Edlsesa, Xanthee, Daenerys


Edlsesa is interviewing anyone who has come in contact with the blue glowing stuff and Xan offers up her own experience. Then they find out they both know the same Tanner-turned-Trader


It is noon of the twenty-fifth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Living Cavern, Igen Weyr

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Living Cavern

Brightly lit by a regimented march of strung glow-globes, Igen's busy living caverns are cut of the same exotic limestone design that frequents the bazaar without. Tapestries line the tops of the walls, one for each of Igen's wings, past and present; beneath them, skybroom tables litter the floors in scattered profusion. Some of the wicker chairs have seen better days, but most of the worst offenders have long-ago been replaced. The seemingly random placement of furniture, however, at closer inspection yields a sort of cross-shape of negative space. The northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns are owned by the kitchen's buffet, food-laden thrice daily in regimented shifts by busy bakers from the curtained southern entrance to the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside; westerly lies the large doors leading down into the bowels of the weyr itself.

It's around noon and the living caverns are bustling with the afternoon lunch traffic for the day. The din of conversation is audible from without the cavern and within, voices echo off the walls with the shouts of children and the distinctive ring of laughter somewhere off in the distance, as is tyical of this time of day in Igen. Seated amongst the cacophony of the cavern and the various smells of the noontime meal, Edlsesa sits off to the side at a desk that's been brought in for her to sit at. She has a bag full of the wax tablets that the harpers are so fond of using and she twirls her stylus in her fingers while she pours over the last report she'd taken. She pinches the bridge of her nose, sighing heftily as she shakes her head and tries to clear her blurred vision. She's been writing and reading too much this morning. Getting up, she moves to fetch herself a new cup of klah before her next interview arrives. The hall is going to have a field day with all of these reports, what's true and what's not?

Coming in from the direction of the lower caverns, Xanthee is balancing several parcels in her arms, wrapped festively. A smile is playing no her lips as she tries not to topple the pile as she peers around the room, obviously looking for someone. When she spies the girl at the desk, she makes a beeline in her direction. With a soft smile she looks down over her parcels, "Hi, are you the person requesting information on the blue gowing stuff?" She cocks her head to one side, "I was just visiting the lower caverns and was told there was someone here I should probably speak with. Although I'm warning you, I don't have much to say about it really." Looking down at the cluttered desk, Xanthee moves to a nearby table and dumps her load, reaching up into her dark mass of hair and pulls out a small green firelizard who was curled up there. Putting her on the table, she says, "Watch these for me Banshee." before turning back to the desk and smiling, "Sorry about that."

Edlsesa is just barely seated back at her desk when Xanthee approaches. She picks up her stylus and fetches a fresh wax tablet, stowing the other away for now. "Yes. That would be correct. And any information that you have may be pertinent to figuring this blue glow out, you never know what might help!" Sesa is perky and bright, and has her best harper face on. And she has a good one, she was raised in a house of harpers. The only people in her family that weren't were her blood-father A'lory and her Half-brother Daenerys. Stylus poised and at the ready, she sips at her klah while Xanthee rids herself of her burdens. The green firelizard is looked at appreciatively. Edlsesa really must get one of her own one day. They are invaluable little tools for the harpers. She shakes her head when Xanthee returns and apologizes. "Don't worry about it, it just gave me more time for klah!" Sesa lifts her mug and smiles before sipping at it again. That done, she sets her mug aside and waves Xanthee to the chair sitting opposite of her. "So, been to Kurkar lately have we? Or did you come across the blue glow here?" And off she goes!

Xanthee takes a seat at the offered chair, smoothing her long dress as she sits. She giggles slightly at the other girl's manner of getting right to the point, "Here, well in the Bazaar actually." she corrects herself as she starts to tell the tale, in great detail, since this is Xan we're talking about. "So it was just after closing, I work in the Tea Room, I was heading home, but I noticed this shop that has been unnoccupied for as long as I remember, and it looked like there was someone set up it." She pauses for dramatic effect. "I figured, from one merchant to another, I should go and, y'know, welcome them to the area so to speak. Well I knew there was something fishy going on when I saw that all his wares were covered by a blanket." She gives a puzzled look to emphasize her feeling at the time, "Then this woman showed up, and they started talking all cryptic, and then he pulled back the blanket and there was a bowl with this glowing blue powder. But before the deal could be struck, suddenly there were guards there, and then the merchant was knocking this stuff everywhere, and some of it landed nearby and I grabbed it before I got out of there." Once she's done, Xanthee licks her lips, should have grabbed a drink. Looking expectantly at Edlsesa, she shrugs, "That's about it."

