Idara, Alyna


Sunrise in the library, one holdbred girl is distracted by her reading when a sleep-deprived greenrider wanders in.


It is sunrise of the seventh day of the twelfth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Archive Library, Southern Weyr

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"Do you miss him? When he's in the nursery?"


Archive Library

Where once books reigned supreme, this open space is now dominated by a stalwart skybroom reaching to the sky through a broken ceiling. What was once evidence of collapse is now ornately carved with engraved ivy, matched by a clever contraption of stone that allows the gap to be closed in inclement weather. A small garden occupies the space around the tree-trunk, all manicured bushes and flowering shrubbery enclosed by a grated gutter. The walls are lined with bookcases, while a spiral staircase leans on the western wall to wind upwards to the second level. Tucked in the corners and scattered in the main areas are tables and chairs, cafe-style, and comfortably worn overstuffed armchairs. It is the perfect place for individuals to gather, to enjoy the offerings of the food-cart or a spirited conversation.

Sunrise seems to be the perfect time to explore Southern's unique library. It's also a welcome hideaway from the already intense heat, which Idara is taking complete advantage this morning. She's claimed an armchair for herself, sat primly in it with a book resting on her lap. This is what she's reading with distant interest, not appearing too into it as she keeps glancing up and around more than her eyes are on the text. Beauty is perched on the back of the armchair, the way she's looking at the book making it seem like she's reading it.

Some people may be look to hide from more than the summer heat. A certain Ocelot Wingsecond walks in with rather uncharacteristic dark circles under her eyes, blond hair pulled up into a messy bun, her tanktop on inside out, and cotton shorts, wrinkled and sporting a couple suspicious looking stains. The last also reveals a large swath of threadscore on the outside of her left leg, it looks well-healed and doesn't impede her movement at all. On her feet two different sandals, but she doesn't seem to notice, or she's not bothered. Her eyes are small slits, and it seems to be a great effort to keep them open even that much. But it must be enough because Alyna manages to make her way to the klah cart and, by feel mostly, pours herself a mug of klah, black. She doesn't hesitate before bringing it to her lips and taking a long sip, not bothered by something so trivial as heat. Need stimulants!

Idara's general interest in the room around her means that Alyna gets a looong look when she wanders in. The woman's eyes shift up and down, absorbing the greenrider's dishevelled state. Her face remains impassive enough; she recognises the woman as one of the first she met when she came to Southern. There's no immediate attempt to greet the tired-looking rider, but Beauty, realising her human's attention has focused on something, lifts her head and aims a cheerful chirp at Alyna. Should Alyna look their way, Idara will give her a politely welcoming smile, though her hands remain resting on the book that seems too heavy for her lap.

As the warmth of the klah seems to wake the half dozing greenrider further, blues eyes are openened wider, and head is turned at the sound of that chirp. Alyna turns her head slowly to look, her mug not moving far from her lips and the next sip she takes. Idara is given a puzzled look for a moment, as if trying to remember where she knows her from, but can't quite put a finger on it. For the sake of curiosity, something this petite blond woman has in abundance, she meanders closer with a returned grin. Finally a name comes to the forefront of her mind, and she thinks it matches this girl, but she is still hesitant when she asks, "Idara, right?" before taking a seat in a nearby overstuffed chair with an exhausted sigh and once more chasing the stimulating properties of her hot beverage.

Idara has a little longer (and a more awake brain, too!) to dredge through her memory for a name to put to the face. It's while the rider is approaching that she puts two and two together; there's a glance at the woman's midriff, before Idara's focus returns o her face as she keeps up the small smile. "Yes, it is. You're Alyna, if I remember correctly?" Teenager and fire-lizard watch her settle into the other armchair, and Idara shifts thebook, still open, onto the low table by the chairs. Settling back into her seat in a neat upright position, she asks, "you were due a baby the last I saw you?"

Alyna nods as a sleepy smile creeps over her lips, shamelessly throwing her bare legs over one overstuffed arm, and curling up against the back of the chair, mugs clutched tightly to her chest. "You are correct on both counts. My son, Adryn is almost seven months now and has just started teething apparently…" she trails off as she scrubs at tired eyes with a knuckle and lets out a jaw snapping yawn she can't seem to help. "Sorry about that. My weyrmate and I were both up most of the night trying to soothe him to no avail. Of course, once I dropped him off at the nursery, he's sleeping like a lamb. I'm going to see if they can take him tonight as well. A wingsecond who can hardly keep her eyes open isn't very effective." Babbling seems to be another symptom of the greenrider's exhaustion.

They couldn't be more at odds with their posture: Idara smooths her knee-length skirt over her lap, more of an unconscious action than anything else as she continues to watch Alyna. There's a flash of curiosity when the woman mentions a Wingsecond position, though it's the topic of her son that she approaches first. "Seven months? How lovely. I remember my younger brothers going through that stage." There's more to be said, perhaps, but Idara closes her mouth on it and tilts her head ever so slightly, getting to the question she really wants to ask. "Wingsecond? How exciting. Were you always one?" Either she can't remember their initial introductions all that time ago, or she's pretending not to.

"Oh it's lovely, when he isn't screaming in pain like a wherry caught in a snare," Alyna snorts as she takes a swig of her now cool enough drink, "I swear we've tried every old Auntie's surefire trick to soothing a teething child but nothing worked. Thank Faranth I'm a rider though and no one blinks twice if I have to put him in the nursery overnight just to get some sleep. Holders aren't nearly so kind on mothers." Leaning her head back, eyes flutter closed for a looooong blink before she forces them open with a shake of her head, almost missing Idara's last, "Hmmm? No, that's new, only got the promotion about four months ago. Must have been daft to take it with an infant at home, but…" she shrugs her shoulder and the bright smile on her face shows she's not really complaining.

