A'lira, Divale, Doji


Three brownriders all happen to be at the same place, at the same time… and talk briefly.


It is sunset of the seventh day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Rockslide Gap, Igen

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Rockslide Gap

Signs of seismic activity are writ large in the harshly defined cracks that craze wildly along the walls of the Pass and the piles of rubble that abruptly cut off at the bend leading into the valley. Here, a gigantic rockslide tumbles across the thoroughfare, more inconvenient than permanent. There is a boon, though: the chaos has uncovered a curiosity - in the eastern wall, comprised of the stone of the mountains themselves, a dark mouth has opened beyond the jumbled stones. The lip of the cavern is a sturdy shelf of rock, and the entrance is large enough to accommodate even the bulkiest of adventurers enticed by its yawning depths.

Whatever might bring one out to this remote corner of Igen's desert territory, the weather does not seem to be inclined to cooperate. Clear skies could have lulled someone into a false sense of security, but early spring showers can spring up suddenly and today, one does with a vengeance. Caught in a deluge of the thunderstorm, the rather besoaked Doji has managed to find some shelter in the conveniently placed rock slide gap, although the brownrider doesn't head too far into the caverns as she peers up at the roof of the structure. "I don't know, Trae…. what if the rain causes it to collapse???" The brown is nowhere near as dubious, but the behemoth also can't fit himself in the cavern. HE just lets out a snort (and possibly some internal commentary) and settles himself in to try and weather that storm out there. A little rain isn't hurting him.

While Doji may not be keen on venturing into the caverns themselves, Divale apparently has no issue with it. Whether it was here in the gap that she started or drifted in from Hunter’s Pass, is unknown. All that IS known is that she will materialize out of that darkness with a grimace of distaste and disappointment both as she notices the rain. Damn weather! However it’s Raktraeth and Doji’s presence that truly draws her focus and she smirks in her shadowed way. “Hope for a quick death,” she muses oh-so helpfully! “If it does collapse.” A low dry chuckle follows, before she peers at the younger brownrider. “What’s drawn you out so far? … and it looks like the storm caught you.” She flicks her fingers to Doji’s soaked state; Divale looks quite dry and comfortable… for now anyways.

Of course today is a good day for a good long flight to settle the excess energy of the Weyr's most puppyish brown; forget the fact that A'lira has massive quantities of paperwork awaiting him back at the ranch: Kyprioth needs a ramble lest he begin digging up the Lakeshore for no reason at all, claiming 'good smells' as a perfectly legit reason to destroy some scenery. Having given up any chance whatever at getting his work done, A'lira finds himself over the Rockslide Gap when the rain opens up on him, and he urges Kyprioth down to join his cluthbrother and eases himself right into that selfsame cavern as Doji and Divale. So. Then there were three. He'll offer the women a wave as he enters, trying to shed some of that rain. Ugh.

"I was more concerned about it crushing my leg and pinning me and possibly some other rubble knocking me out…" Doji might not have been here too long, but she's had plenty of time to paint the most gruesome of scenarios. She's going to stick right to the barely out of the rain section of cavern. As for why she's here, she gives a sigh and a grumble and glares out towards Raktraeth's back. "Somebody decided he needed to eat a third herdbeast this seven. On top of the two porcines and who knows how many goats. We had to fly somewhere before he gets too fat to fly." He's not going to attempt to defend himself against those accusations. He'll just sit there with his head tucked under a wing and pretend to nap, although a hint of dogwood brushes against his doggy-brother's mind in greeting. Doji gives to A'lira as yet another brownrider joins the impromptu cavern gathering. "What brings you two here? Aside from rain…"

“How delightfully morbid! Didn’t think you had it in you, Doji.” Divale’s all dry humour, as usual! She will come to settle on one of the tumbled rocks, just visible enough from the darkness behind her. Her smirk returns as A’lira appears, also equally as soaked and while she dips her head in greeting, it’s Doji she answers. “Change of scenery.” she replies cryptically and keeps to that excuse for a span of a few seconds. “And investigating. Guess it’s a duty and pleasure deal?” If she would rid herself of the shadows, they’d see she’s dressed in her usual gear but wears her Parhelion marker, along with the Wingsecond knot. « Winter weight is not to be ashamed of. » Lukoith’s more gentleman than beast at the moment, though his voice remains silver and smoke all the same as his presence leans in on both Trae and Kyprioth. Where is the older brown? Somewhere. And not of importance!

