M'noq, Tommin


Tommin brings to M'noq an issue with a Lynx rider.


It is afternoon of the twenty-fifth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Infirmary, Southern Weyr

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Sterile and scoured, the surfaces of the infirmary, well-tended and beloved by the complement of Healers due a weyr of Southern's size. Soothing tissane simmers at the large hearth, while comfortable chairs circle that particular feature in a waiting-room of sorts. Tables of dull-gleaming oldtimer metal lie as examining slabs, neatly lined in rows with pull-curtains enabling full privacy as needed. A low wall separates the southern half of the room from the rest, and those practicing the apothecary's trade can be seen compounding medicines under the watchful eye of the posted Master.

The past few falls have been fortuitous for Southern Weyr, and the merry abandon with which the Weyr celebrates has kept Healers a little busy of late. Still, there are quiet times in the Infirmary and Tommin has cleared out one of the back closets to resemble a kind of a small office, one which Varden either knows about and doesn't care as long as the laundry's done, or doesn't know about. It's got a couple of small chairs and a wooden cabinet, and Tommin sits on one chair, composing a small note to attach to his green firelizard, urging him to M'noq's side with a polite request, formal and full of 'Healer Tommin, Sr. Apprentice', for a brief meeting as soon as possible.

M'noq makes the time to come see the healers about any of his riders, when necessary. He makes his way into the infirmary, giving a nod or a little wave to the healers he recognizes. He did spend an awful lot of time here, not so long ago. He tracks down Tommin in the back room, after asking directions twice. "This is about R'vel, isn't it?" he asks quietly. "I heard he ended up here the other night after a long night in the Kitten." Besides, the bluerider is sensitive to issues like this.

Tommin looks up from the report he was doodling on, startled, as M'noq announces himself but smiles and sets his pen down. "Wingleader M'noq. Thank you for coming." A pause and then almost regretfully, "Yes, I have asked you to speak about R'vel. Would you like to sit, please? It's… complicated." Tommin has stood from his seat in the span of his comment, gesturing to the other furniture, and then after a moment, seats himself to show trust. "Thank you for coming on such notice, too."

M'noq takes a seat, setting his ever-present satchel on the floor beside him. "If I didn't make time for the benefit of one of my riders, I'd be an awfully poor leader." And maybe he is for other reasons, but he does do his best. "Do you know much about what happened the other night? What I know is he showed up at drills the next day unable to complete one of our circuits. I had to send him back to his weyr for a rest day."

Reaching out, Tommin closes the hidden curtain; it's a fantasy of privacy but Healers are good about it. His smile is a little wan for the concern it tries to mask, "My colleague who helped R'vel mentioned in his file that he'd been quite drunk, and had twisted his knee while leaving the Kitten." Tommin pauses and observes M'noq for a moment before continuing gently, "I'm glad you sent him for a day of rest, but that's only a part of why I asked to meet with you on his case."

M'noq just hums at these details. Predictable, even though he maybe didn't know exactly what happened before. "I know he's been spending a lot of time either at the Kitten or drinking with wingmates. He seems to be having the most trouble after N'lim's death, though it has been difficult for many of us." Guilt, because N'lim was kind of an ass, but he died heroically, saving a wingmate, and it was a rough, lingering way to go.

Tommin listens to M'noq's information with a little smile, though the mention of N'lim has the healer pursing his mouth. "I am sorry for WingSecond N'lim's loss," and he's not false in his expression; a brief pause for breath and then Tommin continues: "My concern is that, this isn't the first time R'vel has been injured after the death of a wingmate. In fact," and the young man's eyes flick to a page by his elbow, "he's been seen by Healers for injuries after each Threadfall when a Lynx wingmember has died. Sometimes, it's immediately after, and sometimes the injury is a few days, a sevenday… or longer." Tommin is patient, looking to M'noq like he hopes the Wingleader is catching the drift.

M'noq frowns at that, drumming his fingertips over his knee, thinking. "Has it really been every time? I know it has happened a few times…. A number of the wingriders usually get together after a loss for a wake, talking and telling stories about the person. He usually goes but doesn't say much. Tends to keep it bottled up rather than talk." This in itself is not news to M'noq, even if he doesn't much know what to do about it.

Tommin listens and nods, eyes focused on M'noq's face. When the Wingleader mentions R'vel's habit, that nod becomes a little more pronounced, and Tommin licks at his lower lip thoughtfully. He waits for a moment, eyes darting briefly away but when Tommin speaks again, he is focused once more on M'noq: "What I'm concerned about isn't just the frequency, but the duration. R'vel's injuries are usually associated with alcohol, but outside of the normal timeframe for no," a pause and Tommin chooses another word, "usual grief." A breath and Tommin takes another tack: "Has his dragon expressed any worry that you know of?" Spoken like someone who can't quite grasp the bond between person and dragon.

