Taurie, Eryzz, Ibrahim(Cameo)


After a chance meeting Eryzz and Taurie go for some drinks to warm themselves on a cold winter's day. Their conversation takes a turn though, made worse from their pride.


It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the eighth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Crafter Complex, The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

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Crafter's Complex

Expansive and airy, this space, now adorned and decorated with the pride of well over a hundred crafters. A vaulted cavern encompasses two levels, fit with clever skylights from innovative smithcrafters that illuminate tapestries displayed from the bannister of the second-floor: Healer purple, Harper blue, the yellow of the Farmcraft — all the colors and all the crafts are upon display, proudly. The lower level is given to tables and chairs and a hearth stocked with klah; it is brightly-illuminated and a place to study and congregate socially both. The upper level is given to residential rooms, lending the whole atmosphere a pleasant, if somewhat supervised, aura.

Taurie can't wait until the warm, tropical summer weather Southern is famous for rolls back in. She wants to know what stretching out on the beach, in the sun feels like here. But for now, the weather is still cold and damp and rather dreary, and she has to find things indoors to do. Lucky for her, there was a good shipment of cloth her father wanted ordered from the southern weavers, and so, she's making her way into the craft complex, headed for the weaver's hall. However, she must stop just inside and shake off some of the damp, starting with squeezing the water from her blonde runnertail.

From the upper level, Eryzz appears at the bannister, slinging a satchel stuffed with hides over his shoulder as his slate grey eyes sweep over the lower level until they rest on a certain merchant woman and his lips curl only slightly at the corners as he leans on the bannister and calls down to her, "Wet enough for you Taurie?", his voice is friendly with a hint of dry humor.

There's no particular reason for Ibrahim to be haunting the Craft Complex, and yet haunt it he does; he doesn't have anything else to do, now the Infirmary's back to its usual run of things, and he isn't being run ragged anymore. What does he do with himself? Why, find out what the Craft Complex looks like! So there he is when Taurie and Eryzz happen to show up, and pauses, letting himself become part of the senery for just a moment. Because that isn't creepy at all, right?

Taurie looks up when she hears her name on the lips of someone from above. Once she realises who's addressing her, a wide smile crosses her lips. "Would I sound like I was lying if I said not nearly?" There's a bit of dry sarcasm to her tone and she shakes out her hands to dispel the last of the water. "How are you Eryzz?" Ibrahim is noticed and she gives him a friendly wave as she moves further into the complex.

Her response has Eryzz chuckling softly as he notices the looks from those at the tables below trying to get some studying done and he has the decency to look at least a little bit sheepish. Pushing off the bannister, he makes his way to the stairs and takes them swiftly until he gains the lower level and saunters over to the blond-haired woman. "So what brings you to my neck of the woods, as they say?" he'll ask when he stops near to her, his eyes for the merchant so Ibrahim goes unnoticed for now.

Oh dear, he's been spotted. It might behoove him to come out of hiding like a normal person, now wouldn't it? And so, Ibrahim peels himself off the wall whee he'd been hanging out and offers Taurie a wave of greeting.

Taurie points to the portal to the Weaver's Hall before sticking her hands in her pockets. "Have to make an order for my father. I'd ask what brings you here, but it would be a stupid question." Cause Harper + Craft Hall = Sense. "Other than that I am simply trying to keep busy, but the weather seems adament in detering me from my purpose."

"Oh, and here I thought you were looking for me." Eryzz teases although his is straight-faced, his lips pressed together with just the barest begining of a smile. "I agree, this weather is dreadful, it wouldn't be bad if it actually let up sometime. Spring's right around the corner though, it shouldn't be long now 'til it starts to warm up. I'm looking forward to seeing what this place is like in warmer weather."

Taurie chuckles. "I won't lie, the thought of running into you crossed my mind. But I wouldn't want to disturb your work just for a visit." Taurie knows the meaning of a productive workday. "I look forward to seeing what it's like too, and to wearing less." She winks at Eryzz and starts moving towards the Weaver's hall again. "What are you up to currently?"
You are empty-handed.

