evka, Xanthee


Reveka has a regrettable morning after Matchmaking Disaster

Mild swearing, Gastric Pyrotechnics


Soon After Matchmaking Disaster


Igen Weyr, Caravan Grounds, Reveka's Yurt

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"I was perfectly fine in NOT looking for a man until YOU GOT INVOLVED XANTHEE!"


Reveka's Yurt

The inside of this yurt is sparsely decorated for now, being so new. But brightly colored rugs have been scattered over the floor, saving where the large heating brazier sits in the middle of the floor, it's heat waves escaping out of the hole in the roof. There's a simple, if plush bed, big enough for two against one side, flanked by a simple night stand and a chair. A table sits off to the side, a pitcher for water and a bowl for washing upon it. Trunks hold Reveka's treasures and clothes and a couple of cabinets hold the rest of her things.

Returning once more to the Caravan Grounds, Xanthee is again on a mission, but this time to catch up with her friend Reveka. Daenerys hadn't been too forth coming about why exactly things didn't work out between him and the Zingari girl. Her emerald eyes are furrowed in determination as she makes her way over to Reveka's yurt. Once she reaches the door she calls out politely, "Reveka, you in there?" She will wait outside though, she has some boundaries.

Reveka is indeed inside, the door-flap to her yurt wide open in an attenpt to let some of the autumn breeze through. A groan will answer Xanthee through said door. Reveka has spent the morning, and a good portion of the afternoon sleeping off a hangover. SHe'd been sooo embarrassed coming home from Daen's, the feeling that she'd ruined her shot at him because of her virginity and the half-drunk state she'd found herself in there, that she'd come home and finished that bottle of Red, attempting to hide in it, and her yurt.

Xanthee will take that groan as a "Please come in." and does so as she looks around the sparse space and then at her friend. "What bottle did you crawl out of?" She says when she sees the state of her, a playful smirk crossing her lips as she stands, one hand on her hip. Then her voice softens a little bit as she gets to the point as to why she is here, "I talked to Daen this morning."

Reveka is laying flat on her back atop the covers of her bed, one arm slung over her eyes, the other hanging off the side of the bed. She peeks at Xanthee from under her arm and lifts the near empty bottle of ZIngari Red from the date night in her clutches. In fact, she takes the last pull from the bottle now, and it helps the migraine, some. "Thisss one." She slurrs and giggles, then groans because the action makes her head throb like she has a group of herbeast warring in her mind. ANd she just might. Mention of Daen's name brings a rosy hue to Reveka's cheeks, not that someone could see that with her arm draped over her head and the roof to the yurt pulled shut to cut out the light. "Oh? And jussst what did Mr. Sssexy pants have to say?" She says a little resentfully, and it sounds like that resentment might be aimed at Daen, though it is very, very much aimed at herself.

Oh dear. Xanthee was not expecting to find her friend in such a state. She walks over to the table, and grabs a chair, bringing it over to the side of the bed, she sits down and leans forward, taking the now empty bottle with a frown before putting it aside. When Rev provides an inventive new nickname for the Tanner turned Trader, she snickers loudly. "I am totally calling him that." She says before she answers Reveka's question, "Not much, just that you guys wouldn't be a thing and that he likes to chose his own partners. So I thought maybe you could elaborate for our man of few words." She says gently, looking concerned for the Zingari girl. Wow, maybe her matchmaking wasn't a very good idea after all, no no, that can't be it.

