Terrian, Erissa, Veresch, Sadaiya, Kyara


Terrain attempts to meet Erissa's challenge, gathering an audience for the finale.


It is late night of the twenty-second day of the sixth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Dustbowl Cantina, Igen Weyr

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Dustbowl Cantina

To enter the Dustbowl Cantina is to descend: the heart of the ancient tavern lies half underground, at the foot of ancient steps, insulated from summer heat and winter cold by the volcanic rock surrounding it. A windowless place well-lit by glows, it is homey, even cozy, with a certain bijou charm - but for the deep gouges worn in wooden table and solid stone, some clearly lingering evidence of boisterous brawling. The wall behind the well-polished bar, though, remains free from scars or graffiti, as does the door into the small kitchen, and the stairwell up into the owner's quarters: the barkeep and his staff reign, and they guard their territory well. After all, only a fool angers the source of the booze.



Erissa is ready. More than ready, even. Having chosen the perfect table with the perfect setting and perfect view she has a chat with the bartender, the cook and a waitress to ensure that what she needs for the upcoming challenge with Terrian will be ready when the time comes. Sitting straight-backed in a semi-comfortable chair she amuses herself by imagining how many shades of red the guard will turn during the contest. Elbows perched on the table’s edge she loosely holds a knife in fingers that slowly turn it tip-down on the wood, the slightest beginnings of an indent beginning to form.

It’s almost a candlemark to the second when Terrian walks through the doorway of the cantina. He’s ditched the more restrictive guard wear, and has opted instead for a more loose fitting garment that allows the desert heat to at least not stick. His eyes traverse the length of the bar before settling on the blond woman waiting for him. “So where is this red sause Bondie?” His eyes travel downwards to the knife, his right?

Erissa’s impression of the guard goes up another notch as he arrives right on time. Very nice. His change in attire is noted with a little smirk of approval. Don’t want to get the official garments messed when he pukes, after all. Just to be on the safe side - the sauce is a fiery red, after all - she has already removed her favored black riding jacket and hung it on the back of her chair, leaving her donned in a plain, powder blue blouse with scooped neckline and short sleeves.

Uneven layers sift across one eye as she lifts a look through pale lashes when he arrives. The knife is lifted and used to gesture to the seat opposite her own.

“Patience, patience, my good friend,” she begins with a wry drawl. “Have a seat. Relax. Now that you’re here the sauce will be along shortly. In the meantime….” A pause is filled with the soft hum of multiple conversations throughout the room as well as the soft clink of dishes and glasses being handled by staff and patrons alike. Flipping the knife over she carefully holds the blade and offers the handle to the guard. “I believe this is yours. Thanks for letting me borrow it.”

As he sits Terrian reaches out to grasp the handle of his knife, using the momentum of his sitting to pull it towards him. Back in his position it’ll get examined, as any man with a favorite tool might, and gently polished on the edge of his shirt. “Glad it was useful, leastways, I’ll be assuming it was.” He settles backwards against the chair, and crosses his arms to examine the woman. Even prettier she is in the full light of the cantina, and that slow smile of his spreads. “Tell me more ‘bout this sauce I agreed to be ingestin’.”

Men and their toys. An indulgent little smile plays about full lips as Erissa watches Terrian examine his knife. When he finally responds she can’t keep the teasingly exagerrated emphasis out of her reassurance.

“I took the utmost care of it, I assure you.” Then, with a slight cant of her head. “Now I just need to either get one of my own or keep sucking up to you so I can borrow yours.” Innuendo much? It’s hard to tell by the carefully controlled set of fine features, but there is a brightness to the steady gaze of dark blue hues.

As for the sauce, she sits up straighter pulling elbows back toward her sides but leaving forearms braced on the edge of the table. One hand rolls in gesture before fingers lightly lace.

“Nothing much to tell other than it’s as good as it’s name. Something the cook was trying out, apparently. I have no idea what’s in it that makes it so hot but it definitely has a spicy flavor.” Lips quirk a bit as the edges as her tone lace with challenge. “Not getting cold feet, are you?”

