Heilari, Sylas


Sylas goes out of his way to make dinner special for Heilari.

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It is the sixty-first day of Winter and 42 degrees. Still dark and overcast, the winter rain has picked up and become heavier, albeit still pleasant.


Cove, Southern Weyr

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A saber's curl along the coast of the Azov Sea, the cove is a clash of green and black; where deeply forested jungles encroach upon the curving expanse of this tiny cove, found only past the rocky barrier that serves as demarcation between cove and beach. Lacking the softly ground sand of the beach, the cove is made up of dark, volcanic pebbles, making it trickier to navigate than the beach itself. Yet, what a surprise is given if one braves the less comfortable path that curves around a long-forgotten cinder cone to find the quiet tranquility of seclusion. Brilliant against the black pebbled beach, greenery is only enhanced by the purest of turquoise waters, warmed by a deep volcanic vent and churned by hidden currents that further feeds into the relative calm of the sea itself. The rainbow fish and yellowfish is plentiful beneath the waves.

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It does not seem to be the type of day to be out in the Southern Cove. The steady rains that fall get heavier by the day, today they seem torrential with the slight wind that comes with it. The usually calm waters of the cove crash against the beach in a wild orchestra of noise as the wild flizzen that populate the area dart for cover. Crossing the cove are a man on foot, and a woman upon runner back. The man and woman are dressed for the weather, ponchos, heavy leathers, hoods. The runner is also covered with a poncho like object. It is slow going across the lava rock section of the cove, as the figures try and get the runner across without it turning an ankle. Safety is soon reached though. When they turn into the tranquil area of the cove, the man leads the runner to a set of three boulders. A make-shift lean-to for the runner has been made, and a temporary fort has been built around the boulders so that the boulders serve as the walls. Sylas removes his hood, despite the rain and beams proudly at his creation. He'd spent most of his evenings for the last seven out here weaving a roof and wall matts out of vegetation and sap and twine. What resulted is a small hut, built around the boulders. Light flickers within and beams upon them as a drudge rolls up the "door" of the hut and rushes out to help them. Sylas signals for his partner to dismount so that the drudge can take care of Daenyra, his mare. "Come, I have something to show you." He grins and leads the way inside, where a grand dinner is set up, avian and porcine chops (yes he remembered!), stuffing, mashed tubers and gravy, roughage, bread and wine are all set out on the sideboard with a selection of fruits and deserts as well. Candles burn merrily from sconces attached to the boulders. A table sits on the middle, allowing for eating space, and a grand view of the cove from the "door".

The trek out here in the driving rain had left Heilari questioning the sanity of her date. It’s entirely possible that Sylas has totally lost his mind. Glimpses of a little hut she doesn’t remember are had after she dismounts and watches in surprise when a drudge appears to tend the beast. Next she’s being led into the hut and reaches up to push her hood back with both hands. “Where did all THIS come from?” Her voice is bewildered and her eyes are darting everywhere. “It must have taken you forever.” When she’d been forced to delay their planned dinner she’d assumed he would either lose interest or understand. Ok she expected more of the former than the latter. But a Fall had left her with more patients than usual to tend and she’d had no choice. “Wow.. this is so awesome Sylas.”

Sylas chuckles. "With you being so busy, I had time to make it special. I wish the weather had cooperated, but watching the rain fall on the cove by candlelight might be nice to eh?" He grins at Heilari and begins divesting himself of his poncho and leathers, tossing them on to a crate in the corner. He holds out his arms in offer to take Heilari's wet things as well. "And I wanted it to be just us, no need to have all the hustle of the living caverns all about us." He smiles shyly, after all, the herder isn't much of a people person…except for Heilari.

Heilari peels off her own leathers and hands them over with a sweet smile. “I appreciate you understanding.” When the Master is breathing down the back of your neck it’s hard to sneak off. “I wasn’t given any room to breathe really.” For that matter she hasn’t even seen her own bed in nearly a seven. The pillows tossed on either side of the low table are eyed with a grin. “Not risking the apprentices’ ability to find me easily eh?” She unlaces her boots and kicks them off by the door; before settling on the pillows by the table. “Nobody has EVER gone to so much trouble before. Thank you.”