Edlsesa is studiously jotting every word down as Xanthee speaks, eyebrows upticking at mention of a merchant selling in the bazaar. This is not the first report of this she's heard. "Mmmhmm. And have you taken it to a healer or someone to have it tested or looked at? HAve you surrendered your sample to anyone?" Edlsesa flicks her gaze upward to look at Xanthee now and again, after all, it's rude to not look at someone when you speak to them. "You haven't tried to use it as a cure for anything have you?" All routine questions that Sesa has asked a thousand times today, and she's sure she'll ask them a thousand more before the day is done. At one point, she stops to drink from her mug and then begins jotting more things down. "When did this occur?"

Xanthee blushes slightly when asked if she has surrendered her sample to anyone, and looks down at her hands in her lap, "Well yes, I gave the Weyrleader a sample of what I found." while technically true, to say the Weyrleader confiscated it from her would be way more accurate, but that's splitting hairs really right? "He said he was going to get it tested and then warned me that most of what is being sold are fakes and could be dangerous, so no, I haven't used any of it. And this would have been.." She taps her lower lip with a finger, trying to remember, "Just over two sevens ago I would say." she nods her head a bit to confirm that that sounds about right.

Edlsesa smiles at Xanthee as she writes things down, seems the girl has a bit of a rouguish side to her, Sesa likes that. "Yes. And The Weyrleader would be correct, there have been many, potentially dangerous copies cropping up and there's no telling what tey might do to you." Sesa holds u a finger up while she finishes a thought on the tablet, indicating she's not done seaking. "Two sevens ago you say?" She asks as she writes that down anyway, more to confirm than correct. When she's done she looks back up and taps the stylus on the table. "Would you be willing to surrender the rest of your sample to the weyr?" After all, the way it sounded, Xanthee still has some.

"Well, I'm waiting to see what he says first about the sample I gave him." Xanthee says evenly, not really confirming if she has more or not. She's not stupid, if in the smallest chance that what she has is genuine, it could really be worth something. "And yes, just over, so say sixteen or seventeen days ago, I think." She cocks her head to one side, slightly amused at this girl who she thinks is younger than her, is all business. When I was her age…Xan ponders that a moment before she says belatedly, "I'm Xanthee by the way, weyrbrat and waitress in the Tea Room. Y'know, in case you need that for your report there." she says pointing at the notes being taken.

Edlsesa hmmms. Smart girl. She hadn't really expected her to say yes. "Ah, yes, that would be pertinent to the report, thanks. I'm Edlsesa by the way, Harper Apprentice." She sticks out her hand to shake Xanthee's, if the woman is so inclined. "Well, if you hear or see anything else, please do come and find me. The journeymen want us gathering as much information as we can on the subject." In fact, trips were scheduled for Kurkar next seven and Sesa has some rather uncomfortable personal stuff to get through before then.

Xanthee takes the hand gladly and shakes it. "Well met Eldsesa." And then it looks as if the interview is over. Well that wasn't as bad as she was expecting. But of course, it wouldn't be Xan if she didn't indulge her curiosity, so she leans forwards a little bit, "So any new news about this stuff? I mean, people are getting pretty miffed out there what with hearing about this miracle cure and then being denied when asked for it. Some people say the Weyrleaders are trying to hoard it for themselves and cutting everyone else out." Xan always has the best bits of gossip.

Edlsesa shakes her head, one of those 'sorry, nada' looks on her face. "Results and news on blue glow are as of yet inconclusive and I would not be at liberty to to discuss it if I did know anything." She is calm and polite about it, and it's true enough. An apprentice isn't going to know much, particularly one who hasn't really gotten close to any of the stuff. Besides the two sample jars surrendered to her earlier, and she's already delivered those to the MasterHarpers.

Shard it! This little Harper is a tough nut to crack. Sitting back with a little pout on her mouth, Xanthee sighs and then looks at he younger girl. "I guess that's it then?" she asks since obviously she isn't getting any fresh gossip fodder from this one.

