J'ay (Jaymes) and Iandreth, evka (Reveka) and Saetyroith, Ginger and Shokravanth, Katrya (Katryana) and Vinodestroth, Talya and Turahaimajusuth, Kyriatis and Omairhuith, Syri (Syrianna) and Gamanturath, Kelati and Takatath, Rocio, F'kan, M'noq, Amani, dragonet puppeting by SerenityCo (Alyna, Amani, Th'res, Z'bor)


Zymuraith and Ravaith's eggs hatch on a rainy Southern autumn afternoon!

Long log!


It is the twenty-eighth day of the fifth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Hatching Sands, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 06 Jul 2018 06:00


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"We're all here together. We're fine."


Hatching Sands

The Sands are surprisingly soft to the feet and to the eyes: rich grains of gold commingle with the ground basalt-black that mark the shores of Azov's Sea. The whorls of lighter color pattern into the sands, larger-grained and often settling at the top, as golden driftwood against dark shores. … but the moaning from above sounds like the chorus of the damned, lessening the natural beauty here below.

It's a signature Southern autumn afternoon, the rain coming down heavily, though not oppressively. Depending on who you ask of course. But it's nowhere near powerful enough to dampen the vibrant humming that resonate throughout the Weyr, announcing that the clutch on the Sands is about to break shell. Amani, having been here since it began, is doing her best not to pace, steading herself with a hand on her lifemate as they await the arrival of the Candidates. Zymuraith has probably passed on to Niamyth and Quaverilth where she expects them all to stand, as exacting and quirky as ever. And though she watches with whirling orange eyes, she sits in a state that nearly resembles tranquility, expectant. She almost glows with it.

One after the other, in a slightly ragged line, white-clad candidates file onto the Hatching Sands. Some have heads held high, others glance round in excitement or fix nervous eyes on the waiting gold dragon and those neat circles of eggs. The girl in the lead eyes up the scene, then picks a spot to aim for. The others follow her, and form up in two semicircular rows on the south side of the eggs, opposite the golden queen. At a hand-signal, they bow in something like unison to Zymuraith and Ravaith. After that, they stay where they are - at least for now - as all eyes start to turn towards those eggs.

Five Fingers Against the Eye Egg gives a little shimmy, a little shake, and sits still again. Just trying to shiver free of some of that sand, thats all! But for now that swirled blue grip is going to remain as tight as ever.

Rocio makes her way onto the sands as quickly and as discreetly as possible to stand somewhere out of the way. She finds a good spot where she can see the candidates and eggs, ready to fetch the newly Impressed as needed.

Following at the tail end of the line of Candidates, F'kan takes the time to bow to the clutch parents before finding a spot near Rocio, "Nice day for it," he drawls with a crooked grin. Hands are stuffed deep into his pockets to keep from nervously fidgeting. Quaverilth is standing precisely where instructed by Zymuraith, his wings rustling excitedly while his throat vibrates with a deep thrumming hum. He's ready to meet his new charges.

Talya is definitely not a candidate that will deny a request from the clutchdam, big gold dragon that she is. She obediently shuffles along behind the candidate in front of her, though her face kinda says it all… she hopes she's doing this right! Good thing she's no where near the lead of the pack, and is sort of late to the bowing to the clutchparents. But all in all, it worked out fine. One hand still goes to smoothing down her sleepy hair, her dark eyes first scanning the eggs shaking and then to her fellow candidates. "Excited?" She make have shuffled closer to Ginger and Katryana in the line.

Jaymes is standing within an arc of candidates on the South curve of a ring of eggs. He doesn't exactly look nervous, but he is watching the twitching eggs in front of him. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he tries not to fidget in front of everyone.

Syrianna is just a bundle of nerves. She didn't really take the time to make sure that she looked nice so the white robe is looking a bit more on the ruffled side. Her lucky canine tooth on the cord around her neck is the only thing other than her robe that she visibly wears. She is both excited and nervous at the same time, but then most of the candidates probably are. She glances out towards her favorite couple eggs, daring to hope, daring to dream.

Kyriatis' hard-won chill has somewhat disintegrated in the moment, leaving her anxiously shifting from one foot to the other once she's in place upon the sands. The messy knot of her hair looks about ready to fall down altogether, but it holds for now: so too does her gaze, trained ever-fast upon the collection of mottled, finally moving eggs. "This time," she breathes, caught between hope and fear.

Khepri's Ancient Scarab Egg gives a taunting wiggle from it's resting place. wiggle, wiggle. Slight ticks can be heard from beneath the shell before it rocks again, slightly harder.

The Pharaoh's Watcher Egg quivers subtly, once, twice…and is still. Just adjusting, apparently!

Kelati's hair is wet. Sure, it's raining and everyone is a little damp, but she had literally just finished bathing. So to some extent, all of her is just as damp, but her hair — which is falling everywhere instead of its normal tied up — is getting a quick Hot Sands drying treatment. "Now or never," she tells herself and agrees with everyone else all at once. "Last time doing this."

Cross My Path Egg shudders softly, darkness shifts across it's shell in ripples as the vibrations inside intensify briefly before it falls still once more.

Ginger isn't going to stay exactly where she's been put for long: she too shuffles closer to fellow-candidates. She tries to catch Kyriatis' eye, and Talya's, and Katryana's… but mostly she's trying not to talk to herself out loud. If lips move silently, that's allowable. And then she spots a wiggling egg, and she's hardly aware of anything else.

Katryana is trying not to let the fear show too much. "Very," she responds to Tayla with a sheepish grin, fiddling with the loose thread on her right sleeve. She looks like a herdbeast about to become dragon lunch on the feeding grounds, each egg wiggle making her shrink back towards her established friend group.

Finally, the time has come for Five Fingers Against the Eye Egg to loosen its grasp. The one within is clearly impatient to be freed, buffeting the shell hard enough to make it twitch with every impact. Then a crack forms along one amber streak, and claws shining with moisture emerge to pull and rend until a sharp brown snout thrusts through. It pushes, shoves, strains until, all of a sudden, the blue-shrouded shell bursts apart, leaving one dangerously handsome brown dragonet to shake himself free of fragments and goo.

Striking a Balance Brown Dragonet

Deadly sharpness and sinuous strength define the long, lean curves and lithe limbs of a fighter's frame, keenness the common factor in his alert gaze and steely talons. Rippling brown shrouds him richly, a marbling of hues ranging from golden to klah-dark enrobing him from the narrow length of his snout to the cunning tip of his tail. Ridged headknobs curve, horn-like, back along the contour of his skull, a shape echoed in the wide, acute sweep of his wings. Lunate neckridges rise in deep walnut, lighter hues breaking around each like water around stones to roil down his sides into the darkness pooled at his stomach. Poised at the ready and balanced he stands, capable of utter stillness and swift action alike - a weapon honed and a shield to protect.

Reveka arrives with the rest of the candidates, and after the bow to the clutchparents, she eyes the eggs on the sands. This is what they are all here for, so why is she so scared? Her heart thumps wildly in her chest and she inches closer to her candidate class. Thank goodness for the loosness and flow of her robes, otherwise it would be too hot here. Already she's sweating…

Ravaith watches expectantly, his gaze on Zymuraith and the eggs, then shifting to look over the candidates critically. Maybe he has eyeballed them before, but now it seems especially important that they rise to their potential. M'noq is standing near Amani, looking no where near as anxious as she does, instead flashing her a quick smile. "Does this bring back memories? Ah, look… it's starting." And the excitement of the moment catches him as well.

Kyriatis sounds more sure as she says, "We're all here together. We're fine." That they may not be together is surely beside the point. Her smile is a little uncertain, but she aims it at one person after another: all her usual crowd, and a few others for good measure. And: "Oh, look. A brown!"

Biding its time, Careful what you Wish for Egg is waiting for just the right moment. A mighty shudder threatens to displace it from its mound of sand, but it holds fast in stalwart resolve and quiets again. Waiting…

Talya chuckles at Katryana's excitement, smirking at the younger girl. "It'll all be over fast, you won't— there's the first." Talya does shuffle on her feet, and maybe it's suddenly excitement or nervousness, but she stares at that brown that hatches. "You won't know where to look," she finally finishes in a murmur to Kat. "Are browns a sign of anything anyway? Bronze is luck." After a few turns, Talya has no idea of the nuances of Weyr life sometimes.

