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A quick check in turns into some serious discussion about improvements to the weyrling PT.


It is noon of the tenth day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Weyrlingmaster's Office

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"So, um. Just one teeny tiiiny detail I kinda forgot the mention…" Famous last words, right? "I haven't actually told Va'os my plans yet."


Weyrlingmaster's Office

Tidy disorder reigns in this space: there is a main desk, heavily scarred, with two chairs undismayed by any sense of fashion but yet comfortable, with a library of hides and scrolls and books behind. A functional credenza often holds leather straps, to the side, and abuts a smaller desk for weyrling work or even one of the assistants. Past the cluttered domain of the staff, there is a small classroom in such matter that it could easily be converted to a conference room. There is always iced klah and juice and water to be found on the sideboard in the meeting room, and stables aplenty for sandwiches.

It's lunch time and that means Rocio is in her office trying to move furniture around. Why? Because she doesn't like the current setup of her space and has determined that she is going to move her desk across the room. And she's done a pretty good job of the task since she's now dragging two chairs to place in front of it. Currently sporting her black and green uniform, all seems normal until one gets a load of the bright pink bandana keeping blonde hair out of her face. Totally normal. Ro is acting totally… normal. "Anybody seen my pocket canoe knife?" she hollers to the closest AWLM in ear shot.

It just so happens today that whoever it is that plans D'wane's schedule decided to be merciful and NOT schedule a lunch meeting. Left to loose ends, instead of just shoving as much food in his face as possible in the living caverns, the Weyrsecond decided to take the meal on the road. A few quick questions to weyrlings or perhaps P'quil get D'wane and his sandwich pointed in the right direction towards Rocio and his office. He stops in the door way for a minute to watch the sheer feat of Rocio dragging that massive desk across the room, but only when an actual question is offered does he pipe up… "I don't think a canoe would fit in your pocket."

She may be small, but Rocio has enough ambition and pent up energy these days to move mountains. Or atleast this huge honking desk across the room. And speaking of mountains, she finally notices the Weyrsecond looming in the doorway. "D'wane!" her tone is cheery. "Whaddya think?" A hand sweeps out in front of her to indicate the remodeled office space. "Got me some new artwork, switched a few bookshelves, dragged this here desk out so I can see the meetin' room better. It's all one big organized mess now." She beams. "Wait, who's gotta canoe? OH. You're talkin' about the knife. Everybody oughtta have one or two of 'em." Is she rambling? Possibly.

D'wane could probably have helped with the whole desk moving business, but that would have meant having to put down his sandwich. And he knows better than to put anything edible down around young dragons. It'd probably disappear immediately into the maw of one of the weyrlings and so to prevent that fate, he'll take a few more hasty bites before responding. "It's nice. Never really understood why P'quil or A'idan wanted to have his back towards the weyrlings." That just seems like a recipe for disaster in his book. Eyes on them at all times or they might burst into fire or something. "And I'm sure somebody has a canoe. Probably not in the office though. Have you checked the desk drawer for your knife?"

"Yeah, I emptied this sucker out before I moved it." Rocio pats the desk's wooden surface before patting her pockets. "And sometimes I forget which one's I got on me…" Because everyone knows she rarely walks around without sheathed blades — a few of them are very well hidden. A shrug lifts her shoulders and she then drags a chair over to one of the bookshelves so she can stand on it to reach a higher shelf. Some books are then straightened, "I bet Nia knows where it is. You on break or somethin'? Y'ain't gotta stand there in the doorway eatin'. Got two good chairs… well, one good chair. I'm usin' this one."

"You'll find it at some point, unless a firelizard flew off with it," D'wane is definitely the picture of reassurance even though firelizard thievery is definitely a very real threat when Pebble might be around. He does not at the question about breaks. "Yeah. figured I'd come check in and see how you and the weyrlings are doing. No major dragonhealer reports from them yet, so that's a good sign?" And since she's inviting him in, in the bronzerider will come in and poke at the chair before sitting down. Just in case it actually isn't a completely good chair. "Gonna figure out a system for all the books? Like organized by month they're useful for lessons or something?" Given his track record with bookshelves, it's probably for the best he's sitting out of the way eating his sandwich for the time being.