Sylas chuckles. "Of course! Healers have the worst of it sometimes, while other jobs end, there will always be the sick and injured." Sylas sets Heilari's things with his before ditching his own shoes. The wind picks up outside and the drudge appears, lowering the door and tying it securely to keep the elements out of the hut. "Well, maybe we won’t have a view…" Sylas muses, however he has other things to attend to. He moves in to join Heilari on the pillows by the table, snagging the wine and cups on the way. He pours her a glass before pouring his own and looks up at her smiling. "You're worth every bit of effort this took, you're welcome Heilari." He takes one of her hands and kisses it before sipping at his wine.

“Yes there will,” Heilari agrees with a slight shrug. “But we tend to stick together and do our level best to take care of one another.” She looks up as the drudge appears to roll down the door. “I’d rather have no view than be drowned tonight.” Looking over she watches him pour the wine. Trying not to blush when he kisses her hand. It fails. She’s bright freaking red. “You are so incredibly sweet sometimes.” Yeah she googol eyed. Lifting her glass she holds it aloft in a toast position. “To us. May we always remain this happy.”

Sylas grins at the blush and raises his glass to Heilari as she toasts. "To us, may I be lucky enough to keep you." He says, intoning his want to hold on to this dream with Heilari. He sips at the wine, green eyes watching Heilari's reactions to his surprise. "Well, let’s have a relaxing evening away from all the hubub huh?" Unexpectedly, the drudge hanging out in the Lean-to with Daenyra, starts to strum on a guitar, the music is pleasant and adds to the atmosphere, almost blending in with the drumming of rain on the roof. "You like it then?"

Heilari blinks in surprise at his toast and almost forgets to sip her wine. Sitting there looking at him for a few breaths before remembering and taking a sip. “Oh I truly hope so!” A moment to sit and enjoy his company is just what the Healer ordered. “I love it!” She meets his eyes and smiles happily. “You are definitely good at keeping me off kilter. This is all entirely new.” Granted she never dated before him either. But girls share stories and this is certainly one she’s not heard before.

Sylas has always wanted the chance to be romantic, but it had never come across till now. He doesn't know if he's doing it right, but if Heilari loves it, he's happy. "You'll probably never know what to expect of me…. I'm not your typical man…" He says shyly, hiding his nervousness behind his wine. He watches Heilari, mind racing as he wonders a little what to do next, even having planned all this he's a little clueless. What he really wants to do is kiss her… But they haven't even eaten yet. "Hungry?" He asks, thoughts reminding him that this was a dinner date after all.

“I haven’t known any of those either,” Heilari admits with a nervous laugh. At least not in this context. She’s had friends sure. The sips of her wine are few and far between. She doesn’t want to get tipsy and wind up forgetting half of this. It’s too precious to forget. “I am actually,” she admits when he asks after food. “It’s surprising that you and that poor drudge managed to haul all this out here.”

Sylas chuckles. "Well good, please, help yourself, eat whatever you like." He looks to the door when the drudge is mentioned and grins. "Tzin and I did ok. A few trips with baskets loaded on Daenyra and it was done. I made the tables out of driftwood here, so we didn't have to move those. I don't know what I'll do with them when we're done. My rooms are fully furnished. Would you like them?"

Rising from the cushions, Heilari makes her way to the little sideboard and loads up a plate. Aww! Porcine chops. She slides one onto her plate with a soft chuckle. “I think the sideboard would fit at the end of my bed. But I’d wind up tripping on the others.” She hurries along and puts a dab of everything on her plate. Small portions so she can try a bit of each. “Whom ever had the room before me was a Master at working with the bamboo that grows here. You should see it.” Yeah she won’t take credit for someone else’s masterpiece. But she’ll happily live in it.