Katryana's breath catches in her throat when the first egg cracks open, depositing a sharp-edged dragonet onto the scorching sands. She can't help the shiver of nervous anticipation that runs through her body. When Ginger catches her eye, she attempts a supportive smile, mouthing, 'this time!' and giving her a big thumbs up. To Talya, "Well, he looks like a big, healthy brown! I'd say that's good luck enough!"

Jaymes does take notice of the brown dragon that just hatched not that far away from him. He's calm on the outside. On the inside, however, his pulse has spiked and he's nodding after Kyriatis speaks. "Aye. A brown." Over there. He's watching it! "Didn't take long."

Charm of the Ayi Vodun Egg gives a forceful shiver, sinister energy rising around to pressure the shell. It wiggles, it hops, it shivers angrily.

"Yeah…" Amani says to M'noq's mention of memories, but she's already distracted. Zymuraith is well-pleased with how the Candidates have arranged themselves, and good thing, too, because there's no time to fuss over it with a brown making an appearance already! Shortly after him, two more eggs break, and there are suddenly two greens to accompany him.

Ginger echoes, "Brown," grinning at Kyriatis while keeping an eye on the hatchling. "Not bronze - but isn't he going to be a good looker?" She turns the grin on Talya. "Don't think a brown first means anything in particular - except that someone will have lost some marks and someone else will have made some." Actually, she can't seem to help smiling now that this is actually happening again.

Written in the Stars Egg gets a bump and jumps! Just a little! Then it stays in the sand, but the fact that something is working away within is audibly obvious.

Kyriatis gives Jaymes a wry grin. "Never does. It'll be over before we know." Each hatchling Impressed, after all, is another that's not available to be hers. "He is, isn't he?" That, to Ginger. "And that is definitely a good sign. Who needs bronzes anyway?" The thought has her take her eyes off the brown - and the other eggs - to lift towards the galleries temporarily, perhaps to seek someone out. Still, it's not as if she can keep her attention away for long.

Kelati touches her hair with a fingertip briefly, then says, "Well, I'm glad I wore boots." The sandals thing is ABSURD. It's hot as DEATH out here, except 300x more humid than one might expect death to be. "He's a beauty, that should be luck all on its own, huh?"

Reveka is distracted from her own fears and such the second a shell begins to crack. A brown emerges and Reveka is awed at the sight of him. What a pretty brown. She inches closer to Talya and Katryana anyhow. "He's a pretty one…" She comments, pointing at the newly hatched dragonet.

Striking a Balance Brown dragonet gets right to it, marching up to the arcs of Candidates and starting his scrutiny without preamble. It?s most important that he finds his as soon as possible, and he won?t allow any other to stand between him and the one he?s meant for. Unfortunately, it?s going to take a little investigation to suss them out, and that means using his nose…which he now does upon a short, dark-skinned Woodcrafter lad. No! He decides this quickly and, with a rustle of still-damp wings, moves on.

Katryana can't help laughing at Ginger's quip, anxiety getting the best of her good sense. Abruptly, it's cut off as two more hatchlings break from their shells and she squeals and points. "Look, two more! I mean, I'm sure all the eggs are going to hatch, but…" She dances from foot to foot, trying to relieve the worst of the heat coming through her strappy footwear, and fixes Kelati with a look that's part envy and part glare. "He is. He looks like you could cut your hand on him, though," she breathlessly replies to Reveka.

Jaymes lifts his shoulders into a shrug when folks comment on how the brown is a brown and not a bronze. "Handsome boy, that one." Said to no one in particular, he shifts his weight from foot to foot whenever the sand beneath his sandals gets too hot. "I'll agree with that." he says, grinning over at Kelati. About it being hot as sharding death out here!

M'noq slides an amused smile over at Amani with her distraction, but he doesn't try to engage her if her mind is on other things. "Handsome fellow," he remarks on the brown. "Something in his coloring reminds me of Ravaith." And papa dragon lowers his muzzle to whuffle in the direction of this first to hatch, as the little dragonet sets off to make a decision.

Careful What You Wish For Egg rocks only once more before a large crack forms along one of the digits, one claw peeking out before retreating. Then with a shower of egg shards, a large foot breaks free from its confines, zircon tipped claws waggling in the air. Another great CRACK and a second foot joins the first as the dragonet inside kicks his his way through the shell. When the dust settles, among the wreckage sits a stout blue, overlarge feet struggling to get under his round body.

Out of the Darkened Depths Blue Dragonet

The cool purity of turquoise seafoam flows over every lithe and salient inch of this nigh-otherworldly blue, broken only by the faintest ripples of aquamarine. Touches of glistening shadow, deep and rich as the fathomless depths of mountain lakes in spring, course over each curve of his ribs, the muscles of his powerful haunches, and the narrow spread of his near-translucent wingsails. His talons, neckridges, and wingtips seem hewn from glinting blue zircon. Yet for all the svelte sleekness of his form, there is a touch too much muscle to his shoulders, his feet are slightly too heavy, his countenance is a tad too severe, and all of him seems to be on the brink of transformation into something unexpected. He is mercurial both in motion and regard, the danger, power, and beauty of the aquatic embodied.

Talya seems to give a nod of approval or agreement, to the other candidates. "Definitely a good looker." She glances back to see Reveka approach, making room for her so that they still look like they're nice and aligned. Or something. "It isn't /that/ hot… yet." She has definitely worn sandals, and she is shuffling, but she doesn't look too bad since she enjoys the warmth. Give her a little bit longer and she might start complaining.

Kelati's smiling, but also starts every time another dragon bursts free of its shell in such a quick fashion. "Here goes the speed," she says. How different from the clutch when Zymuraith hatched, when she was timid and shy. Now she knows everyone and is acting the pro Candidate; two turns can change a lot. "This part makes me dizzy - oh, Kyriatis, there we go," she says of the blue, smiling broadly. "Nice blue, that."

Reveka gasps at the appearance of a blue on the sands, one that seems…near foreign in sight. It's a beautiful dragon, one that very much would beg to be on canvas. Too bad Reveka doesn't know any artists. "Ooooo. Look at him!" She squeaks to the other girls.

Late as it may be, Terminally Dismembered Fuzzy Icon of Fate egg is biding it's time. Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle. There's a small jump and thud, but no cracks along this shell just yet. Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle. It's occupant must have everything ready to go before coming into the world!

Kyriatis opens her mouth to say something, but whatever it was is lost to time: instead, she's seen the arrival of this latest blue, her attention drawn to it perhaps even by Kelati, and she's sighing, instead. "Which egg was that? I think it was one of the ones I liked, even. Kel— yours, maybe." The 'or mine' is not verbalised: that would be too much tempting of fate.

Find a Penny, Pick it Up Egg trembles in its place, an aura of excitement surrounding it as it prepares. Wiggle, wiggle. Stillness follows, but only for a moment, then it begins to rock violently from side to side. Thump! Thump! There's a near desperate thumping from within that causes the barest web of cracks to begin tracing their way across this coppery ovoid.

Katryana bounces on the balls of her feet, easy enough to do in her sandals, clicking her tongue. The glimmer blue catches her eye, too, and she's about to say something when Reveka beats her to it, "Wow. Look at how blue he is. I mean, duh, but like… so many colors of blue." Arms are folded protectively around her torso as she continues to bounce. To Kyriatis, "It was that weird, fuzzy-looking grey one."

Cross My Path Egg makes one final stretch before erupting in tiny shards of black shell. From the egg emerges a dizzy green who drunkenly walks into a blond haired girl with a squeak before whirling eyes catch the girl's gaze and impression is made!

Werwolf's Gift Egg tiiiiiiilts gradually sideways and never comes quite fully to rest again, little twitches continuing in subtle rhythm…but no cracks yet!

