Beris, R'ku


R'ku has some gifts - one planned, one unplanned - for Beris's Turnday.

Slightly backdated.


It is evening of the twenty-third day of the eigth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Kabelkath's Lair, Igen Weyr

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Kabelkath's Lair

It's still hot outside as the sun starts to head towards the horizon in early evening, though it's settled into the more bearable ranges for this time of year. The last remnants of a sandstorm still swirl around here and there, though the worst of it has long passed. Without his usual dragonrider duties to pass the time, R'ku has been stuck inside his weyr for the most part, which isn't all that bad during the hottest part of the days. It can be boring, though, when someone such as R'ku has been used to the hustle and bustle of being a Wingleader for turns now. The table inside the weyr is cluttered with the remnants of what he has been occupying himself with for the entire day as he waits for Beris to be done with her shift at the Pit - hidework, an abandoned cup of tea, a few scattered marks, a pocket knife and, strangely enough, some sort of bound hidebook turned over to reveal a badly drawn sketch on the cover that probably hints at it being some sort of romantic endeavor by a Harper (likely Kabelkath's request.) R'ku, however, is nowhere to be seen in the main part of the weyr at the moment and everything is silent bar a few gusts from outside. He's likely somewhere in the inner weyr for the moment.

Beris is accompanied by just two of her fire-lizards - Lyira and Zeba, taking up a shoulder each. They're well-behaved enough to come with her to work; Speedy not so much, and the last thing Beris needs right now, with her telling-off still causing guilt, is the hyperactive brown causing trouble at The Pit. She doesn't call out as she enters the weyr, and looks surprised not to find R'ku in the main part of the weyr. Having a nap? Still silent, the sounds of her shucking off her shoes and protective garments at the entrance before she proceeds in might give away her presence; while Zeba flies off to take up his usual perch in the place, Beris lifts a hand to rub Lyira's head as she wanders towards the table, curious as to what R'ku's been up to during her absence. Expecting reports from Sirocco, the bound hidebook gets a curious look, and Beris peers at the - ah - interesting cover in mute bemusement, the only sound now Lyira's happy humming.

The silence is broken by the softest of rumbling noises coming from under the table, though it's barely audible over the periodic gusts from outside and the humming of Lyira. Then, quick as a flash, a tiny ball of fur pounces from underneath the table and lands on Beris' feet, tiny paws flailing at some hanging bit of fabric on her outfit - or maybe even her toes in general. The tiny kitten continues purring happily as she pounces and flails and gambols, fluffy little tail swishing happily. From the looks of it, the kitten can't be more than a few months old and has interesting calico markings - orange and black patches cover her body, though she has a comical white mustache and white feet and chest. R'ku, however, is still nowhere to be seen. Though who knows - he's probably waiting for the right moment to pounce, too. Or he's just chosen the wrong moment to visit the bathroom. Who knows?

Beris's frown deepends when she hears the unidentifiable noise, and Lyira, sensing her human's further confusion, gives a little croon of concern. The next moment something's on her feet, and Beris lets out a sueak of alarm. Lyira and Zeba both jump aloft, making confused noises as the little creature 'attacks' Beris. "R'ku! R'ku?!" Beris is of the opinion that the kitten's snuck into the weyr, now she's over the shock of being pounced upon. "There's a - there's a cat?!" Now not ready to defend their human, her fire-lizards settle onto perches, watching with bright, curious eyes as Beris bends down to get a better look at the sweet little calico. "Where have you come from?" She asks the fluffy thing softly.

At the squeak of alarm and the calling of his name, R'ku finally rushes in from the inner weyr, skidding to a halt and armed only with a straight razor and a towel, yet apparently prepared to defend his weyrmate's honor even with only one good arm. From the looks of things, he was laboriously shaving in the bathing cavern and, with the constant sound of running water and echoes, he hadn't heard a thing. As soon as the word 'cat' leaves Beris' mouth, he relaxes, lowering his good arm. Half his face is still slightly lathered up with soap, "Oh … uh … I see you met the stowaway." He's dressed in pretty much nothing but his underwear at this point, though he's at least squeaky clean otherwise - he'd obviously been bathing as best he can with the hinderance of his splinted arm being unable to get wet. "She kind of followed me home, as strange as that sounds, on my way back from picking up your gift from the Bazaar this morning." Though he probably already said it this morning before she left for work, he offers up an additional, "Happy turnday, love. I guess you get an extra present. Unless you don't like cats - then we can find someone else to take her, I suppose." The calico kitten does her best to look endearing, though, and continues to purr and rubs up against Beris' leg.