Reveka protests when Xanthee takes the bottle, even though it is quite empty at this point. SHe sits up, rubbing at her face with her hands and when she's done, she pulls her knees up to her chest and hides her face between. SHe shakes her head and groans when Xanthee asks her to elaborate what happened. "Well , we mossst definitely will not be a thing, Mr. Sssexy pantss and I, despite the fact I think we both felt a pull." She groans again, grasping her aching head. She'll have to see Igraine or Tallel about this. "Oh, why did I go over there????" Groaning still, she whumps over so that she is now laying in a more fetal position. "I told him I was a virgin Xanthee…. and he balked." In fact, he'd straight out put a halt to things after that. "Maybe I sssshould have jusst kept my damn mouth sshut…" She's totally blaming her v-card for the halt on things, and she's blaming her whiskey addled courage for getting her hopes up. "That….and….he'ssss not looking for love Xan." Her voice cracks a bit. "I'm not either….but, well….I don't think I can do jussst sssex either." A sob comes forth now. "Shells…." She says lifting an arm to look at Xan…"I can't even get the sssex part right."

Shards! Xanthee is cursing herself now, this was not in the plan, and she is begining to feel a little guilty that she inadvertantly caused her friend to feel bad. When she lays down and Xan can reach, she stretches her hand out a bit and puts it reassuringly on the other girl's arm. "Hey now, it's not your fault." Yeah Xan, we know, it's yours. "I am so sorry Reveka." she pauses, giving her arm a reassuring squeeze, "I had no idea that Daen isn't looking for something serious. Or you." Which is totally why she should not be a matchmaker. She nibbles her lower lip nervously. "I just wanted my friends to find what Mal and I have, because more than just sex, love is amazing." C'mon Xan, why are you rubbing it in? Seeming to remember herself, she continues to rub at her friend's arm. "My first time was in a stable and it got me kicked out of Southern's Candidacy. Really, I built it up so much in my mind, this epic event, but it was a disaster. And if I can let you in on a secret," she leans in a bit before continuing, "It doesn't really change anything. So as long as you find someone who isn't a total dick to do it with, it will happen." She peeks out the open Yurt door, "Y'know, I know a few girls in the Caverns who saw some of the Zingari escorts for their first times." She shrugs and just leaves that hanging. "If you keep making it a bigger deal in your head than it is, you're likely never going to do it."

There's a muffled half laugh, half sob when Xanthee brings up love. Reveka sounds a little bitter when she speaks next. "Yeah that never did me any good either." SHe'd loved someone….once. And it hadn't worked. How she ever though tthis might work too, was outrageous. Reveka does take comfort in the rub on her arm, scoffing slightly when Xan assures her it will happen one day.. "Not if I can't gain a man's interest it won't. Xan… I love you , but really this whole relationship thing, is a disaster for me. I should probably just mourn it for a lost cause and move on with life." Reveka sits back up, hair messy, cheeks red, nose snuffling. There's a look of extreme distaste on Reveka's face when Xanthee brings up losing her v-card to an Escort. "I told Daen, and I'll say it again, I am not paying to lose my virginity." Oh no. That is ONE thing that Reveka doesn't think money should be an exhchange for. "So you're right…I probably won't ever do it." She siffles and runs an arm across her nose.

Xanthee's tender heart is breaking for her friend, as she seems to be saying all the wrong things. "I'm so so sorry Reveka. This is all my fault." Aha! She finally admits it. "I shouldn't have thought I was being so clever setting up that double date. But I never thought it would make you this upset." She continues to rub at the other girl's arm, her emerald eyes dulled as her cheery disposition evaporates. "I won't do it anymore, I promise. Please don't be so upset. Daen seems to still like you fine. And you will find him someday, the guy who wants to make every moment with you the most special moment of your life." Despite her serious demeanor, the fervor with which she declares her last with the fullness of her conviction, but that may just be cause she is looking at the world now through Mal-colored glasses. "And the escorts was just an idea, I don't know how I would feel paying for it, but the girls I've talked to said they were very gentle."

Xanthee will have to forgive Reveka for not exactly agreeing with her on things just now. Upset + Still half drunk + Migraine = Scrambled brains. So she isn't thinking logically or clearly at the moment. "Don't be upset?" She asks almost incredulously. "How am I not supposed to be upset Xan? I've had two attempts at this whole….romance thing and both have gone down gloriously in flames. How am I supposed to feel about that?" Particularly when Reveka seems to do so well with the other aspects of her life. She can outperform most of the girls she knows, and she's the only one she knows that can wrap herself in knots….literally. So why does she fail so gloriously here? Again she looks grossed out by the Escort idea, and shakes her head. It doesn't matter if they're gentle. She's not going there.