Ginger is easily distracted from the brown when those two greens appear. "That's more like it," she murmurs, and starts to follow their progress, but the blue's arrival has her exclaiming, "Oh, he's a pretty colour!" Then it's back to watching the greens. And the rocking eggs. That's until she hears Kyriatis' comment. "I think that brown was out of one the ones I liked best," she says, a hint of disappointment in her tone. Now, where have those greens got to..?

Is everyone watching? Fukuruyuu Dragon Puppy Egg starts to shake in its spot, subtle at first, its peaches and cream shell vibrating harder as it look like it might bounce right off the sands. Surely it is about to hatch, the way its rocking wildly. But alas, after a mere moment, it goes quiet again, sitting oh-so-innocently on its little mound.

Jaymes is glancing up and down the arc of candidates to see if any of the dragonets are wandering close by. It doesn't seem like it, but that doesn't mean one of them won't sneak up from behind. The thought makes him glance over his shoulder just to make sure. All good? For now. "They're all wobbling. Watch. How much you wanna bet they're gonna crack all at once." Then there's an Impression further down the line. "That the first?"

Talya's dark eyes are sweeping the dragonets, the candidates, and trying to follow every time someone points something out. "They're exploding out so fast and I can't even focus on which ones I touched and… well, though I liked." She seems to still be talking to the girls near her, though her gaze seems to be looking less at them and more on the dragons now that so many are wandering. "That blue's got some muscle… Careful if they come mauling." She seems to miss the Impressions, her eyes dancing from one side to the other in time with her feet lifting from the sands.

Khepri's Ancient Scarab Egg bounces in place one, two, three times before shattering into a million pieces and dumping a brassy brown onto the sands. It doesn't take the dragonet long to wiggle through the crowd and find his mate in a shy Istan boy with buckteeth and the pair escape the sands together quickly.

Kelati squints, unable to tell for sure, "First or second?" she guesses, and then back to the blue: "Could be - don't think I touched that one, though," she admits with a shrug of just one shoulder. She can't shrug both, because if she moves too much it might get more humid somehow. "Maybe he's your brown, Ginger."

Kyriatis, sympathetically: "The egg doesn't matter, right? And who knows, maybe you really are destined to be a brownrider, Gin." Her words follow Kelati's similar ones, perhaps just a beat apart. The information Katryana provides on the provenance of the blue has her nodding, and frowning, but her attention's caught abruptly by the movement of some other egg: there is just too much to see, and only two eyes to see it with. Quietly, "We're all still here." All the people she cares about.

Charm of the Ayi Vodun Egg doesn't bounce or hop. No. It's shell seems to just simply split in two and sluff away, leaving a dark and ichorous green in it's wake. The green stands, shaking the goo from it's body and turns calculating eyes towards the white knots. She seems to sit a moment before taking a direct path to a tall, dark, and handsome looking Fortian teen, bonding with him forever.

Katryana whoops as the blonde candidate and her green lifemate as well as the Istan brownrider are led off the Sands. Her bouncing increases in intensity, leaving little piles of sand around her sandals where she's standing. "Oh, they're Impressing! They're Impressing!" She reaches for Kyriatis's arm, beaming. "Oh, look at how happy they are!" It hasn't occurred to her yet that none of them has Impressed yet.

Once Out of the Darkened Depths Blue Dragonet has his overlarge feet under him, he stretches his wings to their full length and trumpets his arrival. Swinging his severe regard around him at the sea of white clad Candidates. Then the pull takes him, driven forward by pure instinct as he surges forward, limbs shaking only slightly as he waddles into the fray. Keeping his head low, sweeping from side to side, his gaze slips over the unsuitable with mild disappointment before moving on.

It's late! It's late! For this very important date! Oh well, at least Terminally Dismembered Fuzzy Icon of Fate did remember that it needs to get this whole hatching business on with eventually. The shell practically vibrates as it constantly rocks until finally a tiny foot cracks through on spot and from another a wing tip! By the time the little green snout is peeking from the crimson top of the egg, the rest of the shell just disintegrates around her. Laughter Takes Flight Green Dragonet blinks as she's suddenly left standing in the whole, wide world, but then with a sudden creel, she's off and running. There's an appointment she has to make after all. Is it with you?

Laughter Takes Flight Green Dragonet

Subdued olive and moss weave together to form the perfect base camouflage of this delightfully plump green. Each of her powerful and squat legs conclude with feet bearing wickedly sharp obsidian talons. But truly this dragon's crowning glory are her oversized wings, as bright as the rest of her colors are muted. Her wingsails bear a striking resemblance to the bright plumage of teal and malachite of tropical avians. As wings meet back, the blueish hues give way to more yellow greens that trace up her spine until the olive and moss overtake her once more as the understated colors creep up her stubby neck. Plump as this dragon's belly and haunches are, is it any surprise that she also has a fairly rotund head as well? Her headknobs and eyeridges slope low, barely disturbing the smooth profile until her snout dramatically narrows and ends with a slightly curved hook.

Striking a Balance Brown Dragonet works quickly and decisively, wending his way around the legs of Candidate after Candidate, evaluating them with a sniff and a glance and dismissing each with a disappointed huff or head-shake before moving on. No, no, no! None of these will do! He came out here with an expectation to be filled promptly? Ah, but a moment more of patience is all that is required. For straight ahead is the Smith girl with bright red hair he?s been looking for all the while, of course! With a victorious warble, he steps smartly up to her, strikingly marbled wings flaring as he peers adoringly up into her eyes, his tail curling with unwitting possessiveness about her ankles.

Striking a Balance Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Ginger, and steps forward.

Kelati was just about to open her mouth to say something about the brown taking his dang time, when suddenly he's right there, and — was she right? She was right? What is this? "Er," she says awkwardly Ginger-wards, and inches even further away. The hatching of the series of greens definitely gets her attention, and, "Oh, look how cute that one is," to the roly-poly green.

Kyriatis, grabbed by Katryana, gives her friend the broadest of the grins, reaching around with her other arm so that she can squeeze the other teen's arm in return. Of course, that's the very moment when that brown is getting ridiculously close to their group— and indeed, is picking one of them out for good. "Look," she says, more in a whisper than any real voice. "Look." She's quite possibly crying here. "Do you think…?"

Ghost Light Egg shudders subtly, jostled once and left to vibrate back to stillness. Maybe it'll spread some ripples to its siblings?

Talya finally looks away from the hatching eggs to regard Kyriatis and at something that she said. "What's the likelihood that we'd /all/ be left standing together?" Wouldn't that be some kind of bad luck? She doesn't look at her fellow candidates for long, turning back to the dragonets that are still wandering. And the brown seems to be truly taking his time. Talya tenses as he seems to be getting closer and closer… And then seems to have made Impression. "Ginger," she squeaks out. "At least one of us has found someone at last." She actually smiles to the red-headed girl, knowing she had stood several times before. She shuffles a little closer to the others, adjusting her feet… and giving Ginger some room with her newfound lifemate.

Katryana gasps audibly as the brown comes to a halt before the red-head, clinging to Kyriatis tighter to stop herself from tackling Ginger and her brown in sheer joy. "Ginger! Ginger!" she cheers, on the verge of tears. She shuffles back, loosing her friend, to give the new pair some room.

M'noq watches the dragonets hatch and wander over the sands, the first brown catching his eye as he chooses his match. "Oh, those two should make a good pair. I should be making notes for Lynx. Or be telling Th'res to." He glances around but doesn't spot his wingsecond immediately. Maybe they'll just have to go from memory.

Still waddling his way around the smaller groups of candidates, Out of the Darkened Depths Blue Dragonet continues his hunt for the one. They are near, he can feel it. But where? Is that them? A black haired lad is given a frighteningly close scrutiny, the blues hot breath blowing in his face but with a snort of derision, the seafoam blue gives his head a decisive shake and moves on again, a mournful croon trailing along in his wake.

Ginger isn't convinced. "Nah, brownriders are- My Da was a brownrider. I'm nothing like him. I'm not gonna be a-" Famous last words, Gin! Because right now there's a brown dragonet warbling at her, faceted eyes looking into hers, and a brown tail curling round her boots. She drops to her knees, listening as her eyes open wider on something seen only internally. She nods, once, then more and more forcefully in response to the internal questions. "Yes. Yes! Yes!!!" She looks up, beaming, as turns of waiting come to an end, and tells those near her, "His name is Shokravanth!" Then she gets to her feet, careful of tail and wings and limbs. "Yes, we'll find you something right now."

