Th'res, D'ex, Jedameth, Zynth


Jed has a GREAT prank planned! Zynth can help!
And it's really not that funny or received well, but at least it turns out well

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Cussing, Mis- interpretations


It is the early morning of the eighth day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Upper Cliffs at Taliveth and Zynth's ledges

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Upper Cliffs at Taliveth and Zynth's ledges

Rukbat is slowly raising in the air as its light passes around the cliff side weyrs. There on the ledge belonging to A'ndi and Taliveth is the large blocky blue form of Jedameth who is wide away and watching the entrance to the weyr like a feline ready to pounce.

Zynth is a naturally early riser. As the sun lightens the sky, a thin silhouette slips out to his own shaded ledge, stretching, wings opening and closing to catch the last cool air of night. The narrow head cocks to the side, reaching out in frosty tendrils toward the younger blue barely a hundred feet away. « Lost on your way home, Jedameth? Good Morning Neighbor. » Though the words are polite, only half of the blue’s attention is here, his rider is awake within their own weyr.

Jedameth swings his head towards the other blue, warbling a greeting before he turns back to the weyr watching. Bright colors of greens, purples and whites intertwine with that frosty tendrils as he answers « Good morning my Zynth! I am just getting my bonded. He had to much to drink last night and I left him in the plants here at Tali's as a joke.. THIS PRANK IS GOING TO BE AMAZING..» Quickly am image is built by those colorful blocks of Jed picking up Th’res in nothing but a sheet and leaving him in the plants on the browns ledge while he came over to chat.

« Is that so? Quite the laugh, good friend. » Zynth waits til the full picture is built, then dusts it with his own powdered white, « Has your’s slept off the drink yet? Is he awake? Double the prank and call mine out. » There is no need to say why this would twice the fun, though the riders might not yet be opening a ‘thing’ neither Taliveth nor Zynth are good at keeping secrets. Likely for different reasons. « Mine is a jealous one of Taliveth’s. » The image is not colorful, but laced with cold is a flicker of the riders in question, the emotions sent with it, though the image is not scandales, the stolen emotions from D’ex are.

« Really!!! HE WOULD FIND IT FUNNY TOO? » There goes Jedameth missing the goal of the prank with his happy innocent ways.. Bright blue fireworks scream and stream out to the other lynx riders mind « D’ex come quick!!! » is the call from the happy Blue just as there is alittle movement from just inside the arch way.

“Fuck!!!” The word is heard along with a crash. D’ex is really not great at the whole other-dragons-talking-to-him still. The perfect calm and gentle that usually is Zynth does nothing to prepare him for the sudden assaults of more vibrant minds. “What? Er-” » What is is Jedameth? Can I grab a coat? Is everything okay? Th’res okay? « Fireworks where good or bad? D’ex can’t ever tell. Explosion usually means bad. .… or …??? Who knows, but whatever was dropped is collected and a jacket grabbed, “Com’on Zynth! Something’s up! Did Jed tell you? Is everything okay?” D’ex is out quickly, scrambling onto the waiting Zynth and leaning out to try and peer at Jedameth’s ledge. « Other ledge, D’ex-mine. »

Jedameth answers still with fireworks that have changed from to more pinks and purples « Come see it is GREAT.. also bring pants ». And D’ex doesn't have to wait long to see why as Th’res still barely awake comes dragging himself from the entrance of Taliveth’s weyr. Thin sheet clutched around his waist to preserve modestly. The red headed man isn’t even aware anything is amiss yet as he stretches “Man Jed I am sore. That was a real working over i got last night” the man's back is clearly still bruised from his recent boat adventure.

D’ex looks around wildly at first which ledge!? Oh… .wait… .what? It takes a moment for D’ex’s mind to shift gears, he stares. Blinks. Scratches his head. Then clears his throat, one hand cupping to the side of his mouth so that the words travel, “YO! I know I said you needed some, but how about not be fucking the guy I’m fucking, kay?” There is a hint of anger in the words, “Or at least tell me, kay?” Or invite him over. You know, something like that. D’ex slides off of Zynth, the blue’s eyes whirling a bright green, pleased, amused, and making no effort to correct his rider.