“Mayhap I’ll be introducin’ you to a smith friend of mine. Knows his way around bits of metal better than most.” What? Is he so egear to drop the association with the blond female? The his amiable smile doesn’t suggest an answer, instead being full of laid back interest. “Hard to be gettin’ cold feet when the weather is hot enough to be cookin’ a tunnelsnake pie right out on the rocks.” For all that Terrian has a high sense of self preservation (isn’t that why he’s here and not on the roads at the moment), food doesn’t trigger it- how dangerous could food be after all? “‘sides. If this didn’t make your blond hair be fallin’ out, figure can’t be too bad, aye?”

Pale brows perk at his suggestion of a smith but Erissa merely nods, saying, “Sounds like someone who would be helpful to know.” If it’s a game they’re playing she calmly lobs the idea back at him and if not, well, it always helps to have a recommendation.

As for his cold feet, she smirks at that and rolls one slender shoulder in a shrug. “I’ve never drank it straight, let alone for a half candlemark like you’re about to. So who knows.” Dark blue eyes glance at the guard’s dark hair. “Some say bald is sexy, you know. It’d certainly be cooler.”

“I’ll be introducin’ you soon as I’m winnin’ the bet then.” At her second remark though, Terrian will lean forward, reaching out a hand to capture a lock of hair on one finger. He’ll twine it around once, dark eyes meeting Erissa’s with a smile. “Wouldn’t be nearly as pretty if you was to be cuttin’ off your hard blondie.” Allowing the lock to fall from his grasp he’ll settle backwards into the chair with a small smirk upon his face. Bring it woman.

Erissa stills as he boldly takes a lock of her hair in his hand but a roll of light laughter escapes at his comment and she tosses her chin when he lets it go.

“/I’m/ not the one in danger of losing my hair,” she points out with a smug little smirk. Raising one hand she signals the waitress who, on cue, brings a tray holding one large pitcher and a dozen shot glasses. As the woman sets them on the table Erissa keeps her gaze on Terrian, the play of anticipation shading fine features.

Obviously prepped, the waitress puts all the glasses in front of the guard and gives him a wink as she turns to leave. “You can do it, sugar,” she pipes.

Once the woman is gone Erissa leans forward and picks up the pitcher, tipping it to carefully fill the glasses with thick red liquid. Though she appears concentrated on what she’s doing, the bluerider darts repeated glances at Terrian.

“So you,” she starts, punctuating the pouring with her words. “Can sip your sauce like a toddler.” Ouch. “Or slam it back like a man.” Obviously the preferred method. “Just so you keep going until time is up.” The last glass is filled with a bit of a flourish. Setting the pitcher down she waggles a finger. “No water. No long pauses. No passing out.” Sitting back she crosses her arms. “Call it when you give up.”

Terrian reaches forward and picks up one of those shot glasses. The goop inside moves sluggishly, thick as it is. When he raises it to his nose the burning smell tickles them and he sneezes once. Slightly more wary, he’ll set it back down. “How ‘bout I be changin the deal. I get half a candlemark to drink that jug of sauce. No water, no bread, just drinkin’. Then half-mark t’ be seein’ if I can keep ‘er down without tossin’ my stomach. Don’t finish in the half mark, you win your oilin,” And he’ll lift an eyebrow up to smirk at Erissa. “If’n I’m needin’ somethin’ before the second half-mark ye still win.”

He’ll wait, that glass upraised almost like a toast to see if she’ll accept his modified terms. “Lots of ways for you to be winnin, only one for me.”

Erissa considers his suggestions a moment, dark blue gaze steady in thoughtful debate on the brown hue of his. Poor, deluded man. Those testosterone levels are about to take a serious hit. Even from across the table the strong spicy smell of the sauce is notable, making her senses twitch. He did lend her his knife, however, so technically she owes him one. And the odds did seem rather in her favor.

“Alright,” she agrees with a slight nod. “You’re on.” One hand is freed to wave graciously in the air. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Terrian lifts two fingers to his mouth and whistles sharply once, loud enough to cause someone working on being passed out drunk to twitch. The server who had brought the sauce looks over, frowning. “Come here. I’m needin’ someone to keep the time what doesn’t have a vested interest in cheatin’.” Terrian casts a grin over to Erissa, “Can’t always be trustin’ blonds.” The server moves closer, “Half-candlemark.”

Reaching out he picks up one of those shot glasses and raises it to Erissa. Bottoms up! The spiciness hits his mouth like a rocket when he tips it into his mouth, causing him to gag automatically. He manages, just barely, to keep it in and swallows it swiftly. “Shard it all!” bursts from lips already burning. He waves at his mouth, and eyes the pitcher. Maybe this wasn’t the smartest idea.