Kyprioth leans into the passage of contact from the other two browns, taking it all in and offering greetings in kind — mostly of the lemongrass kind. Rain? Who cares, getting wet is fun! As evidenced by the digging of his paws — "Kyprioth." A'lira growls sternly, rolling his eyes skyward. He's not scrubbing the brown free of mud and wet sand again. Well. He might, if the rain doens't rinse it all off, and mostly so he doesn't get it all up in his leathers. Not a comfortable thing to have happen. "Someone needed to work off excess energy, or part of the Lake shore was gonna be bigger. The part near our ledge." Pity the man — he has an earth-mover with wings, y'all.

Doji blushes a bit as Divale calls out just how morbid she's being. And despite all the rocks and things that could be a seat, she'll just awkwardly stand there with her arms crossed. Maybe for warmth, or maybe for what feeling of security it might bring. "I uh… yeah." She's got a problem with those morbid thoughts. It happens. "Investigating?" A glance back towards the darkness, but she's not going to push for more than Divale might freely give. There's a nod towards A'lira about his reason. "Wouldn't the rain just bring the silt he digs up back to the lake eventually?" She's not helping here. And Raktraeth is not ashamed at all! « It's only natural to bulk up for winter. » Those squirrels scurry about an autumn forest busy sticking nuts in every hidey-hole they can find. For later, or to possibly make more trees if they forget. It's a win-win.

“Investigating.” Divale echoes back and will at least relent on teasing Doji again about her lapse into morbid commentary. “That blueglow craze has stirred up trouble just about everywhere.” She’ll give that much information but nothing more. No need to stir up more rumor or intrigue! At least not here and not so close to Kurkar Hold. “I doubt they’ll be pleased to have the lakeshore redesigned,” she muses to A’lira, only to glance between him and Doji. “Could be worse.” At least neither Kyprioth or Raktraeth have eaten runner stock or caprines… oh wait!

"Haven't the slightest clue. Just know I'll never hear the end of it if he tracks it into the weyr, that's all." Giant footprints everywhere in a mostly white weyr. The very idea is simply not to be bourne. A'lira admits his lack of knowledge cheerfully, rubbing absently at his scalp. How strange that rain on a bald head can be so darn itchy sometimes, even when it's just water. With a sigh, he squints out at the rain — and his dragon, who is insisting on rolling around in the mire and muck, straps and all. "…. the actual hell." He doesn't even sound annoyed about it; it's been long enough that he simply gives up on the prospect of dry leathers or straps and the inevitable bath when they get back to the Weyr. Mournfully, he eyes the pair as if to say, 'What can I do?' before grinning as Divale's called out Doji's propensity to think of the worst possible case first. "Well, she's a healer to the toes then, innit she?" As to the eating of stock. "Yeah, about that…" Side-eye.

Raktraeth hasn't been caught eating any caprines. That was all totally 'Lukoith'! Totally. He just needs to make sure he doesn't use his sire's name at a time when the older brown's presence is accounted for. Shouldn't be too hard, right? Doji is indeed all healer, head to toe. The mention of blue glow craze makes her shake her roll her eyes. "Not people eating blue urine again! Or worst. For things where we already have perfectly good medicine where there's not need to start randomly treating without controlled experiments first!" She lets out a bit of a huff as she finishes the rant.

Can Raktraeth pull off sneaky? Time will tell! Or Lukoith will catch on and then there will be real hell to pay. Not that he stands a chance in hell in flipping the massive brown like he did when he was bit a wee little weyrling! Maybe he can convince Kyprioth to set a “trap”… “Hope you have a backup set of straps, A’lira?” Divale muses from her perch and merely quirks a brow for the side-eying. What? “Not my fault that idiot boy had a draft runner he couldn’t control. I made my apologies.” Even if she felt it wasn’t necessary. Flights + prey animals = not a good mix, folks! A low, gruff scoff from Divale when Doji gives her little rant. “Hadn’t heard about the urine being used. That’s just sad! Do most know that it’s made from insects? The legit form, that is. Wonder if that’d deter them or at least make them smarter…” Alas, probably not! With an exasperated sigh of her own, she’ll lean forward to try and glimpse at the sky. “Any chance that is letting up? As much as I do enjoy lurking…” She does have to get back to the Weyr eventually.