Rocio continues straightening the books upon the shelf, "Nothin' major happenin' with this buncha weyrlings. Seems like a good group, although I ain't had a bad group to compare 'em to. So, maybe they're completely horrible and I just don't know it." She snickers at the thought and then hops down from her chair once she's finished. For a moment, she puts her hands on her hips and stares up at the books with a slightly furrowed brow. "Went through 'em last sevenday and weeded all the smutty titles. I blame K'ane. He liked readin' that stuff, I swear…" Turning around, she drops her hands and sits down in the chair behind the desk, leaning back as she does. "I put everythin' back in order how it makes sense to me. Which means it'll totally baffle everyone else."

D'wane nods along as he finishes those last few bites of sandwich. There's a few crumbs left in his lap that he'll just wipe off and mostly catch so he can toss in the wastebin next to the desk. Hopefully that was a wastebin at least and not an important, but upturned, storage cubicle. "Right now, they're still not far past the constant eat, sleep, oil cycle. Give 'em a couple months. Sure you'll find at least one or two troublemakers since every clutch has at least one or two!" D'wane's not jinxing her! Just stating facts! As for the previous weyrlingmaster's reading materials, "Huh… you might want to double check all the drawers at some point. They branched out from books to cards at one point. Those decks were popping up everywhere for a few months. And as long as your assistants can learn it as some point, it'll work, right?"

If it wasn't a wastebin before, it's a wastebin now! Rocio rubs her eyes with both hands when D'wane mentions how young the dragons are and how there are things to look forward to in the months ahead of her. Joy! Her hands then untie the pink bandana so that her blonde hair can fall as it may, which doesn't look too bad considering how long it's been up. "I heard about those cards." she grumbles while finger combing her hair. "I'll blame K'ane for those, too." Because why not? "I didn't even get a chance to go to Zymuraith's clutching. How sad is that?" Very sad considering how she has no life — no life outside of weyrlinghood, that is. Ro then brightens when a thought pops into her head. "You're, like, my very first official visitor, D'wane! And you actually caught me at a good time."

"At least you'll never miss a hatching now!" D'wane grins as he offers up that bright side. "Or have to fight for a prime seat." Seeing as she'll be the one scooping up those newly impressed and hopefully not mauled weyrlings off the sands. "I haven't seen them either, but thirty five is a good number. Especially following so closely to Rhiscorath's thirty. Although the herders would probably appreciate it if the golds hold off a bit before their next clutches." The bronzerider blinks as Rocio declares him an official visitor. "Good time for what? I thought we established nobody was dying…" Maybe he was hoping for a social call with just a veneer of work!

Rocio snickers again at the idea of never missing a hatching — which is true! Hopefully she won't have any mauled weyrlings at the next one, so she's just not going to think about that possibility at the moment. Instead, she nods and beams at D'wane. "Right, ain't nobody dyin'. I just meant that I was actually here in this office and not tearin' my hair out in a corner somewhere." Maybe she should tie the bandana again just in case… She then eyes D'wane's serious lack of hair. "I s'pose y'ain't got that problem, unless you already had a spell Turns ago where ya tore it all out and got it over with." Trying not to laugh, Rocio clears her throat and starts fumbling with some hides on the desktop.

D'wane laughs and runs a hand against his shiny bald head. "Nah, not really, although you're pretty close. Graduated in a summer and after a seven sweating into my flight helmet decided no hair would at least solve some of the problem." And all of the problem of having to worry about helmet hair! "I wouldn't recommend tearing it all out though. There's gotta be clippers hidden here somewhere if you really get desperate." He'll end that with a wink just to prove he is actually joking, but when Rocio starts clearing her throat and fumbling he does sober up, leaning forward with his arms resting on his knees. "So, you do have me here in your office. What's the issue?" He's got his listening ears on!