Beris looks up from her examination of the kitten, and the absurdity of R'ku rushing in as he is gets to her. The rush of adrenaline from the attack, and the silliness of the whole situation, makes he start to giggle helplessly. Still bent, she reaches down to pet the kitten, watching her for a moment before lifting her head to aim a grin at R'ku. "No, no, she's cute! Now she's not attacking my feet." Still giggly, she works out how to pick the little cat up, trying to support her properly. "Two presents?" Her eyes flick to the hidebook that she had been looking at, prior to this distraction, as she holds the kitten as close to her chest as the little feline will allow. Her face is alight with pleasure.

The kitten proceeds to nuzzle at Beris' chin once she's picked up, purring much louder than a creature of her size ought to be able to. R'ku lets his shoulders relax now that he realizes he doesn't have to try to stab anyone with a straight razor for attacking his weyrmate. Realizing he probably isn't going to finish his shave at the moment, he wipes at the remaining lather on his face with the towel, leaving half of his face stubbly. He still has his mustache, though, well-groomed and shaped, at least. "You're stealing all my love, little one," R'ku gives the kitten a mock glare before snorting a laugh as he pads on bare feet over towards the table. The razor is closed and dropped with a *thunk* onto the table before he drapes the towel on the back of the chair he had been using. R'ku catches Beris' glance at the hidebook and he gives another genuine laugh, "No … - shards, no. Not that. I was getting some things to read for Sirocco and Kabelkath had me check the section that has all the Harper stories. He wanted to know if there were any new .. ah … 'romantic' stories. He thought the person on the cover of that one looked sort of like me." Indeed - the crudely drawn sketch on the cover has a vague resemblance to R'ku, at least with the vague skin tone, shape of the face, mustache and the fact the drawn man is well muscled and fit. "Though the story is about a brownrider …. " He seems to have forgotten completely about the second present at the moment, completely distracted by the horrors of the cheesy erotic novels he has to read for his dragon, "Bit lacking in character development, overall."

"You brought your own competition home," Beris teases her weyrmate. Truth be told, though the kitten is getting plenty of attention as she scratches under its chin, amused by the volume of the purring, Beris is getting a good old look at her mostly-naked partner. "Oh. I thought maybe you were getting me some inspiration for if I have to write you letters." She's teasing again, eyes sparkling as she grins naughtily at him. When he comments on the book's quality, she starts to giggle, trying to hide it behind the kitten, poor thing. "You actually read it to him?" She steps over to stand beside R'ku, looking at the cover again. "It does look a bit like you," she decides, squinting. "But a brownrider…not quite right. I thought the heroes in these were usually dashing bronzeriders."

The kitten continues to purr and snuggles up to Beris. It's not long before she starts to knead at whatever exposed bit of soft flesh she can reach with her tiny kitten claws - arm, neck, shoulder, or probably even boobs; kittens are not picky. R'ku wipes a remnant of soap from his hand onto the towel, his grin wide and amused, "I /tried/ to read it to him. But at a certain point I had to just give it up as a lost cause. There are only so many poetic euphamisms for 'penis' I can read, after all." He snorts a laugh at that, flashing a warm grin at Beris, "I'd hope your steamy letters would be a bit better written." He taps the cover thoughtfully, "I think they're going for some 'forbidden love' angle. Brownrider falls for the senior weyrwoman or something … I dunno. I wanted to gag at some points from the sheer cheesiness of it all." He cocks his head as he examines the cover, "Maybe I just look like this Harper's idea of a sexy, bare-chested dragonrider?" He can't help but give an amused waggle of his eyebrows at that. He sidles around the table and slips in behind Beris, sliding his arms around her and settling his chin on her shoulder in a backwards kind of embrace, "And I should hopefully get /some/ credit for bringing the kitten to you. She can't replace me for /everything/." He eyes the kitten, "If we're keeping her, she's going to need a name."