Reveka whistles for those of her mates that have impressed thus far, even louder for Ginger as the girl is taken by one of the dragonets roaming the sands. She's excited now. "Huzzah Gin!" She shouts, eyes moving to see what happens next.

F'kan has been ushering newly bonded pairs over to the side where the food is being handed out to them. Once they are settled, he turns around just in time to see Ginger impress that brown, clapping for the smith-turned-rider briefly before moving forward to usher the new brownling pair over, "Gorgeous fellow you got there. Come right this way for the food."

Find a Penny Pick It Up Egg gives a violent shake, a hop, and a violent jump before it shatters into a million pieces. Shards of shell go flying in every direction and it leaves The Truth In The Myth Brown Dragonet on the Sands, goo and sand clinging to his hide. Shaking his head, he stumbles up onto all fours and ambles forth in search of his other half.

The Truth in the Myth Brown Dragonet

Though drenched in all manner of delectable shades from mocha to caramel to the hickory whorled over his tail, it is klah brown that dominates this brown's build with a pervasive and redoubtable tenacity. The shadow of tarnished copper glints smooth and subtle over svelte musculature all wrought in shifting shades like the play of sunlight and autumn foliage over aged wood. Curved, bleached neckridges illuminate the dark hills of his spine, starkly contrasting the dark currant ripples of wine-soaked sails and the wispy, sunlit spars of his wings. Spitfire eyes are nestled like embers beneath the shadow of deep, black eye ridges in a thin and intelligent face, as sharp and shrewd as the hematite talons that tip dexterous paws.

Syrianna glances around and claps for Ginger. Sure there were other things going on but she was too focused on her favorite egg moving, or at least she thought it did.

Kelati isn't laughing, Kelati isn't laughing, Kelati isn't laughing, Kelati — is laughing. Sorry, Ginger. It's the kind of laughter that's joyful, happy laughter for her co-standing-forever-mate having found her lifemate at last, along with the laughter of how quickly Ginger changed her mind about those browns. When the most recent brown hatches, it tears her attention from watching the greens and the poor sad blue, and she lets out a tiny yelp of surprise.

Kyriatis says, "Shokravanth. Is that right? That's what she said?" She sounds just a little choked up, and clings to Katryana in return: best day ever. "He's perfect, Gin. I knew it was going to happen!" She's wiggling, now, all sheer delight and enthusiasm, her own nervousness and anticipation tapering down to something far more focused. "We've got this, Kat."

Jaymes looks over at Ginger and her lifemate with a nod of approval and a grin. There's more movement on the sands and he's back to watching the eggs around him, but he does catch that brown's name. "That's good on him." A beat, "And there's another brown." They're everywhere! Or so it seems.

Ginger ushers Shokravanth in front of her as she follows F'kan. "Thanks, sir. Isn't he just!" But she's scarcely got eyes for the man who's escorting them, far less what else is happening on the Sands: Shokravanth is the focus of her attention.

Talya stares off in wonderment at Ginger and her brown, brows hiked high. "Maybe it /does/ run in the blood then," she muses to herself. She shakes herself out of those thoughts, knowing she has dragonet watching to do. "Shokra— ah, yeah, I think that was it. Bit of a mouth full don't you think?" She chuckles, giving them a brief glance as they get sorted away. This time she gets her attention fully back on the eggs. "Several down, still so many more to go. I can practically taste the moonshine I'll be having after this."

Out of the Darkened Depths Blue Dragonet has had enough of this waddling about, its entirely too much effort and he doesnt seem to be going anywhere. With a decidedly dejected whuff of air, he arches his stout neck sharply and points his nose in the air, inhaling deeply. What was that? That smell? Like tilled earth and growing things. Time for a closer sniff. Ducking his head again, his severe gaze swings until he catches the scent again, and with a little more surety to his steps, he makes his way towards the dark-haired gardener girl, nostrils flaring wildly. Nothing stopping him until he is in front of her, eyes fixed and whirling as he trumpets his happiness for having found his bonded.

Out of the Darkened Depths Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Kyriatis, and steps forward.

Katryana breaths the name dreamily (as dreamily as you can, with that many consonants, anyway), "Shokravanth." Spirits are certainly up in the group following the Impression of the many-time candidate, or at least Kat's are. The sorrowful crooning has her turning towards the blue and pointing him out to the candidates nearby. "Oh, that breaks my heart. C'mon, little guy, find you mate!" Her insufferable bouncing has calmed to nervous tension, now. The newly-shelled brown gets an admiring ooh, hands fiddling in the air. "They're all just gorgeous, aren't they? I've seen some awkward hatchlings but these are just…"

Origami Cootie Catcher Egg doesn't give much in the way of preamble! It shudders, tilts, and then splits into nearly even quarters, tumbling a brown out into the world to bound immediately off toward a blond-haired Seacrafter lad from Tillek.

Women's Rites Egg and Flying Too High Egg both rock at the same time, sending them rolling into each other with a crash. From the wreckage a green and a bronze struggle to untangle limbs from each other. A pair of brothers from Nerat way come to their rescue and Impressions are made.

Werewolf's Gift Egg gives a shiver and a shudder and explodes. With a near howl it's blue occupant is tumbled onto the sands. Getting up on big paws, snout sniffing the air, the blue goes on the hunt. He finds his prey in a Southern Boy with blue eyes and black hair. "Ogranth! Hello!"

Player's Faux-Pas Egg shakes and cracks and just tries to get on with things. But it's long moments before it breaks open and spills a dainty green onto the sands, one who creels pitifully as she searches. Finally, one girl takes pity and approaches the green. And in soft soothing tones, she speaks to it, and it's over from there. The green has had enough, she's found her! Her mate!

Stuck That Way Egg moves not an iota. Not once. It just seems to crack and dissolve. It leaves a bouncing brown on the sands, ready to play! He rushes through the crowd, and lands smack dab in front of a pair of twins and goes nose to nose with the male of the pair. Well hello there friend!

Rocio isn't pacing, she's busy collecting the newly Impressed from the sands! That boy from Tillek is ushered to the side and so is that blonde haired girl that Impressed green. "Come on, y'all. You're gonna wanna feed 'em!" After one group is ushered off the sands, the Weyrlingmaster is back to see who else has been paired up.

Kelati moves to the side for the blue as he inspects everyone and finds them all wanting — until Kyriatis. "Oh," she says, again, "Well there you go, congratulations, Kyri, he's quite something," and then — well, Kelati is going to run out of backward if she keeps stepping backward every time eggs do something explosive like that roll those two just pulled off — "Wait," she says to the gaggle of candidates she knows, "Weren't those two related?" She needs to stop talking about which dragons belong to which people now, she's 2 for 2.

Laughter Takes Flight Green Dragonet streams through the candidates. Where? Where is her date? She's sooo late! She hopes they're still here! She noses a blonde girl. Nope. Not her. A pair of red headed boys next. Nope. Oh! What is the time? She's late! She's late! She's late!

The Truth in The Myth Brown Dragonet isn't quite stable and wobbles through his first group of white things, creeling as he searches for his other half, his twin. His eyes whirl as he hunts through, he must find his lifemate! He has truths to share!

Katryana continues cheering on the little blue as he gets closer and closer and… she stumbles away from the gardener girl in awe, squealing.
"Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!" She is crying, now, all snuffly and blustery, heat of the Sands causing them to evaporate from her flushed skin. "Oh, Kyri!" Thought it's doubtful she'll be acknowledged, she gives the pair a shy wave. Others from her group confiscated by hatchlings, she edges close to Kelati. "Oh man, did you see those two crash into each other?"

Kyriatis' happiness for Ginger may have distracted her just a little too much, because she's not paying attention when that blue makes his approach, and it takes her completely by surprise when— well, when it's no longer something she can ignore. Eyes widen; mouth drops open; tears begin to form; she drops to a crouch upon the sands, heedless of the heat, and wraps her arms around the little blue. "Om— Omai— Omairhuith? Oh. Oh." She's rather too shell-shocked to do more than stare for long moments, certainly too much so to note the congratulations from those around her. "You're hungry. Of course you are."

