Linny, R'xim


R'xim and Linny meet for the first time and he explains a few things to her.


It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of the first month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Living Caverns, Igen Weyr

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Living Caverns

Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

R’xim steps into the living caverns after spending time in the public baths. Rather than his usual riding gear, he’s dressed in regular breeches, a long sleeved shirt and closed-toe footwear for the evening. Drills are finally over and he’s here for a warm meal, ale, and good conversation. His eyes sweep over the large area and F’dan is nowhere to be seen — so much for that conversation he was looking for. A disappointed huff is released at that realization and the bronzer makes his way over to the buffet table. Food is picked and plucked from the trays and deposited onto a plate while a young female drudge is given an order to fetch him some ale. Since his bro isn’t joining him for dinner, R’xim finds the nearest empty table and takes a seat, fully intent on eating since he is starving from the day’s drills.

It’s amazing how easy it is to walk and talk to your dragon at the same time when you’ve been doing it for Turns and Turns, Linny with her eyes unfocused as she quickly strides into the caverns for her own dinner. Alone, with her forehead wrinkled and obviously fretting about something, she’s quick to pick out her usual favorites, as well as requesting a glass of the best red wine they have open that evening. Usually, she’d stick with water, but it’s a wine kind of night. Not really in the mood for conversation, she also steers herself to an empty table- well, near empty, considering that R’xim is sitting there. She chooses a seat across from him and a chair down so they’re not directly across from one another, flashing him a quick, friendly-ish grin as she sets her pllate down on the table, but something about his face doesn’t click, and once she’s seated, dark eyes go back to him as she places her napkin in her lap. “I’m sorry to bother you,” she starts out smoothly, voice soft. “But are you one of our new transfers?”

Food is R’xim’s main focus right now and then it’s the ale once it’s delivered to him. The young female drudge places the mug on the table and he nods at her in acknowledgement. That’s it. Taking it as a sign of dismissal, the girl darts away to the kitchen area and R’xim continues to pick at his food. Rather oblivious to his surroundings, he gets pulled out of his concentration when a feminine voice addresses him. Blue eyes flick up toward the source and he’s rather pleasantly surprised by the figure sitting a few chair lengths away. Her question causes him to straighten a bit before he reaches for the mug of ale. “Yeah. Got here a few sevendays ago.” he replies before taking a swig, eyes locking with hers over his mug.

Thank Faranth for wine. Her glass arrives then, with the goldrider giving the drudge who brought it a very happy smile, suddenly in a better mood now that the booze has arrived. Funny how that works. “That long ago, huh? Well, I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to introduce myself. I’m Linny,” the woman replies with that same ear-to-ear smile, reaching her hand carefully across the table so she doesn’t knock down her newly arrived glass of wine or his ale. That done, her hand comes back to pick up her glass of wine for a testing sip. It’s not the greatest, but it’s not terrible, and so she takes another drink of it before it’s put down to start digging into that food. “How are you finding Igen so far?”

Ah, so this is Linny. R’xim may not have officially met her, but he has certainly heard a lot about her capabilities. She is assessed for a brief moment before he spears a piece of meat onto his fork and his eyes return to his plate. The expression on his face is still rather stoic, but just a hint of a smirk can be seen if she’s paying attention. “R’xim, rider of bronze Shalnth.” is his introduction. A gesture to the chair directly across from him: “I don’t bite.” Yes, that was him asking if she’d switch seats so she’s closer…and his ulterior motive is to see what she’s wearing. Probably nothing like the skin-tight dress at the bar with F’dan, but he’s curious nonetheless. “Igen is different. The people are friendly enough, but they still look at me and my buddy like we’re foreigners.” The food on his fork is then removed and chewed upon, but his manners are not lost. His mouth is closed and he doesn’t make eye contact because he is all too aware of her knot. Then in addition to his comment, “Which we are, but you’d think folks would be used to us by now.”

