Ivy, Threvobek, E'bert, Zalara


Arroyo's strutting their stuff and honing skills for 'fall.


It is the eighty-fifth day of Winter and 26 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day with a gentle wind.


Central Bowl, Igen Weyr

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Central Bowl

Cradled, childlike, in an easterly mountainous embrace, the steppes of the central bowl nestle cozily between lake and Weyr. The latticework of dusty adobe paths spider out from the southerly Weyr Road, the wagon-ruts of which curve lazily to the northeastern bazaar, the adobe sprawl of the New Weyr reflected in the lake that dominates a large portion of outdoor Igen. A small footpath, just as abused, ambles away from the shores, travelling over rock and hill to the northern dragonet complex and branching itself due west to end at the entrance of the blessedly cool inner caverns. One cracked path, faint with disuse, leads southeast to the crumbling ruins of Igen-that-was. All around, the dizzying heights of the caldera's sharp-sloped sides are pocked here and there with ledges, the weyrs' draconic occupants needing no path to guide their way.

To call the day 'glorious' is a little too much to ask. It's raw, there's a slight windchill, and no snow to insulate any of it. But their sun is full force and a wing's worth of dragons are mobilized in the bowl's center. Spearheading the exercise is Arroyo: checking the strength of harnesses, scouring dragon hide for imperfections, synchronized stretching, and even a small flamethrower refresher. Threvobek is among several denizens here to appreciate the mass of fighting flesh, sharp minds, and a little bit of eye candy of the female persuasion.

Drills are just ending. One of the two more darkly colored browns hovers in the air watching the others. The oddly still quietness that is the lack of mindscape for the brown in question seems to envelope him, and his rider. Finally after almost all the other dragons have landed the brown circles down and lands with a kick up of dust. The rider unfastens the riding straps, and slides off with a grin, "Smoother landing than usual there Kar. What? Trying to impress someone?" E'bert's teasing his lifemate, who simply ignores him.

Glorious, perhaps in that it's pretty, but cold. Much like Ivy, who is ranged with the rest of her wing, blue scarf of Arroyo wound fashionably around her neck. Dwarfed by her own dark brown dragon, dignity is lacking as she pushes at Udath's massive head, which he has as always slunk around to watch her avidly as she tends to his straps. She coughs at Karkath's dust cloud and grouses good naturedly, "D'you /mind/, Kar?" E'bert's tossed a wave.

The Weyrbrats scurry like varmints around those dragons still on the ground. A VERY patient rider even willingly employed two to help oil his gunmetal blue. Threvobek is known personally by a few riders but cordial to any he meets. The atmosphere is charged with a similar current of Threadfall without the actual danger and flesh-consuming atrocity. As Karkath and E'bert start their downward trajectory, Rev dashes to secure a four-turn-old from the brown's probable path. He hoists the tot who thinks this could be repetitiously fun and screams delightfully.

Karkath snorts in amusement at Ivy, and it's probably not a big surprise that E'bert chuckles softly as well even as he's returning the wave. Karkath's attention is easily diverted to the child, and he woofles out a breath of air right over Threvobek's head which means the child gets dragon breath woofled over his head too, "Kar, be nice," grin at the brown who is actually being very nice, just a little playful which is actually not really like him, "Good drill that, Ivy," said as he moves to join his fellow brownrider, but only after he's checked Karkath's wings over, "You were pulling to the left there Kar, you sure you're alright?" concern can only just be detected. The brown gives an irritated rumble before he's back to teasing the child and his caretaker.

Zalara walks in from the Central Bazaar.

In fact, Threvobek is known personally to Ivy, if only peripherally. Though to be fair, that's how most people are known to Ivy, with E'bert being a rare exception. "Nice catch," she pauses to rifle through her memory. "Rev, right? With the questions?" With that vagueish statement she pushes on Udath again, putting her shoulder into it. "Yeah. How're you two feeling?" Her voice is a little tight from the dragon-wrangling. When the brown suddenly swings his head around to see what his brother Karkath is up to, the petite brownrider stumbles a little as the force she was pushing against is suddenly removed. Udath joins in the whoofling.

"Again, again!" This isn't Threvobek squealing, but the little girl who treasures that her pigtails smell like sulfuric stale meat. The temporary benefactor lets her down and she whizzes around Karkath and Udath, comparing each in her young mind. "I bet she's thinking she could so ride both." Rev wonders aloud to the brownriders, grinning. "Well done up there. Was that an inverted slow yo-yo you did up there?" The stablehand rattles off more maneuver terminology freely using his hands. He's great at shadow puppets. "When you're right, you're right! I am Rev, I met you both in the living caverns a ways back."

Karkath encircles the girl with his tail, but only briefly before he's pulling his tail up to replace it with his great big brown head, "He's fascinated by her," E'bert says absently, then he nods at Ivy, "Yeah, still itch but it's not as bad," healing scar tissue. Fun times? Threvobek gets a nod, "Yeah, but it could have been better. Kar pulled to the left a bit," and there's a thoughtful look being given to the brown. Karkath is happily amusing the girl, and if Udath tries to horn in the other brown will rumble at him, 'my toddler human type person'.

Udath follows the darting child with one whirling eye, and does indeed try to horn in, giving his brother a slow playful snap when he growls. Ivy keeps one eye on the tot as well but is mostly unconcerned; Udath likes children but could never eat a whole one. "Ride both at once?" she jokes mildly with a quirk of a smile at the corner of her mouth, before nodding to Rev. "Yeah. You know flight maneuvers?" She ducks under one of her brown's lowered wings and runs a hand over one of the spars. To E'bert, with a distinct air of concern, she adds, "Just don't overdo it, okay?"