Reveka can't keep up, there are so many dragons hatching and moving!!!! How does anyone Keep up? Turning to Katryana she nervously asks, "Are hatchings always this ….eventful down here? How does anyone keep from being trampled?"

Even an egg that excels at false alarms has to give in to the real deal at some point! Fukuruyuu Dragon Puppy Egg finally gets jostled from within enough to actually roll off the little mound of sand thats been built up around it, a wide crack suddenly yawning at the base and widening as rolling continues. Then there are two blue hindquarters kicking free to bring it to a stop, a copious amount of wiggling, and then pop! The peaches and cream shell breaks fully in two, and out tumbles a rather frigid-hued blue, giving a vigorous shake of his head and wings before hopping to his feet and peering around in wide-eyed wonder.

Cold Paws, Warm Heart Blue Dragonet

Solid yet streamlined from head to toe, a sleek frame is carved from cold cobalt, darker hues dominating his underside and and the glacial cragginess of his neckridges. The faintest hints of blowing snow swirl about sapphire-taloned paws and slender limbs before becoming lost in the frigid sky blue that brightens upward over the sturdy curves of his ribs, shoulders, and haunches. Deep-frozen aquamarine sweeps back along his entire length from narrow nose to blunt tail-tip with an almost fur-like patterning when viewed up close, becoming nearly translucent upon the long, narrow spread of his wingsails. There's a brightness to his countenance created by more than just the blue-white of sun-touched ice upon his sharp, jovial face, warm exuberance embodied despite the frigid coloring of his hide.

They're disappearing all around him! Jaymes watches as a blue finds Kyriatis a short distance away and looks pleased at the match. The blue's name is heard and acknowledged with much approval. Closing the gap between he and a few other candidates, he continues to watch the wobbling eggs.

Talya shuffles again to the side a little as the blue seems to have made a decisive path to his candidate. And near her, too. She tenses as the new Impression is made, turning her gaze once again away from eggs and to smirk at Kyriatis and her mate. "Up close, they really are all sorts. They're… they're really great looking dragons, but babies still," she says to Katryana There is a wistful note to her voice as she watches. There is a gap growing around her from candidates Impressed, and she shuffles to the side to help sort her heated feet as well as find herself nearer to Reveka. "You keep your eyes open real close," she says with a laugh. "At this rate they are gonna come charging this way as the other candidates clear out. But then, when was the last time there was a mauling?" She is trying to comfort Reveka as much as herself.

Syrianna is lost in the chaos of it all. People and young dragons alike finding each other as she nervously moves to stay with a group of girls. But when that new blue is on the scene she is now trying to look always at once.

Kelati is still here for now, Jaymes, don't worry. "They're pretty aggressive with those eggshells and — whatever else," she tells Katryana as softly as she can when you kind of have to yell over all the chaos.

Ravaith watches over the rapidly dwindling group of eggs, stopping to peer at this or that egg that's just beginning to wiggle. One that has stubbornly been wiggling for a while without cracking yet, he gives an encouraging little croon, patiently waiting for it to crack.

Reveka looks at Talya gobsmacked. "Wait….. mauling?" Some of the color drains from her faced. "No one ever mentioned mauling!" Of course they had! But she's not remembering that right now. She inches even closer to Talya and Kat now.

Katryana gives Reveka a grin, "No one's even bleeding!" Yeah, that's helpful. She indicates with a headjerk for Jaymes to scoot their way. Her wiped-dry eyes dart across the dragons remaining on the Sands, happiness radiating from her. Back to Reveka, casually, "Oh, yeah. Happens all the time! They're sharp."

Shattered Worlds Egg topples, glinting, as a square kick sends it's mirrored surface splintering, a glistening foot shoved through the shell. On impact, it shatters, and out spills a bronze! He gives fitful flap of his wings, clearing himself of before making his away to the Candidates, taking careful stock of each and every male…before turning back to claim a burly red-headed Miner lad for his own.

Jaymes can relax knowing that Kelati is still here. Whew. That is, until someone has to mention the word 'mauling' and he's feeling a little antsy again. On alert, really. Is there anything behind him? No? Good. He'll just keep a sharp eye out for any wandering dragonets. Aaand maybe scoot closer to Kelati and Katryana in the mean time.

With a hop, skip and a jump, Laughter Takes Flight Green Dragonet moves on from toying with those remains of a shell as she remembers there's a more pressing concern out there. She turns her curved head towards the closest cluster of candidates, given a bit of a hopeful chirp as she circles around them, but nope, none of those girls are quite right. The young green continues on in her nearly bouncing gait until suddenly, she throws those overly large wings out to help slow her down in her sudden stop, crooning happily as she stares up a blue eyed, former Trader.

Laughter Takes Flight Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Kelati, and steps forward.

Wow! What is that? And that? And all those other things? Cold Paws, Warm Heart Blue Dragonet chirps as his gaze zooms from one target to the next, totally overwhelmed on what to do first! He could chase that wiggling thing there! Or sniff that candidate with the black hair! Or anything! Hes free! His first bounding leap lands him next to a clutchmates tail, the source of the wiggling found. Before he can pounce, the tails owner finds its lifemate and the frigid blue is reminded of something very important…Wait! Theres more wiggling things over there! Maybe they will want to play.

Kelati was apparently just kidding, Jaymes. Sorry about that. She was still there, along with Katryana, for like — a minute or two there? Before suddenly she's closing her eyes like she has a migraine yet again … except the lines in her face are different, because that soft joyous croon is not the right sound to be inducing pain. Uh, kinda. Something hurts, but it's not her head — "What — yes, Takatathslow down — " as now that they've gotten that agreement settled, the green is hop-running off toward where the Weyrlingmasters are before Kelati can quite catch her breath.

Talya can't help but grin at Reveka's reaction. "Thanks for the human shield, Rev. At least there's more cushioning as we clump up together here." She is definitely seeking her fellow not-yet-Impressed candidates bodies for comfort, naturally shifting to them… maybe even falling back a step to keep them in front of her just by a little. It keeps the others in sight now as well as the dragonets, which is good timing because one seems to be headed this way. She stiffens at the green's approach, relaxing only when she stops finally and then makes her choice. Her breath comes out in a gust, relieved that they weren't going to be bulldozed through. "Oh, Kelati, I guess that's a new sort of headache for her from now on."

Okay, thanks a lot Kelati now Jaymes is having separation anxiety. But, she Impressed so he'll forgive her for leaving him! It just means that he's now sidling up to Katryana because she's right very there. "I feel like everything's spinning. Is that normal?" Lots of action, that's for sure. Who's going to hold his hand now?

Kyriatis is uncharacteristically silent, off with the other new Impressees: that blue dragon in front of her may have just stolen her voice (but only temporarily, promise). She feeds him, silent, eyes so wide she might as well be only eyes.

F'kan wanders out once more rounding up new weyrlings towards the meat. To Kyriatis, he smiles warmly, "They always are right out of the shell. C'mon, we'll show you how to feed this little guy." Spying Kelati's impression, he was just about to lead her over as well when the green takes off towards the other AWLM, "Oh she looks like fun!" he exclaims with a chuckle.

Syrianna agrees with you Talya, as she moves to put another candidate between her and one of the dragons who is getting a little too friendly close.

Katryana will totally hold Jaymes's hand! She wiggles his way, beaming at Kelati and her green. "What did she say? Takatath? Congrats, Kelati!" She shrugs a shoulder at the human shield comments, sticking out her tongue. "How are you gonna Impress hiding behind other people? Gotta be where the dragons can find you." To the boy next to her: "In times of stress, blood pressure can drop, making you feel dizzy!" She's here to give the facts.

An almighty blow from within sends the Ghost Light Egg listing sideways, it's surreal glow seeming to suddenly fade as a considerable crack fans out in all directions from the point of impact. Again and again the pounding comes until, at last, it shatters around the damply glistening dragonet within. A few wing-flicks clear it all away, and the sunlit gleam of ruddy bronze shines through, fully on display as he bounds free and then pauses in noble pose to survey those gathered 'round.

