Beris, R'ku


Beris and R'ku watch the sunset; R'ku brings snacks, and a gift.



It is sunset of the second day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass


Standing Stones, Igen weyr

OOC Date 03 May 2018 23:00


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Standing Stones

It is perhaps a pity that the Standing Stones lie in quiet isolation, half-forgotten in the Weyr's easternmost corner. Or perhaps it is inevitable: the grandiose beauty of these red rocks is ill-suited to Igen's coarse grit, and maybe only their loneliness allows them to survive unmarred. Whatever the reason, it cannot be denied that the Standing Stones, a lonely jumble of ancient boulders, have a glory about them. The tumbled field of pillars and arches has been shaped by eons of wind and water into strange shapes, twisted and rutted. The going is treacherous: only the Weyr's half-feral herd of caprines navigates the terrain with any ease. To the northwest, the lakeshore glimmers; to the east, rough-carved steps lead towards another ancient pile of rocks - though the Star Stones are less haphazardly placed than their Standing cousins.

It's a tricky path to get up here, but the pay off is worth it. To be able to sit among the standing stones, the ruins of a former glory, while the sun sets, is something magical. Beris has managed to make her way up here ready for twilight to arrive, having finished her shift rather earlier than she expected. Autumn has taken the worst of Igen's summer heat away, but the evening is still warm enough to require loose clothing that keeps one cool as they climb. She's sweating a little by the time she's made it to the top, and she sinks, gratefully, onto a rock that's flat enough to seat two people. Lyira will be sent off to see if R'ku's available, the gold happy to give him an image of the tumbled, fallen rocks, to indicate Beris's location. A sunset is, after all, best shared.

The stones are certainly not foreign to R'ku, who often spends time in the plce to decipher some of the notes he receives from the Starcrafters. Not that it likely helps all that much, but he tries. Despite having climbed up here more than once, he's still breathing a bit heavier by the time he reaches the top, his riding jacket slung over one arm to reveal his loose-fitting sleeveless undershirt underneath. It's too hot to be walking around in full riding gear! He has a few pouches attached to his belt - a bulging furry one and a slightly bigger leather one that includes a few flasks hanging from it. "Hey, love," he calls out to Beris once she's in sight, moving to sink down onto the rock next to her, "I brought a snack. I thought it'd be nice to eat while we watch the sunset and be extra romantic." He flashes one of his toothy, warm smiles nad indicates the leather pouch with the two flasks. Cava is circling somewhere up above, twittering and babbling to herself happily.

The breathing is the first indication that someone's approaching. Beris turns to confirm who it is, and a broad smile greets R'ku when she sees that it is, indeed, her weyrmate. Lyira returns, happy to have done her job. She would usually drape herself over Beris, but with some nice warm stones to lie on, the gold goes for one of those instead, sprawling out on one to soak up their heat. A croon is an invitation for Cava to come join; the warmth is so nice! "You think of everything," Beris says, a tiny bit teasing, but more pleased than anything else. "Want me to take something off you?" Since she's now noticed the various things attached to his belt.

R'ku settles down on the rock with a relieved sigh. He has to lean in to give Beris a kiss before he does anything else, though, because he can't help himself, "You're the one who had the idea to meet here - that's /all/ you for the scenery." He starts to unclip things from his belt - the leather pouch with its bounty of food is settled on the stone between them along with the two flasks. The furry pouch, however, is removed and examined critically before R'ku holds it out to Beris, "One of Cava's last eggs. I meant to give it to one of my wingriders at drills, but no one really was interested." Cava seems oblivious that one of her former charges is within reach. Instead, she burbles bubbily to the other gold and swoop down to the warm stones, curling up happily for a snooze.

Beris leans into the kiss, still grinning when she pulls back to flip a hand. "Nature does all the work, really." She spares a quick glance to see the state of things - there's still time before the sky gets really pretty. Good, because she can get a good look at all this food R'ku's brought! "Hm?" Apparently expecting more food with that final pouch, Beris is more than a little surprised when its actual contents are revealed. "Oh - well-" she glances at Lyira, who's practically asleep. "I don't think she'd have a problem with another…or Zeba." She carefully takes the pouch, opening it up to have a look at the egg inside. Then she grins at R'ku. "You've got one of Lyira's; I'll have one of Cava's. Sweet."

R'ku snorts a laugh, "Funny how things work out. Technically that'd be Zeba's, too, since he caught Cava again." He casts a narrow-eyed glance back at Cava and rolls his eyes, "Honestly I think she's just lazy and lets him win due to familiarity at this point." He leans over and places a hand on the furry pouch, assessing, "Best be careful. It's pretty close to hatching I think. I was trying to give the other one to the Master Starcrafter and it up and hatched in the Bazaar. Had to give it to some random man from Southern." He laughs, "Was a gold, too." He starts to unpack the food, which turns out to be things easy to eat with your hands and not messy - berries, nuts, some small meatrolls, cheese and so forth. The flasks contain some sort of chilld juice.

Beris rolls her eyes. "That explains why he was all smug a few weeks ago." She does smile when R'ku talks about Cava's habits. "Well, I'm sure he's not complaining," she comments with a twinkle in her eye. That amused expression turns to curiosity when the egg's status is expanded upon, though there is a chuckle at the fun with the gold egg. "Did the Master know you were giving him one? Because you could just never tell him about it." Beris sounds rather mischevious as she offers that option! Putting the pouch in her lap, she opens it a little more to see if the egg has any cracks. "Ooh-" r'ku's brought some of the berries she likes, and she helps herself to a handful. "Well, if it does hatch now, hopefully it'll like meatrolls. Or I could offer it cheese," she grins.