Some thoughts are coming to mind, Idara's expression changing subtly: eyes narrowing slightly, lips thinning. It's the mention of Holders that does it. With only a small internal struggle, the girl pulls off a smile, though it's a little more hollow than it once was. "Do you miss him? When he's in the nursery?" It's asked gently, as if it's a sensitive topic Idara is trying to be delicate in addressing. She offers a tiny nod when Alyna elaborates on her new role, but there's no verbal response; whatever she wants to say isn't perhaps appropriate to air here.

Alyna is definitely feeling the invigorating properties of the klah, and with the alertness it brings, she can pick up the subtle change in mood from the girl. She tries to go back and think what she could have said, and the seed of a memory blooms as she remembers the girl was from the Southern Barrier. She's about to apologize, but the girl's question throws her off balance a little as her own pale blue gaze turns a little frosty, "I'm usually kept too busy to miss him if I'm honest. The first few times were a little rough, but he likes it there and the nannies are top notch." She snorts a little then, her tone turning mildly sarcastic, "Not like I can give up Threadfighting to be a homemaker, not that I'd want to anyway. But I was Holdbred," she mentions just in case Idara thinks her biases unfounded, "And I knew even before Haquith chose me, that the Holder life wasn't for me."

Idara's hands settle, loosely clasped, in her lap, knees pressing together a little more beneath her skirt. She's not oblivious to Alyna's own change of facial expression, noting the look in her eyes in response to her question. "My aunt does talk highly of the nannies here," she admits, tone a little too politely neutral. She takes a moment to consider the greenrider's next comment, turning it over in her head with a blink of blonde eyelashes. "I suppose not, no. The Weyr has its own charms, which I am learning about the longer I stay here." How long was she supposed to be living here, anyway?

"They are excellent, and much better suited to the task than I ever would be," Alyna replies with a bit of a warming grin, "It certainly has many charms. It must have charmed you since you are still here…If I recall correctly, you were just visiting your aunt." Downing the last of her klah in one long gulp, the petite greenrider swings her legs off the arm of the chair she's in and saunters back to the klah cart with a little more of a wiggle in her step as she chases her second cup of the invigorating beverage.

Idara elects not to offer any further opinions of her own on nannies. The hypocrisy is there, deep down, for her mother had help with the raising of her numerous children. But that's the Hold and has always been that way. She does give an accepting smile when Alyna mentions her stay at Southern. Her eyes drop to her lap, one hand covering the other as she appears to smooth her skirt again. "It is growing on me. It's such a fascinating place; I've been learning a great deal. Far more than I would have at the Hold, I suspect." Is that…almost a slight on Southern Barrier? It's not delivered in a spiteful way, more as if she's simply stating a fact. Her gaze lifts when Alyna heads towards the klah again, watching the way the rider moves.

"Facinating indeed. I'm quite surprised you haven't been snatched up to stand for Zymuraith's clutch. They have got to be getting close to hatching at this point," Alyna furrows her brows and makes some calculations but soons give up. Surely the eggs will hatch precisely when they mean to. "There are far more opportunities for girls at a Weyr as well. Maybe you'll find something that will make your stay more permanent…unless it already is?" There's evidence of the woman's curiosity again as she returns to her previous seat with the freshly refilled mug of klah.

Idara's smile is more subdued when Alyna mentions the clutch currently hardening on Southern's sands. "Being a candidate…isn't part of my plans." Is what the teenager states of that, with an air of finality for the topic. She doesn't shrug when the status of her stay is directly queried, though she does look around the room, focusing on the skybroom where it reaches the ceiling. "I haven't discussed it with father yet. But I imagine I will soon, as I've been here a Turn now, nearly."

Intrigued by the girl's first, Alyna raises a carefully manicured eyebrow in the girl's direction, "Is that so? It wasn't really part of mine, but you never know. Of course, you'd actually have to accept a knot, so I guess it is your choice." A shrugs of the woman's shoulders shows her indifference over the subject as they move on to the question of the girl making her move permanently. "Well you're old enough to make your own decisions so there shouldn't be much discussing to be had," the greenrider remarks as she wastes no time on her second mug, as if fueling herself up for the day to come.

There's a flash of a look at Alyna when she mentions not having to discuss things with her father. Idara schools her expression, saying very carefully, as if each word is drawn from a page, selected specifically: "my father should be involved in the plans for me, as is his right." And, now, she retrieves the abandoned book, snapping it closed and standing. Beauty flies to her shoulder, a hint of yellow in her eyes as she settles there. "I should return this."

Alyna blinks in surprise when something she said obvious riles the girl, and she has to fight not to roll her eyes at Idara's reply. Biting down on a sharp retort, she takes a second to compose something a little more diplomatic. "Well, as long as you are cool with that," she finally manages before tilting the mug up again and downing the last of the contents. Idara's abrupt snapping of that book has the greenrider hiding a grin behind her mug lest she upset the girl further. She remembers what it was like to be that young and has no desire to prick teenage pride. "I should be going myself…" the greenrider trails off when the unmistakeable thrum starts to echo through the Weyr. "Ahhh, no drills this morning then, Hatching time. You really shouldn't miss it," she calls back to Idara as she puts the mug back on the cart and nearly skips towards the galleries.

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