Lips part as Erissa affects offended shock at Terrian’s request, her hands spreading in an innocent gesture of confusion. Whaaaaat? As the waitress takes up a perch beside the table Erissa snorts.

If she wins, the guard is really gonna pay now.

Terrian’s reaction to the hot sauce couldn’t be any better. Erissa has to smother the urge to slap the table and laugh out loud. And just because she has an evil streak the bluerider then catches the waitress’s eye and gives her a knowing grin.

“I’ll be taking my order now.” With a cheerful nod the woman leaves and comes back shortly with a tall tinted glass of water, setting it down in front of Erissa. “Thanks!” the rider offers and swoops it up to tip a toast in Terrian’s direction. “To success!” she pipes, hiding a devilish grin behind the rim as she takes a drink.

“You have a mean streak Blondie,” Terrian manages to cough out around the heat searing his throat. He coughs once, like it might help, then reaches his hands out to twitch fingers for more of the hot sauce to be handed to him. “Common, let’s be keepin’ it goin’” When he is handed another shot glass of the sauce he’ll tip it back down his throat like man.

Only to have very unmanly tears begin to form in the edges of his eyes. “Farnath take it… where could they possibly be gettin’ such spice?” His voice is at least one octave higher than his typical low gravelly tone.

“Just being practical,” Erissa counters cheerfully. “No need for both of us to be suffering.” Yes, she noted those bright corners to his eyes. Helpful as always, she slides more of the glasses closer to him and even pulls the empty one back to the pitcher for refilling when needed. And since he asked about the sauce she decides to be chatty, shrugging slender shoulders as she absently toys with her own glass. “Something from the south, maybe? I hear those wild folk are pretty strange.” Actually she has no idea whatsoever but it sounds like a pretty good suggestion. “Maybe it’ll have some great side effect like….. putting more hair on your chest. Not that I have the slightest idea if you need any more hair on your chest, but it was something the old cook used to say when I was growing up and didn’t want to eat something.” Crooking her head she deepens her tone a bit, obviously imitating the man in question. “It’s good for you. It’ll put hair on your chest. Eat up.” Shiver.

Erissa wants to examine his chest hair for thickness levels? Terrian can totally oblige that, having yet to lose his sense of humor among the OH MY GOSH THROAT ON FIRE sensations going on right now. Wordlessly he’ll reach up and pull of the shirt so she can examine what might just be growing bigger soon. Another hand reaches out to grab the third shot glass.

It takes him a few moments off staring at the glass to knock it back though. This time the tears do begin to stream down, wetting the scruff on his cheeks. The waitress is back again, and attempts to hide a snicker as she announces. “Five minutes in,” helpful.

Erissa nearly chokes when Terrian takes her literally, quickly raising an arm to swipe the back of one hand over her mouth. Pale brows rise as if she’s duly impressed and the glass is tipped again as she takes another drink.

Seeing the tears flow Erissa bites her lower lip, sympathy hovering on the far horizon as yet. The waitress’s contribution springboards the bluerider’s humor, eliciting a “Good job!” of support.

“You hear what blondie over there was wagerin?” Terrian will choke out between shots of the red stuff. His voice is barely audible, so harshly has the spice in the sauce coated his throat. “Mayhap I should’ve been askin’ for a preview of what I’d be gettin’ for winnin,” oh he totally did just boast about winning, take that Erissa, “what you think?” All of this to that friendly waitress.

The waitress ping-pongs a look between the two, the smile on her face obviously enjoying the exchange.

“I would’ve!” the woman pipes.

Erissa pays her no mind, dark blue gaze settled on Terrian.

“Oh but anticipation makes the winning so much sweeter,” the bluerider muses. Then, to clarify which ‘winning’ she’s referring to she adds, “For example, I know Danorath is going to be utterly thrilled with the extra muscle and reach you’ll put into his oiling.”

“Thinkin’ mayhap I should be gettin’ more than jus’ a single kiss.” But he’s wasted enough time, as the waitress holds up ten fingers- and he still has a good bit of that pitcher to go. Squaring his bare shoulders Terrian will reach out for those shot glasses and shoot two of them back back-to-back.