Eryzz's lips curl into an actual smile, even showing a sliver of white teeth when she admits to thinking about running into him. "Well I don't always work, I do have some free time." Is that an inviation to spend some with the blond girl? It might be, but he doesn't elaborate as her next has his usually scowling dark brows shooting up on his forehead as he looks at her appreciatively, taking note of that wink. When she moves on towards the Weaver Hall, he ambles along next to her, hiking her satchel up on his shoulder. "I just finished classes for the day, was coming down here for some klah." He says as he nods his head towards the hearth.

Oh! Another real smile, Taurie must be getting good at this. Hearing that Eryzz does have free time, and that he was headed for klah she grins, taking it up a notch. "Well, in that case, if you don't mind waiting on your klah, say, five to ten more moments while I take care of this, I would happily join you in getting some, perhaps somewhere where the klah might have something a bit extra in it, if you'll have me?" Is that Taurie asking Eryzz out for the Pernese version of coffee so to speak? Why yes. Yes it is. She's feeling bold today, and a spiked klah at the kitten sounds delicious right about now.

Eryzz looks genuinely surprised when Taurie asks him out for a klah with something extra, and he even looks over both shoulders, as if to make sure she is talking to him before he turns back to face her with that lazy smile of his. "If I'll have you huh?" he asks with a soft chuckle as his slate grey eyes warm as he looks at her. "I think I could find that agreable without too much coaxing." he replies as his eyes wander to a nearby table and chairs, "How about I wait for you over there while you go about your business?"

Taurie gives Eryzz a saucy look at his first comment and a chuckle at his second. "Alright then, I won't be long." Taurie grins and saunters off into the Weaver hall. She's quite true to her word in that she's barely gone five or seven m inutes before she's coming back out, a smile on her face. Her blue-green gaze looks around for Eryzz, eventually landing on the table he'd mentioned before.

Eryzz is lounging at the table he had indicated, flipping through a book that is making him chuckle to himself but he is facing the direction in which she disapeared, and his slate grey eyes flick up often to keep an eye out. Once he spies her coming back his way, he sits up in his chair and stashing the book into his satchel as he rises and greets her. "So the Kitten then?" he asks as he offers his bent arm in her direction inviting her to take it.

Taurie smiles brightly at Eryzz as she walks up and takes his arm. "Aye, off we go then." As they walk she sneaks a look at him out of her periferal vision. "So, what classes were under your keen eye today?" She drops a wink at him and sighs before they have to step out and into the wet.

Eryzz tucks his elbow up against his side once she's taken his arm, as he smiles after she gives him another wink, one dark brow lifting again in amusement as he starts leading them towards the exit. "Nothing serious, guitar this morning and scribing this afternoon." He rolls his eyes with a groan on that second one as they get to the door which he pushes open before guiding them through without dislodging her hand from his arm.

Taurie can nearly feel Eryzz rolling his eyes before he actually does it. "Is it that bad?" She asks, lifting one fine, well groomed eyebrow. And having never been in a craft, but having been lucky enough to be taught to write, she can't understand how scribing could be all that taxing. Stopping shortly outside, she points to a shortcut she knows of to the Kitten.

The Tipsy Kitty
Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

Eryzz will gladly take the indicated shortcut as he groans again, "Well it was a class of younger apprentices, so their writing skills leave a lot to be desired. But then I may be a little particular. I've nearly blinded myself re-scribing records that were little more that scribbles." When they finally get to the Kitten, he will push open the swinging doors before pulling them inside. "So where do you want to sit?" he asks as he peeks over at her, with a crooked smile on his lips.

Taurie chuckles as Eryzz speaks of his young students and his expectations. "I can certainly uunderstand that. You should have seen when I had to organize Papa's hidework for the business. I sympathize." She follows Eryzz into the Kitten and takes a good look around. "How about over by the fire where we can dry out?" She points and grins.

Eryzz looks over at the inviting fire and his smiles widens, "That sounds perfect actually." he responds as he leads them over there, reluctantly dislodging her hand before he pulls out a chair for Taurie. Once she's seated, he'll take his own chair and then look around and get the server's attention with a nod and a wave. "So how have you been Taurie? Business any better on the boardwalk?"