The kitten starts kneading, and Beris's mouth forms an 'o' of surprise. "You're sharp!" But it's said affectionately; this is a pain she can put up with, given the adorableness of the little purring ball of calico fur. "Too cute though…." The warm presence at her neck is soothing, and very different to the suede-like hide of her fire-lizards. Still giggly, Beris lets out a chuckle at R'ku's trials with the book. "If only your wingmates knew what you're up to while you're out of action." She rolls her eyes at the plot of the book. "Oh mine will be much better than that. The girl from the rough underground Hold of criminals, swept up by the handsome bronzerider…that's a classic." And also not quite how it all happened, but Beris's grin implies she may be stretching the truth a bit. She leans back against R'ku when he embraces her. "No, she can't. I do think she's going to end up sleeping in bed with us though, don't you?" She purses her lips as she considers names. "Fluffy? No, too boring…ugh. I'm bad at names." Supporting the nameless kitten with one hand, she uses the other to stroke her, with the odd flinch at the sharp claws catching at her skin. Worth it though!

The current position is a bit too tempting for R'ku - he tilts his head to one side and places a kiss just below Beris' ear and then on the side of her neck. There's a touch of heat there, though it's sort of a tempered heat, a preview for later, most likely. "I missed you," he admits, his breath likely tickling at Beris' neck as he speaks, his stubbled cheek rough, "There's only so much hidework and cheesy romantic novels I can take, after all." He considers the kitten, his arms still wrapped around Beris' waist and his chest pressed against her back, "As to a name … hm. Something to do with sand, maybe? The only reason she followed me, I think, was because the sandstorm was brewing. Though 'Sandy' just sounds a bit boring, too, and doesn't fit her." He huffs a laugh, "I'm bad at names, too, I guess." He considers for a bit, lost in thought, "Could name her after booze, too. Whiskey." He shrugs and then hmmms deep in his throat, perking up a moment, "Oh - I forgot about your second gift." But he seems too comfortable to move from his current position. The kitten seems comfortable, too, her kneading continuing unabated.

"I was only gone for a bit," Beris says amusedly, but there's that touch of pleasure at being missed, and she leans her head to make the most of that contact with R'ku. "Stormy? She seems far too sweet for that, though." They're both equally bad at thinking up names, apparently. "Desert…hmm. Gust?" She's throwing names out at this point, then giggles at the booze-inspired suggestions. "She looks patchwork - Patches? Though she's got that little moustache…" So many things to consider. "Oh?" She tilts her head a little when a second gift is mentioned, though not so far as to disturb the kitten's kneadings; Beris's neck is going to look quite scratched after all this!

"Dusty. Arid," R'ku starts to just throw out random names, too, pausing in between each one to place another heated kiss on Beris' neck. If he's not careful, she may have a hickie as well as scratches, though he seems too focused to even be thinking that far ahead, "Dune." His good hand begins to drift, sliding briefly across Beris' stomach before settling on her waist and then hip, the movement slow and deliberate, "I confess my mind's only half on thinking up names right now, though. Plus the whole being bad at names thing." There's a husky burr to his deep voice at this point that is evident in the throaty chuckle he adds to that comment. He's probably only working on half the blood supply to his brain at the moment, which is probably not that hard to tell considering how close Beris is pressed against him. The mention of the gift has him clearing his throat a bit and straightening up, breaking the spell, "Gift! Yes - the gift first. You distracted me." He gives Beris one last lingering kiss on her ear before reluctantly pulling away. He pads on bare feet to the dresser and pulls open the top drawer. Then he starts digging through it, pulling aside clean pairs of underwear and socks to try to find whatever it is he's hidden in there. Eventually he pulls out a tiny wooden box. The kitten seems to care less about what's happening right now - she's getting pets and cuddles and is loving every minute of it, whether she has a name or not. If Beris lapses in her petting, the kitten will mew and give her a reproachful look.

Beris doesn't seem taken with any of the names - until R'ku says that last one. "Dune," she repeats, trying it out. "I like that one. It sounds nice." Her smile is close to turning wicked as R'ku distracts her from the job of naming with his attentions. Poor kitten too - Beris is getting too distracted to remember to keep petting her. "Mm," she says in faint acknowledgement of the mysterious other gift, and when R'ku pulls away, there's a pout, but it's short-lived with the promise of a gift. "I should probably put you down," she observes to the tiny feline, but she doesn't, not yet. Too cute to part from. She's also something to hold a little closer as Beris looks at the tiny box, eyes on that, then shifting to look at R'ku's face, an almost child-like glint in her eyes as she tries to work out what the box could hold. There's a small intake of breath too, this held in anticipation.