And those tears, they’re falling like rain. His face is red, and that chest of his is totally sweating.

“Is that so?” Erissa laughs, waggling a finger in the air. “Too late now.” Even the bluerider has to be impressed with his downing two glasses in short order, however, eliciting a bit more sympathy for the poor man. “Though to show you I’m not as mean as you think I could blow you a few like this.” Fingers flutter over full lips, damp from her drink, and swing outward in the guard’s direction.

The waitress, on the other hand, is not nearly as perverse and rather impressed with the gallantry of the handsome guard. Ducking away for a moment she returns with a damp rag and steps close intending to put it to his temple.

“You’ll make it, love, sure as threadfall,” she encourages.

Terrian grins up at the waitress, reaching to take that rag and put it around the back of his neck. “Thinkin’ mayhap This might’ve been a mistake.” He’ll admit it… but not enough to stop. Instead he’ll toss back another of those shot glasses. This one seems to hit a cue that none of the others do, and he gags. Shoving backwards in his chair abruptly he puts his head between his knees, breathing as deeply as his spice-burned throat can. ow.

The waitress fawns and looks exceedingly pleased that Terrian appreciated her gift. So much for her being Erissa’s pawn.

The bluerider, on the other hand, looks exceedingly pleased with herself when the guard makes his admission, sitting back in her seat and clicking her tongue softly. But then Terrian downs another glass and his strong reaction has her sitting up straight again, leaning to peer over the table.

“Give up?” she can’t help asking. Yes, she’s noticed only too well how far he’s come and how much time is left. Taking the pitcher she tips it to fill the glasses he’s already emptied, lips pursing slightly when it empties after only three more. “You don’t look so good, Terrian. Maybe you should call it quits, eh?”

Veresch walks in from the Central Bazaar.
Sadaiya walks in from the Central Bazaar.
Merakh walks in from the Central Bazaar.

"Not on your life blondie," Terrian coughs out. The pair sit at a table in the middle of the less-than crowded Cantina. Between them sit a holding the remains of Pern's hottest red sauce, affectionately named Red Star Fury. The guard, Terrian, sits sans shirt, his hair chest flecked with sweat from what can only be from the line of empty shot glasses already sitting off to one side. A waitress stands nearby, having just delivered a wet rag to Terrian, to try to cool the heat. "Gonna be winnin' that kiss tonight."

Gossip tends to be well and alive at the Weyr, even if you've not been in it in days. Veresch, clad simply, meanders into the Cantina on the hunt for a certain rumour; when she finds payoff her eyebrows arch up and she pauses to look at the scene first. Then, idly, she wanders over to Erissa's side and, one-armed, gives her an affectionate hug around the shoulders as she beady-eyes Terrian. "Y'should drink the whole bottle to be worthy of one of hers," she gets in there, straightening from the hug. "She's nice."

Erissa clicks her tongue again, this time adding a little shake of her head. Poor, poor deluded man. He actually thinks he's going to win this contest. Pushing the last of the shot glasses she just filled the rest of the way across the table she quirks pale brows in a confident expression. Before she can correct him, however, an arm slips across her shoulders and Veresch is plopping herself firmly in the Erissa camp. Grinning even wider Erissa flashes the girl a wink before looking pointedly back at Terrian and shrugging. "You heard the girl."

"Girl…" Terrian lifts his head to flash a rather weak smile at Veresch, then reaches forward for another one of those shot glasses. He shoots it down, and slams the cup back down onto the table with perhaps a bit more force than necessary. Only two left. "Ten minutes left guard," that helpful waitress points out.

Being nighttime, Sadaiya's foregone the usual headcovering, opting instead for a rather sassy braid to crown her head. She sticks to the shadows, and anyone who might notice the wee Weyrwoman would see the affectionate amusement plain on her face, the eyebrows that arch upwards. Oh, she's not HIDING as such — she does join in to any frat-style 'CHUG CHUG CHUG' chants. A busy waiter even shoves a glass of Something in her hand, which she drinks from daintily, the rim of the cup doing nothing to camouflage her large grin.

Veresch's brows waggle idly at Terrian — mischief managed. With that additional gauntlet laid down, she slips back into the anonymity of the crowd. There's a little covert talking there - surely she's placing a bet - before she ducks up at Pint-sized Sadie's side, slinging an arm over her shoulder as well. There's a squeeze, a grin and a low mutter before she too starts cheering.