R'ku coughs rather uncomfortably, "I did tell him, sadly. I think I may omit the part that it was a gold, though, or he might be truly devestated to have missed out." He quirks a bit of a lopsided grin, "Not that I really even knew the one I picked for him was a gold." He heaves a sigh and shakes his head, "Serves him right - he got caught up in studying the after-effects of the sandstorm and missed our appointment. It's a good thing there was food nearby." He has a sudden look of horror on his face at the realization of this, though seems to relax once Beris mentions meatrolls, "Oh - shards. Yes. The meatrolls have roast wherry in them. I'm sure they'll be happy with it - if it decides to hatch." He plucks out some of the nuts and crunches on them for a few moments, eyes on the pinkening sky, "I'm still getting used to having Dosequis. He's a bit more a handful than Cava and Cava's no help in reprimanding him." He glances around thoughtfully and then back at Cava, "Mm. Guess he must be sleeping in the weyr. Lazy bronze."

Beris is trying to eat berries and smile at the same time; a messy occupation, and she covers her mouth with one hand as she chews. "Typical crafter," she says once she's swallowed. "Get so caught up in their obsession." Since R'ku is looking at the sky, she does too, the beautiful colours lighting up her dark eyes. She laughs when R'ku talks about Dosequis. "Having calm fire-lizards ihas spoiled us. Hopefully this guy will be, too." As if to prove her wrong, the egg hatches without any warning at all, making Beris jump when a tiny brown rolls out into her lap. "Ah!" The little hatchling immediately gives a piteous cry of hunger, getting to his feet and making off towards the smell of food. "Hey - hold on." Beris tries to scoop him up with one hand, reaching for a meatroll with the other - which he snatches as soon as it's within his reach, chowing down straight away. At least that means he's still, and Beris can hold onto him as he eats messily. She gives R'ku a despairing look. "Why do I get the feeling he's not going to be calm?"

R'ku jumps in surprise at the sudden sound of a hatching fire lizard, the movement causing him to drop the handful of nuts he was just about to munch on. He looks momentarily sad at the waste of nuts, though his expression quickly changes to happiness as he notices Beris managed to capture the wayward hatchling. "I think I jinxed it," he notes with a sigh, "I'm so sorry." He says this in a serious sort of voice, though he breaks out into laughter a few seconds later, "Hopefully he's just hungry. I'm sorry to say, though, that the gold that hatched didn't seem all that calm either. But, then again, I have no clue what she's like now that she's well fed." He eyes the brown thoughtfully, or at least tries to, "At least he has an interesting sort of coloration? Kind of hard to look at him, though - he keeps moving!" Cava totally didn't even realize there was a hatching happening - she lifts her golden head briefly, chirrups a welcome to the brown, and then goes back to snooze in the sun. Hi bye.

The brown has devoured the meatroll, and there are crumbs all over his face as he starts wriggling and bleating for more food! Beris is distracted for a moment as she grabs a second one and all but shoves it in his mouth, to stop him from trying his damndest to get out of her grasp. "Where do they get it from?" She says with a sigh, but she can't help but smile at the good fun of a baby fire-lizard - and one that's a gift from R'ku, to boot. "yeah - looks like he's sort of got some markings on his head." Definitely hard to tell though, because he's still moving even as he eats, a little slower now he's not quite as hungry. Now he's somewhat calmer, Beris leans in to R'ku, though her eyes are still on the brown, an affectionate look in them. "I'll have to think of a name for him…" Always the hardest part of a new firelizard!

R'ku digs around in the leather pouch and pulls out a few more scraps of wherry that had fallen out of the meatrolls. He sets these next to Beris to be within her reach for when the ravenous little one may demand more, "I still don't understand how they fit all of that inside them. They're so tiny when they're born, too!" He gives the now empty pouch a bit of a forelorn look, "I only brought the 2 meatrolls, though. I suppose it's nuts, berries and cheese for us!" And whatever bread the brown may not have devoured, perhaps. R'ku selects some of the cheese and chews on it thoughtfully as he watches the colorful sunset, "Mmm. Names are always the hardest. It took me a few days to think up Dos' name. And Cava's too." He squints down at the brown, "Should be something to imply his speed, though. He seems pretty wiggly."

Yay scraps! Although the brown's hunger isn't as sharp in her mind, he's still keen to get up and moving, so Beris is glad to have something to distract him from wandering off. "I swear they eat their own weight in food," she agrees with R'ku's sentiments. "Are dragons the same?" Hopefully she can carry on eating and watching the sunset when this baby has calmed down! "Maybe I'll see if he's still this…wriggly…after a few days. Maybe a name will come to me then." confident she can take her eyes off him while he's chewing on the wherry, she grins at R'ku. The sun is continuing its path, the sky exploding with pinks and purples as it gets lower and lower.

R'ku pops the top from one of the flasks and takes a small sip, his eyes on the sunset. He's slent for a few moments as Beris wrangles the new little brown before he rouses at the direction of her question. "Oh - it's like that with dragons. Just a lot stronger. Like you feel like your own gut is as empty as a cavern at the same time. Bit difficult at first to separate your feelings from the dragon's at times. Especially in the beginning." He flashes a quick grin, "They also eat more. And poop more. Thank Faranth the fire lizards can *Between* right out of the egg so we don't have to deal with that." He reaches out to slip his hand into Beris' - if the new brown will allow it, that is!

Beris tries the brown with a bit of cheese, but whether o rnot he would eat it will remain a mystery - he's finally full, his belly bloated on his thin frame, and he's going limp as he falls asleep. Beris rests against R'ku, and she can finally move a hand from the brown, to slip it into R'ku's. "Sounds like quite an experience," is all she has to say about dragons and their similarities with fire-lizards. The sunset and company is distracting, and she'll fall silent to watch the day turn to night, the snores of the newborn brown filling the air.

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