Xanthee sighs heavily, moving her hand away as she looks at Reveka, and seriously it's like she's looking in a mirror on herself one Turn ago. "Oh hon, I know. It's not always great. And any guy would be more than fortunate to have you in their life. Sometimes it takes you not looking to find it. That's what happened with me and Mal. I had sworn off males of all sorts after the disaster of my last Candidacy. Then he just showed up in the Tea Room and I liked the look of him. But it wasn't months later until we actually met up again, by complete chance in the Cantina. It's funny how life is sometimes. Sometimes you have to let go to find the thing you want." She's trying her hardest to be reassuring and her eyes search Reveka's and she adds, just to add a little levity to the situation, "You should hang out in the Crafter's Complex, those guys would go crazy for you."

Reveka is plenty happy wallowing in her own misery, blaming herself for things when Xanthee brings up not looking for love and it snaps a chord in Reveka that probably would have stayed in place, were she not half-drunk now. She yanks her arm away from Xanthee's touch and gives the girl a trademarked Zingari glare that sums up just about how she feels about that, but words come spilling out anyway. "I was perfectly fine in NOT looking for a man until YOU GOT INVOLVED XANTHEE!" And now she's angry, angry tears welling up in her eyes. "I was just getting over Bon, JUST getting over being heartbroken about him, and I noticed once out loud that Daen was fetching and you took it upon yourself to try and hook us up!!!! I was FINE Xan…. and now….. now… Now I'm just a big mess!!!!" It's probably unfair of Reveka to blame it all on Xan, but she's MAD now.

Xanthee leans back in the chair, causeing the front two legs to come off the ground, as she holds her hands up defensively, eyes wide and sheepish. "Wow. Yeah well, I guess I deserve that." She says with a little wince as she just got yelled at by the Zingari girl. "If I would have known how things were going to turn out, there's no way I would have gone ahead. And I make a solemn oath to you, as a friend, I will never try my hand at matchmaking with you ever again. I have more than learned my lesson on that score." And here her eyes soften, "And I am really sorry things didn't workout with Bon, I should have known you weren't ready." She tries to catch Reveka's eyes, "I will do better, if you still want to be my friend." And then Xan pleads silently with her emerald eyes, throwing herself on Reveka's mercy.

Reveka gives Xanthee a look that shows her agreeing with the girl about edeserving the whiplash. Reveka's temper boils and bubbles as Xanthee continues to speak, enraged by the fact that Xanthee had put her in this mess to begin with. But then she's promising to stay out of Reveka's love life and giving apologies about Bonifas. Reveka's lower lip trembles when Bon's name leaves Xan's lips and tears begin spilling down Reveka's cheeks, and she sobs. "No…. I wasn't ready….not at all…" And then Reveka has her hands over her face, hiding the tears that come streaming down her face. "Of… course I s-still want to be your friend Xan…I just….I'm sorry." Whiskey should probably be kept away from Reveka for awhile, and the fact is backed by the groan that soon comes. "Xan…. I need some water…" And quick….or Xan might just see what Reveka had for supper before the whiskey last night.

"No Reveka, don't cry." Xanthee says, her own eyes sparkling with tears rising in them, "You'll set me off." She says with a sniff and a giggle, before she is being asked for water. Quickly, she gets up and moves over to the table and the pitcher of water there and, spying a glass, quickly fills it. In a moment of inspiration, she also grabs the washing bowl and brings it over to the bed. Handing the glass to Reveka, she sits with the washing bowl in her lap, just in case she needs to be ready for some gastric pyrotechnics. "If you don't mind me saying, you actually look worse than me after that night at the Oasis Inn." she notes with another giggle.