You overhear Merakh mutter, "… think … … … him, but I … he's … … … though, … … … … … …" to Sadaiya.

The waitress emits a girlish yelp when the glass slams onto the table, a look of concern on her face for the brave guard. Just look at those sweaty pecs - the man is tough as nails! Fortunately the woman keeps her opinion to fluttering glances otherwise Erissa would point out that they'd already covered the topic of Terrians chest hair, thank-you-very-much. The ten-minute mark has the bluerider drawing in a slow breath in the first sign of concern she's showed thus far. Time for a little subterfuge. Leaning her elbows on the table she calmly notes, "You sure youre feeling alright, Terrian? Your stomach has got to be a boiling kettle by now…. all that flaming hot spiciness rolling around in there, sloshing and mashing together. Can you even feel your tongue anymore?" Clearing her own throat in false empathy she wags a hand in front of her collar, pretty features scrunching. "Ugh, positively sticky, dont you think?"

Terrian is a little beyond being able to speak at this point. INstead, he'll run a hand through his hair, slicking it back from the sweat that has peaked up around his entire body. But even now he has yet to lose his gentle good humor. He'll dip a finger into one of the cups, and lean forward abruptly with that finger to see if he can streak it upon one of those fair cheeks, with a smirk.

Whatever Veresch has said has Sadaiya almost spraying her Mystery Drink. She does manage to swallow, wrapping her arm around her Girl Friday's waist for support as she cackles. "He's gonna be ornery in a few when his stomach rejects that vile brew," she notes, nodding her head towards the Main Event. "So… what IS going on, anyway? We riders never stoop to such antics, you see. Erissa is an aberration." A firm nod for this, and she doesn't at ALL drip sarcasm just everywhere.

Kyara strides purposefully in from the Central Bazaar.

Eww sweaty chest hair. Veresch is suddenly glad to be young enough not to have encountered that phenomenon before. With her post comfortably close to leaning against Sadaiya, her shoulders shrug. "That stuff's going to be searing a hole right through his stomach and out the other way." Her expression contorts; the messenger is not the spicy foods type, clearly. "Bookie says it's about him getting a kiss from her, something about being able to handle it? Dare, apparently. so I guess we'll see if he gets lucky tonight, or if he ends up at the Healers. I guess he's kind of cute. Or something."

Erissa might actually be feeling more sympathetic by this point but not enough to give up on the oiling he's promised to deliver should he lose. The thought of kicking up her heels and sipping a cool drink while directing him in the onerous task of lathering up Danorath's entire massive frame is too good to give in to mere sentiment. For just a second she thinks Terrian has given in when he only dips his finger in the spicy sauce but quick enough she sees the motion coming and sways her head to the side with a laugh, one hand darting out to swat at his hand. "No cheating now!" she chides. "Every last bit has to go down YOUR throat."

Terrian sticks that finger of sauce into his mouth, making a show of licking it off. Really, this isn't huring. Well, maybe just a little. A lot. Can he get any more red?

Sadaiya and Veresch: Peanut Gallery extraordinaire. Someone that sounds like Sadaiya even manages a sing-song 'That's what she said~' at Erissa's 'down your throat' admonition. But she'd never, of course. The Finger Lickin' Good action has her gagging and pulling faces, though. "Euuuuuugh. Nasty. Don't know where his hand's been. Dude that drinks that much and doesn't start spraying like a Southern rain bird has got to have touched SOMETHING gross in the last few hours."

Kyara enters with a very specific goal in mind - one that's cold, fruity, and only a little alcoholic. She makes strides for the bar, only to stop upon noticing the small grouping of familiar faces near a very red guardsman. Watching, she continues on more slowly, ordering her drink before sidling up near Veresch and Sadaiya. "Uhm," she inserts herself into the commentary quietly, folding bare arms over a sleeveless blue shirt, "is Erissa torturing someone, or is it a group effort?"

The implied bedroom action of licking Red Star Fury off someone else has Veresch looking green for a moment; she knew riders were adventurous, but there are limits! Sheesh, people. Somewhat-innocent eyes here. She gives a sigh of relief as Terrian brings the finger back to his own mouth, and sidles aside to make space for Kyara's frame. "He's going to need a lot of milk to stop that mess," she finally opines. "And bacon. Both. Hey, Kyara. Terrian's proving how manly he is, or something. There's kissing involved, apparently. I wouldn't kiss anyone who eats hot sauce like that. I mean, ick."

