Llewellyn, Maikah, Safi


Three herders and five canines meet in a barn. There's only a little piddling, but dog training is happening


It is sunset of the nineteenth day of the fifth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Stables

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WTF has Maikah taught his dogs?



The stone stables of Southern sweep breezily in arches and vaulted ceilings, done in the same architecture that figures so prominently within the inner caverns. A half-loft in the back shows neatly stacked hay bales, the sweet scents from the fodder drifting down to commingle with the aroma of runner and leather and sweat. There, broad box stalls house inhabitants safely away from the fancies of dragons: nickers and restless stompings fill the air, nirvana to those so inclined.

It's been a long, hard day already down on the range pens, but that doesn't mean Llewellyn's work day is over just yet. It's well past sunset now, but this particular herder has not left the barn just yet. He can currently be found crouching down in the hay of an empty box, back towards the aisle outside. Whatever he's doing, apparently isn't going well from the muttered sounds of "Stay! Damn it!" And other things.

Maikah really doesn't have an excuse to be here anymore. The puppies have all found forever homes where they will work and be loved and they will be puppies forever the end. No wait, this scene isn't about the puppies who are off on their own adventures is it? It's about the puppies that stayed behind with their parents. Shep and Pard pad through the stables, tongues lolling as Maikah makes his way down, inspecting the stalls the apprentices were sent to muck out. At the 'Damnit' Pard cocks his leg on the nearest post. WTF has Maikah taught his dogs? "You don't wanna teach them that one." He admits, watching that little puddle seek the lowest point.

Safi was here earlier, but then she was sent off. Why? Treats! She's coming back in time to hear the 'damn' with a bowl of finely chopped meat that's perfect treat-size. Seeing the less-familiar herder the apprentice drops her eyes to the ground and, "Sir,"s properly, before edging into the place where Llewellyn is at. "Llewe," holding out the treats.

Seeing as how Llewellyn's back was turned and he can't really see Pard demonstrating his latest trick, the crouching herder's just going to turn around and quirk an eyebrow up at the other man. "I thought sit was the first thing I was supposed to teach 'em?" Isn't that doggy training 101? And now that he's turned sideways, the adorable bundles of fluff are visible, clearly standing, not sitting. Vine is slowly tilting her head one way and then the other so her ears flop a bit. Bo must smell the meaty goodness that Safi's bringing cause he's going to take advantage of the distraction and try to sneak around Llew's other side to waggle his way on over towards the girl like she's his favorite person (cause she is since she's got the foods!). "Safi. How's your training going?" That could be her actual training or canine training. Either or both.

"Sit. Then stay." Maikah elaborates. "Pissing on posts is very advanced training." It's not a new trick as such, but rather a hold over from the large man's own apprentice days. "Maikah, please. I'm pretty certain, 'Sir' is my father." He attempts to ease Safi's discomfort with some dry humor, will it work? He doesn't know! But Shep and Pard prove their own training by settling beside Maikah's boots, even as eager brown eyes track each minute movement of the bowl with ear-perked attentiveness.

Safi gives the journeyman trying to put her at ease a small smile. Bo about her feet takes up some of her attention and she holds the bowl of meet a little higher. "No," for the puppy. Instead she sets it on the divider between stalls before casting her gaze about. More chill than the other two puppies a third is curled in a corner and Safi goes to pet the small dog's head. It wakes up and turns to start licking her hand vigorously. She probably has some meat left overs there on her fingers. "Slowly. Um," glancing at Maikah, "But well." Just keeping it ambiguous in response. Then to Maikah, "Thank you, sir." Sorry, she already forgot the whole 'sir is my dad' thing.