M'noq hesitates. He isn't really a touchy-feely wingleader, and he lets people's personal issues stay personal, unless they interfere with work. Though R'vel's issues might have reached that point. "Dragons don't really have the memory for grief the way human beings do. If he worries, he hasn't mentioned it to me." A pause as he confers. "Or Ravaith." That the brown remembers, either. And he isn't a touchy-feely type either. "If there's an issue, I should ask K'vvan to ask Nadeeth to ask." Since Nadeeth outshines most dragons on communication skills.

Tommin nods a little, like he isn't too surprised. He ponders this information with a slight head-tilt and though the usual cupid-bow lips slacken briefly when K'vvan is mentioned, Tommin nods slowly: "The dragon may be able to tell us something that his rider won't, or can't." Tommin's tone is free of judgement. "Additionally I would like to have R'vel complete an assessment with me, to see where he's at," Tommin weighs each word with sincerity and diplomacy, "and to see if we can help him develop more constructive ways of grieving."

M'noq muses on this, slightly skeptical. "Will it help?" Of course, all riders (or should that be, all humans?) have things they struggle over and want to keep private. Still, he doesn't want to see any casualties on account of not being careful or not acting when he has seen a problem. "I suppose I could try to talk to him about it." Again, might not be the thing that M'noq is best at, but he'll give it a shot.

Help is subjective: Tommin's mouth twitches a little and he readily admits, "It can only help if R'vel wants it to. But I would rather try, and take the gamble that this," one hand waves to the page Tommin eyed earlier, "is R'vel asking for help without asking." A little pause and Tommin nods, a little hesitantly. That hesitation seems to be the impetus to say, "R'vel should know he has his leaders' support but I would also like to see him a few times, to talk with him about progressive behavioural habits when it comes to his grieving." Tommin gives M'noq a professional Healer's look, the kind that indicates truthfulness is next to Faranthness: "Are you willing to support this?"

Suddenly the discussion has turned a bit too technical for M'noq. Of course, he has had his own issues not so long ago with guilt over his own father's death, but no one got too involved to help, other than Ravaith. But, he considers the plan as it's presented. "I'll tell R'vel to meet with you four times. Then R'vel can decide if it's helping or not, and if he wants to continue meeting with you." Such a fine line between letting your people keep things personal and knowing they have to deal with something. "Hey, I don't suppose you have anything in your kit that would help F'kan? I've never seen self-destructive impulses like that guy has."

Tommin is watching M'noq for any shift in attitude, almost uncomfortably intent on the Wingleader's expressions, but his own flinches so slightly into relief when the Wingleader says that. "Thank you, Wingleader. I really hope R'vel finds some worth in the conversations." The brief quiet is broken by someone shuffling by and Tommin raises one hand sideways to admit very carefully, "It's most helpful if R'vel is at least aware that his grieving methods result in unhelpful results," rushing to add, "that there's some area where he can… help more." Even the healer winces at his awkward wording, but a mention of someone else has Tommin pull up briefly and blink. "F'kan? I could meet with him, if you would like, for a conversation."

M'noq muses on this, trying to decide if he wants to push this or not. "I'm willing to wait and see how things go with R'vel first. I don't want to put too much on you, all at once." Besides, F'kan has been problematic for a long time, he isn't likely to change soon on his own. He gives Tommin a nod of thanks. "I appreciate your time, as well as your noticing things going on. Since I have to keep an eye on everyone, some things are bound to slip through." He smiles faintly. "Are you due for your promotion to Journeyman soon?" In case it's strange sending people ton a healer apprentice for these things.

Tommin nods slowly, consideringly of M'noq's decision. "I appreciate your caution, Wingleader," and for a brief moment, the brownrider gets one of Tommin's truly open smiles before it tamps to a moderate content. "A wingleader who's just lost a wingsecond has his own pressures." About any hint of table-walking, Tommin shrugs a little: "I'm getting of age, but this focus has led to me needing to catch up in other areas. With the Weyrhealer's permission, of course. If you have any concerns, though, Weyrhealer Varden has mentioned he would appreciate any feedback." Sorry, Varden; disclosure is a stinky cologne. Suddenly, the head of a junior apprentice pops in through the curtain; Tommin at least jumps. "Senior apprentice! It's the mother. She's asking for you." Collecting himself from his surprise, Tommin stands and looks apologetically to M'noq: "If you'll excuse me, Wingleader. This is a case I can't delegate." Still, he waits for M'noq to stand and depart politely.

M'noq nods and stands, slinging his satchel over his shoulder. "Your concern is much appreciated. I'm sure we'll be in touch soon, and if you don't hear from R'vel in the next few days, let me know." He isn't sure exactly how this strange experiment will go, but he is willing to test it out and see. He leaves Tommin and the infirmary behind, now intent on finding a couple other riders, to talk to them about related things.

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