Once Seated, Taurie removes her wet jacket and slings it over the back of the chair to dry. At least it had taken most of the water, her harper blue blouse is only mildly damp at the shoulders, thank goodness. The warmth from the fire is most welcome and she's glad they could get such a close table. "I've been quite well, though business on the boardwalk remains the same as ever, good for my father's coiffers and irritating for me. The upside is at least here my sex isn't held against me much." Southern is good for that, being one of the more female crafter friendly areas on Pern.

Eryzz defrocks himself of his heavy brocade jacket and does the same as Taurie. Underneath is a poet shirt with lacing at the neckline and billowing sleeves tighten at his wrists. Damp coal black hair is pushed off his forehead as he nods in time to her words, "I don't see why so many people are determined to hold a woman's gender against them, it's a shame and we all lose out on supressing them and their ambitions." Is Eryzz one of Pern's first male feminists? Maybe…. Then the server is there and the harper defers to Taurie to order.

"I'll take a klah, with plenty of something strong and sweet in it." Since sweetener is gone for now, liquor will have to do. Taurie smiles at the Server and then defers him to Eryzz while she finishes getting herself settled and pulls her damp hair from it's tight runnertail so it doesn't give her a headache. As for Eryzz's very feminist comments, well, they definitely earn him brownie points with the merchant woman and it shows in the smile she gives him. "About time someone noticed we're smarter than we look. Or perhaps that's why those stuffy old codgers that hold the Master's knots are so picky, they're afraid to be outsmarted." Taurie drops a wink and leans back in her chair.

"Make that two." Eryzz says to the server as he turns back to the blond haired woman once more watching as she pulls her hair from it's hold, briefly mesmorized as he watches her arrange it. So lost is he in his reverie that he blinks a bit and hums as she says something, her words taking a moment to prossess, "I wouldn't be surprised. But both genders would benefit with less of an 'us versus them' mentality and more appreciation for the unique viewpoints each brings to the table." Even without his knot, there's no mistaking this man is a Harper, his way with words comes as natural as breathing. "Any downtime? Or is your father keeping you too busy?"

Taurie smiles softly at Eryzz when he seems to be caught daydreaming or of in his own thoughts. She doesn't comment on it though and nods when the Harper speaks of bringing values to the table rather than fights, he's right. "If only more of us had those particular views, Pern would be a better place. You're a rare sort, Harper Eryzz." Taurie sits back and crosses her legs, arms comfortably layed upon the arms of her chair. "Downtime? Mmm. Aye, I have some. I'm busy, yes, but, I've become far too organized for Papa's orders to slow me down much. I get things done, both work and play. Because you know what they say about all work and no play…" She's not asking, it's a simple fact. All work and no play makes Jack or Jill a dull guy or gal.

"Rare now, but I hope it won't always remain so." Eryzz says with some dry optimism as if he isn't quite holding his breath for it happening. Leaning forward he rests his own elbows on arms of his chair, steepling his hands together as he watches her over them. one thick brow hiking up as he watches her with a lazy grin as she speaks of her work/play balance. "I do know what they say, and just Eryzz is fine by the way. I'm not stuffy about titles. So what is your definition of 'play' then?" He asks, interested. Just then the server arrives with their drinks.

"We can certainly hope…" Taurie says of equality becoming the norm, her own voice holding it's own note of dry sarcasm. She's of the same mind as Eryzz on this. She smiles at him when he mentions not being a stickler about decorum. "Well, that's good to know then, you never know who is or isn't a stickler about those sorts of things." As to her definition of play, well, that earns Eryzz a rather coy and secretive smile. "That depends on the day…and who, if anyone, I'm in company with at the time, and what sort of play you're reffering to." Her klah lands in front of her nd Taurie lifts it to take her first warming sip of it. Whatever the barkeep had done with the klah is amazing, because the flavor that hits her tongue is strong, yet slightly sweet with a hint of smokiness. "Mmmm. My compliments to the barkeep!" She says to the server before turning to Eryzz to take in his reaction to her response.