Really, is he trying to make the waitress keel over in a swoon? Erissa simply rolls her eyes and tips her head just enough to sway white-blond locks out of her view. Then again, anything to kill the precious little time he has left. Resuming her elbow-lean on the table's edge she fits the guard with a look of calculated challenge. "That seems to work well for you," she seems to encourage, tone as saucy as the red stuff. "Why don't you try a whole shot glass with that method?" They'll lose the waitress for sure if he does, but it'd be worth it.

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Peanut Gallery +1. "Yeah. I taught her everything she knows," Sadaiya deadpans. "First I get my group of attendants, now I have my personal inquisitor. May the new age of Igen begin!" Raising her cup, which a sniff will reveal holds simple 'water', she then downs it in one long pull. Swallowing, with a slight cough, she shrugs. "Smoooth, baby. But yeah, what Veresch here said. Mostly because I just arrived. Whatever is going on is going to end in tears, I just know it."

Two shot glasses left. Terrian will reach out and grab both of them. Standing he'll turn to the peanut gallery, and hold the two shot glasses to the women in a 'I'm doing this for you ladies!' Without waiting fore more egging one he'll down the last two shots, one right after the other, and then doubles down at the waist. ouch.

"Hoorayyyy!" Sadaiya calls, smiling toothily. "You're naaaaasty," she murmurs underbreath for the benefit of her compatriots.

Kyara's eyes widen in a somewhat horrified fashion as she watches Terrian down those two shots without pause. "Faranth," she breathes, though she's also - contradictorily - rather amused by it all, as her smirk indicates. "He's making me hot just looking at him." Blink. "I mean…watching him do that." She scrubs a hand over her face and pointedly looks about for whoever might have her drink. Some may catch her blunder, some may not - whatever. She's just shut herself up enough not to bother fixing it, and busies herself with watching Terrian to make sure he doesn't pass out or some such thing.

Erissa actually sucks in a sharp breath and holds it when Terrian stands with the two last glasses. Oh. No. He's gonna do it. She was so close to winning!! Aaaaaand, down they go! Exhaling all at once she scoots up slightly in her chair and darts a quick hand to absently tuck some of those wayward locks behind an ear. She has one last shot at this. The deal was that he has to keep it down for another half mark and by the way he immediately doubles over there's still hope. (Shouldn't she be feeling bad about this?) (Naaaaaaaaah.) "How's that feeling, Terrian? You gonna puke?" (She's gonna have everlasting bad karma for this.) The waitress is all solicitous, of course, immediately reaching for that damp towel around his neck in hopes of patting down some of that bared torso on display. "Ooooooooo, hang in there!" she chants.

Veresch heard that. "Ew, Kyara," she whispers urgently, though her eyes are still focused on the two. The Three Spectators: comedy relief or Greek chorus? "I mean, look at him. His chest hair is all sweaty and gleamy, you find that hot?" As the last two go down the hatch, her eyes narrow, and she waits with bated breath. Somehow, she almost feels like cheering for Terrian.

Sadaiya gives Veresch the side-eye. "Do you not?" she asks with a tilt of her head. "Look at him, all gleamy and muscly. Can you even IMAGINE the um…" A look from Kyara, to Veresch, to the pre-puke Terrian. "He's strong," she finishes lamely. "But with all that stuff stewing away in his gullet, nuh-uh. Hard pass."

Alas, Erissa, Terrian unbends, sending a smirk at the peanut gallery. "I wouldn't be puttin' your money on me tossin, 's all waitin now." He'll turn back to the table and collapse back into that chair, sweaty gleaming chest on display for everyone to see.

One shoulder is shrugged for Sadaiya's benefit, and a nose-wrinkle attests to her feelings on the matter of sweaty chest hair: clearly not a topic she's ever explored before. Kyara gets a goodnatured thump against the shoulder if she allows it, and the messenger settles in to watch the denouement of the tableau. "Half-mark says he's not going to puke," she finally mutters, quite apart from whatever other bet she's made with the bookie.