Threvobek saws off a hangnail with his teeth deftly at an interval where he does not have to talk, and none of this interferes with his eye contact. Without gloves his hands are partially retracted into his sleeves. "You two were in the same clutch?" He thinks he knows the answer but extends the question regardless. Like the little girl he too is sizing up each brown with eyes built for the design of cows and horses, but adaptable to dragons. "Not as intimately as either of you of course, just names and basic executions." Rev trails the preschooler because clearly she's without supervision, clearing Karkath's wing spars.

E'bert shrugs, "You know me," when doesn't he push himself to extremes? Karkath whoofles again at the girl before he's moving to sun himself. Any attempt by E'bert to check his wings again is met with a grumble of protest, "Kar, quit grumping. We both now how much you hate being grounded," it's only a simple statement of fact, "Grumpy thing today. Don't know what's got into him," thoughtful look given to the brown in question, "Yeah, Karkath claimed me a beat after Udath claimed Ivy," he answers, so technically Udath is older but only by a few seconds, "Kar, seriously if something's wrong we need to get it treated. I know the liniment used for runners always makes your muscles feel better," he's trying to coax the stubborn brown.

"Yes. That's why I'm fussing," Ivy answers her clutchmate wryly. Udath flaps his wings gently, showing off? Setting a good example? The sails stay well clear of the wandering tot and her drafted babysitter. She nods affirmation to E'bert's explanation of their hatching and adds to Rev, "Most people don't even know there /are/ maneuvers." She tucks her chin into the relative warmth of her scarf for a moment, trying to take the chill out of the tip of her nose a bit. "Did you just pick it up, or study or something?" The last bit is muffled by scarfiness.

"Neat. So does it feel like you're siblings like your dragons are or does it not quite work that way?" Threvobek's hearty baritone levitates from somewhere over Udath. "When I'm older I'm gonna Impress a bronze, a gold and a green!" Girl stakes big claims come a future hatching day. "Weyrleader and Weyrwoman simultaneously? You've got goals, girlie." Her big smile has a gap the size of Red Butte until she's finally accosted by a nanny. "If you need some of that liniment, let me know. We always have a supply in the stables." Peekaboo, there he is, rounding Kardath's starboard side. "I used ta hang around this rider named S'kwa who was an assistant weyrlingmaster since Pern first grew grass. The rest I observe, nothing fancy." A shoulder shrugs off some wind. "When's the next Fall?"

E'bert snorts, "It doesn't really work that way," though really? He's starting to think it does. At least where one rider is concerned. The girl's declaration earns a hearty chuckle from E'bert. Karkath snorts as he curls his tail around his nose, "Yeah, I have some up in our weyr. Used to be an apprentice with Herders until I was Searched," the brown is given a fond look, "Thread? Oh we should be clear for another seven?" a questioning look is given to Ivy, "Or am I mistaken about that?"

"Yeah, E'bert's like my brother," Ivy says cheerfully, and practically on top of E'bert's comment to the opposite effect. That confusion causes a flush to flare into her cheekbones and she ducks her head to over-inspect a patch of Udath's skin until the redness fades. "You're the one who studies all that stuff, E," she mumbles, but, "Yeah. It's in a sevenday." Udath, missing his/Karkath's small person, decides to watch Threvobek instead.

Threvobek has rejoined the duo, limbs light and limber despite having his arms at his sides. He's deliberating the riders' conflicting replies but doesn't devote much time to correlating dragonrider inter-relationships. "I'll, uh, let you two work that out." Rev grins socially. "You really upgraded your beasts then. I can see the resemblance in these guys, there, and there," a finger flicks to points of interest. "I hope your next fight's injury free." Rev addresses Udath, who is nearest, "flame everything." A license to KILL.

A shrug is given, "Yes," said simply with a slight ducking of his head, "It's been a different experience. Working with a beast that can talk back is certainly different," Karkath snorts, giving lie to his appearance of sleep, "They're really both great dragons," best two browns on the wing.

Udath, built more like a hound than a herdbeast but with a bullish head, tilts that head and drops his jaw in a draconic grin at Threvobek's encouragement to flame all the things. A deep approving rumble washes over the stablehand. "Uhm, thank you," Ivy answers Rev awkwardly, rubbing at the back of her neck. "Are you a herder too?"

Zalara comes in from the central Bazaar and she's all wrapped up against the cold. She takes a look around to see who is in the bowl as she starts to make her way across the bowl towards the caverns.

Threvobek squeezes his eyes shut against Udath's rumble for a second, truly enjoying the sensation of his bone marrow rattling. "I never get tired of that." He might have been something of a dragon pincher when he was very little. Rev steps back to give the brother creatures some space. "Not a craft-minted one, but I share the stables with apprentices and a journeyman herder. I poke fun at them, they rib me, we're a rousing bunch. And hey, I'm kinda getting in your way. Thanks for the jabber though." Rev lifts a hand and smiles as he disperses, passing Zalara with a keen wink.

E'bert snorts at that as he turns to head towards the living caverns. Karkath isn't going to let him look at the wing just now, so there's no use trying to force the issue, "It's been good talking with you," is offered, "I've got to get a quick meal, and out to sweeps I go," with that E'bert's gone in search of food.

"I'll come with," Ivy invites herself along and trots to the caverns in E'bert's wake.

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