Veresch, Onari


After getting some help to end up back on the right path, Veresch returns to the Reika camp to reconnect with Onari.


It is noon of the twenty-eighth day of the first month of the second Turn of the 12th Pass.


Onari's Wagon, Caravan Grounds; Igen Weyr

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Onari's Wagon

The smallest of the Reika wagons - since it's only for one person - Onari's is likely also the coziest, and not just because it's small. Her bed lies all the way at the back, thick pillows and blankets arranged neatly - and generously, since Igen's winter demands it. Small cabinets hold food and other necessaries, while slightly larger ones hold leather and tools necessary for her trade. Hooks just inside the door hold tack for her runner, Gola, and some necessary implements (small whips, etc.) she uses to help her mother with the animals. Large slat windows on either side can be propped wide to let the air flow through, or latched firmly shut from within. Plenty of glowbaskets cast warm light about the wagon as needed in the darker hours, and Onari makes certain that any visitors have a good place to relax as evidenced by all the richly hued cushions she keeps about. It's a practical atmosphere, though with just enough of a feminine touch to make clear who lives here.

With the guidance given and a bit of herbal calm inside her, Veresch approaches the Reika caravan much as she's done it ever since she came to know people there. There's further ease when she sees the plain wagons, and starts to hear the cadences of familiar voices, Walking a wide circle around Finn's caravan - some things she's not ready for yet - instead she goes to seek Onari at her own, giving a little rat-tat-tat on the wagon's door. "Onari?" she calls quietly. "It's Veresch. Do you have a moment to speak to me?" The girl is, after all, quite busy.

"A moment?" The question comes nearly incredulously, muffled alongside some shuffling and metallic clinking before the sound of the latch lifting. Onari's sweater and skirt-clad form fills the doorway, the coating of almost rusty dust on her hands and the smudge across her left cheek indicating she's been at work on something for a good bit of time within. "Faranth, Resh, you can have candlemarks if you want! It's been a little while, aye? Come in!" She moves as if to hug the other girl, then pauses holding up her hands with a sheepish look at the state of them. "I…don't want to get you dirty," she explains, probably needlessly, ducking back into her wagon with a gesture for Veresch to follow as she grabs a damp rag to wipe her hands with.

The Resh at the gate (the bottom of the steps at least) still looks like the old Resh, even if her expression is a little changed, her hair a little longer. There's a wide smile as she sees Onari though — that hasn't changed. Very calmly, as Onari reaches out to wash her hands, she reaches out too, and takes her friend by the shoulder to turn and embrace her, tight and hard. "It's been too long," she mutters, forehead almost too warm against Onari's shoulders. For the first time, she's actually the taller, and her face a tad thinner, her body a little stronger for all she feels feverish. "It's been way, way too long. I missed you, 'nari."

Onari isn't even aware of those subtle changes to her friend at first glance. Chuckling as Veresch pulls her around for a hug, she accepts with a grin, tossing the rag aside to squeeze her right back. The strength in the embrace catches her attention first, and then the fact that the younger girl has gained a bit of height on her makes her brows shoot up. "I missed you, too!" she laughs, pulling back to look at Veresch and reaching up to put a hand atop her head. "Shells, when did that happen?" she says of the noted growth, giving a chagrined little shake of her head. Then that hand goes against the other girl's forehead, the seemingly excessive warmth noted. "Is everything okay? How've you been? Other than growing."

Veresch grimaces. "Any hopes of being dainty are lost to me now, eh?" she teases as she pulls back, submitting to having her head patted and her forehead felt. "Somewhere over the last three months. I'm still eating like a voracious pit, but it's all going into my legs. I'm hoping that I stop growing soon." Her nose wrinkles. "I've been staying away a bit. Ever since I was stupid enough to tell your brother I liked him, and then… then what happened after that, I just wanted to be by myself a little bit. I'm sorry I didn't send you a note, but I hope you understand. What's been happening here?"

"Hah!" is Onari's response to that, fixing Veresch with a 'whatever' sort of look as she turns to clear scraps of leather and bits of metal back into her toolbox near the table. "Something to drink?" she offers, cleaning off her hands yet again. "Sometimes I wonder if I have any more growing left in me…but I'm fairly sure this is where I'm fixed," she says of her own height with a small wrinkle of her nose. When Veresch reveals the bit about what she told Finn…Onari simply turns and gives her friend a sympathetic look, squeezing her shoulder with a sigh. "And here I was, thinking you might have found some boy to keep all your attention," she says, only half-joking. "I do understand, and…you take all the time you need before coming near Finn again. The number of hearts my brother's broken…" Another shake of her head, and she leans against her table. "What…happened after?" she asks gently, her expression concerned.

"Finn didn't break my heart," Veresch says with crystal clarity as she makes herself at home on a chair, flipping it around to rest arms and a sulking chin on the back. "I rather did that myself, because I know that he does not see me like that in the least." Her lips pinch into a thoughtful grin. "Just an inch more, to keep me company?" She falls silent then; it's Tallel's brew and a long conversation with Kyara that lets her speak. "I was set upon by bandits on a run to Igen Hold," she finally says, tilting her head away to stare at the toolbox. "They took the brand new knife Finn had made me, my coin, and threatened to hurt Venus and… entertain themselves with me." Pause. "So. I can't even walk in the night or in strange places without getting the shakes. I'm working, but for a while I couldn't come here." Another pause. "Let's talk about you instead."