Picking up his own mug when Eryzz sees Taurie's reaction to the klah, he takes a carefuly sip and hums his delight at the taste that hits his tongue. "I concur with your assessment." he adds to her comment before he puts it back down to cool a little more. Taurie's words about play get his attention and he leanes forward with interest, "I was just referring to play in general…how you spend your own time when not working. So you have a lot of people you spend time with then?" He asks in the most casual way as he brings his mug back to his lips for another long sip.

Taurie gives off a little hum-chuckle of a sound and leans forward, hands wrapping around her mug as she lays her forearms on the table. "Not as many as some might think, I haven't made too many friends yet." She chuckles and shakes her head. "But I'm a social girl, I do like to get out and about and meet people. This is one of my favorite places so far. But mostly, when I'm on my own time, I like to read, and swim and not too many know this, but I like to knit." Her tone suggests there are more things she would like to list, but she is a lady after all, she has many layers.

Eryzz tries hard not to look too pleased at her response, but it does make the lazy grin on his face brighten just a little bit. "So no suitor or beau that might take umbrage to us having a friendly mug of spiked klah together?" Because the Harper is quite attached to his face and it's current arrangement. "I quite like this place as well. If I had more marks to my name, I would definitely try my hand at one of the Dragon Poker games. Do you ever go to the Treble Clef? I sometimes play my guitar in there, it's quiet, but pleasant. And knitting is a fine hobby, I've heard it recommended for helping with manual dexterity which is invaluable to any Harper who plays an instrucment." He remarks warmly.

Well, well, it seems the harper man is good att reading between the lines. His first question earns a chuckle, and a shake of her head. "No, no suitors for me. S our cup of spiked klah to gether is just that, ours. You aren't edging in on someone else's territory I assure you." And the face she makes says just what she would think of being considered somone elses territory, she owns herself, not anyone else. "I've always wondered about Dragon Poker but have never been brave enough to try my marks on it." Eryzz's second question earns another shake of her head. "No, I don't think I've been yet. I'll have to go though, now that you've mentioned it." Another sip of her klah is taken and it's a good thing she swallows quickly because Eryzz's comments on the importence of manual dexterity have her giggling, despite their seemingly innocuous topic. "Dexterity huh?" She wiggles long fingers at Eryzz. "I think I have that covered, even without the knitting." She can't help but beam and look warm at the brightening of Eryzz's smile. It's a nice one.

Eryzz looks well pleased for the briefest second when she confirms that she is unnatached, but he quickly tries to regain his cool, so his lips press together, slipping back into his usual look of indifference, dark brows hooding over his slate grey eyes as he wraps his hands around the warm mug and looks down at his drink. "It's a good place, a little more intimate than here although they don't serve alcohol. But I'm sure there are patrons who slip it in." Another dry chuckle accompanies that as he raises an eyebrow at the dexterity comment, his grey eyes dancing with interest, "Oh really, so your fingers are skilled then?" he teases as he holds out a hand to his as if asking for permission to examine said talented appendages.

Taurie wonders at the change in Eryzz's features, an she'd been doing so well too! But she also finds the change intriguing, the way he goes from smiling to indifference, the way his eyes change subtly too. Her own blue-green gaze takes it all in and she'll happily offer her hands for examination. "I can write, I can play the violin, as covered, I knit." Strands of damp hair fall into her face while she talks, one slightl obscuring one of her eyes. "I can do a fair few things, our hands are our best tools." She playfully wriggles her fingers again and waits patiently for Eryzz to relinquish her hands, or not, his choice really.

Eryzz lets his softly callused fingers delicately trace her own, making a show of carefully inspecting them one at a time, his slate grey eyes dancing over her digits as he also grazes his thumbs over her palms and down to her wrists, finally he looks back up at her as she mentions the other things she does with those fingers. "Violin? Really? And writing too, and you already said you had an interest in record-keeping. Why ever are you not Harper girl?" he asks with a soft chuckle as he reluctantly reliquishes her hands back to her so he can once again pick up his mug and take a long swallow of his drink, a ruddiness to his cheeks that may be caused by the heat from the fire, the alcohol in the drink or even their close proximity.