Since he doesn't stop her, the oh-so-helpful waitress retrieves the towel and begins to pat one of Terrian's buff shoulders. "You did it!" she pipes. "Can I get you anything else then?" He wasn't allowed drink or bread during the downing of sauce but her admiring tone carries an undertone of something else entirely. Erissa, meanwhile, is second-guessing her decision to recruit the young woman's aid and sits back with a smirk of confidence still lacing her demeanor. "A half-candlemark is a long time to hold down a fiery gullet," she notes.

Handing off her empty glass to a solicitous member of the staff, Sadaiya's hand comes up and tilts back and forth. "Maybe not NOW, but what're the wagers on him needing to go to the infirmary at some point because of this little escapade? I mean, as the Moral Overseer of the weyr, I SHOULD probably have stopped him, but, meh." She shrugs her shoulders beneath Veresch's arm. "Not on duty. Oh, c'mon, Kyara, you're not DEAD. You can look. See, also, if you just LOOK, you don't have to get a whiff of however terrible his breath is bound to smell at this point."

"See, that one," He'll wave over his shoulder at Kyara, as if to make a point, except… perhaps that wasn't the best choice. The heat that has turned his face red suddenly turns all sorts of white. Reacing outwards he'll grab that pitcher and bending over (sorry cute waitress) he'll start puking into the pitcher. Put that stuff back where it came from.

Kyara accepts the thump on the shoulder with a grin, just as another waitress swings by with her drink. Sadaiya's words draw her gaze back over, and she opens her mouth and starts a word a few times before getting out, "Well. I didn't say I hadn't noticed," because she //does, frequently, "I just…" Then she just starts chuckling, stifling it with a sip of her drink before Terrian proves that he was just talk and nothing more. "Shardit," she snaps under her breath, moving as though she might help…but she stops. Nothing in her pouch to help this. It's all down to water and air!

Erissa jerks back in her seat the moment Terrian grabs for the pitcher and even has the good grace to don a scrunched expression of sympathy for a moment, but then she's pumping one arm in celebratory gesture and hissing a whispered, "Yessssss!" Even the waitress hesitates at that one, hovering as he loses the contents of his stomach but not offering anymore help. Apparently regurgitated muck bathed in Red Star Fury is not her forte. Erissa finally recovers herself enough to wave an impatient hand at the woman. "Get him some water and bread, quick!"

"So how much money did you win, Veresch?" Sadaiya asks, not even blinking at this turn of events. Man, if you're surprised I feel sorry for you son. Terrian's got 99 problems and 99 of them are the swill he drank.

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"Lost one on him puking," Veresch says idly as she slips her arm from around Sadie's shoulders. "But won two on him puking." The girl hedged her bets, apparently — one does not mess around with something called Red Star Fury, after all. There's a wink slipped Kyara-wards as she disappears to go and pay up and collect her winnings, scrawny form easily disappearing amongst the whispering bystanders.

Terrian doesn't throw up long, just enough to empty the contents of his stomach. When the last of the swill ends up back where it began, he'll sit up looking slightly weak. Even now that smile hasn't faded, though now it is more or less sheepish. When he speaks it is more scratchy then his normal gravel, showing the roughness of the spicy sauce. "You win Blondie. Mind waitin on that oilin'for a while?" When that waitress returns with the bread and water Terrian bites into the bread like it is his new best friend- anything to help with the burn.

Chalk yet another one up in the guard's favor for having a good attitude about the whole thing. Erissa's smile is genuine as she stands and slips her black jacket off the back of her chair and slings it over one shoulder. "I'll give you till tomorrow evening. Meet me by the lake." And just because she's feeling generous she adds, "And Terrian? Don't bother wearing a shirt." With a saucy little sway to match the Red Star Fury she goes on her merry way, pleased as punch.

(Just after Terrian puked)

[OOC:] Erissa smooches Terrian for being such a good sport!!
[OOC:] Sadaiya says "Dude don't put your mouth there right now."
[OOC:] Terrian opens mouth.
[OOC:] Terrian closes mouth.
[OOC:] Erissa ughs and didn't think of that! Retract! Retract!
[OOC:] Terrian says "oh hahaha! I didn't even see Erissa's OOC. x.x"
[OOC:] Kyara dies.
[OOC:] Sadaiya caaaaaaaaaaackles.

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