"Poor weyrlings seem to hate gettin' their hair chopped off. Especially some of the girls with their wavy long locks." Rocios tsks at the thought and then recalls her own haircut when she was a weyrling — lucky for her, it wasn't that bad to endure. Some of the hides are collected and shuffled into a neat pile before being slid to the side of the desktop when she lifts her light colored eyes toward the Weyrsecond. "Issue? I ain't gotta issue. Unless…" Her gaze falls to the hides on the desk like it's no big deal. More shuffling and sorting. "You consider Niamyth an issue. 'Cause she's, uh." The pink bandana is snagged and waved a little to indicate what the dainty green is starting to go through. "Pink. Y'all know I always gotta wear pink." When Niamyth starts to turn proddy, but that part goes unsaid.

"Niamyth?" D'wane furrows his brow a bit until the pink is mentioned and then that furrowing turns into a nice loud, "Ahhhhh." And then it's the weyrsecond's turn to fumble around although since he doesn't have any hides in front of him, he's left with just rubbing a hand across the back of his neck. "Oh. P'quil didn't really have advice on what to do with that little matter? I don't think we had any greenriding Weyrlingmasters in… ever. But there were some assistants. N'iel… Vani…"

Rocio takes a little pride knowing that she's Southern's very first greenriding Weyrlingmaster, therefore this new territory is all hers. Good or bad, awkward or not. This is something she'll have to deal with differently now that she's got a much bigger knot on her shouder. She winces a bit, though not because she's on the cusp of becoming proddy, but rather because there are new boundaries she is now aware of. "There's not much he can tell me that I don't already know. This ain't somethin' I can let loose like I used to. It needs to be… controlled." A beat, "Better controlled, I mean. Can't just let myself run wild when Niamyth's proddy 'cause I got eyes watchin' me now." A hand lifts to rub the back of her own neck now that she's voiced her concern. "'Cause I got me some young greenriders that are gonna look to me for an example of what to do. And what not to do. That make any sense?"

D'wane is all too aware that he doesn't really have much advice to give on the whole proddiness business either which might be why he's awkwardly shifting in his seat. "Even when you're off duty, you're still going to have eyes on you. One of the perils of having one of these." He thumbs at his own knot and all the loops and tassels of rank. "And it's not so much a problem now, but once they're older, Niamyth's gonna need to reign it in as well." Flirty weyrlingmaster dragon with a clutch full of nearly mature weyrlings? Probably not the best combination.

"Which is why she's gotta get it together. NIA." That last bit is kinda half grumbled. "This ain't somethin' I wanna go through every class. And this aaaaiin't somethin' I really wanna talk over with you, D'wane. No offense." Rocio twinkles a little bit at the bronzerider. It's true that he probably doesn't have much to say on the matter and since she's not one to really talk about It with anyone, she's has zero qualms sailing right on by the topic. "So much stuff to look forward to I ain't gotta clue where to even begin." Smirked, that. "Hey, wanna know what I got planned to build in the upper bowl?"

"You're kind going to have to go through it every class though? And a couple times too?" D'wane can do some basic math and since he knows very well when one of Niamyth's last flights were… he just shrugs. If she wants to drop the subject he'll raise his hands and signal he'll drop it too. The abrupt topic change definietely does it's job of throwing the weyrsecond for a loop and he tilts his head. "Planning to build what where???"

"I don't wanna go through the 'what the shells am I doin' thing every class. Like, I wanna know how to handle her whenever she decides to go up." Rocio clarifies, hoping that makes sense. Niamyth is a frequent flyer — always has been, always will be. "I ain't never had to manage baby dragons while goin' through this, sooo. Yeah. Wanna be better prepared goin' forward." Not only is she new to the knot on her shoulder, she's experiencing all these fun new details for the first time, too. Joy! Ro practically lights up when D'wane looks a little panicky and raises both hands to help reassure him that things are going to be okay. "I'mma have the woodsmiths build an obstacle course in the upper bowl for both weyrlings and candidates to use. Call it glorified PT for the weyrling pairs and some good ol' prep for the candidates on what weyrlinghood PT is gonna be like." She studies D'wane's expression with a toothy grin. It's PT! He should be excited, right!?