“Huh?” comes the elegant response from the Wingsecond. Who normally is all about being nice but he just got up and says “The sharding heck you talking about?” Th’res just stares there in his hasty made wrap. Jedameth is now on the other side trying to hide behind Zynth his own eyes whirling blue green.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself at least, he’s a nice one. But seriously? I mean, don’t you have enough other people beating down your door?” D’ex’s arms fold, leaning back against Zynth’s shoulder, “I mean, I guess I would play dumb if I was where you are standing, but really dude, I thought that we were pretty clear we have a very open relationship.” Unless Th’res remembers as much as D’ex does from that one time in Ista. But D’ex was pretty sure Th’res was there at some point.

Th’res has taken a lot of crap from last few days. Mostly from higher ups, over things, so when the one guy who has been family to him decides jump in the shorter man just snaps. He walks right over to the edge of the ledge and puts a finger aimed at the man's chest saying “And who's fault is that? That every freaking skirt is chasing me because you decide to let it be know i need to get laid.” He shakes his head and says “You know it is bad enough that I pull some bone headed stunt almost killing A’ndi. Which I never in my life would want. Now you, the one person on this rock i can call true family is yelling at me and I ain't got my Klah!!! So spit it out what the FUCK IS YOU DAMN PROBLEM ASSHOLE!!!” he finishes his speech clearly over done and a little flushed.

D’ex doesn’t move, he stays where he is, leaning back against his little blue, and listens. One foot taps on the ground, and here we see where D’ex is winning. D’ex has had his cup of klah this morning. “Dude, if you don’t like folks chasing you, just tell them you are not interested.” It’s simple. This is not something D’ex will deny responsibility for, but as Th’res continues on, something clicks and he won’t keep up the yelling match to wake the whole cliff-side. “I’m saving the yelling at you over that stunt for later. You could have died, you dumbass, killed A’ndi, and killed everyone on that ship. However, my current problem with you is where you are standing and the state you are in. If you think fucking A’ndi is making up for anything, you are wrong. Get back to your own damn ledge. Or better yet, get your ass over here and I will get you your damn klah and then yell at you some more.” Family is a good word for it, minus the related part.

The wheels are starting to turn now after the yelling, well most of the yelling “The Hell you talking about i am not fucking A’ndi. First off he is yours and secondly Safi probaly wouldn’t want me too be doing that as we are trying to figure this out. And what do you mean back to my ledge?” HE stomps a foot down that threatens to dislodge his garment. “This is my ledge, I passed in my room after the healers looked over my busted ribs..” He folds his arms over his chest looking at D’ex like he has lost his mind.

“What the hell are you doing busting your ribs?! You dumbass!” That will have to be added to the future-yelling list. “Still got to meet this Safi sometime, well I am fucking A’ndi and I appreciate you not.” There is a hint of sarcasm in the words, D’ex shakes his head, finally pointing at all of Taliveth’s nice potted plants, “Since when do you keep potted plants? Or have a black cat that looks so terribly like Taliveth’s little demon?” Hello Fish.

“I broke them being dumb remember!! You know the whole Jumping on the doomed ship thing!!” is Th’res answer. He turns and looks at the feline and plants then down at the ledge not seeing the checker board pattern he has so painstakingly been restoring. There is a bright red flush on his face now that covers him from the waist up, which is also about the time Jedameth springs out and in more fireworks and light streamers says « Gotcha!!! OH FISHES THAT WAS AMAZING, WE TOTALLY GOT YOU TH’RES…HAHAHAHAHA. » The blue turns his head to Zynth and D’ex saying « GOOD JOB ACTING D’EX, IT ALMOST SEEMED LIKE YOU WERE MAD» because Jed has no idea the tunnelsnake basket he kicked over..

« Yes, Good Acting, D’ex. Loved it. Really Loved It. » The amusement wraps around in icey fingers, far more pleased than he has any right to be. Zynth does know about the tunnelsnake basket and all of the snakes writhing about on the ground. D’ex, however, turns red as well, jumping away from his dragon and staring at him in horror. “By the first egg, you are an ASSHOLE!!!!” This is for Zynth. D’ex turns to Th’res, his nice pointy-finger out to point at the younger bluerider, “And You! You get your ass over here and I will have some clothing for you. And Klah. And breakfast. Now.” Good bye Fish. D’ex turns and stalks into his own weyr, » Jed, please be sure that your rider does, in fact, find himself on my ledge in the next few minutes. You are invited to breakfast too. «

« AND BREAKFAST!!! THIS DAY IS AWESOME » Jedameth does move over to easily pick up his rider and transfer before slinking back over to his own weyr quickly for something. Th’res walks in to the now familiar little place that always has everything so neat and tidy. “D’ex.. I am sorry I didn’t mean to…” what? Freak him out? almost get his lover killed? Be a bad friend? He just moves over and slides gingerly into a chair before putting his face in his hands..”How many people you think heard that?”