Son of the Shirewode Bronze Dragonet

Stalwart nobility defines every oak-strong inch of this proud bronze, the ruddy gleam of sunlight through autumn leaves glowing warmly throughout his subtly wood-whorled hide. There's a roguish charm and cunning to be found in the subtly darkened tarnish of his keen-eyed countenance, a rough-and-tumble readiness exuded in his well-muscled chest, shoulders, and haunches. The rakish arch of short headknobs carries on through the longbow curve of wings wrought in thinly pounded copper and the blunt, backswept ridges running the length of his spine. The triangle bluntness of talons and spar-tips are wrought in the muted gleam of steel, sharp and readied at the will of this rakish and regal defender of the skies.

Reveka will hold Jaymes' hand too! See! Unity! It's a thing! "You're not the only one feeling dizzy Kat. Believe you me."

The Truth In The Myth Brown Dragonet noses through the white knots on the sands. He sniffs at a short brunette boy. Nope. Not here. Stumbling, he raises his head and gazes over what heads he can. It takes a moment, but he finds her, his twin, his other half, the very light of his soul! Rushing up excitedly he nearly bowls the girl over, coming face to face with none other than the bubbly-natured Katryana!

The Truth in the Myth Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Katryana, and steps forward.

Random facts, Katryana has 'em. At least they seem to put Jaymes at ease a little bit, especially since he was starting to think that he wasn't, you know, feeling normal. "Heat, stress, sharp claws everywhere. I'm surprised more people don't faint." Not that he's going to pass out. He's just going to shimmy around when the sand gets hot on his feet. And, oh hey! Reveka holds his other hand and he feels better now that he has strength in numbers! Well. Until Katryana leaves him next! "Kat!" He ain't mad, though. She Impressed!

Devil's Fruit Egg sits in poignant silence, it will not be pressured into moving. It will do it's thing when it is good and ready to. Just look at this surface? Who would want to damage that? Oh yeah. It's occupant. With one forceful hop from it's place, this ovoid manages a hard enough landing to send cracks spider-webbing across its surface, the shell doomed to fail in the end.

Talya gives Jaymes a panicked look. "Don't faint," is said fiercely, as if that will keep him from doing just that. "That's just asking for a dragonet to come mauling or… or something, right? Fainting isn't good on the hatching sands." She glances back out to the dragonets that are wandering, a pointed look given to that happy blue that has still not yet claimed anyone. Then her dark eyes watch as a brown comes up fast, and she seems about to say something… a warning maybe? But her jaw clicks shut. "Oh. Well." She chuckles at the young girl now. "Way to go, Katryana."

Tails, tails, tails! So many tails to chase, but no one wants to play! Oh, wait! For the dozenth time, Cold Paws, Warm Heart Blue Dragonet remembers hes supposed to be doing something. Something like finding his true playmate for life. Yes, its about time to get that done. Finally decisive, he sets his sights on the hazel-eyed Herder girl just over there. Yep, shes the one! With a happy warble, he bounds right up to butt his sharp snout firmly against her knees. This one is his!

Cold Paws, Warm Heart Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Syrianna, and steps forward.

Kelati is still paying attention, just, Takatath eats a lot very quickly and it's very hard to keep up with her, "Slow it on down or you will choke to death."

Jaymes is good. He's not gonna faint. He will, however, glance over at that rakish looking little bronze on the sands and perhaps squeeze Reveka's hand in the process. "Now that's a handsome fella." He might grin after that verbalized thought. Because it's true!

Katryana nods at Talya, repeating, "Definitely don't faint." Reveka is given a grin around the Jaymes in the middle of them. Solidarity indeed! At least until static crackles through her mind and a brown dragonet quite nearly bowls her over. Sorry Jaymes — the teen releases the hand of the other candidate as she stumbles back. Then, she's reaching out tentatively for the brown snout. "Oh! Vinodestroth!" The exclamation is followed by a giddy laugh. "Yes, of course, of course we can, my heart!" There's a pause. "What about the other 1%? I don't think I've ever heard about those before."

In Bocca al Lupo egg twitches, lists over, and almost casually rolls off its little sand perch to bump up against a neighbor, sending cracks crawling over both shells. Matching pace in breaking, they break apart almost in tandem, a brown and a green taking a moment to blink at each other before heading in opposite directions. The brown searches out a very young Weaver girl from Boll while the green sets her sights on tall, lanky Weyrbred boy with two different colored eyes.

Robin Hood and Little John, walking through the forest… Except the forest is all youngsters in white robes, and there's no Little John just yet. Son of the Shirewode Bronze Dragonet just can't be completely at ease until he's tracked such a companion down; what good is he without his right hand? He rambles closer to a cluster of tall, sturdy looking Miners, eying each cunningly… No, none of these. Close, but not close enough. The hunt continues!

"What's all this talk about fainting?" M'noq calls over to the candidates. "Better not, or you'll get some unfortunate burns from the sands."

Reveka cheers loudly for Katryana as a brown impresses to her and near lets go of Jaymes' hand, but not yet, not yet. She needs that security blanket too!

Talya is inching ever closer to Reveka, if there is any distance left between the two candidates. Her eyes are almost all on Katryana that she almost misses the blue's Impression, but the warble made sure that she turned in time to watch who he chose. "I somehow feel that is a good match made right there." She smiles after the newly found pair, and another… her eyes seem to rake the rest of the sands and she shuffles uneasily in the heat. "It's.. it's almost over, right?" Is that disappointment in her voice? Surely not, Tal is ready to go running off these sands, straight for the bottle.

Ginger is feeding chunks of meat to Shokravanth at measured intervals, repeating the instruction to chew on every other piece. She finds time to call over to Kyriatis, "Hey, Kyri? We won't need to throw that pile of rocks now!"

Syrianna wasn't watching the playful blue as she was clapping for Kat and her new brown. But when the blue makes contact with her knees she just drops to the sand crying happily and hugging the blue who claimed her as his own. "Yes Gamanturath, food is good, lets go get you some." She slowly and shakily stands, leading the blue after the others towards the weyrlingmaster staff.

Kyriatis' muteness does not, it seems, extend even this long— she may blink a little as she glances up, conscious of the sound of her name if not immediately any context for it, and then, abruptly, she begins to laugh. "All the sweetrolls are just for us," she confirms, beaming at the other cand - that is, at her fellow weyrling, one hand idly traipsing over Omairhuith's headknobs (while the other continues to feed him meat).

The cracks across the Devil's Fruit Egg finish spider-webbing across it's dark surface. A pregnant pause surrounds the egg, as if it's occupant merely stops to rest, to gather energy for the grand finale, because there is a grand finale. And then, as if propelled from some inner magical explosion, the dark berry shell explodes, sending shards in every direction. And rocketing forth from it's innards tumbles Catch The Morning Star Brown Dragonet, who takes one look at the goop clinging to his hide and stands to shake it clumsily off! How dare this insolent goo cling to his magnificent hide?

Catch the Morning Star Brown Dragonet

Mahogany, klah, gingerbread, and umber swirl over this dragon's hide like marble made flesh, stretching, tumbling, crawling across a regal face and the ram's-horn curl and twist of his headknobs. Sand and eggshell whirl into the mix below his neck while earthen hues spill over to drown in midnight darkness upon craggy, starlight-spattered neckridges. Darkness prevails along the lengthy lash of his tail and upon the foreboding breadth of cloak-like wings shrouding gaunt ribs and the compact musculature of shoulders and haunches. Yet upon those black sails is found uncanny beauty, the dazzling rainbow iridescence of fire opal blazing bright and entrancing once unfurled. The sharpened perfection of polished obsidian talons completes a devilishly rakish form, vain mischief and mysticism brought to bear in this breathtaking brown.

Jaymes will absolutely keep holding Reveka's hand and then waggles fingers if Talya wants to hold his other. If not, no worries. He's keeping an eye on that bronze dragonet and that little swagger in his step as it approaches a small group of boys. "Another brown?" Sweet Faranth, that's the color of the day apparently. That bronze, though. It keeps snagging his attention.

