Kodi, M'noq


Assorted beverages at the Kitten.


It is evening of the twenty-fifth day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

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The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

The brunt of the dinner hour is in full swing, and the caverns seem near to bursting. In the Tipsy Kitten, business has been steady since noon, though not nearly as crowded as the living cavern. The usual comings and goings have seen their typical upswing now that the evening is settling in and the temperatures are dropping, so seating is becoming a premium, most newcomers settling for standing room. It's nice and cozy in here, and the din so far remains at a polite hum, punctuated by the clinks of many glasses on tables. Kodi must have arrived earlier than some, because she has a table to herself next to the wall near the pub's main entrance. There is a crumb-filled plate, a glass with an inch of something amber in it, and a tall green glass with what's most likely water. Her dark eyes slowly roam from one group to another, in no particular hurry. Enjoying the ambiance, or something.

M'noq comes into the Kitten more often than you'd think, considering he doesn't drink. Mostly he comes in to check on his wingriders, who might be imbibing a bit too much on a night before early drills or Threadfall. Though tonight that doesn't seem to be his goal, as he goes up to the bar and speaks quietly to the bartender, who, after few moments, gives him a tall glass of something amber with ice. He looks around for a seat, and failing finding some table free, approaches Kodi. "You mind if I join you? Looks like the place is busy tonight."

Kodi has probably noticed both that M'noq was searching for a seat, and that he was approaching, because she's already meeting the wingleader with an oddly intense look, too quick to nod at the very end of his question. She moves her dishes a little more to her side of the table, then politely adds, "Please do, sir. I've felt a little selfish keeping a table to myself. It was not exactly by design." She takes a tiny sip from her water glass, attention wandering briefly toward a group where a mildly raucous peal of laughter has erupted, though quickly quieted. She looks back at the other rider, eyes landing briefly on his glass, then away. "Nice to have such a nice day off," she comments. "No rain. No snow."

M'noq gives a grateful nod and takes a seat, taking a drink from his iced beverage before setting it on the table. "Please, no 'sir' here. I don't even expect it from my wingriders, unless someone's broken a rule or is getting a dressing-down." So basically, it only happens when someone isn't doing their job. He looks at the pale woman for a moment. "You're green Risielth's rider, correct? Kodi? I'm certain we've talked in passing a few times, but perhaps not often. It has been a pleasant enough day, though winter in Southern isn't exactly my favorite season."

Kodi smiles slightly, though any humour does not quite reach her eyes. Nothing personal. Just her usual state. Though a moment later, as she adds, "No more sir's tonight, I promise," there is the briefest glint of amusement within the dark brown. "I've learned from long experience to err on the side of propriety. You just never know." She finishes her water, and pensively sets the glass back on the table, glancing briefly at her other glass, though leaving it for now in favour of studying both one group leaving in good cheer, while a couple takes their place, looking far more somber. Or maybe just sober. The green rider gives a single, deep nod, confirming M'noq's information regarding both Kodi and Risielth. "Of Serval," she adds, offering up some extra intel. Though it's likely unnecessary. She smiles, then, her expression managing to genuinely relax a couple degrees. "I come from Telgar. I will gladly take Southern's winters over theirs any day, though the rainy season does get awfully oppressive after a while." She picks up that second glass, but seems content to simply hold it for now. "You are the wingleader of Lynx, yes?"

M'noq nods agreement at that. "Of course. Some wingleaders do hold their knots in higher esteem than others. Personally, if I'm able to keep my wingriders alive and we're all able to do our jobs, I'm not all that concerned with what they call me." He smiles faintly as she mentions Telgar. "I grew up at High Reaches. I admit I miss the snow there… it's easier to take than the constant rain here." But it hasn't run him off yet. "Right, Lynx. So, you enjoy working under Rielle?" Maybe that's a trick question, since she's a clutchmate of his.

Kodi shrugs slightly, her small smile returning. "Oh, it's not just wingleaders," she comments, though she doesn't elaborate just then. She nods in agreement regarding the snow, then laughs softly. "I remember the first time I was in one of those wet snows they have on the coast. Nearly died of hypothermia. I was so sure I could just brush it off and be fine." She takes a tiny sip of her second drink, though her lips barely touch it. In the opposite corner, a group of both riders and weyrfolk have started singing along to a common song, thankfully not an inappropriate one. Not yet. Give them time. Kodi turns back to M'noq after he asks about Serval's own wingleader. "She takes it seriously. She makes it easy to respect her," Kodi comments, then takes another miniscule sip of her drink.

