Nathanael, Prymelia


Prymelia tracks down Nathanael to give him the gift she’d brought back for him and is witness to an event that sits ill with her.


It is midmorning of the tenth day of the seventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr, Docks

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In dark morn and dusky eve fog lies grim and humid against the still waters of Azov Sea. Only the noontime sun burns away the concealing clouds of man's height, revealing that which lies beneath the mist- an awe-inspiring stone pier that stretches far into the inland sea, to the east of the line of orderly boat-slips for the locals and larger, open spaces for transport ships. Fishermen are often as common as seagulls upon the pier's length in particular, ill-concealed and ill-clothed in the loose dun homespun of Southern's natives.

Mid Morning sees the Southern Storms having moved off after a night of industry, leaving only dark clouds to threaten more moisture upon the jungles. The seacrafters, taking advantage of every moment which doesn't make their jobs harder, work upon the docks. Apprentices scurry about their duties. In the middle of it all, Nathanael works side by side with a pair of apprentices slightly younger than himself, replacing ropes that show signs of wear. The Journeyman's attention is elsewhere at the moment, and Nathanael doesn't see a larger male apprentice come up behind him and 'accidentally' bump into him with a crate, sending him stumbling forward over the ropes and rubbing his arm. "Careful Raya!"

Since her return from the sandy clutches of the desert Weyr, Prymelia hasn’t been able to make all of the rounds that she’d wanted to. But today, with the weather playing fair and Soot turned out into a paddock where hopefully he’ll amble about instead standing his fat arse in one place, she’s determined to remedy that. With a parcel wrapped in a length of bright cotton, her path carries her down toward the docks, snorting at the catcalls and comments that follow in her wake. Big, burly and handsome, in a rugged sort of way, some of them might be, but she has a self appointed date with a particular little blonde cutie. One that she happens upon just as one of the bigger apprentices sends him sprawling. Anger clouds freckled features, hazel eyes narrowing a threatening look to older lad’s back.

"Sorry Nath, didn't see you there." The older apprentice calls out, snickering with another apprentice as he dumps his crate where it belones. Nathanael shoots a look backwards and frowns, before his eyes catch on Prymelia. Instantly those blue eyes widen and he's scrambling back upwards to his feet, forgetting the older apprentice altogether. "Ye're back!" And if Prymelia isn't careful, she'll get caught up in a hug.

Taking careful note of Raya’s face and that of his crony, Prymelia turns a warm smile onto Nathanael and opens her arms to offer that hug. “Hello, Handsome,” the title bestowed upon the seacraft apprentice with a flash of a smirk to the older two. Him, Handsome, you, Fishface! By definition of personality. “I brought something for you.” She tells the younger lad.

There's nothing quite like the scorn of an older woman to have teenage boys shutting down on themselves, and after casting one last dark look at Nathanael, the pair move on. Calling out, Nathanael catches the attention of a middling tall journeyman with a long rough beard. "Pa, ye mind if'n I talk t' Ma'am Prymelia for a mo'?" When the joruneyman waves him off Nathanael will reach out for one of Prymelia's hands to drag her off towards the sandy side of the dock.

Hearing Nathanael use the term ‘Pa’, the trader woman fits the older man with a curious look and a quick but polite smile. “I’ll try not to keep him away too long,” she tells the journeyman and happily tucks the blonde lad’s smaller hand into hers, easily pulled off in the direction he wants her to go with a laugh. “I’ve got a bone to pick with you,” she pretends to scold, the effect lost by the dance of humor flecking hazel eyes.

Nathanael drops Prymelia's hand when they reach the start of the desk. Without thinking he rubs a hand over where that crate had knocked into him. "Bone ma'am?"

A frown once again creases Prymelia’s brow when the young seacraft apprentice rubs at his arm. “Do they do that often?” She asks, fitting him with an enquiring look before turning to the question of a ‘bone’. “Mmhm. A little flit told me that a certain someone,” cue the teasingly pointed look, “has been visiting Soot and spoiling him enough that he’s gotten fat.” She states, tucking the brightly wrapped parcel under her arm. “Any idea who that might be?”

Nathanael blinks, "Do what?" As he drops his hands back to his sides. He'll rock just slightly on the balls of his feet, eying that package under her arm with unrestrained curiosity. As for the accusation. "Well… he was lookin' lonely… 'n no'un was tellin' me where ye'd gone off to… Figured he deserved some sugar?" See, heart of gold there puts all sorts of perfectly acceptable excuses out there. "Are ye back?"

