Iandicael, Doji


There's a standoff in Igen's Guardhouse and Doji just happens to get caught in the middle. But everybody walks out unharmed and with what is theirs, plus Iandicael gets a new knot.


It is evening of the tenth day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen - Guardhouse

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"I've never heard of people becoming cannibals out of ignorance, but they might manage it."



What was once nigh-obsolete has been wrought anew in understated radiance: Igen Weyr's guardhouse has always been a weathered thing, but now the two-storied building shines with a little more gloss than the dilapidation of yore. Gutted and refit with a brighter interior, new wood lends itself to a staircase upward to the guard quarters and to long, functionally-assertive desks that sweep behind the main focus of the room. Determinedly upright, the entrance desk allows the one on shift full sight of the room, and requires all comers to submit in lowered-height submission against the glory of the rough-shined skybroom.

As evening settles itself upon Igen and the hustle and bustle of the Weyr starts to dwindle to the calmer pace of the nighttime, there's still at least a great deal of ruckus going on in the guardhouse. The sound of raised voices can be heard even from outside the building, where within one will find an exceptionally irate Iandicael in a stand-off with the guards. The man doesn't seem to be under arrest given his lack of shackles, but it's likely the prospect of tossing him in the brig is looking more and more appealing to the poor guards as he hurls insults in their direction. "Are you really this incompetent? How is the bazaar still standing if you're the ones charged with guarding it? You couldn't tell a criminal from a wherry."

There's nothing to see… over here! All the attention that one should be focusing is clearly on the dude over there yelling at the guards. Doji might be out of place, but the rather bookish brownrider is just perusing some of the records over near the sergaent's desk. This tome gets added to the pile and then that one, and she really can't leave without that other one. The weyrsecond might end up getting more reading material than he expected. That's what happens when you send Doji to do your fetching. The commotion is watched out of one eye while she focuses on her assigned task, but the last comment gets a bit of a snort. And a few seconds later, "They should know to eat the wherry, not the criminal."

To given Igen's guards the credit, they're not flinching under this assault, and the two men who seem to be the subject of Iandicael's ire have yet to snap back in return. In fact, they're mostly just standing there, allowing the man to yell himself red in the face while offering little more than unmoved expressions which only incense him further. Inside, they're probably laughing. "I demand to speak to whoever is in charge here, since you clearly can't be-" Poor, innocent Doji. Iandicael rounds on her with the full force of his anger, but in spite of the fact that he's still spitting fire it doesn't seem to be personal. "I've never heard of people becoming cannibals out of ignorance, but they might manage it."

Doji eyes widen as the yelling man actually approaches her and she backs up only to find herself in a corner. Good thing she's got slightly better survival instincts when it comes to Thread than she does on the ground. "I… uh…" She's going to clutch at those records and start at the guards, one of which really is struggling not to laugh at the minute. She's not getting any help from them. "This is a guard house! The guard are in charge!" She points over at the man that's not laughing. This little brownrider was just busy officially pilfering records.

Frightening Doji wasn't Iandicael's intention — he's not deliberately cruel — but there's still not flicker of apology upon his features. Anger has him well in its grip, and the only respite the brownrider will receive is the fact that this man is easily distracted by the true subject of his displeasure. "These guards can't-" or won't? "-give me what I want." Which is what, exactly? Of the pair, it's the guard who seems less inclined toward laughter who voices, "We found you in possession of a stolen object, which we've confisca-" He can't even finish his sentence before Iandicael roars, "WHICH I REPORTED STOLEN. I TOLD YOU." And which the guards no doubt know, given the name on the records. But Iandicael has yet to catch wise to the fact that these men may be tormenting him in the name of retribution for his terrible attitude. "Are you a dragonrider?" he asks of Doji after a moment, the edge to his voice still present even if his volume drops from a shout. "Don't they have to listen to the dragonriders?"

Wait… did someone say clerical error? That does have Doji's attention peaked, and a little less frightened from the large screaming man that's backed her into a corner. She gives an affirmative nod at her being a rider. The knot on her shoulder does testify to that. "Yes I… No. The guards don't have to listen to dragonriders… not unless there's thread. Riders are bound to laws too, you know." But she does look over at the guards in question. "Did you check whose name was on the initial stolen object report?"

"Are they?" Iandicael mutters darkly, although it doesn't seem he actually expects any answer to that question. Whatever his opinion on dragonriders and their freedoms, however, one of the guards speaks up before he can levy any of his vitrol in the direction of Pern's protectors. This time it's the man who's hanging just on the edge of laughter, and his words are punctuated with a snort which he tries very hard to play off as an awkward cough. "We did, but the report very clearly says Landicael, and this gentleman," oh, the sarcasm, "claims his name is Iandicael. We can't release the object back into his custody if the names don't match. He's lucky we don't lock him up for having it in the first place." Another snort-chuckle follows this, humor starting to get the better of him. Iandicael looks liable to simply explode if another word leaves the man's mouth.

"Do you have the report?" Doji's going to oh so carefully set her stack of hides on the desk before heading over towards the guard. Any apprehension about Iandicael has worn off rather quickly when presented with a mystery. And also, maybe she's not doing the best about proving that riders do also have to listen to guards. The report is handed over and she scans the document, shaking her head. "Do they not require your recruits to go through harper's lessons on handwriting? Look at how all the letters are only partially joined here." She points to a couple places. "And how many folks do you know names either Iandicael or Landicael?"