Taurie chuckles and gives Eryzz a saucy, flirtatious look. "Because I'm good at what I do now, I get to travel, try new things, see new things, and when my father retires or does, I have a business I will inherit. Being a Merchant is lucrative if you know what you're doing." She too, takes a drink from her mug when her hands are free, her skin still tingling with his touch. "I have a feeling I would not have meshed well with harper life anyhow, I like to make my own decisions, not have them made for me." She likes the freedom she had growing up, and an apprenticeship definitely would have put a damper on that.

"Not all Harpers are mindless drones, I'll have you know." Eryzz says with a bit of a snap, almost looking offended briefly, before he looks back down at the mug, shadowed gaze intent on the dark liquid within it for a moment. "But it's good that you know what you want and are going for it. I'm sure you'll lead a very prosperous life." No matter how light he tries to keep his tone, it comes off bitingly sarcastic.

Taurie holds up her hands in a surrender type motion. "That is not what I intended to imply at all Eryzz, I apologize if that's the way it seemed. I only meant I grew up with quite a bit of freedom and apprenticeship comes with certain restrictive rules. That's all." The light sort of disappears from her face then, she truly hadn't meant any offense. Blushing, she takes a sip of her klah and leans back, embarrassed and unsure what to say next.

Eryzz snorts derisively, his voice taking a rather dark turn as his eyes remain glued to the contends to his mug, although there isn't much left. "Well we all didn't have the freedom that comes with having a rich Daddy." there's an edge to his voice there, cutting, before he continues. "Maybe apprenticeship is a chance at freedom for some people." He pauses then to swirl the dregs of his drink thoughtfully before chugging the now mostly cool drink before putting the mug down on the table maybe a little too hard.

Taurie blanches at the tone in Eryzz's voice, sorry she'd hurt his feelings but angry because he'd asked why she wasn't a harper, and she'd answered, honestly. Her cheeks blaze as she stares into her mug, even more unsure of what to say now, her instincts wanting her to bolt, but her pride insisting she stay. She jumps when his mug hits the table, and it startles her into action. "Is there something wrong with being happy with the path I've chosen? I'm I somehow less than for not joining a craft? For enjoying my work? For being independent? Despite growing up with a wealthy father, I did get an education and I do work hard. I never said that there was no freedom in the craft, nor did I comment about how it's better or worse for anyone. I simply said craft life was not the path for me and why. I answered honestly a question you asked of me and I meant no offense in what I said. And if this is going to turn into a poiht of contention between us, perhaps I should leave." She begins digging around in her rucksack for the marks to pay for her klah, a little ashamed of her outburst, but for some reason she feels a little attacked.

"There's nothing wrong with being happy for yourself, but rubbing it in others' noses is a little classless." Did someone say pride? Because Eryzz has it in buckets and it is driving him to defend his own words in a voice that is low but frosty When she talks about leaving though and looks to be rummaging around for marks, he holds up a hand. "Don't bother. I got this." And with a dig into his pocket, he comes up with enough marks to cover their drinks and some extra as tip which he drops on the table top in front of them. "Don't let me keep you Taurie." he says darkly as he looks around for the server to see about getting another drink.

Taurie hadn't meant to rub anyone's nose in anything, and her own pride is pricked. She does manage to find the marks in her rucksack and palms them before standing and putting on her jacket. She slings her rucksack over her shoulder and turns as if to say something to Eryzz, but at that moment her throat tightens and she doesn't want him to know just how close to tears she is. Closing her mouth she shakes her head and moves to the bar, flagging the barkeep. She points to where she'd been sitting, pays for her drink and leaves, as quickly as she can. Briefly, she stops outside wondering if maybe he might come after, but if not, she'll go on back to her rooms and likely won't be seen until morning.

Eryzz snorts derisively as he looks up at Taurie with hooded grey eyes as it seems like she wants to say something, but just shakes his head a little bit as she runs off to pay her bill and then disapears out the winging doors. Probably for the best. he thinks to himself bitterly as a very small part of him wants to desperately run after the girl and profusely apologize for acting such an ass. But that prickly pride of his just won't let that happen right now. With a wave of his hand to the server, Eryzz orders himself a pint of their stout before his grey eyes flicker to the fire in the hearth next to him, retreating into himself for a fun-filled evening of brooding intently over several beers before he finally manages to stumble back to his room at the Crafter's Complex.

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