"If it's snowing enough to be cold, it's dangerous enough to be out in it, especially if you're wet," M'noq advises. "Not so mcuh a problem around here. And if you're around Southern Barrier, it's just always very cold, never that heavy, wet snow." There's probably exceptions along the border. He doesn't glance towards the group of singing folks, apparently used to that sort of behavior. He nods at the comments on Rielle. "I was glad to see her take Serval's knot." He takes a couple of gulps from his tall, iced glass. "Is your wing suffering much from the illness that has been going around?"

Kodi grins into her glass a tiny bit, largely imperceptible except for the brief twinkle in her eyes. "I will keep that in mind," she murmurs before taking a sip. There is a momentary grimace, as if she weren't actually all that ready for said sip, but that is the only sign before set quietly sets the glass on the table, the sound of the clink lost to the next song in the corner. Regarding the illness, Kodi purses her lips briefly, then answers, "No more than any of the other wings, I think. We're lucky to have our lifemates." Her eyes lose their focus so briefly it might be missed before she again glances at the newest arrivals, studying each face before turning back to M'noq. "And Lynx? I haven't exactly been privy to the various wings' intel," she adds lightly, smiling.

"Lynx has been much the same," M'noq admits. "I'm not sure if they even know what's causing it. We have had a few riders knocked out for a while, but we've managed to cover for their absense." He looks briefly distracted, then waves a hand. "Sorry, I didn't come here to talk about work. I needed to think about something else for a bit, something not personal. How do you spend your free time, Kodi? Hobbies? Exciting adventures?"

"That strikes me as exactly personal," Kodi replies after M'noq's last question, though she both looks and sounds amused. Her fingers rest against her glass while a passing server picks up her other glass and empty plate before she can ask for a refill. She watches the woman draw further away, then glances at the brownrider again. "I've learned to surf. That is about as exciting as I get," she answers, possibly hedging slightly. "Considering the number of Turns I've been in Southern, it's taken me long enough. And you, M'noq? Hobbies? Adventures? Things not-work?"

M'noq laughs. "Personal? I suppose, but not really. I mean, not personal in a meaningful way." Not personal how he means it, anyway. "Really? Surfing? I… I don't think I ever considered that." He's considering that now, though, wondering if it would occupy him instead of other things. "Ah, well, there's only so much PT I can throw myself into without feeling like I'm going mad. I can toss knives at things, maybe even learn a few tricks, but I'm still distracted. Boring books. I was playing music for a while." Someone gave him a ukulele. "Lately my hobby has been 'find a reason to get out of the weyr'." He's troubled by this, though.

"That's a goal, not a hobby," Kodi contradicts, apparently no longer bothered by the face both M'noq's dragon and knot trump her own. She picks up her glass again, though she once again seems happy to just hold it. "But I'm going to take a wild guess that's why you're sitting at this table in the Tipsy Kitten and drinking… is that iced tea?" she guesses, chin-nodding toward the man's own glass. "The Kitten has easy ice on hand, the caverns, no so much?" Her finger taps the side of her glass a couple times, though there is no sound, too quiet to carry over the growing din of the pub as the evening continues. "What's wrong with your weyr?" Speaking of personal.

"Goal, hobby, same thing," M'noq says, waving off whatever contradiction the greenrider offers. He smiles a little sheepishly, glancing at his glass. "Yeah, iced tea. The bartenders here know I don't drink alcohol." It's fairly common knowledge in his wing and around the Weyr generally. He hesitates at the last question, perhaps pondering if it's too personal or if he wants to answer it at all. "You know how there might be someone around that you want to see, but you don't want to see? Maybe you see them and you know it's your fault they're miserable, or maybe you don't see them, and that's your fault too." This conversation has gotten way too heavy. "So, surfing. Do you really curl all your toes off the end of the board?"

Kodi arches a brow at M'noq but does not contradict him further, instead going for another of her miniscule sips of whatever the liquid is in her glass. At this pace, she'll be able to nurse the thing into the wee hours of the morning. As the other rider continues, Kodi's expression relaxes into something quite neutral as she listens, eyes focused on the man as he speaks. She's contemplating his answer, on the verge of replying when he moves to a lighter topic. "Hang ten?" she asks in a soft drawl, smiling slightly. "I do not know. I'm barely a novice still, lucky not to break my fool neck." She takes a slow breath just as the singing troupe in the corner breaks into a song that is decidedly beyond PG-13. The barest hint of colour reaches Kodi's cheeks as she downs the rest of her drink in one go and begins to stand, clearing her throat after the drink disappears. "For the other… I do understand. And I wish you the best." There's a pause where the normal "sir" would be used, but then she slings her jacket back onto her shoulders and gives M'noq a quick salute before she heads toward the exit without further comment, depositing her glass on the bar along the way.

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