At that no, Bo is going to give a bit of a whimper. It's okay though, his momma is right over there. Clearly Shep's not going to mind one of her puppies coming back for a visit, right? Cause he's going to continue his little puppy stroll and take a seat by her hip. Look, he's sitting now! Llewellyn nods at Maikah. "Pissing on posts in particular. I'll take pissing on command anywhere right about now." Cause housebreaking puppies is a pain and he's got double trouble on his hands. Vine is going to try to take after Safi and investigate why her sibling might be getting attention, until Llew scoops her up. "Yeah?" That ambiguous response is just going to lead to more questions, Safi. Just more questions.

Why do you think Maikah was so keen to get rid of ALL the puppies. "Should have a little. Some of them at least." Cos he did have a box for them after all. "Just let them run outside as much as possible." Which might be problematic without training. "Treats and positive reinforcement. You'll be right." There is nothing that phases this Herder journeyman after all! "It's quite alright… ma'am." Those pale blue eyes cross slightly as he fights fire with fire (Or unnecessary titles with unecessary titles!) Maikah might not be good with any females other than the ewes and Shep :(

Like Safi's going to object to that! Even if it isn't proper exactly. Her journeyman cousin can take issue if he wants. Safi doesn't want to show off but Llewelyn is asking so after a moment hesitation she taps her knee. "Up." So it's not down, but it's a command. Safi's puppy gets to his feet and places both paws quite obediently on her chest. Maybe it's so the dog can lick her face, but it's also following the command.

Llewellyn eyes Maikah and his advice and looks down at the puppy that's beginning to squirm in his hands. At least he knows how to handle that and flips her over so she can get a belly rub. He knows exactly where to find that spot. The one that automatically gets some foot kicking action going and suitably distracts from trying to get to the meat bowl that's well out of puppy reach. Bo on the other hand, is still content on the ground. He's busy gnawing on his own tail. "Huh." Is the first thing he's got to say for Safi's demonstration. "Know any others yet?" Up's not the first one he'd start with as demonstrated with trying to get the whole 'sit' business down. Probably soon to be followed with 'stay'.

Maikah winks slightly. Male camraderie is always easier for the guy who spends far too much time for sheep. But eventually something tickles that deep quiet mind of his. "Got the cows yet?" Because as awkward as it is him standing around creeping on the cousins, it could always get MOAR AWKWARD! "Should get onto it before it gets much colder." Make hay while the sunshines right? Although technically hay is farmcraft and not herder.

Safi shakes her head as she rubs her puppy's head. When the puppy starts to sit down of his own accord Safi quickly says, "Jen, sit." Is it healthy that she named the puppy after her dead brother? Maybe not, but it's what she did anyway. Even though the puppy was obviously going to sit even if Safi hadn't said the word, she is still going to treat it like he did. "Good boy." Up to grab a treat and then back down again. Her hair covers her face. Listening to learn is what apprentices do best. What is this about cows?

"Jen?" Llewellyn totally caught that name and is a bit distracted from Maikah's attempts at camraderie for a moment because it totally can always get MOAR AWKWARD! "You named him Jen?" It wouldn't be a bad name if not for the whole dead brother thing, but there's obviously some concern about proper mourning processes there although it's hard to get that expressed in just four words. Llew's trying though. And then there's a nod for Maikah. "Yeah. Ready whenever you are. Just keep fattening them up." The signs he promised to make may or may not have been puppy chewed at this point though.

Maikah is just going to shrug, completely oblivious to any kind of history or undercurrent associated with the name. He's just going to assume it is some kind of 'boy named Sue' thing and shrug. "Short names are good." Yeah… Social skills wherefore art thou? And then Llewellyn gets a frown (like dis: http://harpers-tale.wdfiles.com/local--files/character:maikah/maikah_013.jpg although not as exaggerated ) because. "Just waiting on word about the cows." Communication is a challenge, much like housetraining puppies.

Safi's not about to show her face when Llew makes his concern clear. She's been going to the mindhealers like he told her to! Obviously there has only been a little progress though. A nod again, Safi's a woman of few words. (Family trait.) But as the conversation continues about Cows, "You… need me?" Along with whatever cow-thing they're going to do.