A'lira gives Doji a sympathetic glance. "Some people will try anythin' but takin' the proper medicine just because it's allegedly helpful in one instance." But blue urine, though? That's new to him; so new A'lira almost — almost — asks about it. But he stops himself, as there's only so much obnoxiousness he an stand on any given day. He's already observed and treated some of the people who have been eating fake blue cures, and the means to divest them of their not-so-bright ideas is the reason he's currently hip-deep in paperwork. Idjits. "Some folk can't wait on a well-tested medicine. Too much like right." That sarcasm, doe. It could possibly be thick enough to touch up in here. "Pff. Always." A'lira sighs in Divale's direction. “My fool of a dragon loves rolling in mud." He'll eye Divale with wry amusement. "He's your dragon's kid, you know…" Yeah, he's gonna blame Divale for this. Somehow, it's gotta be Lukioth's fault Kyprioth likes to do random things like this. He peers outward into the rain again. "Yeah, looks like. But. I'ma go anyway, and hope some of the mud's rinsed off before we go home." Guess who's flying straight rather than going between to get home? THIS GUY.

"But can't the smell the urine?" Doji's just waving her hands in exasperation before just shrugging it all off. "Besides, the real stuff doesn't last long enough outside of Kurkar anyways.” She's just going to keep out of that blame game over there, considering how often Raktraeth has encouraged anyone and everyone to do what they love, which is definitely digging in his brother's case. "Make sure to condition your straps when you get back!" The old rule of 'don't get yourself killed' still in effect. "And I think it's letting up now…" she'll peer out at the weather although consider there are definitely two dragons, possibly a third somewhere, blocking the view, not really like it's the best place to judge. "At least it's not too cold."

“Depends? If it’s fresh, it could be masked easily enough. Or they pawned it off as a ‘regretful downside’.” Divale doesn’t even bat an eye on discussing these things! Had they remained on a morbid note, she would’ve had a delightful conversation with Doji! One should see what she and Amarante discuss over lunch! She smirks to A’lira, “I’m not going to apologize that you and Doji both ended up with dragons carrying some of his quirks.” she intones as dry as ever, before reluctantly stepping out from under the shelter of the cavern. There’s an instant grimace for the rain but she’ll grit her teeth and deal with it. “Don’t envy you that task, A’lira!” But she’ll give a nod of farewell to the brownrider. As for Doji? A vague grin. “I guess that can be a silver lining. Try not to catch your death out here?” Unable to resist the parting jab, she’ll dip her head in a gesture of farewell again before moving to walk past her. Lukoith is no doubt waiting somewhere nearby, to avoid cramming his bulk in with the rest of them.

No they can't, apparently; idjits gonna idjit. Aren't these three healer-types just so lucky they live in such interesting times? "Doji, my dear, I have a weyrmate to do the nagging now — don't you start in on me." A'lira laughs as he starts out of the dubious shelter of the Gap, mentally tugging his dragon's mental leash to get him up out of his muddy wallow. Ugh. A cold, clammy ride for him, all the while Kyprioth is chortling with glee, wings spread wide as he caresses his brown brother's mind again, laughter and sunshine predominant in his mind. He's a happy dirty dragon. "You don't go bury yourself in the Archives for too long and we'll call it even, eh?" Sure, he's not gonna freeze, but there's nothing like the squelch of mud against leather to truly disgust the fastidious. "Yeah, whatever, Divale." The tall brownrider just laughs, well used to Divale's… quirks. He'll follow her outside and to his dragon. "Ugh. You are a pain." But there's fondness in his exasperated tone. He mounts up, giving Doji a farewell wave, and is off. In the rain. Soggy, soggy brownrider.

Doji will make it out of this cavern. At some point. When the paranoia about rockslide overcomes the fear of developing a cold from flying out in a rain. Last one home is… probably still soaked!

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