Now that the box is actually in his hand, R'ku looks a little apprehensive at first, as though unsure of whether he may have chosen the correct gift or that the contents might disappoint. He rolls the box slightly in his hand as he starts towards Beris, his attention completely on this moment for now. Eventually he stops in front of her and lets out his breath in a slow sigh, "I know we aren't handfasted or married or joined 'officially', or even likely to be because of what I do. But …. I love you just as much as if we were. And I realized we really didn't have anything to symbolize that." His expression changes then, though he doesn't mention the fact that if he died in that fall that Beris would have been left with nothing but a black knot as a souvenir, but there's a hint of that thought in his face. But no need to bring such a morbid thought into this. Instead, he flips open the tiny box to reveal an intricate silver ring - it's simple, but the twisting designs of delicate silver wire twirling together make it seem a lot more elegant than it is at first glance. "I hope it fits," is his last comment, a touch of worry in his tone as he watches Beris to see her reaction to the gift. The kitten, in all this drama, just starts to fall asleep against Beris' chest, eyelids drooping.

Beris's shining eyes stay on R'ku, a lump forming in her throat despite her best attempts to fight it. R'ku can get through his speech with the woman in silence: were she to speak, most likely she'd start crying immediately. Whether it's the anticipation of what she senses is in that box, or the implications in his speech, Beris is totally struck dumb with emotion. She clings to the kitten, and were she not there, would no doubt be throwing herself at R'ku. Despite all her efforts not too, she starts to ugly cry, smiling all the while through the fat tears. "It's beautiful," she manages to get out. Sorry little feline - you're going to go on that nearby table so that Beris can throw her arms around R'ku, clinging to him. The terror of having thought she'd lost him, and the elation of this gesture is all too much for her as she buries her head into his shoulder, weeping.

The kitten is only momentarily disgruntled at having lost her soft cuddle spot - she merely gives a tiny squeak at being set down abruptly, but eventually just curls up in place and falls asleep. R'ku, on the other hand, is stuck in the awkward spot of obviously having almost done /too/ good at his gift giving to the point of making his weyrmate ugly cry. The box with the ring is hurriedly set on the table next to the kitten so that he can embrace Beris fully, pulling her tightly against his bare chest. He rubs his good hand up and down her back soothingly and presses his lips to the top of her head in a kiss, "I hope these are 'good' tears, love. I don't want to be the one who gave his weyrmate such an ugly ring that she burst into tears." He tries to inject a bit of humor into his voice, though even he is a bit choked up, his tones a bit raspy and tight with emotion. The emotion is catching, apparently! "Here," he awkwardly tries to pull Beris back from his chest with his one good hand and plucks the ring from the box. He reaches out with his splinted arm for her hand, obviously intending to slide the ring onto her finger himself. For added sappy factor, obviously. "Which hand did you want to wear it on?"

Beris's sobs take on a different note, and it becomes clear that she's laughing through the tears at R'ku's quip. "They are! They are!" Comes her protest, muffled by her proximity to his body. Fortunately, she helps in giving them some space between them, trying to wipe her face with the back of her hand. "The left oen is more traditional, isn't it?" She says, looking up at him with red-rimmed eyes and a tear-streaked face as she holds out her left hand, her right one still mopping ineffectively at the tears welling in her eyes still. Now the ring is in closer proximity, she can get a better look, reassuring him again: "It's beautiful. It all seems so silly, but having something to show there's an us…." She trails off there, the lump in her throat coming back with a vengeance.

It's a bit awkward with his splint, but R'ku manages to balance Beris' left hand palm-down on his own left hand. Holding the ring in his good right hand, he inhales slowly as he slides the circle of silver onto Beris' ring finger, as though holding his breath for it to actually fit. Surprisingly, the band slides on smoothly and R'ku releaes his breath in a sigh, an unbidden smile spreading across his face, "It looks beautiful on you." That choked, raspy voice is still there, too, but he does his best to beat back the emotions. There has to be at least one person who does not cry in this sutation. Bending down, he places a delicate kiss on the ring on Beris' finger before squeezing it tightly, "I just … just wanted there to be some sort of /something/ for you to have to show my love. I mean - I know we haven't had a ceremony or anything, but … I don't think that matters." He's almost beaming at this point, his smile is probably fit to burst his face at this point, "I love you. Happy turnday. Hopefully we'll have a lot more turns together."