Edlsesa nods curtly in answer to it being the end of the interview. "Aye, if that's all you've got, that's all I need." Sesa begins packing up, she has a lesson after lunch and she still needs to eat before then. She moves to put the freshly marked tablet into her bag and something familiar strikes her about Xanthee. "I think I've seen you around the caravan grounds before, you're there quite frequently, aren't you?" The interview may be over, but it seems the questions haven't stopped yet. Sesa raises a brow and tucks her hair behind her ear as she leans over to stow her supplies in her bag.

Relaxing slightly as she hears that the official part of the interview is over, Xanthee is about to get up but then she is asked about being seen in the caravan grounds, "Yes, probably. I have some very close friends amoung the Zingari, and I visit them often, don't know if you know them, Reveka and Daenerys?" She offers with a raised brow in question as she pivots to see if Banshee is doing a good job of guarding her parcels, and smiles when she sees the little green perched upon the pile and giving some serious stink-eye to anyone coming close. This brings a little giggle to Xan's lips.

DING! She knew the woman had seemed familiar somehow, and it makes Sesa smile to know she'd remembered correctly. And then her half-brother's name slides past Xanthee's lips and Sesa is upright and staring at the girl with a bit of surprise, a chuckle bubbling from her lips. "Daenerys and I are half siblings, so aye, I suppose you could say I know him." She takes another sip of her klah. "I've seen Reveka but I don't know her, though my family is good friends with the leading family. I've grown up with Lillia, the leader's daughter."

Jaw dropping, Xanthee blink owlishly at the younger girl. "Say what? You're Daenerys' half-sister?! That bastard never told me he had a half-sister." Yeah well, Xan never told him she'd aquired half a dozen yourself in the last couple months, so they were even. "This is soooo strange. Daen has been like a big brother to me for a couple Turns now. Really one of my closest friends. Ohhhh.. I am going to tease him so much for not telling me." Her eyes are bright with mischief and then she absorbs the rest of what the girl says. "Oh, I think I saw her, I was at Willimina's Turnday celebration. Those Zingari know how to throw a party."

Did someone mention Daenerys? There's a rumor going around the Weyr that if you mention his name enough times, he appears out of the literal ground, scaring the caller — very much in the tradition of his father. Somehow, the leatherworker manages to crop up right behind Xanthee, dark eyes gleaming with mischief as he puts a finer over his lips to signal Edlsesa to silence. And as Xanthee epresses her displeasure with him, he grins widely, and offers, "Well, point of fact, love, I'm right here. Whatcha gonna do about it?"

Edlsesa blushes and nods at Xanthee's surprise. "Aye…only found out a couple of months ago myself. We didn't know each other….I was fostered with friends of my blood-mother when she died giving birth to me. I didn't even know A'lory, Daen and I's father, very well. He'd crop up now and then, but he wasn't super involved." And then Suddenly Daen is right behind Xanthee and it takes all Sesa has not to make her eyes go round as saucers in surprise. She even jumps a little when Daen speaks, though her anticipation for the event might have had something to do with that, rather than any acting on her part.

With a SHRIEK, Xanthee jumps out of the chair and turns on her heel to see who just spoke. When she spies the Tanner-turned-Trader, her eyes narrow and she growls under her breath, while she sends a friendly punch toward his arm, although she has been working on her punches lately so it may be a tad harder than she meant to. "How many times do I have to tell you? Don't DO that!!" But the raven-haired girl also has a genial smile on her face to show she isn't scarred for life of anything. She just really hates being startled. "Why didn't you tell me you me you found a half-sister you never knew you had? I'm hurt you wouldn't share something like that with me." And then she is crossing her arms over her chest and putting on a pout for his benefit. "And I have to find out like this…on my Turnday." And she's laying it on thick folks.

Oh, how well he remembers those punches of hers! At least she's starting to throw a little harder. Laughingly, he rubs at his arm where she'd landed her blow, and shrugs in amusement. "But it's fun! You can't expect me to give up teasing you a little bit, now can you?" Oh, but Edlsesa will be in for her share of trickery, once he gets to know her better — these things must be tailored to the vic - er, sister. He does include her in the joke, though: "Thanks, Sesa, for not telling on me." "Found her? I always knew about her. Saw her a time or two as a little baby, but.. by that time I was already on my own in the brat caves, so… yeah." He rubs idly at his chest, now, working out a knot or two. "Waitaminute… it's your Turnday? Why didn't you tell me about that, you little wretch?"