“Don’no. Don’care. Probably all of this half of the cliff.” D’ex already has a mug of klah waiting for Th’res at the table, the fire is up and a pan out. It would seem that flapjacks are emmenet, apparently this was what D’ex had been making before Jed reached out to him. “Don’t break anymore ribs, you hear me? Don’t don’t let hero-syndrome get in your head. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why, but that was a stupid move, and no, I didn’t know you’d busted your ribs, somehow that failed to reach this part of the grapevine.” D’ex is a good cook, it was what had first gotten him on a trading vessel all those years ago. The sizzle of the pan and the pop of the stove is quiet, but D’ex turns to wave the spatula at him, “Don’t break anymore fucking ribs, and don’t go jumping onto death-ships or give dragons like Taliveth bright ideas.” The spatula is returned to the pan, D’ex turning away, “And if being chased by everyone with something dry between their legs bothers you, just say No. If you’re not interested, you’re not interested. And that’s that. And by the dawn sisters man, You Need To Unwind. Seriously. Go swimming with the shipfish. Go hide in the mountains for a day. Something.”

Th’res sips the Klah and just ahhhs as it helps get the brain working, when D’ex tells him not to give Tali any more ideas he says “Really? You know what his first one was? What he was going to do? Just get infront of the ship and block it like you would hold a door in a windstorm.” How is that for stupid ideas. He does nod though at the sound advice adding “it is just coping with the pain, and now with my father trying harder to get down here and be around. It is just piling up..” Jedameth does return to the ledge outside and brings a large bundle wrapped in sail cloth lightly moving into the weyr to leave it by the door before he slinks out to cuddle with the ‘smaller’ blue on the ledge in the sun.

“Hell, more to yell at A’ndi about. Still, one stupid idea being more stupid than another does not mean it is a good idea.” D’ex has the first batch of pancakes done quickly, after all, this pan was heating during their whole little episode outside. There are put into a plate, a little cup of syrup settled into it before being placed in front of Th’res with a fork and knife. “Eat. You all should have evacuated the ship and the docks and let it crash.” He shakes his head at the mention of family, “What’s your old man think he’s going to gain from being around? You have a life, and a job. You can’t be entertaining all the time. Dragons are more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.”

He gets up and picks up the package that Jed had left it is heavy and takes up most of the table with a THUD when he sets it down. “He hopes that his son will forgive him for being a prideful ass.” It is clear as Th’res attacks those pancakes that mercy still isn’t an option at this point. “This is for you by the way..Happy reunion anniversary”

D’ex looks at the package with distaste, “If you are going to be cluttering my table with-wait, what?” He blinks, looking at the big package, “You’re …right, Zynth collected you around this time, didn’t he? What is it is now? Two years? Three? Jeez, you make me feel old.” He doesn’t move quite yet, the next pancakes flipped and the fire turned down some. He moves toward the thing, un wrapping it and lighting up, “You are crazy, how much did this cost?” Fingers fun over the the cloth, feeling the tight weaving and shaking his head, “You are crazy. And that old man of your’s in crazy, ignore him. Asses are Asses, they don’t learn.” The rest of the wrapping is removed and D’ex shifts the bolt so he can unwrap it slightly, this was hours of sewing ahead of him. And it was going to be worth it.

Th’res chuckles as he eats and watches the blue rider saying “Do you really want to know, because you are going to hate the answer if I do.” He is eating steadily now and downing the Klah before the plate is cleaned and he is up in his sheet wrap washing his dishes. “And I know it doesn’t make up for what I did, but I am hoping you can forgive me.”

“Nope, not forgiven. Don’t go around nearly killing yourself or anyone else. Material objects don’t make up for that.” D’ex smooths the material out, glancing up at Th’res starts cleaning his dishes. “But thanks anyway. I’m afraid you are just going to have to deal with me being pissed at you for a while.” He could make shirts and covers for his furnisher and perhaps a tablecloth. A real table cloth with the dumb little frillies on the edge. D’ex would have to learn how to do little frillies. He could do that, “Happy Reunion Anniversary to you too. Thank you. No dying allowed, you hear? And jeez, you need more hobbies.”

