H'rik, Kodi, Mayte, Talya


A proddy Weyrwoman's foretelling powers is strong tonight at the Tipsy Kitten where she finds a skeptic greenrider, a Guardswoman, and an Igen Weyrleader.


It is evening of the nineteenth day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten

OOC Date 04 May 2018 07:00


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"Remember: sex isn't love, unless you want it to be."


The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

Temperatures have only just started to drop, as the sun begins to head toward the horizon. Within these hallowed walls, however, sunset may as well have been a couple hours ago, because riders and weyrfolk alike are well into it. There are the raucous groups, the rowdy groups, the laughing, the singing, the sad, and the quiet. Something for everyone. For Kodi's part, she seems content to watch all of the above from her vantage point at the bar, her glass still holding the single finger of whatever it is she might have ordered, long since warmed from her slender hand. She finally raises the glass to her lips, but far more for a sniff than a sip. Less wallflower, more chronicler. It is her m.o., really.

Talya is late to the party apparently, though she doesn't seem to mind as she side steps a group of men that are loudly debating over a table of cards. They are either really angry about a hand or happy to have won. Who knows? She's come from the baths by the look of her wet hair dripping down her back and the flowery scent of whatever sands they have in the caverns to wash up with. "Got the day off tomorrow so you know how I like to start," she tells the bartender with a grin as she finally arrives, giving her a polite nod and starting it off with a mark set on the counter. May as well pay up front. Her start is a doubleshot and some fruitier mixed cocktail to start off her night. The first is tossed back before she swivels around to actually get a look of the crowd instead of a pathway to the bar.

The sun going down is just the start of the evening's entertainment because soon, too soon, a black figure appears in the doorway, her veil a web of trickery and really well-made lace. It's Mayte, being dramatic; she swans in, casting dramatic looks left and right and moving to a table that has… had a few people sitting at it. They leave quickly, but the barmaid just brings a glass of red, always a safe bet with Mayte. The goldrider's dark eyes meander over the crowd, inviting, nay, daring someone sit near her. "Let me tell you!" she calls to a young Healer of no import, "Your love life is about to crash and burn, my poor young friend. And you!" Another brownrider, "your partner doesn't believe in you!" Talya wadering past earns a long, measuring look: "You!" Whether it's lost in the crowd as the guard wanders past is anyone's guess. "Guard Woman!"

Kodi touches the glass to her lips, possibly sipping, possibly just faking it. As ever, she watches, dark eyes marking the comings and goings, catching Talya's arrival fairly quickly, given the close proximity. She eyes the drinks the bartender provides, then studies the young woman's face for a moment, simply watching. Mayte's entrance, however dramatic, is almost missed during this study, if not for the rider's call toward the guard. "I predict your luck is in," she dryly tells the guard recruit over the rim of her glass. This time, at least, she takes a real sip of her drink, possibly to the relief of someone on the receiving end of tips at the end of the night. It's too early to tell.

Talya's senses tingle, feeling the tickle of someone watching, and all she does is give a raised brow in return even if all Kodi can see is her profile. She's about to turn to the woman studying her, after taking a sip of her tastier drink of course, when the figure appears… and that sip goes down the wrong pipe. There's a cough and her eyes water and she squeaks out a, "What?" Whether to Mayte or Kodi, who knows. She blinks her eyes, as if trying to understand what she is looking at. There's a glance to the barmaid, because the guard recruit used to work here and may rely on a little input from the staff from time to time… but this one just shrugs and moves on to work (or hide), so instead she looks to Kodi. "You certain it's luck? Is this some kind of tradition?" She's got a smirk quirking her lips, amused. "Yes, ma'am?" she finally replies to Mayte, raising her glass and approaching… cautiously.

Luck has something to do with it, thought it might all be Kodi's, for now. Mayte's dark eyes focus on Talya's figure and the smile she gives isn't terribly reassuring. "Guardswoman," Mayte says gravely, now that she's got her attention, "You feel." So dramatic, so precise! "You feel like no one can come close to your heart!" Basically, the stuff bad romance novels are made of. "But you yearn! To be understood!" Taking a gulping sip of wine, Mayte smacks her lips delicately. "But your love awaits." Dramatic and stern, Mayte warns, "Don't lose hope!" How's that for vague? Meanwhile some young baker sits and asks if he's ever going to get with the scullery maid; Mayte answers yes which… may speak more to the scullery maid than the baker himself.

Kodi has definitely sampled her drink for the night, because what was a finger of something richly amber in colour is now somewhat shorter. She listens to Mayte's prediction, if it does in fact warrant such a term, then gives Talya a side glance to gauge her reactions. The glass is transferred to the greenrider's other hand as she hooks her other elbow over the lip of the bar. "Well, there you have it," she murmurs, loud enough for the guard recruit to hear, certainly. Her attention slides toward Mayte as she fights back a slanted smile. "What I would like to know, Weyrwoman, ma'am, is what you see for yourself."

