Th'res, F'kan


F'kan runs into Th'res on the Boardwalk and they have a bit of a chat about a number of things.


It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the sixth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Boardwalk, Southern Weyr

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"What's up Th'res? What I'd do?"



Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.

It is the thirteenth day of Winter and 57 degrees. The day is dreary and overcast. A chilly winter rain is falling down in soft drizzles.

This is the best weather right now! At least that is what Th'res thinks as he walks along the boardwalk eating and redfruit thinking to himself about something. His long scarf is now saftly secured on his shoulders so he doesn't have to worry about someone tripping on it.. or choking him to death.. The afternoon day isn't that busy right now it seems with the rain fall keeping most people indoors if they can be.

Wandering through the various stalls, F'kan is browsing the wares being offered on this dreary day, the vendors eager for his cutom, but he merely shakes his head at each one as he saunters on. When his bright blue eyes catch sight of a certain red-haired bluerider, he smiles brightly and calls out to the other man as he picks up his pace to meet him. Finally catching up, he claps Th'res on the shoulder amicably, "Hey there stranger. Haven't seen hide nor hair of you since I took up my new knot. How are ya mate?"

Th'res nods to F'kan "Assistant Weyrlingmaster" he greets back as he eats his red fruit not really stoping but slowing his pace. He is carefully schooling his fact to a very nuterual look as the talks with his friend. Because teasing is so much more fun when they really think you are mad.

F'kan's whole demeanor goes crestfallen as he gets the literal cold shoulder from the blueriding Wingsecond. Now the brownrider has to figure out what he did to upset the usually easy going man. "What's up Th'res? What I'd do?" he really wracks his brain now and slowly a look of dread overcomes his features, "Is this about me Searching your girlfriend? I am so sorry, but that was Quav, I didn't really figure out that was her till later. But she Impressed, that's a good thing right?" he asks hopefully, trailing after his friend and former wingsecond.

Th'res nods and chews his redfruit saying "You know if you didn't want me to see her you could of just said so.." MAN he is good at keeping that straight face, but he will relent before F'kan bursts into tears, he sensitive soul he is. He reaches up and ruffles the brownriders hair adding "It is the best of things man, I am not mad. A little annoyed you beat me to it but not mad at all."

"Didn't want you to see her?" F'kan sputters as he is brought up short and is about to launch into a fervent denial of that claim when he gets ruffled by the other man. It brings a thoroughly puzzled expression to the brownrider's face before he catches on that Th'res was just messing with him, giving the bluerider a light punch to the shoulder in retaliation. "Don't do that to me man! I'd never want to piss off you off, I owe you way too much."

Th'res chuckles and nods "Of course I want to see her, and tell her I am proud of her and that is amazing." He looks at the assistant weyrlingmaster "But what do you think that will do to her emotional state?" Because he knows exactly how he is going to feel if he does see her, and there is going be obvious holding back on more than one parties part.

"Yeah, better to give it some time," F'kan agrees with Th'res on the subject of seeing Talya. "Her brown is quite the handful and she needs to definitely get him a little more under control before you go in there stirring things up in her and then him." he shakes his head at some of the melt-downs that particular dragonet has had so far. "But I could pass on a message to her for you if you want…" he trails off, trying to be helpful.

Th'res nods saying "well I was going to just mail it but maybe it will be better coming from you." He reaches in his jacket and pulls out a thick hand written message that is sealed. "You don't mind do you? Because I am not your wing second anymore.."

F'kan tries not to look surprised that the bluerider has a letter ready to go, but when he sees the thickness of the package, his eyes widen slightly. "Of course I don't mind. I'll give it to her when I'm at the barracks for my shift later. I got the night shift." There's a note of regret in his voice for that, accompanied by a bit of a heavy sigh. But the dragonets are still young enough that AWLMs need to be on hand at all times.

Th'res nods and grins "I am sure that wilding will understand your job buddy." He reaches in a pocket and offers F'kan a sweet stick to chew on, "So how do you like the work? Because if I remember correctly you said "I am never ever coming back to these barracks again" when we graduated."

"Her name's Devana," F'kan responds with a hint of protectiveness over her being called 'that wildling'. It only lasts a moment before his smile is back though and he's rubbing at the back of his head sheepishly, "Well I meant as a weyrling of course. So weird being on the other side though, but the work is great actually, and Quaverilth is taking to it like he was born to it." He tucks Th'res letter inside his jacket to keep it safe.