It's a good thing that Xan gets that bowl, because Reveka's stomach is roiling, even as she does start to cry. She tries to take a sip off the water but quickly has to switch items with Xanthee, handing over the glass and grabbing the bowl. She gets it under her face just as the contents of her stomach come rushing out of her in an impressive display of gastric pyrotechnics that leaves Reveka chilled and shaking. She tries to laugh at Xan's last comment, but it comes out as more a strangled cry as her pyrotechnics start anew.

Xanthee takes the glass from Reveka and quickly hands over the bowl. She averts her eyes when the heaving begins in earnest, her gaze wandering around the yurt. "How do you keep the sand out of here in a storm?" She wonders outloud and just as she thought her friend was done, she begins again and that gets a sympathetic look from Xanthee, "Yeah, definitely worse than I was." looking over at the discarded whiskey bottle, "How much did you actually drink?"

It's mostly dry-heaving at this point, and when Reveka can speak again, she doesn't, she groans, lifting her head and propping it in a hand, elbow propped aginst her knee for support. A moment later she sets the bowl on the other side of the bed and takes the glass back from Xanthee. "The whole damn thing….minus the four shots we took on date night with Mr. Sssexy pants." Hey! Less slurring this time! Sip Reveka! Sip! She takes a slow sip from the water and prays.

Xanthee hands over the water quickly and, being the ever considerate friend, gets up and grabs the now mostly full bowl and sweeps out of the yurt with it. A few moments later she returns with an empty bowl and places it back on the far side of the bed, just in case. "That…is a lot of whiskey." She says slowly as she takes up the seat in front of her friend, "Any better?"

Reveka decides while Xanthee is gone, that she may need to go see a healer for the hangover symptoms once they truly set in. By the time Xanthee gets back, and boy is Reveka grateful she took that bowl out, her head is back to throbbing, but she doesn't feel like the world is going to end anymore. "Aye…a little. Nothing a trip to Tallel or Igraine won't handle." Reveka pinches at the bridge of her nose, eyes closed and breathing slow as some of the color comes back to her face. "I didn't have anyone to drink it with…" She says of the amount of whiskey consumed, "My parents are gone visiting other clans to see their grandchildren and My brothers and sister went with them….Daen didn't want a drink either…So when I got home, I drank it myself." She shrugs and groans again. "I really should find whomever came up with the recipe for that whiskey…and congratulate them on it." Meaning, you know it's good whiskey when it wrecks you like this. "Unnngh…. Never again." Never again what? Drinking? Drinking that much? Drunken Flirting? Drinking alone? Who know's, Reveka just makes that one cryptic vow. Never Again.

Xanthee nods her head a bit and puts a hand on the other girl's shoulder warmly and looks her in the face with one of her patented Xan beaming smiles, "Well, if you ever find yourself not having anyone to drink with again, send me a flit. I mean, you puked in front of me, that practically makes us sisters, and 'sisters' look out for each other. Besides I feel quite responsible for your current condition so if I can prevent it in the future, then I'll be there. I'll definitely come and I won't always drag Mal with me, just sometimes, cause he's really handy at getting my drunk ass to bed." She says with michievous look in her eye and a smirk to her lips but then Reveka brings up some unfamiliar names, "They your healers here? That might be a good idea. You want me to walk you over to them?" She says getting up out of the chair and looking down at her friend, hand out in case she needs help getting up.

Reveka nods. "I think it's going to bee a good long while before I touch anouther drink Xan…no worriess there." Reveka turns rose red when Xatheee brings up her vomiting and hides her face in her hands. She chuckles at Xan's comment on Malosim. "Did I get the chance to tell you the two of you are sickeningly sweet together?" She nods at Tallel and Igraine being the healers. "Aye, and good healers at that." She'll gladly accept the hand up. Standing still as dizzyness grabs her for a moment. They'll make it to a healer's yurt eventually, though Reveka might have a few more pyrotechnics along the way. Let's just say that this just isn't Reveka's day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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