Terrian, N'cal


Terrian and N'cal run into each other (almost literally) in the Inner Caverns and catch up for a moment.


It is evening of the thirteenth day of the first month of the third Turn of the 12th Pass.


Inner Caverns, Igen Weyr

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Inner Caverns

Faded elegance attests to former glory, the soot-covered ceiling sparkling with faint traceries of golden glitter. High, vaulted curves of the smooth limestone wavering whose variant hues of sandy gold and wheaten brown form rising, wave-like patterns that hold the sparkle of silver here and there. A long, wide cavern, this: various arches lend access to other caverns, while the noise of daily activity is often amplified by the natural acoustics of this open space.

Terrian walks the inner caverns of the Weyr with a slight hint of preoccupied. He's skimming the report in front of him and prepping silently for the meeting with the weyrwoman. Nothing serious to discuss, which is why it's been foisted off on him, instead of the guard captain himself doing it. Terrian's boots, meant for the rough stone of the Bazaar instead of the smooth of the Weyr, clank solidly with each step.

It isn't long before another set of boot steps approaches to mark counterpoint to Terrian's, wending back through the inner caverns from the stores. N'cal is preoccupied as well, his brow furrowed in concentration as he fingers through an armful of thick leather scraps as though he's still not sure about what he's selected. In fact, he nearly doesn't look up in time enough to stop himself from running into someone. Nearly. He takes a good look at the man he's almost collided with, and then that furrowed forehead smoothes when recognition sets in. "Afternoon, Terrian," the bluerider greets. "I haven't seen you in the Weyr in ages. What brings you down here?"

Terrian's brown eyes flick upwards and settle onto N'cal. His lips curl into a slight smile as he tucks the sheet of things-to-say under and arm to offer out a handclasp to N'cal. They do that on Pern right? "Guard captain is bein' lazy, so I'm up to see the Weyrwoman. How are you Bluerider N'cal?"

Sure they do that on Pern! They must, since N'cal easily returns the gesture. "Somehow that isn't surprising," the bluerider returns with a slight snort. "I'm doing well. Nothing out of the ordinary to speak of. And you? Are things alright in the Bazaar lately?" Hopefully reporting to the Weyrwoman doesn't necessarily entail something out of sorts. Then, another important question he'd be remiss to pass over. "How is Novak?"

"Them snakes are slowly gettin' caught. Though some of the kids have been takin' advantage. Found a toy snake some of them been tossin' out to be scarin' shop keepers." Slight amusement there as Terrian takes his hand back. It curls into his belt buckle and he stands easily before the bluerider. "How's Arroyo?"

"Ahhhh, yes," N'cal says, his eyebrows hiking. He hasn't been in the Bazaar for some time, though he'd heard about the tunnelsnakes. Along with the rest of the Weyr, of course. The bit about the fake 'snake has a subtle smirk appearing, Terrian's amusement mirrored in his own. "Also not surprising. Arroyo is doing fine, though our wingleader seems increasingly…retiring." A shade of something that could be irritation sneaks into his tone at that. "The wing is as strong as ever, though." A few fingers flick toward Terrian, blue-green eyes glinting with a hint of mischief. "If you need a few firelizards to go hunting in the Bazaar, let me know. I'd enjoy the distraction sometime."

"Retiring? As in…" Terrian raises an eyebrow in curiosity. "You know, don't need any 'lizards, but Novak is goin' to be havin' a litter soon. You remember me wantin' once to be seein' if a pup raised around dragons might be less reluctant? Can't seem to be findin' Erissa these days, but mayhap?"

"As in not hanging about to oversee things beyond the strict necessities needed by the wing," N'cal explains in a slightly flat tone. "Not that a wingleader is required to do more than that, but a good one ought to." And he is more and more of the opinion that he may have been mistaken in granting Zeyta the chance to show that she could be that leader. She did fine at the start, but since the earthquake, it's been a somewhat different story. The news about Novak draws a wide, tilted smile from the wingsecond - until Terrian mentions Erissa, and the smile becomes faintly cautious. "I do remember. I take it you were considering passing one along to her? She's…" His brow furrows a bit, and he shoves his fingers absently through his hair. "…Taken ill. It isn't common knowledge, so please don't ask after it further, but she is recovering. It will just be some time." There. Nothing really said, but no lies told, either.

"Sounds like Igen as Usual." Terrian rolls his eyes slightly, though he glances up the corridor, JUST IN CASE W'rin happened to walk down that hallway. He resettles the folder under his arm as he returns his faze as N'cal talks about Erissa. "Well. Be givin' her my best. She offered to be takin' one once, but if she's taken ill… Well. I'll jus' have to be findin' someone else." He's talking about N'cal, but doesn't go OUT and SAY IT.

And N'cal is severely tempted to offer to take a puppy off Terrian's hands…but there's one little issue. "I would gladly offer to be that someone else, if I didn't live so high up. Still… Let me think on it. A solution may come up." He slips into silent thought for a moment, then chuckles quietly, tapping a finger against his chin. "Strange though it may sound, you might ask any of the weyrwomen if they'd take one on. They're busy, yes, but at least near ground level. A thought, at least."

Terrian taps a toe against the ground, considering the suggestion. "Huh. Mayhap I'll be askin' the weyrwoman if she's not a moment after all the things are bein' discussed. If you are reconsiderin'…" A shrug of his shoulder as Terrian takes the folder in his hand. "I best be gettin' on."

"If I find a way to make it work, I will let you know," N'cal assures Terrian with a nod. "And I will pass on your best to Erissa as well, whenever I'm next able to see her. Good to run into you, Terrian. I'll have to grab you for a drink sometime." With that, he resettles his burden of leather in the crook of his arm and ticks off an amicable two-fingered salute at the guard sergeant. "Good luck with the Weyrwoman. I'll see you around!" And then he's off, paying a bit more attention to where he's going this time.

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