Th'res chuckles and nods "oh so that is her name. Since you have failed many times to tell me.." Which is true as the Wingsecond would of mostly likey started to pry into the mans life like he usually does with F'kan. "But I am glad you two are doing well."

"Haven't I told you her name before now? I'm sure I have," F'kan wracks his brain again. He better be careful, it's not used to this much exercise. He can't remember if he did or not, "We're doing more than well. She's like a dream I never want to wake up from Th'res." If this was a animated type of movie, his eyes would be heart shaped at this point. "We're exclusive, so it's also kinda serious…" he trails off when he realizes he's simpering, clearing his throat loudly before standing up a bit straighter. "Yeah..just..it's good."

Th'res laughs out right and claps the man on his shoulder "Good for you man. I am glad you finally are the man I knew you could be." Because he has always had faith in him, there is another idea that pops into his head though as he asks "Do you know Veena well at all?"

"Veena?" F'kan cocks his head to one side, confused. "Wait, isn't she the watchrider over at Black Rock?" he asks as he shakes his head, "Don't know her, no. Why do you ask?" he wonders out loud as he stuffs his hands into his pockets.

Th'res chuckles "Yeah the one with bad arm, I don't know something about her is just sticking in my head." He takes another bite of his red fruit before saying "I think she would be a good fit for Lynx, though I don't know how M'noq would feel about it."

"Oh right, I had heard it was an injury that kept her as watchrider," F'kan continues before he considers, "Well, M'noq seems not to mind working with misfits, and as long as she's physically up to the work, I don't see him having a problem with it." He's making a lot of assumptions there, and quickly adds a bit of a disclaimer, "But that's just my guess. You really need to talk to him if you wanna know what he's going to say. At least it's him though and not someone like K'vvan." F'kan shutters slightly at the thought of his former Wingleader.

Th'res chuckles "K'vvan was only a jerk to you because you kept messing up and not listening." He reaches up and ruffles the younger mans hair "but to be fair you did turn it around there. And I think she would be a good fit for the wing. She has drive much like you did when you were trying to fix your self."

F'kan tries to duck away from the bluerider and his ruffling but doesn't quite make it. With a huff, he returns his damp coif to it's usual carefully toussled look. "You're probably right there. And hey, I didn't do it alone…" he cuffs him affectionately on the shoulder before listening to him explain the assets of this bluerider he's talking about. "Well, she sounds ideal. I don't think you should worry about what M'noq's gonna say. He'll trust your judgement. Have you known her long then?"

Th'res shakes his head "Not very long, talked to her once or twice. Going to have a drink with her at the kitten later, you should come if it isn't to late for you job." Because he totally doesn't see it as a date, nope just a drink with a friend.
"Drinks? At the Kitten?" F'kan chuckles a little bit as he shakes his head, "Well, you do what you need to do while Talya's a weyrling. Good to have someone to keep you company…" he trails off with a little wink. Just because the brownrider may have taken down his naughty tapestries, it's not like he can't encourage a fellow player of the game.

Th'res tilts his head and is honestly clueless right now "Well yeah she is a friend, and I need to know if she can at least hold her drink if she is going to be part of the wing. I got a few others showing up too from the wing." Yeah he has no idea how this is going to look.

"Ohhhhhh! You just mean drinks! Not drinks!" F'kan looks a little embaressed by that, before sighing heavily. "I can't," the brownrider replies to Th'res's earlier invitation, "I was just gonna head back to my weyr for a few candlemarks of sleep before I go on shift. Besides, can't come into work smelling of booze, even if I didn't drink any, I know Lynx riders, and some are mighty unsteady with their drinks after a couple." He can poike fun at his former wing right? Cause he is coming back as soon as all the little 'lings have graduated.

Th'res chuckles and nods "your just scared that F'mic and Reesa will make you do shots again.." He teases lightly but nods saying "well the offer is always open you know that man." He looks up at the sky and nods saying "You better get some rest before you got to work, and don't forget my letter ok?"

"Never again…" F'kan remarks on the idea of shots, the memory of that night too painful to bring up. "Yeah, I think I should. Who knows what the little rascals will get up to if I nod off in the middle of my shift." The man is enjoying this reversal of positions to the one supposed to keep others out of trouble, instead of getting into it himself. With one finally clap of the other man's shoulder, he winks, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." And with that, the brownrider wanders back towards the lower bowl and Quaverilth.

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