With R'xim away at High Reaches, Kyara takes some time to figure out where her head is at regarding the bronzerider.


It is midmorning of the thirteenth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Locum Cantibus et Lux (Kyara's Weyr), Igen Weyr

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With just a little more patience, all might be made clear soon enough.

Locum Cantibus et Lux (Kyara's Weyr)

The dominating feature of this curious cavern is the column in its midst - naturally formed and pocked with many small, flat-bottomed alcoves. Pillar candles fill many of these spaces, while others hold books or remain empty for firelizard use. Smooth, porous walls marbled in creamy sandstone hues make a rough square as tall as a man and half again.

The right wall jinks into a decisive angle to form a corner giving way to a smaller space - a composer's nook, where a small table and two stools sit atop a small blue rug. The surrounding stone shelves hold several glowbaskets and encased instruments. Separated from the rest of the weyr by deep sapphire hangings is a simple, full-sized bed sitting upon a forest green carpet. More shelves jut from the walls here, holding more candles, books, and small, carved wooden boxes containing personal treasures. A wooden chest sits against the wall to the right.

In the main space, a low table surrounded by sitting cushions rests upon another carpet - Igen-woven in local patterns and the Weyr's colors. A few comfortable chairs are present for visitors who don't wish to be so close to the ground. On the walls, small, thick quilts of deep green and mellow gold hang at regular intervals. The north wall bears a small, simple hearth, which Kyara keeps going almost constantly in the colder months. Light from both glows and candles mingle against the swirled rock as the subtle scent of candle wax fills the air, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere - a place of song and light.

Kyara had noticed R’xim’s absence quickly. Parhelion was abruptly under new leadership, Shalnth suddenly wasn’t around to annoy/flirt with/whatever it was he liked to do to Liareth. And from the bronzerider himself…no word.

It happened in a rather roundabout way, through a bit of a grapevine, but she eventually caught wind of where he’d gone and why, just as most others had. Though Liareth had offered to try reaching out to Shalnth, Kyara had told her lifemate not to, unable to help feeling hurt that he hadn’t written or had Shalnth let them know where they were. Yet another part of her questioned whether or not she actually had the right to feel hurt, nebulous as things seemed between them in her mind.

Maybe he wanted the distance.

Faranth knew she’d been trying. It had been a few Turns now. Patience was something Kyara had in spades for many things, not the least of which was for where her heart led. She’d been drawn to R’xim for reasons that had taken a while to make themselves clear. Attraction based on looks was easy, but pinpointing the deeper things came about by slow revelation, allowing them to settle more deeply once they’d been realized.




And she had to believe that somewhere, beneath all the damage wrought by loss and his past, he could love beyond his lifemate. Maybe he had before and lost - more damage to reinforce the gruff shell. She knows only pieces, things he’d allowed her to know here and there.

She can’t help wondering if it’s all just been her innate need to fix things (people) rearing up again - something she thought she’d brought under control a while back.

Romantic that she is, she has always believed love is there to be unearthed. Perhaps she thought she could help him find it again, as if it might have been lost. Assumption on her part of course…but she’d also been following her gut.

They’d had some moments over the past few Turns, a kiss here, a quiet moment there…

Moments when she’d thought she might be getting close, or when he might be letting himself closer, but despite the fact she cares for him and has voiced the fact that she is there for him a few times now, however he might view her, she’s been left uncertain of where she truly stands with R’xim.

She knows she can at least feel comfortable calling him a friend. But what she’d hoped for…

Kyara scrubs a hand over her face, sitting at the little table in the music nook of her weyr, staring uncertainly at a blank scrap of hide and the quill in her fingers.

Love has never seen fit to stay with her for long, and even the one she’d thought solid had eventually faded and moved along, a dull ache that still wells up in her chest from time to time. Has she been fooling herself this entire time, wanting and offering more with R’xim? Is it time to give up this particular hope and move on now? Or does she simply need to wait and see what time away makes of the bronzerider?

What if he doesn’t return? She’ll have her answer clear enough then…but she shakes her head, frowning to herself at that. Of course he’ll return. His sense of duty is too strong for him not to.

Kyara feels as though she’s standing at the precipice of something, at a crossroads with no clear direction but knowing a change will come soon, be it large or small, for better or worse. With just a little more patience, all might be made clear soon enough. Then she’ll be able to decide her next step. Maybe that step will lead her back to the weyrlings once more, or simply to teaching self-defense again (thank Faranth for Xanthee’s interest)…or somewhere else altogether.

But none of this is for the present. What is for the present is to write a question, a simple demonstration for the care she has for R’xim and always will, whatever may come.

Maybe he’ll answer. And if he doesn’t answer now, perhaps he will when he returns.
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