Amani is here and paying attention to as much as she can, honest! She's going to have a lot to make up to M'noq later, with all the consistently distracted nods and, "Mmhm," answers he's getting. Zymuraith has a lot to say about her newly-emerged offspring, apparently…and all of it is apparently good, given how much grinning the young goldrider is doing.

Onward, ever onward, and steady as he goes. Son of the Shirewode Bronze Dragonet scrambles sideways just in time to avoid a collision with a tripping green sister of his, moving on with a blink and a snort to continue his tracking. No little bump in the path is going to draw him astray.

A shiver runs through Triskaidekaphobia Anonymous Egg, causing it to skew just slightly off-kilter. Then, stillness resumes…and prevails, no matter how long it might get stared at. It's just contrary that way.

The Pharaoh's Watcher Egg has been patiently waiting this whole time. But now it's time has come and with one mighty shake, cracks form over the surface. As pieces begin to fall away, a delicate looking green is left in it's wake, blinking timidly in the light. When Materials Most Macabre Egg hatches violently nearby, the green squeaks and runs right at a mousy girl, hiding her face in the girl's legs before crooning her delight at finding a lifemate. From the wreakage of Materials Most Macabre Egg, a blue grumbles before storming off in the direction of an Istan lad, chosing with a disgruntled huff.

Reveka looks atthe sands. "There's a few left yet. So, not quite dear!" Turning to Jaymes she smiles as she catches him watching the bronze. "That one really is a handsome fellow."

Talya is going to draw closer to Reveka and Jaymes, though she only gives a small appreciative shake of her head as she notices waggling fingers. Maybe it has to do with her mauling fear, and being taken down like dominos if she grabs onto anyone. Her own hands have been just doing their own things, keeping to her side or occasionally wiping sweat from her head. "Maybe it's cause the sire is a brown? Brown breeds browns." She watches that new brown with a quirked brow. "He looks like he'll be a handful." Looking away from the remaining egg to give Reveka a huff. "Drinking buddy after this is done? I think you're the only one willing to drown in a bottle, though everyone else seems to have Impressed now so lucky for them."

There's a moment when Jaymes shares a brief glance with his Weyrlingmaster cousin from across the sands before he's squeezing Reveka's hand and staring down at the sand in front of him. When he lifts his gaze again, he catches sight of a nearby brown dragonet meandering closer and closer. Perhaps maybe? His pulsee spikes a bit at the thought and the movement. "Yes… he is." To Reveka, that. Then he's glancing over at the little bronzeling.

Katryafor she's Katrya, now, not Katryanatenderly leads Vinodestroth, chattering to him aloud, over to where the weyrlings and weyrlingmasters alike have gathered. She waves enthusiastically at Jaymes, Talya, and Reveka before she's fully consumed in helping her dragon's ingest what seems like inordinate amounts of food.

M'noq looks over to Amani and laughs. Fortunately, he has caught the excited mood of the moment, so he doesn't mind he's talking and Amani doesn't seem to be listening. "Just remember our plans for after this, hmm?" he leans over and says to her quietly, before straightening up again. "Handsome group so far. Quite a few browns, too." Ravaith has noticed that too, and he's clearly chuffed at that.

Son of the Shirewode Bronze Dragonet has been steady and determined in his hunt so far, but there's a sense of urgency to his steps now, the fact that he hasn't yet met his ideal partner in crime quickening the chaotic scarlet whirling of his eyes. Then, suddenly, he sees him: the one he's been searching for all this time, so far away along this arc of hopefuls in white robes. Like an arrow loosed from a long-held bowstring, he takes off at full speed, skidding to a stop before a tall, blue-eyed Herder Journeyman in a rather dramatic spray of sand. This, he shakes himself free of before spreading his coppery wings as though offering a welcoming embrace, crooning warmly up at the dark-haired man destined to join him in his adventures forevermore.

Son of the Shirewode Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Jaymes, and steps forward.

Catch the Morning Star Brown Dragonet, once free of goo and shell and looking his best, begins to amble towards the group of white knots on the Sands, stopping only to preen off the bits of sand that seem to cling to his perfect hide. Sociable being that he is, he can't help but stop to examine the first couple of candidates in his path, but they just aren't it. He can sense the one he longs for, his heart…here? No. There? No! Somewhere!

Are those grey and scarlet splotches on Triskaidekaphobia Anonymous Egg weak spots? Because that's where the cracks start after four sharp, urgent thumps start to tilt it sideways. It's a quick affair after that - two knocks here and the cracks grow along the streamers of green, three whumps and they crawl along the spire-like patterns…and then the real impatience shows. One, two, three, FOUR kicks and suddenly the egg shatters, great, jagged flakes of shell falling this way and that to spill a brown dragonet unceremoniously onto the Sands.

Gift of the Fertility Gods Brown Dragonet

Sensuality speaks along each lithe-muscled inch of this svelte fellow, every nuance of brown flowing with the rich ease of wine along the salacious strength of a predator's lean lines. Blunt-horned headknobs crown a craggy visage wrought in deep chocolate and umber, darkening to the impression of a beard beneath and all flowing back to blend into cherry-tipped ridges and his broad, ochre-washed back. Velvet mahogany gracefully gilds the prominent power of shoulder and haunch like clinging silk, sunlight's touch revealing fawn-like spotting in klah and copper mingled with the dark violet stain of the fruit of the vine. Though flight might seem fragile in spars of aged bone-white and sails bearing the translucence of ancient parchment, a tree's strength is traced upon deceptively powerful wings infused with branches of ironwood and charcoal beneath subtle iridescence. Pale sand and sienna streak along a generous tail while the contrast of obsidian opal glints along the curve of razor-keen talons.

F'kan waves at Katrya joining the fray, his smile bright for the brown, "Make sure he doesn't eat too quickly." Leaving her, he checks on some of the other pairs, suggesting smaller pieces for some, a slower pace for others, "I know they think they will starve if you don't stuff them quick enough, but they really won't, so just make sure they chew ok?"

Reveka is suddenly surrounded by not just friends, but dragons too! She has to slip her hand from Jaymes' when the young brown approaches him, giving him a smile and a congratulations before cheering aloud.

Talya is twitchy. She is /definitely twitchy. Because there's a bronze coming RIGHT at them! "That is definitely not for us," she manages to squeak out as she takes a step back, but only one, because the bronze is stopping. She's puts a hand up, though the sand spray doesn't go that high, but just in case. Then she's giving a nervous laugh. "Well, there you have it. Glad you didn't faint I bet," is said to Jaymes when she realizes Impression is made. She gives them an appreciative look, but the show is still not over yet.

Jaymes doesn't quite fall to his knees when the bronze dragonet is suddenly very there. In front of him, in his mind. In his soul. "Iandreth. Yes, you'll eat now. Let's go!" And so Jaymes, now J'ay, let's go of Reveka's hand to make his way with his lifemate toward Rocio at the side of the hatching cavern. A new adventure begins!

Reveka turns to Talya, finally remembering to answer her through all the commotion. "Of course I'll drink with you at the end, if we can!"

Catch the Morning Star Brown Dragonet approaches a group of white knots, passing a few before sniffing at a brown haired girl. Nope. Not her. Sorry kid. He keeps going, the pull of his shining star strong. Frustrated, he gives a flare of his opalescent wings, iridescent colors shifting across oversized sails. With a rumbling hiss he slips through an empty space and into another group of candidates. Onward! His muse is near!

Oh, what a perfect party this is! So many gathered, keen on mingling…but all with a purpose, and despite his curious quick-stepping among his siblings and the white-robed hopefuls, Gift of the Fertility Gods Brown Dragonet is just as keen on a purpose of his own, really. He just isn't finding it in this first cluster of Candidates, all of whom get a good eyeballing. Mmmmm…nope, none of these!

Medal of Everlasting Life Egg, Worn for Luck Egg and Mushu's Lucky Egg all hatch simultaneously. Three green dragonets start chittering among themselves before they move almost as one towards a trio of girls, a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. The accompanying trills of Impression reverberate through the cavern.