Linny knows nothing of his smirk or of his ulterior motive, and so her plate is pushed over to the chair across from him, laying her napkin there as well, as she grabs her wine glass, stands to push in her chair, and then carefully lower herself back down into her new seat. She certainly isn’t wearing anything near as scandalous as that dress, but her clothing is still snug- a simple pair of pants, with knee high boots, and a sweater. Though they don’t show off her best assets, they hint to the dangerous curves hidden beneath. “Oh, give it some time. I’m sure before too long they’ll be accepting you as one of their own. I personally like the reminder of High Reaches.” Though only a junior weyrwoman, the goldrider assumes that R’xim has heard that she, too, formerly hails from ‘Reaches. With her napkin re-layed in her lap, Linny pauses to resume her eating to shoot him a curious look. “I assume Sadaiya or Mayte attended to you in your new weyr, but please let me know if there is anything else Igen can get for you to make you more comfortable.”

Something isn’t right. This isn’t the woman F’dan described to him — she’s actually being pleasant. The goldrider his buddy referred to is a femme fatale and he was given a specific warning to brace for impact. Knowing this, R’xim takes another swig of ale and returns his gaze to Linny, studying her face and current expression for any sign of malicious intent. “I think I have all that I need right now, thank you.” he says, still maintaining the manners drilled into his head from ‘Reaches. More food is collected onto his fork before he speaks again, “So, you’re from High Reaches? Oldtime, right?”

"I am," a fact Linny sounds rather proud of, reflected in the large smile on her face, the merriment in her eyes. "Kaelidyth is a 'Reachian gold, one of the biggest there is right now." A fact she is glad to boast about, even if High Reaches doesn't approve of her and her fellow Oldtimers. Now it's time for her to start eating her own food, starting with her vegetables, of course, munching thoughtfully as she regards R'xim, a smirk tugging on her lips as she finished chewing. Washing it down with her wine, she's quick to switch her expression to something darker, batting her lashes at him. "I've met some of your fellow riders recently. Some aren't so happy to be here with two Oldtime goldriders. One downright hates me, I think." A fact she seems oddly happy with at the moment.

“Now how can anyone hate such a pretty face?” R’xim replies, pushing the boundary of being inappropriate. At High Reaches he would’ve been disciplined for speaking in such a tone to a junior weyrwoman, but they play by different rules here at Igen. A grin is flashed before he removes food from the fork with his mouth. This time the bronzer keeps his eyes fixed on Linny as he chews quietly, continuing to assess her reaction all the while. “It must be strange, as an Oldtimer, to be here. Right? I mean, you must’ve had family you left behind.” Ale helps wash everything down and he returns his focus to the plate of food. “Unless maybe you wanted to jump forward.”

This goldrider looks rather flattered by R'xim's words, since a compliment is no reason to reprimand, in her mind. "Most of my family jumped forward, actually. Only a few stayed behind, so my life isn't all that much different than it was then. Except that I'm not at High Reaches, and I have Nowtimers breathing down my neck for what I do or don't do," Linny adds with what appears like a little wink, but maybe she just had something in one of her eyes. "I don't think any of us really wanted to jump forward. But we each did what we felt was best. For some of us, it was jumping forward; for others, it was staying. But we are here now, so just have to make the best of it." A little shrug and then fingers are reaching out to pick at more fresh veggies, glancing up at the bronzerider occasionally. "You said you had a buddy here with you? That must be nice. Getting transferred with a friend."

R’xim nods his response and grabs a napkin to wipe the corner of his mouth. His High Reaches roots still have a firm grip on his mannerisms because he’s doing a very good job at keeping up appearances. J’llor had once told him he looks great on paper but is terrible in person. Knowing this fact, R’xim works at portraying an appropriate image to the goldrider eating dinner with him. “Yeah, we Impressed together.” He doesn't reveal the name just yet. “He was also wingleader at ‘Reaches and I was his wingsecond. There isn’t much we don’t do together.” Eyes flick toward Linny again and he continues to test those waters, “In fact, I figured F'dan would be here tonight. Must be he found some different company.” And if it’s the company he’s thinking of, no one will be seeing the bronzerider until morning.

