Miel, Vosji


In the hours before dawn, Vosji and Miel investigate the training grounds for possible sources of nighttime noises…


It is before dawn of the sixteenth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrling Training Grounds, Igen Weyr

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Weyrling Training Grounds

Here, a wide and spacious field, devoid of all but more of the glare of ubiquitous, fine white sand of Igen: not even a blade of grass dares lift its head against centuries of clumsy draconic antics. To one side, ever-present firestone bins are set, kept supplied by many a hand, while agenothree tanks line the curving angle just outside the barracks, primed and ready for use. Very often, a glimpse of classes in session or dragonets at play may be caught under the open sky under the watchful eye of diligent Weyrlingmasters and older dragons.

It's early morning — like, that early morning time BEFORE any of the weyrlings are required to get up — and there have been a lot of weird noises in the weyrling barracks overnight. Some of the baby dragons complained to some of the older dragons, and this has had the end result of the Weyrlingmaster and one assistant heading to the training grounds at Why Is It So Early O'Clock to look around for any possible source of the noises. "I heard someone say it was like knocking coming from inside the walls," Vosji reports, though Ivaenth may have gotten different ones, "And someone else say they heard screaming from outside and to look for a dead body, and a third mentioned mooing, do you think we'll find a rogue herdbeast? One of the greens also insisted the floor was clicking and that it was coming from something out here banging on the ground. Not sure that makes sense."No sign of herdbeasts or dead bodies yet.

Miel is the lucky assistant to be roped into following Vosji outside to the training grounds, eyes stubbornly squinted shut and shoulders hunched against the chill of autumn morning. Grimacing, she can only shake her head. “Damned if I know, Vosji. Ivaenth confirms hearing about the knocking and the screaming… and I’d almost be willing to brush it off as fanciful dreaming on the weyrling’s part.” Only? “But there’s too many conflicting reports. And,” She pauses to stifle a yawn. “Any ideas on what it could be? A rogue herdbeast would be hard to miss! But I can’t even start to puzzle out what could make such a racket and in so many forms. Wind’s have been high the last few days?” When in doubt, blame it on natural causes!

And Miel was probably the first one to say yes, so there you go: that's the problem with being the boss' friend. You do stupid errands like walking around looking for nothing in particular that might have made one of many strange noises. "I would suspect it was just clutch-shared dreams, those can still be happening at this age, though it's less likely without a queen in the clutch projecting to them all and — you're right, it's conflicted enough that they aren't saying the same things, just that they all heard things." And there are still no herdbeasts. There aren't even any roving caprines at that hour, nor do they usually spend much time in the bowl at night. "Whether or not those things sounded like people dying. Okay, now I've found an eighth mark, a mug and a few pieces of glass …"

“Can I just chime in here that I’m kind of glad it isn’t clutch-shared dreams? Remember that one in Ista, that one time…?” Miel’s grimace becomes a smirk for that memory, a quirked brow being all the hint given to Vosji. She’d know! So it stands without further explanation, while the greenrider sighs and shuffles closer to one of the training ground walls. “None of which add up either,” she chimes in to the list of items found. “Unless we have a weyrling with a penchant for odd items or another thieving firelizard meddling in things. Doesn’t make noise, though!” So back to square one! Resting a hand flat against the stone wall, she frowns. “Couldn’t be something to do with the Weyr itself?” Said oh-so carefully and quiet, as she peers at Vosji over her shoulder.

Vosji pulls a face, first at Miel's fond reminiscing — that one gets a nosewrinkle — and then a bit of a longer one at that last suggestion. She's probably reading it differently than Miel meant it: "Shared hallucinations of some sort?" she asks, looking unimpressed as she kicks some sand around near a different wall and comes up only with sticks. "Someone could have been throwing these. They're heavy …" They are probably not heavy enough.