Despite his own name, Llewellyn is all for short names. He named one of his own pups Bo after all, but he's still got a bit of a concerned look on his face as he's staring at Safi. Really, communication is hard and he doesn't know what to say to that although chances of it being mentioned to said mindhealers is pretty high. Sorry, not sorry. "Well, when do you want them?" That's back to Maikah cause his issue is SO MUCH EASIER. There's a brief amount of wheels turning as Llew considers Safi's offer before he coughs a bit. "Uhh… not with the cows. But we're gonna have a barbeque?" Presumably she's invited but given the whole crying over a bull in threadfall incident… someone else is gonna handle the slaughtering if Llew has anything to say about it.

But my what big claws she has…
She'll only insist on 50% payment XD
But then they'll need like a third cow…

Maikah considers the VERY big questions Llewellyn has posed, folding his arms and stroking his beard slowly and thoughtfully. "This next rest day?" Sooon! SOOOOOON! "Perhaps pretend it's for the weyrlings or something." He's just throwing ideas out there all willy-nilly, SLOW DOWN MAIKAH! "Really, I just wanna get…" And then he covers his mouth and coughs, because there's an apprentice, and a female one at that within earshot. Fill in the blanks! "A really nice barbeque." NICE SAVE!

Safi is missing a good portion of this conversation. A confused through through the fall of her hair is directed at her cousin, and then at the other herder. This is when Jen decides he needs some attention and jumps on Safi again, pushing her down to the ground with one solid puppy-jump. Then it's time to lick her face, so the two men are safe to talk with whatever they want.

Clearly they're only talking about barbeques! Llewellyn does catch the cough though and lets out a snort of his own. It doesn't take a genius to fill that one in after all… "Next rest day then." They'll just make sure some junior journeyman is the one scheduled to watch the herds that day. Perks of seniority. "And if we say it's for the weyrlings, people will invite themselves…" And hopefully invite themselves with booze and sides and stuff. They'll have some liquor, and plenty of meat, but like vegetables are a thing. At some point, Vine was set down and both her and Bo are now off to join Jen in puppy licks. Safi's got a veritable puppy pile converging on her.

Maikah gives a pleased nod. "Right." There is all kinds of satisfaction in that word. "We'll try to avoid dead bodies." DANGER DANGER WARNING WARNING. The usually taciturn Journeyman who is completely oblivious because he is not related is just going to put his big old booted foot into everything. "I hear they're a Southern specialty." AND EVEN WORSE he tries to make it into a joke to try and put Safi at ease after his slight veer into not-apprentice-appropriate topics. And if everyone clears out after this, then you know. They can blame him! (As long as the party is still on, he probably won't mind and/or understand.)

Safi doesn't laugh an awful lot, but who doesn't giggle a bit when they are covered in puppies trying to lick their face? So she's going to giggle as she tries to push the puppies away so she can sit up. Not very easy when they are jumping on her chest and then off again like little spaz-buckets. But then Maikah says his thing and Safi hears it through the puppy-puddle. Oh, dear. Biting her lip the apprentice manages to sit up, and curls Jen into her arms. Don't mind her Maikah.

Llewellyn immediately shoots Maikah a look that's all like 'Dude, really?' followed immediately by a serious facepalming as Safi totally clearly heard that. "I uh… think Jen needs to go out. I think all the puppies need to go out." Potty time? Or just convenient excuse to escape? Why not BOTH? He's reclaiming his two puppies and quickly making good on that ruse of needing to take them out. He may or may not feel Maikah in later on some of why that was such a poor choice of words. The not's more likely considering explaining things would involve MORE WORDS which both men seem to avoid like a plague.

And so, Maikah is abandoned, with a confused look upon his face. BECAUSE YOU NEED TO TALK TO PEOPLE TO GOSSIP, so he knows NOTHING. With a peircing whistle he calls Shep and Pard to his side so he can continue his rounds, and perhaps he'll go check on the sheep later. He understands sheep, they do not confuse him.

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