"He may not have," Onari says quietly, pulling the lid off a little brazier hanging near her bed to check the lightly sweet-scented candle within, "but I don't know if he's always aware of the effect he can have on other girls, which can hurt just as much." The lid is replaced, the candle judged to be still satisfactory, and Onari drops onto the bench beside Veresch's chair with an unhappy look. "I'm trying to keep my nose out of whatever he's doing with…" She gestures toward her door and upward - an extremely vague gesture meant to indicate Linny, though Veresch can probably figure out who she means just by the trailing off. "Whenever I try to talk to him about it we argue, so I've sort of given up." Moving on, she sighs and smirks at her friend, rearranging her skirts a little. "No promises," she says of growing. She listens to Veresch's answer first with an alarmed widening of eyes, then an expression of open-mouthed anger before she falls silent for a moment. Then she leans over and gathers Veresch into a hug. "I'm glad you're back safely," she says, relief and anger both making her voice shake slightly. "I'm sure the fear will pass at some point, but you're not going out on the road again by yourself anymore, are you? Even I don't do that anymore these days," she reveals, her tone full of chagrin. Letting the other girl go, she sits back and looks at her, understanding why she wouldn't want to keep talking about it. "Well," she sighs, "nothing much has changed. As I said, we've been busy. We took on another hand just last night. A boy who looks to be either my age or maybe a Turn older…" Her gaze narrows a little bit, an uncommon expression most closely resembling 'thoughtful' crossing understatedly pretty features. "I'm not sure what to make of him yet. His name is Jhael, and…he said he used to be Zingari." Presently, the expression passes, and she adds, "He wanted to shadow Goran to learn tannersmithing." In stead of her. The slight wrinkle to her nose definitely indicates that she's still slightly miffed about that.

Veresch shies away from the topic of Finn and … and, well; "I'm not even leaving the Weyr alone, but here at least I can still wander around the Bazaar a bit, though that freaks me out at night now as well. I'm trying to slowly get used to things again. It'll get better." No false hope, just grim certainty. She shifts an arm, propping up her chin on a fisted hand, and eyes her friend thoughtfully as she speaks, less so what she's saying than how she's saying it. "Leaving aside the matter of his incredibly bad taste to shadow Goran, who's still making my neck shiver… he might well be? I'm imagining a few of them here and there didn't return back to the main caravan — do you like him?" Not just a question; Onari seems to have a highly developed danger-dar, so it'll be useful information.

Onari hmmms a little before saying, "Well, if you ever want someone to wander with, come find me. If I'm here, of course." Even Goran's name coming from Veresch's mouth makes the trader girl scowl a little. But it's not him they're talking about - it's Jhael. "Oh, I know he wasn't lying," she says, another smirk making an appearance. "Not after showing off a little with a knife and some fire-juggling. As for liking him…" She rubs her neck, looking over toward one of her unopened windows and shrugging. "I suppose there must be something I like about him, considering I'm the one who told him he could come on for a month of papa's observation. And stay in the other half of the big wagon." Lifting a hand to fiddle with the end of her runner-tail, she continues. "He seems determined, decisive, claims to be adaptable. He's…kind of good-looking…" Quickly, that observation gets waved off. Beside the point! "Bold as you please. There's…something that feels a little dangerous about him, I guess, but not the same way there's something dangerous about Goran, you know?" Which could be a good thing, by Onari's reckoning.

"Hmmmmmm." It's drawn-out, fond, just a little leery — everything a good friend should be when a potential target for affections is identified. "I suppose time will tell if he's a good guy or not, right? And kind of good-looking? You'll have to introduce him so that I can threaten him if he's mean to you, of course." That, at least, is an out-and-out tease, accompanied by a large smile and wiggling eyebrows. "And I'd love to wander out with you sometime. When you have your next long trip, I'll see if I can arrange a bit of free time with Sadaiya, and we'll see how it gets?"

"I suppose so," Onari agrees, though she double-takes at Veresch's eyebrow waggle and chuffs a bit, waving her hand again. "Oh, don't read to much into it, Resh; I was just…making an observation. As I said, I really don't know what to make of him right now. He'll need to be around us for a seven or two before I can get a good read of him." At least that long. Despite her answer, Onari grins at the tease, then nods at Veresch's last. "Mama and I are supposed to make a run out to a few of the minor holds at the edge of the desert in about five days, if that works. Hey," she says, lightly swatting Veresch's knee in an attention-getting manner (even though the other girl already is paying attention), "are you hungry? Lunch is still warm out on the fire, and I haven't eaten yet. I got caught up in work." A little more quietly, she adds, "And you don't have to worry about running into Finn right now; he won't be back until late tonight."

Whether Onari is fronting or not is laid aside, and Veresch grins up at her. "I'll ask if I can get some time off then. In the meantime, I'd love to eat lunch! I've had naught but some klah today, and it's about time I do something about that." Standing, she twists the chair back to its spot and gives Onari a full, flowery little bow. "Lead on, and get your portion before I get to the pot, or there'll be nothing left." She grins as she straightens, cheered up even though there's a little wince at Finn's name, and offers her arm to her friend, waiting to be led to the lunch-fires.

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