shoulders lift in a shrug, which telegraphs faintly through her layers of clothing. Udath tilts his head questioningly, then slinks forward to give Nadeeth the tiniest boop with his nose before wheeling with a splash to dart away. Ivy stifles a laugh. "He doesn't get out much," she says, of the brown.

"That is almost a relief to hear." K'vvan stuffs his hands back into his pocket, and while he doesn't jump in place like Ivy does to regain warmth, he does begin to walk. She's welcome to walk along? Nadeeth's fuzzballs cascade again as she darts after the bronze, cutting her way though the water those losing some speed in the water, which is probably why she abruptly cuts upwards and takes to the skies. Water scatters from her wings as she strains upwards from the cold start.

"Don't ever change," Ivy banters…look! She's bantering! With the dragons having a grand time and K'vvan apprently functioning at lower levels of assholery than she's been privy to in the past, Ivy shrugs and trails off alongside, occasionally having to trot a few steps to keep up. Helps with the warmth, anyway. "Why'd you leave Arroyo? The Whirlies are /mean/." Why yes, she does live under a rock. Udath, startled by Nadeeth's sudden takeoff, is left floundering briefly before taking off after with an indulgent accusation of unfairness.

"I didn't have much choice. When you pull stupid sh*t you get sh*t back from it." K'vvan's tone is low as he shrugs also, not willing to get into what had him yanked so abruptly from Arroyo for four months. When she has to trot, he cuts his strides shorter, though makes no comment about it. Nadeeth flips in the air, droplets extending as far as the pair of riders on the shore. In the air, there are few who can match her, and she darts after Udath to slide just the edge of a wing along his brown hide. Trick worked!

Luckily, Ivy is terrible at prying. And K'vvan's claim to pulling stupid sh*t is perfectly credible. "Oh." It may or may not occur to her that she's no longer struggling to keep up. "Well, at least you came back." Because, Whirlies. Udath is slender for a brown, but there's no way he can turn on a dime the way Nadeeth does. He hovers, backwinging furiously until he can locate her agile form, and then folds his wings to dive at her only to pull up again when she wings him. Ivy swats at the cold spray on her face. "Drat that…" without anger. "He // never // plays like that."

"You wouldn't be the first person to accuse Nadeeth of bring out playfulness in otherwise stoic lifemates." There's just a hint of smile as he wipes droplets from his own cheek, flicking them at Ivy almost idly. He isn't watching where he is going, instead looking upwards at the playing dragons. Nadeeth veers away from the brown, challenginhim to attempt to match her here in the air.

"I guess he's sort of stoic but it's more that he's always up on me," Ivy comments, something K'vvan might have noticed at Wing events. "He thinks I need looking after." The water flicking is such a familiar gesture from growing up with big brothers that she swats at his hand without even thinking about it. "Stahhhhp." In the sky there's no real challenge at all, but Udath is perfectly fine with playing second fiddle to Nadeeth's shenanigans and darts after her again, happy to fail.

"Just protecting what is his." K'vvan mutters that a bit under his breath, and stumbles slightly when his upraised eyes cause him to miss a stone in front of his feet. Having never had brothers K'vvan misses the significance of her statement. He's looking downwards again, watching where he is going. « You're not trying! » Nadeeth casts out as she curves close to the brown dragon, taunting him with her close but just out of reach.

Another knee-jerk reaction, Ivy reaches a mittened hand out to steady K'vvan when he stumbles, though it's questionable as to whether she could really stop someone who was actually about to wipe out. Fortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. "Guess so," because she heard that mutter, "But it's nice to see him not worrying for once." And Udath is clearly far from worried. « I // am // trying, » he calls to the green with treacley cheer, showing off with a barrel roll to try to close distance sideways with Nadeeth. « You are too slippy. »

K'vvan doesn't jerk away from her touch, but he does widen the distance between the two of them. Perhaps because he's wearing layers and so there is no actual contact? "I feel the same about Nadeeth." She isn't trying too hard to get away from the roll, but she's not going to make it easy on the brown either. Rather, when he comes very close she shifts her direction abruptly, diving downwards with a cascade of fuzzballs.

No problem there, by this time Ivy's got her hands shoved as far into her pockets as they'll go. "She really is a terrific flier. I mean, of course you can see it, in drills, but when she's playing it's something else all together." She's not // trying // to kiss up to his dragon, per se, but it seems like the one topic that hasn't yet engendered confusion and dismay. "Udath's not going to have the slightest idea what to do if he actually catches her." « Be careful of the water, » Udath frets after the diving green, sweeping after her in a shallower arc, syrupy tendrils yet reaching for the fuzzballs.

"Catch her?" That phrase at least catches K'vvan's attention and he stops abruptly to look upwards at Nadeeth. Whatever questions lurk in his own mind he keeps to himself as he watches the brown and green play. "If it was the real game he would know what to do." Cryptic K'vvan is cryptic? Nadeeth cuts her dive short, flattening out to glide above the lake, for once flying in a straight line. Green silk dances between those syrupy tendrils, avoiding their stickiness, and yet twining around them.

Ivy pauses mid-step to peer at cryptic K'vvan; whatever he's putting down, she is not picking up. "It's real tag, right?" Clueless Ivy is clueless. She tips her head back to watch the dragons playing as well. Udath follows Nadeeth, not straight behind but altering his path first to one side of her trajectory, and then the other. He tilts a wing into the water's surface, sending up a line of spray.

Udath is all disappointment. Well, part disappointment, and the promise of a further play date helps. « Any time you fancy, » he offers genteelly, coming in to land on the beach near his rider. Ivy's a bit startled to find how far along the lake they've gotten, but distance is relative when you have a dragon. "See you at drills then," she offers, then waits until Udath really does have all the blood off his snout before hustling them both back to the warmth of her weyr.

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