D'wane nods along and wisely decides not to add anything more to the whole 'figure out how being proddy weyrlingmaster works' topic. He does noticeably relax when it turns out that the desired construction project is actually just an obstacle course. "You mean like the one N'iel and I built in the lake a couple clutches back? They probably still have some of the obstacles tucked away in the stores somewhere…" Although it'd take a lot of work to get those to be safe to replicate over land instead of just on water!

"Kinda! But with more ropes and chains and walls and pizzazz!" Rocio is up out of her seat and rounding her desk, hands gesticulating to emphasis as she talks. "Picture things to hurdle, stuff to swing over, maybe even a pool of water of some sort…" Because the weyrlings and candidates have to get wet somehow or else it's not a true obstacle course. "Lots of runnin' around and through things!" She pauses near D'wane, though her focus is on something across the room and not exactly him. Her hands even pause their movement. "And it's gotta be somethin' I can get through, too. Like, a real challenge." Then she's walking around the office again before she whirls around to face the bronzer, "It's gotta be a challenge! A get your blood pumpin', lungs burnin', legs achin' course!"

"More ropes and walls, yeah… but chains?" D'wane stands up and shakes his head a bit at that. A line's gotta be drawn somewhere and that's apparently where he's drawing it. "Metal bits on an obstacle course seem like asking for disaster. Rope can be at least a bit forgiving." Wood, wood will also not forgive your face for falling into it, but at least it's not metal! "You should probably also toss in a mud pit or three." He'll just stand in his spot while watching Rocio walk around until she turns to face him again where he just grins. "Sure. blood pumpin, lungs burning, legs aching challenge. Are you gonna also have a land obstacle course for the young dragons? Might need to take that down to the beach. Nowhere near enough room in the bowl."

"I hear ya about the rope bein' forgivin'. I was thinkin' of usin' chains as somethin' they could crawl under instead of, like, usin' 'em to climb up somethin'." Rocio considers different heights of walls and then also considers the various skill levels of the weyrlings and candidates. "I wanna challenge 'em. Push 'em and give 'em a taste of this life and what we go through. Physically, mentally…" She glances at D'wane when he stands up from his chair and sees him grinning, which catches her a little off guard since she was half expecting him to find reasons for not building the obtacle course. "Emotionally." Ro brightens again when he actually makes suggestions. "A mud pit or three, YES!" The AWLMs probably heard that. "And I should have somethin' for the dragons. Hay bales to hurdle, maybe. Stuff to run around to sharpen their agility." Now she considers the location. "Ya think it'd be better elsewhere? I can't do the fields. Not with the wild felines runnin' close by." That's a hard no.

D'wane is nothing if not helpful when it comes to coming up with ideas to torture build up the Weyr's youths! "If you're wanting to have this up for more than a seven, then I'd say somewhere besides the upper bowl. There's only so many places we can muster all the Weyr together for 'Falls and the healers gotta set up their triage areas some place. They'd be cranky if you make them move down to the beach." And rightly so, because who wants sand in a threadscore? "I think the beach would be good, especially since you could add some swimming races in or something for the weyrlings to strengthen their wings before flying. Run it by the dragonhealers first though."