It's not that unusual to see H'rik at Southern - after all, Weyrleaders have to visit other Weyrs sometimes, on business (or just to go bro out with a fellow Weyrleader, but that's just splitting hairs). Whatever the initial reason for his visit, the Igen rider has apparently decided he needs to drop by the Tipsy Kitten on his way back. Seems he must have missed dinnertime, because he slips to the bar as covertly as he can, and a moment later turns out to survey the place, a mug in one hand and some bar snacks next to him on the marble top. Nibbling at those, his interest is caught by a familiar face - Mayte. What is she doing there? H'rik squints, but it's unclear. So, curiosity getting the better of him, he collects up his bowl of nibbles and cuts through the crowds towards the group, the odd 'excuse me' or 'sorry' given as he has to push past people to get closer.

Talya leans forward to the Weyrwoman with her eyes wide, as if wondering just what she has to say to a simple guard recruit of all people. What does she feel?? And then she blinks. "I do?" Cue another blinking. "Did someone put you up to this?" There's almost a laugh to her voice, and then she pulls back as Mayte ends her dramatic prediction, trying her best not to insult the Weyrwoman right now. She can't help it, maybe because of the warming of the whiskey she knocked back right before. "That love can wait a /long/ time, cause he's an idiot, if that helps you narrow things down." Then adds a "ma'am" just in case. She looks back over her shoulder as Kodi speaks up. She's eager to hear this answer! But when she's turning to look back at the Weyrwoman, there's a familiar face in the crowd she spots. "H'rik! Er, Weyrleader." Was he trying to be hanging around incognito? Tal just gave him away. There's the Igen Weyrleader ma'am, have at him.

So many fascinating, important questions! The Igen Weyrleader appearing does catch Mayte's attention briefly, her dark loose-maned head turning towards him but really, Kodi's question: so unexpected. Mayte holds up a finger to the greenrider because Talya is there, being all stubborn. Mayte draws herself quietly and replies so calmly, "Who's to say it is a man?" Because love is love, but then again, all's fair in love and Threadfall, or some pithy phrasing. Some Pernese philosopher probably said it. Finally, maybe, Mayte is ready to answer Kodi: "Rhiscorath's love is a tide that visits many beaches; I'm simply a fish along for the ride." So savant.

Kodi's dark eyes follow H'rik's progress as he stops nearby for a drink and munchies, then heads in Mayte's direction. One corner of her lips twitches, but she reins it in quickly, sparing another side glance toward Talya as Mayte so helpfully offers more fodder for the ol' brain mills. As the goldrider turns toward Kodi's own question, though, the greenrider finally cracks a smile, dark eyes twinkling briefly. "You do know tides only bring dead fish to the beaches, right?" she asks, head tilting slightly as she swirls the golden liquid in her glass. She's probably had at least one or two before the current drink, as she blithely takes the piss out of her clear superior, but… well, hey. Sometimes it's worth it, right?

Now he's got himself closer, H'rik can hear snippets of talk of love and that sort of thing. Including an interesting comparison drawn between Mayte and fish. By Mayte herself. He sips his drink to try and hide his baffled expression at that proclamation. Oh, but there's another familiar face in the form of Talya, and H'rik gives the former candidate a cheery grin. "Hey, Talya." He doesn't seem bothered by titles - indeed, one would not be wrong if they assumed his casual air is the result of having had a few drinks prior to his arrival here. Not that he's overtly drunk, but he is…more relaxed than usual. "What's this abotu dead fish?" He asks, his confusion reaching new heights as Kodi talks about them washing up on beaches. Has something else terrible befallen Southern that he didn't hear about? (or is it just proddy Mayte? #sorrymayteiloveyou)

Talya stands gaping a moment, trying to find words. Finding none, she does the next best thing, and takes a long drink from her glass as she regards Mayte. She gives the Weyrwoman a look up and down and then gives a stern nod. "Well, I guess that's true." She is totally going to ponder on this one for about as long as it takes to finish her drink and move on to the next, probably. There's another choking sound she makes that's more muffled snort and sipped drink going wrong at Kodi's reply. "I think she just called the Weyrwoman a dead fish," is her answer to the Igen Weyrleader's question. She's going to step aside and give the Weyrwoman clear view of Kodi, hoping she wasn't being a distraction in the way now. All these scary leadership types is not going to scare her away from this interesting turn of events.

There's always a skeptic in the crowd. Mayte gives Kodi a look that intimates she hopes she's going to remember this later but then tries to look at least pleasantly predictful in Talya and H'rik's general direction; except looking 'pleasant' is never a good option for Mayte and the Weyrwoman looks… worried. "H'rik! Weyrleader!" Good to start with the basics, "What brings you to Southern? Are you curious about your potential to love?" One hand extends to wave in the Weyrleader's direction: "It can't be much worse than D'wane or Va'os. One loves the Wingleaders, one loves the Cook." No telling which is which, and Ardstelle's sycophant storms out in the background. "You… H'rik. You try so hard at Igen, so hard…" Mayte's eyes get just slightly wet at this. "But those orgies with Hogsback must end. You'll never find love that way!"