Th’res chuckles and nods “I can accept that you will be mad at me.” When the gift is welcomed he grins more moving to clean the pan and wipe down the stove and counter top too. “I got plenty of hobbies. What I need is more time off to do them, but I don’t like assigning more work to people I don’t want to do my self.” Because he is weird and honorable like that.

Weird and Honorable. How was it that he and D’ex got along so well? “That’s nice of you. But sleep is nice too. And being one of the people who gets work assigned to me, I can honestly say that you are working far more than what you are assigning.” He finally pulls away from the lovely bolt of un-blemished cloth to his own pancakes waiting for him, eating a few bites before shaking his head, “I’m a blue-rider too, I’m aware of what a blue’s stamina is and I’m aware the rider can likely go longer, but you are working yourself into the ground, Th’res.” D’ex shrugs, “There is a limit. I’ve never seen you so pissed before. You need an outlet, man. You need something.”

Th’res nods and sighs as he heads back over to the table and sits down “I am sure you are right. But I know you all work hard lately and need time to relax.” He blinks and looks at D’ex saying “That wasn’t pissed, i didn’t break anything did I?” there is that little sly grin that is the reason D’ex and Th’res are friends, because for all the good there is in the Red headed wingsecond there is a dark side to him that melds very well with the pirate.

D’ex chuckles, he sees that grin and nods, “Good thing too. Not sure Taliveth would appreciate anything happening to his potted plants. And I know from experience that A’ndi does not appreciate his furnisher thrown off of his ledge.” He waves his fork in the direction of A’ndi’s weyr, “Really uptight about potted plants over there, you’ve got no idea. Good thing you didn’t bother them.” Another few bites of pancakes and he too rises to wash his plate and fork, “But, sleep is important and having another wingsecond die would kill M’noq, so Don’t. And jeez, give the bronzers more work, they have the dragons built for it.”

Th’res and thinks for a moment saying “You know what you are right, I am going to start giving more work.” He looks over at the blue rider and says “and I got a job for you oh cousin of mine, I need you to take F’kan out and give him an evaluation. And I mean a hard one, he knows his limits now and his rules. I want you to test to see if he is going to stick with it or crumble.”

“F’kan? That brownrider who transferred in? Okay. I can do that. Full-round eval? You know my thing is maps, gotta have at least some of that in there.” D’ex avoided all the nice go-talk-to-people assignments in favor of his maps, but he doesn’t know much about F’kan that hasn’t been from the rumor-mill.

Th’res nods and says “I also want you to give him the full bar shake down too.” He sips his klah adding “He got in trouble for being a pretentious ass, and doing some things that he has said he wants to change from. So before I give him his own assignment I got to know I can trust him too.” He leans back saying “I would do it but I am to close to him as a friend now..”

“And are you sure that your being his friend is not what prompted the want to change? Or is he saying he wants to change to remain your friend?” Hands will be washed and dried before D’ex turns back to the bolt of cloth, oh yes, so much fun with this, “I can certainly give him quite the run, but does M’noq know you are asking me to evaluate him? I’m a senior rider, but I’m not usually a first choice for that stuff.”

Th’res chuckles and says “M’noq wants him to not embarrass us or himself anymore. And to be fair do you know anyone else who besides us that is good at being reckless and stupid?” Because if he thinks there is another rider out there that can put the boy through his paces Th’res is all ears. “Besides, while you have a colorful past with getting kicked out of places, so you two have that in common as well.”

“I tend to find that having things in common with people does not always make them worth being around.” Still, D’ex really knows so little about this guy. He shrugs and nods, “Okay, okay, you’re right. I’d suggest Dora, but she’s crazy. Sure. But has he had anything yet? Sparring? Tracking? Anything? I’m not going to kill him if I drop him off at the upper Black Rock and he gets lost, right?” D’ex would rather not kill someone while evaluating them.

Th’res chuckles “well if you did it from your dragon and not his yes you would. But no he is good, I have been giving him training..” Because the wingsecond isn’t the only one pulling long hours either. Sipping his Klah says “Also teach him the right way to do the maps because he folded one of mine and i about broke his hand…” YES Th’res stressed need out let..

D’ex nods at this. Given he handles other folk’s maps all the time, and his own maps are impeccable, he would likely break something of someone’s who damaged them. “Sure. Any knife-work? Has he picked a focus yet?” D’ex loved playing knives with people, sure, hand to hand was fun, but it was only with steel that he really got into it. Old habits die hard and though he has not drawn his sword in years against another person, he still carries it. “Sure, sure, I’ll do his eval and then I think you and I are going to go to the hotsprings or something. Somewhere away. And not talk about Southern at all. Sound good?” There is no request in this.