The goldrider's body goes absolutely still at that name, brows lifting as dark eyes widen. "F'dan? F'dan is your friend?" is carefully asked, Linny's face a poker face of forced polite, but not wanting to punishment the bronzerider for having a crappy friend, she relaxes somewhat, going in for more wine before speaking. "Perhaps you should inform him that you shouldn't hate pretty faces." Never mind that Linny has been just as nasty to him, perhaps even more so. "How can you stand him?" No holding back now. "Unless you're just like him." Which causes her to scrutinize him even more, just in case she's been dining with the devil.

“Relax, Linny. He’s not here and I doubt he’s coming anywhere near the caverns tonight.” A piece of bread is used to blot his plate free of any left over gravy that accompanied his mashed tubers. His demeanor is calm and a hint of amusement is beginning to warm his expression as he notices how irritated she’s getting. “F’dan can be a little tough to handle if you don't know him.” is his initial defense for his best friend. “He's like a brother to me.” And until the goldrider proves her worth, he’s not going to delve deeper into their history. That’ll be saved for another occasion should she earn his trust. “I have to be honest, he and I are very similar. And trust me, you’re a pretty face he does not hate.”

Great. The weyrwoman is sitting across from a man who is similar to F'dan. Surely soon they will be throwing their food and screaming at each other. Or does this mean she and F'dan have a chance of getting along? It's too soon to tell with either. The orther man's feelings about her is news to Linny, but despite her sour attitude towards F'dan, she still can't help but to ask, "Then how does he feel about me, because every time I see him, he sure seems to do a great impression of hating me." And while she waits for R'xim to indulge her in gossip about his friend and fellow bronzerider, Linny starts to pay more attention to her sadly neglected dinner. She's been to busy talking, and some things that are supposed to be warm are starting to get cold.

“Well,” R’xim says before taking a bite of his gravy soaked piece of bread, “it’s simple.” This is a prime opportunity to morph into full wingman mode for his bro. Once his food is chased by ale, he leans back in his chair and begins to explain a few things to her. “The more F'dan is attracted to a woman, the more pissed off he seems. So, let me ask you this.” Arms are then folded across his chest as he gets a little more comfortable in his chair. “Just how pissed did he seem the last time you talked?”

This idea seems foreign to Linny, brows wrinkling together as she tries to not only process that but also think back to the last time they talked. Sure, they do a lot of flipping each other off when they see one another around the Weyr, but actually talked… "He was really pissed," she replies slowly, before her head shakes, laughing lightly. "Stop bullshitting me. There's no way that's how he shows his attraction to a woman. That's childish shit." But, then again, F'dan does seem childish to her, with the way he's declared he will have her, no matter what. Oh boy. Linny's eyes widen as she picks up her wine glass for a hearty drink.

R’xim shakes his head and laughs a bit at her BS comment. “I’m not bullshitting you, I swear. That is how he is.” Reaching forward to grab his mug, he takes one last swig of it before it is officially empty. Just as he’s setting it back down on the table, that same girl who fetched the first mug of ale appears and sets a new one in front of him. She must’ve been watching them both because her timing is just too perfect. As he did before, he nods once in acknowledgement and gladly takes the fresh mug. “You ought to know that High Reaches drills into a rider’s head the proper way of doing things, right? F’dan is just very…precise. He likes order. It’s all he knows.” Mug is lifted to his lips and he takes a rather large swig. “We practically had emotion beaten out of us early in weyrlinghood to prepare us for dragonriding. So, when he’s genuinely attracted to a woman, he doesn’t quite know how to express himself sometimes.” Empty plate is then pushed forward to make room for the mug to be set down in front of him. “Does that make sense?”