It's a near thing. Kodi is mid-drink at the Hogback "revelation", and that stuff burns going down on a good day. But the instantly watering eyes, this is something less than that. She presses the heel of her hand against the bar's edge, distracting herself both ffrom her drink and from this haphazard conversation about love. Eventually she does swallow, if with a gigantic grimace, soon followed by an oath muttered under her breath. "Where did you come by these powers of possibility, Weyrwoman?"

"Oh." That's all H'rik can offer up to Talya's explanation. Mayte's got him in his sights, and the Weyrleader goes all deer in the headlights, his mug pausing just before his mouth, his drink interrupted. Probably for the best he doesn't join Talya and Kodi in nearly choking on drink. "I'll, uh…bear that in mind, Weyrwoman. Thank you." Clearly he doesn't want to correct Mayte in front of all these people that Hogsback orgies are not his thing. He'll take the knock to his standing, and the likely gossip that will no doubt crop up regarding his sexual activities. Now he does finally, have a drink - and quite a long one, too, apparently needing a good swig of whatever the mug contains to distract himself from the conversation.

It /is/ luck this time around that Talya is not drinking the moment Mayte gives her best prediction yet. She's already inhaled enough drink as it is that night. "Apparently I left Igen too early without hearing all this juicy gossip." She snickers from the side of the Igen Weyrleader, muffling it into her glass as she drinks as well. If he wonders where the gossip is being spread from, Tal may be a good suspect. "You've yet to say what is going to happen to her, Weyrwoman," she notes with a jerk of her head back to Kodi after she recovers. "Are you saving it for last?" Because everyone deserves to really have a turn.

Mayte will take Kodi nearly spilling her drink as Faranth's comeuppance. There's a faintly, saintly smug look directed at Kodi before Mayte goes to reassure H'rik: "Remember: sex isn't love, unless you want it to be." #1 reason why Mayte is not a guidance counsellor. As for where her observations come from? Mayte shrugs modestly and admits, "I'm good at observation. I can see the raw, sexual attraction," italicised for no reason, "between two people, or… many people…" Eyes flick quickly to H'rik and his Hogback Affair Extraordinaire but no, Kodi has been hanging around enough. "Kodi. You sweet, sweet woman." Mayte pauses for drama, looking around and then sighs wistfully: "The llama is waiting. To carry you to your heart's desire. You just have to be strong enough to ride the wild llama. Don't be afraid of it, or that fear and the llama will control you!"

Kodihas thankfully finished her drink at this point, and the glass is safely on the bar. Win-win. "Llamas," she replies to Mayte, fixing her with a look that is some far cousin of sober. "I might say you're reaching, but that feels like a bad pun." She slides off the bar stool and snaps off a hazy salute for the bigger knots over there, then gives Talya a crooked grin. "Good luck with that wistful future love, or whatever in Faranth's name it was supposed to be." And with her fortune so legitimately shared, she exits into the night, perhaps in search of a llama.

Damnit Mayte, give H'rik a moment will ya? The man damn near chokes on his drink when she goes on to talk about 'raw sexual attraction'. There's some undignified coughing as a bit goes down the wrong way, and once he's recovered, he manages to murmur, a little breathless: "of course." He just looks plain confused about this talk of llamas. Then he watches Kodi leave to…go find her wild llama? Probably a bit late in the evening to go riding one, in his opinion. He downs the rest of his drink (Faranth knows he needs it), and with the mug placed on the nearest table, he now has a hand free to work on his bar snacks. Tiny pretzels! Nuts! All lovely stuff. "I'm starting to think I should have stayed in Igen," he replies to Talya quietly, before raising his voice to address Mayte. "Do you offer, um, romance-telling often?"

Talya knocks back the rest of her drink, thankfully before Mayte could say her next prediction and cause her to choke. Without the drink, she is no longer in danger now. Though her eyes do water with suppressed laughter. "Not sure why you'd leave if you're as busy as the Weyrwoman here says you are." She grins toothily up to the Igen Weyrleader and then slips to one side to drop her glass off on a nearby table. There's a strained sound at the mention of llamas and she looks back to Kodi, as she retreats. "And to you and your llama," she calls after the greenrider with suppressed laughter. "All this talk of love, sex, and then add a llama… I think that's where I leave." Because her mind is only going to the worst place possible. She gives a lazy salute to the leaders and makes a quick retreat before her laughter can be heard.

Looking a little too satisfied at her own predictability, Mayte just smiles and waves a hazy hand at Kodi as she departs; the llama in question though has Mayte sipping at her wine but then, then! Talya is retreating strategically as well and Mayte hmphs, looking to the lone survivor: "H'rik! Come, tell me how Igen is doing." As if the pressure of third-eye insight or whatever is off her, the now-Southern goldrider sips her wine and engages Igen's Weyrleader in a few hours of conversation which of course, will tell him how to live his lovelife at some point.

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