"THE BEACH!" Okay, now that is hollered. Rocio is so beyond excited for this idea of an obstacle course that she could bear hug D'wane for his suggestion of having it built at the waterfront. The greenrider bounces in place and clasps her hands together near her chin while thinking of all sorts of ways to make this a meaningful challenge for her weyrlings and for the candidates. "But, wait. You gotta understand somethin'." She halts her bouncing and points an index finger at the Weyrsecond, her grin rakish. "You gotta be able to get through it, too. Maybe even demo how it's done with me before we set 'em loose on it. 'Cause there ain't no way they're gonna best me at my own obstacle course." Light colored eyes have a glint of something in them as she presents her own challenge to D'wane, king of PT. "That's only fair, ain't it?"

D'wane glances over his shoulder after the hollering just to make sure that they don't have too much of an audience but there's just snores from an exceptionally well stuffed young blue bunked nearest the office door. There's a smirk as she mentions having to go through the obstacle course as well. "Of course! Although if you're gonna make me go through it, can't have the crawling obstacles be too short." Somethings just wouldn't be fair! Or physically possible.

By the end of weyrlinghood, this bunch will be able to sleep through anything after they've endured months of Rocio's outbursts in her office. It's probably why she should shut the door whenever she has visitors, but it's a little late for that. She does, however, snicker quietly when D'wane requests an adjustment to the crawling obstacles. "Well, yeah. Can't have ya gettin' stuck in front of a bunch of weyrlings and candidates." Meanwhile, she's probably going to die trying to scale an extremely high wooden wall. "So, um. Just one teeny tiiiny detail I kinda forgot the mention…" Famous last words, right? "I haven't actually told Va'os my plans yet."

It's a useful life skill to have that ability to sleep whenever and wherever! D'wane grins at the snickering. "Yeah. It'd be undignified to have them all laughing at my stuck ass." Although dignified is not something the weyrsecond is at the moment considering he gives a little butt wiggle to emphasis the point. As for the famous last words, he just waves them off. "Ah, no problem. Buy him a beer or two and then pitch the idea to him. Or, were you wanting me to bring it up?"

Rocio is barely able to cup her hands over her mouth to stifle the giggle after D'wane's rump shaking. Nevermind the loud outbursts from the Weyrlingmaster's office, but WOE to them if a weyrling (or three) hears giggling with the Weyrsecond. Really, though. She can't help it! So she bolts for the door and nonchalantly closes it while stifling laughter as best she can. "Okay, D'wane. I definitely gotta make the crawl space big enough!" With her back pressed against the door, she considers how to best present the idea to Va'os. "Are you sayin' I gotta haul my butt to the Kitten and ask him over a beer or two?" Niamyth will be thrilled! "Orrr maybe invite him here with booze?"

It wouldn't be the most embarassing position D'wane's been caught in, but the man has very little shame at times. He'll just continue grinning as Rocio darts to the door although the rump shaking has ceased. For now. "I'm glad you see it that way." He could have done more dancing if she didn't! As for presenting the idea to Va'os, he shrugs. "Or… have Niamyth tell Tsiroth you need to meet him wherever. Kitten. The beach. The council room if nobody's using it. Here could also work, although if you want to keep it a surprise from the weyrlings, I'd suggest somewhere else."

"I kinda like the idea of the Weyrleader randomly showin' up and keepin' 'em on their toes. Make 'em sweat a little as they think about what it is he and I are talkin' about…" Not that she used to fret whenever she'd see Leadership meeting in private, right? Rocio is a little evil when she's proddy, apparently. "I'mma think about it." Now she pulls on the door jamb and opens the office up to anyone who might be watching from a distance — like that blueling pair that wants everyone to think they're napping. Mmmhm. "And I'll let ya know when stuff starts to get built so you can swing by for measurements." The thought makes her snicker again.

"Make sure you yell out random words to keep 'em on there toes," D'wane gives a wink to that. A tad evil is something he can get behind, especially when it comes to one of his true loves, obstacle courses! "Be sure you do. And you know where to find me if you need help brainstorming. But I'd better run to my next meeting." He gives a salute towards Rocio and then, D'wane will be off striding with a purpose. It wouldn't do for the weyrsecond to actually run cause then people would think there's an emergency somewhere.

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