“Nathanael, I saw what that Fishfaced boy did.” Prymelia quietly notes, concern sifting across freckled features. “Have they been picking on you?” She’ll leave that there for him to answer, or not, and pretend that she hasn’t seen him eyeing the package she has with her as brows tilt upward. “No one told you where I was?” There’s a pause in which a rueful smile appears. “I uh…I had to unexpectedly go back to Igen.” She says. “And then I got Searched so I got stuck there a little longer than I had planned,” thankfully not for say as long as a ‘until death do you part’ might have lasted. “But I’m back now. For good.” She declares with a triumphant smile that casts a strangely dark shadow to her eyes.

Nathanael shifts under that gaze, a bit uncomfortable. His blue eyes will glance back prymelia, to where Raya and his friend are still stealing glances at him and Prymelia. "Nah, 's jus' boys 'n such." He'll brush the issues off quickly, turning his attention to where she had gone. "'s a /long way real quick! 'n ye did no' impress? Well…" He's smile a bit sheepishly, "'m glad. Southern ain't been 'e same witho' ye."

“I have brothers, I know how boys can be. So if you ever need someone to talk to, you know where my wagon is, aye?” A reassuring smile is given and the package transferred from one hand to the other, subtly teasing Nathanael. “Let’s just say, my father wasn’t happy with some of the choices I’d made.” A quick curl of lips, not really a smile at all and then she about melts at the lad’s sheepish admission, features warming. “I’m glad to be home.” Her chosen home. “I missed you all. You would love the Bazaar. So much to see and so many people from all over the place. In fact,” the package is lifted, “I saw this and the very first person I thought of, was you.” Finally, it’s held out to him.

"Sure," Natahanel will promise quickly, blue eyes lighting up as the woman holds out the package to him. He'll take it and open it swiftly, though he's careful enough to make sure none of the pieces of the packaging (sorry, it ends up torn) end up on the crystal waters of the sea. "Ye did no' be needin' to!" The fabric is turned over in his hands and he'll examine it from every angle. "'s pretty!"

Delight blooms in hazel eyes as Nathanael rips into the package, because that’s what wrappings are for - gleefully tearing aside. All part of the fun of receiving a gift to Prymelia’s mind. The brightly rainbowed striped beanie that is revealed draws a wide grin from the trader woman and she reaches out a hand to ruffle those blond locks of his. “I know I didn’t but when I saw how cheerful it was and how happy it made me to look at it, I thought to myself, who better to wear such a wonderful thing than a handsome lad just as bright and colorful.”

"'s jus' right on time f'r 'e cold weather!" Nathanael pulls that hat right over blond strings, flattening them without a single care for what they might look like when the beanie comes off. He'll wrap those arms of his around the trader abruptly, hugging tightly. "'m lovin' it ma'am, 's real nice."

Prymelia positively beams when Nathanael immediately tugs the rainbow hued beanie onto his head. The hug she finds herself squeezed into quickly returned with a pat of hand to narrow back. “You’re very welcome, Nathanael. And thank you, for taking care of Soot and spending time with him. Even if he has grown a little fat. At least I know that someone with a kind heart and gentle hands was visiting him while I was away.”

The hug perhaps lasts a few seconds longer than a typical thank-you hug should. When Nathanael lets go and steps backwards he's smiling. "Hope 'e was no' too fat, did no' mean t' be makin' life hard f'r ye when ye was gettin' back." A glance over her shoulder again as that sea-roughed voice calls out for him to be getting back to work. "I gotta be goin' ma'am, 's real good t' be havin' ye back."

If that hug lasts a little longer than expected, Prymelia doesn’t seem to mind for there’s something sweet about the innocence attached to it. “Not at all,” she goes on to tell Nathanael with a little smirk when he draws away, “because I know certain seacrafter apprentice that’s going to help me exercise him on his off time.” A wink is given before she follows the direction that the young teenager glances in a warm smile his when attention returns. “Off you go then, and I’ll see in the stables after duties, aye?”

"F'r sure." Nathanael promises vehemently, his smile enough to rival a rainbow for cheerfulness. Tucking the remains of the wrapping into a pocket he'll slip past Prymelia to trot upwards on the dock, heading towards the journeyman he's named as Pa, and making sure to take a wide detour around the pair of disagreeable apprentices.

Tracking Nathanael’s departure, the wide berth he gives the two older lads is noted with a tuck of brows, the pair earning themselves a scornful look when Prymelia follows a short while later.

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