"No way I'll forget," Amani answers, flashing M'noq a quick grin before turning her attention back to the remaining eggs and hatchlings. "It's nearly done already!" she notes, bewildered to find that there's much more visibility among the mound of eggs than seemingly just a moment ago.

Talya flashes Reveka a side-grin, not daring to pull her eyes away from the dragonets this time. She almost got mauled for one by a big bronze. "Oh, I'll find you, unless you get dragged over by one of these last ones… I guess I'll just go drink alone if so." Her head jerks to the dragonets, so many of them suddenly and she gives a sigh. "We're down to the last few moments now. Of course there are a few that like to take their time."

As so many eggs hatch and dragonets find their lifemates, M'noq starts looking a little sentamental. "It is almost over, isn't it? This definitely looks like a group to be proud of," he says, glancing over at the new weyrlings and the weyrlingmasters, making sure the young dragonets sate their hatching hunger.

Bronzes, browns, blues and greens, oh my! Gift of the Fertility Gods Brown Dragonet is just loving the fact that he's got all these siblings to greet, as well as this throng of robed people to investigate. Trying to make it all work together while searching out the one that's his is a bit of a challenge, but he's managing. Even so, the urgency is mounting, and he's seeming less and less distractible.

Catch the Morning Star Brown Dragonet is now quite sick and tired of having to hunt through all of these white robed things. He can see his shining star, his muse, his forever mate, but all of these imposters stand in his way! With a loud rumble, the energy around him turning sinister and bratty, he barges his way through the crowd, no longer caring who might be trodden beneath his claws. So look out white knots, because this brown will not stop his brooding path until he is front and center and touching noses with a young guard woman by the name of Talya.

Catch the Morning Star Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Talya, and steps forward.

See No Evil Egg sees nothing..because it's just an egg! Finally looking for room with a view, a large chunk of shell falls off to reveal one whirling eye. When the rest of the egg crumbles around it, a dark green stretches herself out languidly. Slithering over the sands, she finds her match in a auburn haired boy from Telgar.

Amani nods emphatically at that. "It is. And I'm so proud of them, too… Zy and Ravaith, the Candidates…all of them." Klah-dark eyes flick toward those in white robes who are left, still waiting to see if any of those who wander are theirs…and spots Reveka, a little twinge forming in her chest. It isn't over yet, and she's still hoping, hoping so hard for her friend, whom she smile encouragingly at, should she catch the other woman's eye.

Fortunate Wherry Droppings Egg kind of just oozes there in the background. But with most of its compatriots already hatched, the time has finally come for it to join the fray. With one obscene wiggle, it cracks and dumps it's egg goo covered occupant onto the sands. The blue shakes itself off, sending stuff flying all around him before wandering towards a Southern weyrbrat boy with a hopeful croon before turning into a trill of triumph. Impression!

M'noq nods agreement with Amani, joy swelling in his chest over all the fine matches made. He follows her gaze over to the candidates still standing, though, many more than there are eggs or wandering dragonets, and he grows a bit more somber. "There will be other opportunities for many, if they wish to try again."

Katrya, properly chastised, slows her feeding pace. "I have it on good authority you will not, in fact, starve if you don't consume this in the next five seconds," she insists firmly to her lifemate, who is giving her the most mournful, puppy-eyed look.

Seacrafter Take Warning Egg bursts open quite suddenly, sending one more bronze tumbling into the Sand. He's a bit of a gangly fellow, and it takes him a frustratingly long time to gain his sea legs, so to speak. Once he does, he shakily makes his way up to a Starcrafter apprentice from Ruatha - a rather brawny lad who looks disconcertingly opposite his new lifemate.

Is he finally sated? Kyriatis peers down at the blue half perched in her lap, and gives his headknobs another careful stroke. Maybe he is. For… the moment, anyway.

Talya's shuffle is turning more eager, ready to get out of the hot sands and on to the bar. She even gives the entrance a glance, as if judging the path to the exit when the last dragonet finds their lifemate. Gazing back, it's only to lock eyes on the charging path of a brown, a little late to dive out of the way. She reels back— holding a hand probably would have helped here, and then overcompensates by swinging forward, dropping to her knees and meeting the brown's nose with her own. She blinks at him in surprise, mouth dropping open… "Tu-Turahaimajusuth." That definitely took a good while to get out, and she gives him an indignant look, then down to her robe. "I think it's just right— oh right, food, starving." She shuffles to her feet, a little dazed, and starts to head in the way she say others go without removing her eyes from the brown.

Doorway For The Devil Egg quivers, shakes, and shatters into a million pieces, it's mirrored surface flying everywhere. A bronze is spilled to the sands and stands up, shaking the reflective bits of shell off his body. He shakes his head and then wanders off to catch the attention of a short Reachian boy.

Ducky's Favorite Song Egg slips on it's side and real cracks break its surface (and hopefully no one's back!) and falls onto its side. Pieces falling off bit by bit reveal a green drgaonet within, one with avian(duck)-like features. She ambles off and bonds to a girl with moppy brown hair and watery eyes.

Shokravanth is still eating, but his pace has definitely slowed almost to stopping. Ginger offers him one more chunk, and then pushes the bowl aside, which he allows without protest. She extends a hand to rub between his headknobs.

Reveka is suddenly alone on the sands. What candidates are left were in other groups and she watches as Talya takes care of her newly bonded mate. Good for her! She claps and whistles. Then, then her eyes are back on the sands. Perhaps she and Amani would spend the night drinking. Maybe. She does happen to catch the smile the Jr. Weyrwoman sends her way and gives a little wave back.

Running around meeting everyone is fun and all, but Gift of the Fertility Gods Brown Dragonet is now eager to get on to the life of his party. Where, oh, where…oh! Yes, there she is; he'd passed her just a moment ago. Now, however, he trots right up to the long-haired Zingari woman and circles her once, practically twining himself around her with a croon before he parks to gaze up into her eyes with fate-sealing adoration.

Gift of the Fertility Gods Brown Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Reveka, and steps forward.

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot Egg wastes no more time and a blue emerges slowly. With a sly tilt of his head, he rushes a group of girls, sending them scattering with a warble. One girl isn't fast enough, and the blue catches her by a pigtail. Turning to tell him off, their eyes meet and the connection is formed.

Evka looks up blinking as suddenly her mind is quite crowded with another entity completely. "Saetyroith…..hello!" Suddenly, suddenly, all that emptiness Reveka..er…Evka has been holding onto is no longer so poignant, so present. "Lets get you fed then." There is an actual fight to keep the tears from her eyes. Finally someone she can hold onto..someone who will be there for her….forever.

The Night Avian's Bad Omen Egg has been trembling intermittently for a while, but the time has now come for its end. There's soon another green in the world, a tiny thing…who makes her way to one of the biggest, bulkiest boys left. There's always one, isn't there?

Uh Oh, Not Three Egg is one of the last ones, is that lucky or not? Only time will tell, but now it splits in three almost identical pieces leaving behind it a pale green who takes her time to blink and test out her limbs. Once prepared, she primly steps out of the remnants of her egg and saunters in the direction of a young lad from Bitra who was all alone but no more!

And suddenly, Amani is watching her hope come true right before her eyes, her breath stilling in her chest as she watches Reveka end up claimed by one of those browns. "Rev… Rev!" She knows very well her friend probably can't hear her, but she's elated all the same. And absolutely is not going to start crying there on the Sands! She catches at M'noq's hand, grinning up at him again, only registering the breaking of the last shells in the periphery of her perception. Happy. That's what she is, plain and simple. "I'd better go talk to the ones who are left," she notes softly. The ones who will shortly be left, at any rate. "To the caverns after, for a bit?" Faranth knows Ardstelle and company probably been scrambling for the past candle mark or so to toss a celebration together.

Rocio will lead the weyrlings into the (very) clean weyrling barracks now! "Come on, y'all! Let's get you settled into your new home!" And so the Weyrlingmaster leads the line again~

M'noq grins back at Amani, seeing her joy in watching her friend Impress. He gives her hand a squeeze when she reaches for his. "Sure. I'll catch up with you in a bit." Soon enough, it will be time for celebrations and drowning of sorrows.

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