Fond? Who said it was fond! Miel stifles a laugh for that nose wrinkle from Vosji (they can laugh about it now). Instead, she gives a bit of a shiver that isn’t from the chilly morning. “If we’re thinking shared hallucinations, we’ve got a bigger problem than just things going bump in the night!” Right? Since the greenrider is immediately assuming the wrong thing, there! Leaving the stone wall, she’ll come to crouch by Vosji’s side and pick up one of the sticks. Tossing it a few times in her hand to check the weight, she then hurls it with all her strength at the wall. It definitely makes nose, but she makes a disappointed grimaces. “Nope. Not what they’re describing! And if a dragon did it, even a baby, they’d be damaged…” At least that’s the theory.

That 'fond' was likely sarcastic. That, or Vosji's memory is warped, or … well, it's funny now. Much funnier than whatever is going on here, as Vosji's suspicious squint just becomes moreso. "No tooth marks from canines, either, and I can't think of why a canine or a dragon would be throwing things." Iskanzivoth is prying gently through minds, with consent and greeting, in that mentor-dad-admiral-y way he has, and finding a whole lot of conflicting nothing. Every direction he suggests that Vosji look in, she finds nothing of use. Or nothing at all. "There are rocks over here, but I don't think anyone's been throwing them. They're arranged in patterns, so it looks like kids." Or creepy noisemaking ghosts trying to send messages with rock formations.

Ivaenth has been going about it the same way as Iskanzivoth (granted, more big sister like and casual) but has moved on to quizzing the rest of the Weyr’s dragons — the one’s who’d be closest to the grounds, that is. There’s a whole lot of nothing and a whole lot of… a lot. « Anyone who says something has something different to say… It’s a confusing mess! » the green mutters to the blue. Miel dusts off her hands from her little experiment and comes to tag alongside Vosji, peering past her to those rocks. “Or a weyrling just tooling around to keep their dragon entertained…” Or ghosts! She hardly seems spooked, however. Rational mind means she’s on the hunt for a reasonable answer. “Fluke of nature? Timing?”

« I have a headache, » is Iskanzivoth's wise contribution, voice toned low and brassy. This merits another eye roll from Vosji, but this time it's just about the dragons, and her response is for her lifemate and Miel both, "You've never had a headache in your life. You're not entirely sure what a headache is." He may be a dragon who can do basic math, but that doesn't mean he's had headaches. "Hm. It could have been. Is this something you think Briamiorth would do? She seems to like … batting things around. And Keryth has an artistic side." And Szokamith just wants to mess with everyone.

Ivaenth’s mind bursts with a flash of neon reflection over metal and dual-flanged laughter. « You and me both! » she sighs to Iskanzivoth. Miel just rolls her eyes for both their dragon’s conversations. “You know that they just live vicariously through us, sometimes, right? Probably where they got it.” Though now is not the time to wax poetic on the finer details of a dragon-bond! Pondering the names Vosji listed, it takes her only a moment to cycle through those and her own suggestions before she admits defeat again. “No, no and… no? We already tested those sticks. And unless someone’s been fooling around outside of curfew…?” So scratch that too?

"Though I don't think they're getting vicarious pain. But the phrase of having a headache, well, it seems like they both get how it's meant to be used." If Vosji were polling all those dragons and getting all those answers, she'd probably be getting a headache too. She's bordering on getting one anyway from all the thoughtful squinting. "You'd think some of the others would tell us, if there were rule-breakers. We've got at least a few Helions in the making; the type that would speak up if it seemed like dangerous rule-breaking was happening, and going outside after curfew …" People have definitely died, ok.

Miel lifts a single hand in a dismissive flick-like gesture, in regards to their respective lifemates. They’ll all be suffering headaches later, at this rate! She snorts for the mention of potential ‘Helions in the making. Eala’s going to end up with good crop of names if they go by that merit alone! “Dunno. I’ve seen the cream of the crop cover for the rule breakers before… But I still don’t think this is a weyrling’s doing or a group effort!” Speaking of! Noise is coming from the barracks, but it’s the perfectly normal sound of the early birds of any weyrling group. Miel gives a resigned sigh, but gestures for Vosji. “I’ll let you have the honour?” Maybe she can go pry something useful from them, while the greenrider scours the grounds again. They’ve only done it once, after all!

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