Linny takes the time to consider his words, carefully, thoughtfully, lips pressed and twisting as she does so, stopping only to drink at her wine. It seems, tonight, she’s drinking her dinner. Perhaps it’s how she stays so thin. And drunk. “First of all, it’s crazy to think how much High Reaches has changed.” Because she, very much so, still has all of her emotions. We won’t count the emotional baggage the poor girl carries around, free of charge. “Okay, so then tell me,” she asks as she suddenly leans forward, near-empty wine glass down, forearms on the table with intent eyes all on R’xim. “How often does this happen with him? Sounds like every damn day, with all the women I’ve heard have visited his weyr lately.”

Clearing some space so he can lean forward and mimic her stance — forearms on the table and eyes intent — R’xim looks a little smug as he does. “Let’s be honest.” he begins quietly as his face is now closer to hers. “He’s had other women. Lots of them.” The opportunity to be this close in proximity to the weyrwoman may not happen again for a while, so he takes in all the pretty details of her face. F’dan was right, she is gorgeous. And her scent is just as alluring, causing him to breathe in the floral fragrance before continuing. “When he gets that pissed off, it means he’s very, very interested.” And R'xim can see why his bro would be. It’s a little difficult for him to keep his thoughts clean, and somewhere outside Shalnth is helping to keep his lust under control for the moment.

Dark eyes narrow at the news, inhaling sharply before letting it out in a gust while a hand, her right one, reaches up to scratch at her forehead. “This is just…crazy. I mean,” that hand is dropped as she goes back to focusing on R’xim, a little grin tugging at the corners of her lips causing dimples to form. “I’d never tell him this, but some of the things he gets so mad at me about, he’s absolutely right. I think I’ve just grown so accustomed to having to defend being an Oldtimer and pissing off Nowtimers so much that I’ve let my behavior get away from me. Some of the things I do and say certainly aren’t very proper of me.” There’s a one shouldered shrug as she sits up a little straighter in her chair, pushing her barely eaten plate out of the way. “I think it’s having you all be from High Reaches, too. I’ve always taken such pride in being a ‘Reachian weyrwoman, even if High Reaches certainly wouldn’t want me the way I am now.” Linny looks a little more somber, now, but just for a flash before there’s a smirk on her face again. “I just can’t let F’dan know that he is responsible for this change in me, or I’d never hear the end of it.”

“Well, weyrwoman, there’s the info. You choose what you want to do with it.” R’xim says, returning to formalities to close the conversation. That seems to be enough damage control for tonight. F’dan is going to owe him a bottle of booze for this one. “Thank you for keeping me company during dinner, I hope we can do it again sometime.” A wink is given to her and he leans back once again, stretching a bit as he does. Shirt is pulled down and both hands run down his chest to smooth it out. “Well, I suppose.” It’s early in the evening and he should probably find out just what exactly F’dan is doing.

“Thank you,” Linny replies with a gracious incline of her head for the new and ever so interesting information about F’dan, and when it becomes obvious that R’xim is about to head out, she reaches out to grab her wine glass to quickly finish off the rest of it. “Would you mind escorting me back to my weyr?” is asked in that sugary sweet tone of hers, complete with the smile that makes her dimples the deepest, pushing herself to stand before she brushes herself off, just in case the napkin on her lap didn’t catch all of the crumbs. A arm is extended so that should he accept her offer, she can tuck her arm in his, allowing him to be a proper man and lead her.

When Linny stands up, R’xim follows suit almost immediately — it’s another one of those Reachian habits that is hard to break. When an individual of rank stands or enters the room, you stand out of respect. And since there’s a junior goldrider at his table, that’s exactly what he does. “Well, how can I say no that?” is his response when her arm is offered. Now this is what is most attractive about lady of power to him: a delicate female asking for assistance to see her through the Weyr safely. Even though he is fully aware of her feisty capability, he’ll take her as she is for the moment. An arm is offered, allowing hers to slink through his and they make their way out of the caverns. The dark of night has descended upon the Weyr, but perhaps a night cap is in order before they part ways.

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