Beris has a problem in her pocket. Occurs after the events of Lost, then Found and A Glowing Conference


It is noon of the sixteenth day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Kabelkath's Lair

OOC Date 03 Jan 2018 00:00




Kabelkath's Lair

The news has spread far too quickly, and one word was on many lips: plague. Apparently the Weyrhealer had held some kind of conference about the glowing blue stuff on the Kurkar girl, Hila, and he'd said it was a plague or something? Or could be a plague? After the whispers had gone round enough times, people would believe just about anything.

Beris lies in bed, staring across the weyr at the trousers she discarded there a few days before, after she'd got back from helping with the search. She doesn't know what she believes of the rumours that are flying around. What she does know is that the slightly crushed bug is in there, the glow from where the girl was holding it in her blue-stained hand probably faded now. But she's touched it, so what does that mean?

Beris pushes herself back and down into the pillows, pulling the covers up round her neck. Maybe she can just ignore it? Maybe if she pretends everything is fine, it will be. Lyira snuggles in closer, above the covers but Beris can still feel the fire-lizard's comforting warmth. She knows exactly what she wants to do - put the cover over her head, wait for R'ku to come back after drills, and pretend like nothing's happened.

R'ku…shit. What if she has caught something from it, and she's given it to him? Endangering herself is one thing, Beris doesn't care about that, but putting him in danger? And by extension, Kabelkath? She can't do that. She has to go see a healer, explain she's been in contact with whatever the girl was in contact with - make sure everything's okay, and if it's not she's sure she can deal with it, and R'ku will be there and everything will be fine whatever happens, right?

Beris creeps out of the bed, Lyira peering sleepily at her as she leaves. The woman pulls on clean clothes and some boots, then approaches her trousers as if they're hazardous. Retrieving the remains of the bug from the pocket, she finds a handkerchief to wrap them in and heads out before she can change her mind.

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