Sylas rises to join her, setting his wine on the table. He piles his own favorites on his plate, avian as his protein of course, salad, tubers and a bread roll. It is not long before he is lounging at the pillows once more, his plate before him at the table. "Mayhap I'll just donate them to the weyr, they're nothing fancy, but they're functional. If you'd like the sideboard it's yours." He listens to her talk of the bamboo work in her suite. "I'd love to see it. Oh, one more thing." He gets up and rummages around in Daenyra's saddle bag, which he'd dropped by the door. He produces a small box, wrapped in a large, green silk bow. He comes back and hands it to Heilari once she's settled. Once she opens it, she'll find a small wooden runner, carved and painted to be an exact replica of Daenyra. It's the wooden carving he'd been working on the last several times they'd seen each other. Sylas had remembered Heilari's remarks on Daenyra and thought it would make a good present. Sylas blushes as he gives it to her, thinking now that he may have laid it all on a bit thick and hopes Heilari isn't overwhelmed. A sudden attack of self-conscious nervousness has him watching with baited breath.

Returning to the pillows, Heilari sets her plate down on the table before settling in once more. Smiling when Sylas joins her. “I’ll have to see what sort of room I have,” she muses while tearing a bite off a roll. Chewing thoughtfully and swallowing before speaking. “I’ve not seen my room in almost a seven. I barely remember it. I’d just started to get settled when the double shifts started. We have been taking breaks and napping on an old cot.” She chuckles, “I’m sure you’ll see it when you help me haul the sideboard in there.” That is said of her room while she watches him rise and dig through his pack. “What’s this?” She takes the package and carefully slips the bow off the box. Leaving it tied with careful fingers and setting it on the table. Lifting the top on the box she pops it open for a look. “Oh wow! Look-it!” Her tone turns adorably excited. “It looks like Daenyra!” She lifts the runner carving out and the box remains in her lap while she turns the gift over. “Awww! Sylas!”

Sylas shrugs, a blush stealing across his cheeks, his look becoming shy and reserved. "I thought you'd like it, you expressed such delight in her pattern and colors that I couldn't help myself." He chuckles nervously and sips down some wine before taking a bite of his food. "I'm glad you do like it." He smiles and refills his wine glass, nerves having him take larger drinks than usual.

Food for the moment is forgotten. Heilari is busy turning the runner over in her hands and looking at it in amazement. “Of course I love it!” She sets it on the table above her plate. Safe out of the way but where she can see it. “You made it. And your runner is so pretty.” Leaning over she kisses his cheek between his bites and sips. “Thank you Sylas. It’s perfect. Just like you.” Rocking back onto her own pillow she finally applies herself to her plate.

Sylas chuckles and ducks his head in an 'aw shucks' sort of way and swallows. "I'm far from perfect Heilari, but thank you just the same." He gives her a wide grin before returning to his food, and seeing with relief that Heilari starts on hers too. "How many patients did you have this last round?" He asks, starting up an actual conversation.

“I don’t think anyone is entirely perfect,” Heilari admits with twist of her lips. “But it’s the thought that counts.” A person’s true nature rises to the fore when they’re injured most usually. She cuts her porcine chop into dainty bite sized pieces. “Several.” She chews a bite and washes it down with a sip of her wine. “9 in total. 4 with the usual agenothree burns that I’m still treating. 2 ‘riders with minor lesions. And 3 ‘riders with burns that will ground them for a while.” She shrugs her shoulders, “Nothing that will cripple thankfully.”

Sylas shudders. "I couldn't imagine being up there, thread flying around and just waiting to take you down….the harm they have to put themselves in is admirable. It's good none of them were crippled." Is eating away at his avian and tubers between sentences. "Does it look like it may slow down anytime soon?" Sylas asks hopefully, he'd seen precious little of Heilari lately.

Heilari is making inroads on her own meal. Always politely swallowing her food before speaking. “They are a testament to bravery.” Nothing but respect for the folks who keep the world turning so to speak. “Every one seems eager to heal up and get back at it too. It’s impressive.” She pauses to refill her glass finally. “I need to be trained on ground crew eventually.” Everyone should know how she figures. “The pass has just begun. And most have never seen the likes of Thread. I’m afraid it will get far worse before it gets better. There is a learning curve to everything unfortunately.”

Sylas goes a little pale as Heilari explains the looming threat to their kind. "It's enough to make one yearn for childhood, isn't it?" He chuckles. "Life is so much calmer in the stables. I made a trip to the ice fields to check on the livestock there. It's damn cold out there!" Sylas laughs this time, and tucks into some more of his food. He seems to be getting a bit better at Dinner conversations.