“No he hasn’t, maybe you could see what he likes. He has some decent boxing talent, but he still seems a drift.” He leans forward and puts his cup down saying “You give him an evaluation, that is fair, but tough. And if he passes well enough I will treat you to a really cool place up in the mountains, no talk about work or southern or anything else just hanging out.” He holds out his hand saying “Deal?”

“You need to treat you to a really cool place up in the mountains, I really don’t think this should depend on F’kan’s grade.” Stress-relief, outlet, something. But D’ex will nod, “Fair but tough and a break afterwards regardless of how he does. That is a deal.” He shake’s Th’res’s hand and offers a smile, tone teasing, “Problem, Mister Wingsecond Sir?”

Th’res rolls his eyes and says “I can still box your ears cousin oh mine, and don’t you forget it.” He looks over to the wall that would a join A’ndi’s saying “You know I could dig you a right nice tunnel to that handsome brown riders so you two didn’t have to go outside and visit each other when it is rainy..”

“If you are suggesting putting a hole in one of my walls, you are crazy. Besides, that nice brownrider of mine isn’t willing to hold hands in public, I’m not sure he’d be willing to start an excavation project.” Granted, Taliveth alone could likely move the rubble and D’ex would have to get over the heart attack about rubble existing. D’ex shrugs, “Have to talk to him about it. And of course, that whole ‘thing’ is still supposed to be a secret. So shush.”

“Really? Secret after you confessed to it just out there?” Th’res chuckles and shakes his head “Sorry D’ex but it maybe out of the bag, but I understand. Though I don’t really know.” He looks over at D’ex and asks “which one of you wants to keep it low key? I mean I cann’t understand why you two aren’t just saying ‘we are doing it, deal with it’ because honestly anyone that puts up with your crap deserves a medal.”

“He’s got this thing. This thing about the whole ‘gay’ idea I think. He told me once that his family was glad he impressed. Glad he’d gotten a brown. Apparently a Blue would have been less okay given the Holder-ideas.” D’ex shrugs. He doesn’t care. Or, he wouldn’t care did A’ndi not care about it so much. He chuckles and nods, “Not totally sure why he does put up with it. But he has a thing for freckles. Maybe enough freckles and he’ll put up with anything? I don’t know. The guy is confusing as all hell.” Another shrug and D’ex starts to roll up the bolt again, it’s too early in the morning to start a project and he actually did have to go to work today.

Th’res actually gets that, and says as much “I know what he is going through then, it is part of the reason my father and I had a falling out.” He stares into his mug a little longer before saying “I think I should actually get to know A’ndi, I mean if that is ok with you..”

“Th’res, don’t ask me if you can get to know A’ndi. He’s not my pet. If you want to get to know him, go for it.” D’ex shakes his head, “I’m sorry family is such a pain for you guys. Mine where mildly annoyed I impressed at all, but they couldn’t care less the color or who I sleep with.”

Th’res laughs and nods “well after that outburst can you blame me? I mean really you are a little possessive of things.” He sips his mug and leans back saying “Well I should get going and probably go have a talk with that dragon of mine. You enjoy your day off.”

“Possessive? Nah, just was pissed you two didn’t tell me.” He shrugs, “You can do whatever he’s up to doing, it’s not like one person can give him all he wants. I don’t mind him shopping around and you are his type.” D’ex smirks tapping his temple then pointing to Th’res’s matching hair before nodding again, “Yep, Yep, day off. See ya. No killing yourself. Arrange a break at some point. I’ll poke F’kan for when he’s up to taking his eval.”

Th’res is almost out the door when D’ex says he is A’ndi’s type and there is that blushing of the ears “Um Yeah that is all you cousin.” Because that isn’t going to be an awkward talk, he gives a wave to the other blue rider and goes out on the ledge quickly and carefully getting on his dragon and heading back to his ledge. There is still some laughing to be heard on the dragon chatting network.

Zynth never says a word as the other blue departs, just little flanks swirling through the creative mind and finding temporary homes before melting. Zynth slips back in as D’ex starts to clear the table to roll out the bolt of cloth and get a better idea of size, smirking as he does so. Th’res might be wingsecond, but that doesn’t mean that D’ex can’t try to drag him off to chill sometime. Eventually. Maybe.

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