That report is handily nearby, since it's still the topic of great contention — and the guards are well-trained, even if they're presenting a pointless blockade at the moment. If Doji looks very closely, she might notice that some of those ink strokes seem to have been added after the fact to make the name all that much harder to decipher. Iandicael would probably call it a conspiracy (among other, less kind words), but it's probably justified, given the abuse that has been levied in their direction so far. "It seemed clear enough to me, ma'am," says the guard who's not fighting off laughter. He seems genuinely apologetic for the fact that Doji has found herself involved in all of this, but he's also not about to admit to anything. "But maybe we can resolve this misunderstanding someho-" Iandicael can't even stand to let him finish. "JUST GIVE ME THE FARANTH-DAMNED THING SO I CAN GET OUT OF THIS MISERABLE GUARD HOUSE."

"Are you asking for a bribe???" Doji is shocked and appalled! She probably shouldn't be considering this is Igen… but the girl is just a girl sometimes. "And what exactly are your names, sirs?" She may or may not be passing this all on via the dragon network through to either Divale or some other parhelion rider. And to Iandicael's outburst, she just turns around and stares briefly. "You don't have to yell. We'll get this all sorted out." And probably fill out a report in triplicate.

"No, ma'am, just thinking about the paperwork that'll be required to release it into his care." The guard looks genuinely hurt, and yet intrigued at the same time. If there's a bribe being offered, well, that might be a different story. "Tyrn and Jerich." He gestures to himself first, and then to the other guard who has stepped away, sensing the end of the joke nearing. "We were just having a laugh at his expense," Tyrn explains finally, reluctant to do so when the enraged man is still so near. "He came in here demandin' our help when he lost this trinket of his, tellin' us how we were all terrible at our jobs. Then he finds it again and doesn't say a damn word to us. One of the new recruits mistakenly hauled him in for stealin' it, and we thought we'd give him a hard time. Maybe he'd learn his lesson in manners." Iandicael's face has turned a deep shade of crimson, the man so beyond enraged that he can't even summon the words to respond. Instead he SLAMS his fist down on the table. If his pained wince is any indication, he's the only one suffering for that. Jerich reappears, grudgingly carrying whatever it is that Iandicael holds so dear. He passes it to the man, who snatches up the glint of silver and palms in it his good hand before another word can be spoken. "I'll see you both fired for this," he utters in a flat, deadly tone. No thanks for Doji, or anything. And no paperwork signed. He just starts stalking for the door.

Doji sputters a bit at that confession. "You were what???" There's a reason she's not in Parhelion, but there will be a STRONGLY WORDED LETTER slipped to some wingseconds to pass on to the guards. "Being rude isn't illegal, even if it is unpleasant!" But before she can say anything else, she notices that the formerly yelling man is now heading for the door. She sighs and reaches for her pocket, pulling her own object out. "My dragon says I shouldn't let you go without this. If you'll take it. Although you'll have to get better at handling your temper…"

This is probably the sort of thing that Parhelion's leadership will have to pretend to be annoyed about while secretly giving it the thumbs up. Tyrn looks properly abashed, Jerich less so. There's something muttered under his breath about what Iandicael deserves — especially when the man in question leaves them to sort out all the paperwork. Or to sweep it all under the rug and avoid those forms in triplicate. Iandicael, meanwhile, seems to have burned out the worst of his temper, although that anger remains ever-present, just simmering under the surface. He's genuinely unsettled to be stopped in his escape, and even more confounded by that which Doji offers to him. "What?"

Actually getting the little white knot to Iandicael is going to have to wait, since Doji is going to reclaim those records she came her for before heading back to the Weyr. It's alright, she signed in already and noted everything she was taking. In impeccable handwriting. Once the hides are gathered, she'll quickly walk back over towards the door. "You are under twenty five, right? Do you want to stand? Raktraeth seems to think you should for some reason… I have no idea whether he'll be right or wrong. This is the first clutch he's Searched anybody for."

The hand that hides his precious trinket — not to worry, Iandicael hasn't gone full Gollum just yet — clenches as Doji approaches, subtly protecting whatever it is that he holds so dear. "I don't know if want would be the word." His tone always seems to carry an edge, as though he teeters at the edge of offense at any moment. "My family won't like it." And here, finally, is the barest hint of a smile. "I'll take it." Because there's no better reason to stand than pissing off your estranged family.

Pissing off your estranged family seems an almost guaranteed way to end up with a lifemate. Just look at how many riders did exactly that. Maybe it was the damaged family connections Raktraeth sensed. Or something else. Doji doesn't seem incredibly curious about what the trinket is, but she did get a close look at the report about the missing item earlier. The knot will be passed calmly over to the man. "There are rules of course…" And she'll dutifully list them all out. In more detail than he probably wanted to know as they're walking. But before they completely leave the bazaar. "Do you have some things you need to gather? Or someone you need to tell?"

There's a caution to the way Iandicael takes that knot, although he's clearly practiced in avoiding all physical contact in the exchange of goods. The rules about fighting do give him a moment of pause, but the rest, well… it's easy enough to be abstinent when it's your preferred way of life. Her questions draw some of that tension back into his shoulders, a muscle in his jaw jumping as he clenches his teeth. "No," he utters in a low, rough tone. "I'm ready now." The only thing he might require is a brief trip to the infirmary to see to his hand, but he'll only admit to that ache when Doji is safely out of view.

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