Edlsesa laughs a little at Xanthee's reaction to Daen's sneakery and hides it behind her hand before taking a drink off her klah mug. "You're welcome, though I'm not sure your adoptive sister here appreciates me for it." There doesn't seem to be any animosity from Edlsesa on the part of her brother knowing about her and not doing anything about it. She'd been raised in a very loving and happy family, and in the last turn that family has lost one member, and gained one. Or that's how Sesa looks at it. It hadn't escaped her that A'lory being a rider meant she might just have siblings out there, she'd just never felt the need to look.
Edlsesa also turns to Xanthee at the last. "Happy Turnday then! And many Regards!"

"Well, I was just about to, cause I had to invite you to a party I'm throwing, three days from now." Xanthee says as she rolls her eyes and then gives Edlsesa an exagerated exasperated look. She waves a hand over to her pile of parcels on a nearby table, "I just had to do the rounds of the lower caverns and get all my Turnday goodies from everyone." When the other girl offers her regards, she smiles brightly, "Thank you Edlsesa. I appreciate it. If you're around, you're more than welcome to drop by the party too, it's going to be in the Zingari Camp….although I should run that by Reveka to make sure it's ok. It's going to be small. Just a few friends, my boyfriend Mal of course." At that a teasing giggle is sent in Daen's direction. "And possibly my half-sister Elonoora from Southern. She's making the cake." If she just drops it in there like that, it might go unnoticed right?

A'lory had been a careful man; still, there were several, left to the oldtime, or not as it suited them. Adults, mainly, by the time the jump had been made. Many with families of their own to carry on the family business and crafts. He grins in amusement. "Oh, she'll live, my Xanthee — she knows it's in retaliation for her shenanigans with her boyfriend." He squints playfully at anthee, then arches his eyebrows in surprise. "So you have extra siblings, too? Well, isn't this a fine joke!" And he begins to laugh, a deep sort of laugh. Oh, they live in such interesting times!

Much as this conversation is getting quite riveting, Edlsesa's stomach choosees then to release a very loud gargle, which makes the harper apprentice blush. "Ok, that decides it." She says mostlly to herself and finsihes gathering up her things. "I need to eat and then report to my Journeyman with today's interviews. Thanks for coming down Xanthee, and again, it was nice meeting you. It's nice to know my brother actually has friends." She sees Daen on his own mostly, and she wonders if his association with that one Zingari woman has to do with it. Trexa doesn't seem to be liked much, despite her new upstanding status with the caravan. She winks at Daen, and picks up her rucksack and mug. "Have a good afternoon you two. I'll see if I can't pop by your party Xanthee." Though she makes no promises. And then she's off, to find something quick to cram in her mouth before lessons.

As the harper girl heads out to find food, Xanthee gives her a little wave, "It was a pleasure meeting you, we should talk soon. I can catch you up on what he's really like." which is actually really sweet and protective, but she can make it sound bad at least to tease him. Then turning back to Daenerys, "And you cut it with that my Xanthee stuff, I've told you once. Mal's Xanthee, not yours." And if she was even a Turn younger she may have been tempted to stick out her tongue, but she's seventeen now. No more time for childish behaviour surely. When he does pick up on her cunning insertion of her sister into the conversation, she snickers. "That's not even the half of it." And then she pauses and looks around before lowering her voice. "I found my dad." She says in a more serious tone. She flicks her gaze to the pile of presents she needs to schlep home, "And if you help me home with those I'll tell you all about it." Her eyebrows raise at him. C'mon Daen, you know you wanna.

Daenerys is very, very sure Edlsesa wouldn't believe her anyway: Harpers know how to sift through rumors. "You take care, Sesa — and you know where to find me when you want to." For things. So many, many things. As she goes on to her dutes, he turns back to Xanthee and snickers. "I only say that to annoy you, you know." He snickers at her, then looks exceedingly curious about that add-on of hers. Xanthee's managed to get her laborer. "Only this time, because I sense there's a story to tell…" And he collects her packages, ignoring Banshee's glares as a matter of course; he's long used to that scrappy little green. "Lead on, sister; lead on!" And off they go, chattering together over Turndays and siblings.

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