Heilari doesn’t notice the paleness as she’s munching her food still. “I suppose it might some.” Personally she would never wish to return to that time in her life. But she rationalizes that some may feel that way. “The next generation of children won’t know life without it.” And for many generations to come. She falls silent and sips her wine as he tells her bout the Hold. “I’ve not made the trip as of yet. Not sure I’m interested. But I imagine if things slow down ever I’ll get put on rotation up there.”

Sylas shudders. "I certainly hope I don’t have to spend any extended time up there. Too cold for me and Daenyra." He starts in on his Salad, avian and tubers pretty much gone. "But I suppose, as a healer, you might have to… I would go if we were on the same rotation." He chuckles lightly and looks adoringly at Heilari.

“I’m certainly not looking forward to it,” Heilari says of the chill in the ice fields. “But as far as I’m understanding at current; they don’t have a permanent Healer assigned up there yet. And I certainly won’t be it.” This is said with utter confidence. Anyone with burn triage experience will most assuredly remain in the Weyr where they do the most good. She pushes her empty plate away and pats her fully belly. “That was delicious,” she tells him with a happy smile. “Thank you so much.”

Sylas nods in agreement with Heilari. He still thinks anyone who chooses to be out in that cold is crazy. "I'm glad you won't be it… you're too delicate and pretty for all that cold." Sylas too, pushes away his plate and reclaims his wine, sipping at it. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, much better than shuffling through the living caverns no?" He smiles softly at Heilari. The guitar still sounds through the walls, playing a softer tune now than when the drudge began.

“Oh you think so eh?” Heilari quirks a brow at Sylas. She is amused though and not entirely offended. There are those who make their lives in the remote Holds of the north still. And many a Healer who traveled between them. If they do still she has lost track. “It’s a lot more romantic,” she says of the hut compared to the living caverns. “The time to relax and really enjoy myself is quite wonderful.” And entirely needed.

Sylas nods. "I do think so. Not to say that you are weak, just delicately pretty, like a flower." He stumbles a little over his words, trying to erase any offense he may have given. "It has been nice. It's quite relaxing here… I wish it was a getaway house…but I'll more than likely tear it down soon…. either that or the storms will, eventually." Sylas pushes the table carefully so that it gives them some more space. He scooches in close to Heilari and grins at her before drinking from his mug.

“Too much wood for that,” Heilari observes of the awesome little shack. “And the Weyr has so much to protect already.” The precious forests are a rather delicate system that Lari respects for its lifesaving plants. “It really is too bad though isn’t it?” It’s quite cozy here actually. When he pushes the table back she chuckles and watches him scoot closer. “The thought of being able to run away from responsibility is a sweet one. Just not a smart one.” Turning she rests her back against his chest and cuddles.

Sylas wraps an arm around Heilari and drops a kiss upon the top of her head. "Aye, not a good idea, but a sweet one none the less." He sets his wine off to the side and makes a contented sigh. "What would you like to do now Heilari? My evening is yours…" He drops another kiss to her hair and delights in the scent of her.

Heilari sighs happily when his arm slips around her. “Mmm-hmm,’ is her murmured agreement. She sets her wine on the table as well. Content just to be for a little while. “I would say let’s stay like this all evening. But I feel bad for the drudge out there in the rain.” She turns and looks at the sideboard, “There’s still food. I wonder if they’re hungry.”

Sylas grins and gives Heilari a gentle hug. "I've already told him he can feast on whatever he likes after we've left. And I'm sure he's in with Daenyra, as dry and toasty as we are. I would not have left him to soak in the rain." He's not that kind of guy, promise! He uses the fact that she's turned to look at the side board and brushes a light kiss to her lips. "Are you sure we can't stay like this all night?" He asks wistfully.

It pacifies Heilari that he’d at least done that much for the drudge strumming away on the gitar outside. “I’m glad for that. I’d hate for someone to suffer for my entertainment.” Though the worry flits out of her head the moment his lips touch her own. “Well,” she inhales a nervous breath and looks around the little hut. “I suppose that we could.” Twisting around she kisses him with a little more passion. And all thoughts of the weather outside fade away. As the evening slips into something much more memorable.

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