Beris is all sniffly from the tears, and it's probably not the moment that people write about in romance novels, where the dashing man puts the ring on the glowing beauty's finger, then sweeps her up and away on his bronze dragon. But it's their moment, and that's all that matters to Beris. She lifts her hand up to look at the ring on it, turning her hand this way and that to get a look at all angles, and see the way the light reflects off it. Then she lowers her hand, reaching for R'ku's good one to move in close, breathing in his smell as she rests up against him. "It doesn't matter to me. I love you too. And thank you." She's getting all overcome with emotion again, her voice getting tighter as she speaks, so she just leans into him, a few more tears leaking down her cheeks.

Even if R'ku wanted to carry Beris away like in the romance novels, his healing arm kind of prevents it, sadly. So he settles for holding her close against his chest, falling silent and letting the emotions run their course, for the most part. "Here, let's sit down, at least," he murmurs, his voice still with that raspy, tight edge. He draws Beris with him to the bed, which is really the only place in the entire weyr where they can sit together and side by side. "Those romance stories are such lies," he jokes with a lopsied quirk of a grin, "This scenario would totally have played out differently in that hidebook." He can't help it - he uses light-hearted humor to try to defuse such emotional situations. Once they're seated on the edge of the bed, he reaches with his good hand and wipes the tears away from Beris' cheeks, "I got some of that sparkling wine, too, to celebrate. But we have the rest of the night to drink that." And by sparkling wine, it'll probably become clear it's the same wine they had long ago before their first night together after that long ago weyrling graduation.

Beris lets R'ku draw her to the bed, settling herself in right up next to him. She starts laughing again as he draws comparisons with romance novels. "They would," she agrees, through a voice still tight from her crying. Her eyes are wet and bright as she looks up at him while he wipes away her tears, and her smile is smaller, shyer, when R'ku talks about the wine. The wine with the meaning for both of them. It's all so much, almost too much for her to take in! "That sounds perfect," she says, reaching to hold his hands, looking down at their joined hands and, unable to help herself, drinking in the sight of the ring again. "I'm done with work…the evening's ahead of us…I just need a bath to get the sand off me." A coy smile is aimed up at R'ku as she lifts her gaze.

R'ku meets Beris' gaze with a heated one of his own, his expression turning slightly wicked at the mention of a bath. Leaning in close, he captures her mouth with his, drawing out a long, sensuous kiss. For a moment there it seems as though he might just say 'screw the bath' and continue on, considering they /are/ already on the bed … but sand in the sheets is not a fun proposition for any Igenite. He breaks the kiss reluctantly after a while, his breathing slightly heavier, "You bathe, I'll finish shaving. Then bed and wine. Or wine and bed. Whichever order." His voice is husky with the sudden heat, his grin mischievous. Sadly, with his splint, he won't be able to join her in the bath, though he doesn't seem /too/ upset about that considering what lies ahead. "Then it'll be your third Turnday gift," he notes, somewhat amused, "You're extra spoiled this turn, it seems." He pauses to run a hand through Beris' hair before standing up, obviously intent on retrieving his straight razor before heading back to the bathing cavern.

Beris is probably still damp from crying, and her face is rather warm, too, but she leans in to the kiss nonetheless. She seems almost disappointed when they have to part. "Let's see what we feel like," she says teasingly, eyes full of adoration as he runs that hand through her hair. "You do spoil me," she adds, grinning. When R'ku rises, she gets up, though she heads for the bathing cavern. There's a glance back at the sleeping kitten on the table - her name will probably be confirmed after they're done celebrating another Turn of Beris's existence, and their union re-confirmed. Shedding her clothes and setting them aside to shake out later on, she disappears into the cavern. "Let's not take too long!" Her voice comes from that chamber - a woman with priorities tonight!

R'ku plucks the razor from the table and, while he's there, scratches the sleeping kitten briefly behind the ears. Hopefully the kitten will stay asleep long enough for the next several candlemarks or, at the very least, decides to stay away from the bed or one turnday gift is going to foil another turnday gift. Shedding his underwear nonchalantly, R'ku follows Beris into the bathing cavern, obviously planning on finishing up his shaving where he started it. Plus he can stay close even though he can't actually submerge himself in the bath with Beris. "Shouldn't take you too long, love - I won't be in there to distract you like usual," he quips back in a mischievous tone as he disappears after her into the bathing cavern.

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