Reveka writes back to Amania, and sends a Care package too.

In response to Letter to a friend.


Igen Weyr, Caravan Grounds, Zingari Camp

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"You'd think I'd gabbed enough in my letter"


Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It is the fifty-second day of Autumn and 78 degrees. The day dawns bright and clear. Everything is coated in sand, but no clouds linger on the horizon.

My Dear Friend Amania,

Things here in Igen are pretty par for the course. Nothing much has changed saving for the increase in sandstorms and the annual planning session for this next turn’s gathers. I wouldn’t count your eggs until they hatch m’dear, life may have more in mind for you than you think.

I’m glad you are taking something away from your experiences in Southern, change is what makes us who we are. No need to thank me for watching your things dear Amania, it has been a pleasure and Timo has been helping me with the task. Though I do miss you and hate that your yurt is empty. It’s getting insufferable around here with the other girls as we plan and prepare for the Festival of life in the spring. So it must be nice to not know what to think about men, because y’know, the girls around here for months will have nothing to talk about but dancing, boys and marriage. Despite Willimina’s ban on forced arranged marriages, there are still those of us that marry for advantage and gain.

It’s a madhouse here for social activity as girls make dresses, practice dancing and write correspondences. Not me though, I’m not ready for all that talk of settling down and marriage. I intend to run my own life for as long as I can. Though, there does seem to be something brewing between Bonifas and I, we made it semi-official right before you left and I didn’t get the chance to tell you about it. I don’t know how far it’s going to go, or how serious it will get, but I do know I like him. And that I enjoy spending time with him. And that smile of his, shells could I drown in that.

I would love to see the sea and the jungle, in fact I will be looking forward to seeing them when I come for the hatching! I have only ever seen the sea from Keroon and there it looks cold and uninviting. S’ayde has been to Southern a couple of times and says the jungle stretches as far as the eye can see, and that he’s seen the place made of ice. I envy the both of you for being able to see such things. I’ve never seen snow either, I’d like to someday.

You should tell me more about the Wildlings, they sound interesting! Do they just live in the jungle, or hidden caves? Who keeps the thread off their heads? Are they as wild as Southern Felines are rumored to be?

I wouldn’t worry too much about Xanthee, she’ll either get it together or she won’t. I know for truth several people told her to focus elsewhere, but some people never change. Perhaps it is just her nature to flirt. I wonder what she would think of Bon and I? She seemed upset when she told me Bon had told here he and I were something to each other.

Oh, I do hope you’re swimming when you next come to Igen, there’s an oasis in the desert that makes for a perfect swimming place. Oh, and I’ve already spoken with Willimina. She aims to be at the hatching, possibly with Tallel and has allowed any who would like to attend to do so. I think even Timo will be coming. I’m not sure about Bon? You might have to ask him about that one.

There’s a care package coming along with this letter. It’s got a little from all of us in it, hopefully it’ll help curb the homesickness. Remember, no matter where you go, no matter who you become or what the circumstances are, you always have a home with us. You will always be Zingari and we will always be family.

Your Loving Friend,


Along with the letter, comes the promised care package, within Amania will find:

  • A Zingari style formal dress, a Zingari style casual dress and a note from Reveka, reading:

You’d think I gabbed enough in my letter, but no, here I am again. I didn’t know if candidacy included formal events or allowed for casual wear, but here’s something for both anyways, just in case. Lots of luck! ~ Reveka

  • A box of gingersnaps, and a box with white cloth and beads in it and a note from Timotin, reading:

I know you have to make your robes for the hatching because I helped S’ayde with his when he stood. These should help, and should add a little something special to make them look fine. The cookies are a just because. With Luck to You Amania, ~Timo

  • A box containing Zingari teas, salves for sore muscles and a note from Igraine that simply reads: Good luck
  • And last, but not least, A slim box containing a green leather necklace with a good luck pendant hanging upon it. This is from Willimina and she leaves a note saying:

This is for luck. We are so proud of you. See you at the hatching my dear. ~ Willimina

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