Daenerys, Echo


Daenerys and Echo talk runners and Traders.



It is noon of the seventh day of the tenth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.

In Igen:

It is the sixty-seventh day of Autumn and 87 degrees. Mercilessly bright, Rukbat's light heats the desert as a small dark cloud appears on the horizon.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

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Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

High noon and the sun is bright in the Caravan grounds. Over in the Zingari Camp, a newish wagon sways with movement from within, outside there is a small anvil and forge, cold at the moment. After a few moments, a young woman emerges from it, her short auburn hair bright with cinnamon highlights in the bright rays of Rukbat as she steps down to the ground. Wearing serviceable leather breeches with a loose brown tunic on the top, sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Her brown eyes squint in the light as she is confronted with the sun at it's zenith. Quickly, she shields her eyes with her hand, but as her eyes are stil adjusting, she misses a stone in her path and trips forward barely catching herself from falling flat on her face by windmilling her arms as she exclaims in suprise.

Now that is an entrance — spectacular, dramatic, worth remembering for many, many Turns. Daenerys looks up from that ever-present leather care kit he's always fiddling with to find Echo windmilling it and nearly faceplanting. Laying his kit aside, he stands, squinting against the bright noonday sun. "You okay, there?" He calls, trying to stifle his laugher: it would be simply rude.

"Arg!" Echo grunts as she finally manages to steady herself before she begins to move forward again. And what's worse, someone saw her. Giving a pained look in Daenerys' direction, she says, "I'm fine except for the fact my feet seem to hate me today and the sun is trying to blind me." A half-hearted chuckle is given as she rubs her hands nervously on her pants. "Can you just, kinda, forget you saw that, maybe?" She asks haltingly.

"Saw what?" Daenerys asks, amused. Ah, selective blindness: Daenerys is a past master of these things, for there is much he doesn't need to see around this camp. Instead, he'll scan the runner corral, admiring the many beautiful animals milling about. He's become more adept at handling the animals over time, though he is by no means the expert some would be — unless the intent is butchering them for food. Once poor Echo has recovered her dignity, he'll shift his gaze back to her. "Nie to finally not be the 'new one' around here." He grins wryly.

Echo sighs with relief and offers a small smile in return. "Thanks, I appreciate it." She strides forward and offers her hand to the man, "I'm Echo, from the Kheeriin sister clan." She says to introduce herself before running a hand nerously through her short hair. "And I have no problem taking over as the new person. Although, I know most of the Zingari here. So not really new-new, just new here.. now." She trails off a bit as her brain screams at her to stop talking since she has entered rambling territory. Her pale cheeks pink up slightly.

"No problem." Daenerys grins crookedly, taking the woman's offered hand fro a brief, friendly shake. "I'm Daenerys. Leather-worker — former Tanner, and all that. I'm… actually Weyrbred; decided I'd rather be on the road than tied to a place." Her 'rattling on' doesn't seem to disturb him. In fact, he's just merrily filing away the information she provides with great interest. "Well, at least you have some idea of the ins and outs of this place. More'n I had." His grin is wryly cheerful.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you." Echo says with another one of her nervous chuckles as she fidgets in place with the hem of her tunic. She nods a bit at his comment and punctuates it again with that soft chuckle of hers, hands once again going to rub against her thighs in an obviously soothing manner. Her mind races to try and come up with reply to that. But as she opens her mouth, nothing comes out and she starts ummm-ing while looking around for anything to trigger her mouth to start making sounds again. She looks over to the pens where he was looking a moment ago and exclaims, "Runners!" clearing her throat she continues in a quieter tone, "You were looking at the runners, is yours over there?" she turns and starts to walk towards the pens without warning to hide her embaressed blush.

Runners, indeed. Daenerys' gaze shifts back to the creatures, a little smile playing over his face. "Nah. I don't have one, not yet. Have my eye on one, though." A beautiful, moon-white mare, and he will have gotten all the requisite monies and goods together within the week in order to possess her. Idly, he runs ah hand through his hair, resettling in a shining fall down his back. Absently, he follows Echo toward the pens, more curious about this new Zingari than he'll let on. "You have one, I assume?" It seems like the best ground to traverse withher; one can hardly be uncomfortable talking about runners, right?

Oh good, the one subject that Echo is comfortable taking about, runners. "Oh which one are you thinking of getting?" she asks as she lets her eyes roam over the beasts as she comes up to the fence and leans on it. "I do. The Kheeriin are renowned for their runners you know." Putting her fingers to her lips, she whistles loudly and a pretty yellow dun mare, marked with a white blanket on her rump spotted with light brown, seperates herself from the group and comes cantering over. Echo reaches out to caress her nose, "This is Starla, she's my riding beast. I have a couple of draft runners who pull my wagon as well, but then every Zingair gets a wagon and team when they come of age."

That's Daenerys for you; all about the comfort of others — bar a select few. Her mare is admired with the eye of one who has come to really appreciate good runner flesh. And hooves, and all that. "She's a pretty one." He compliments Echo softly, offering the mare his hand to sniff. "Mmm. The white over there, actually." He indicates a slim white mare kicking up her heels and prancing about.

Good-natured Starla reaches out to whuffle Daenerys' offered hand as Echo moves on to stroking her neck lovingly. "She really is. A bit of a character sometimes, but a smooth ride and she can go long distances without tiring." It's obvious to anyone that Echo is in her element when talking runners, her words coming through effortlessy without the nervous halting she had been doing. As the white one is pointed out, she raises a thin eyebrow in his direction. "Her? Well she looks good, nice proportions, but a bit spirited for a newbie maybe."

Daenerys rubs that soft muzzle gently, grinning a little. The white mare is eyed again, consideringly. "Mmm. Yeah, she is." His tone is mild, very, very mild. "I've my reservations, but she seems gentle enough when under saddle." Not entirely senseless, he's test ridden the runner several times. Starla, however, seems to have made herself a friend, for he's still rubbing her muzzle. "Hasn't put me on my ass yet, though I'm pretty sure it's about due."

Echo looks sidelong at the man with a nod, "Oh so you've ridden her then? Always a good thing to do before purchasing. Good to know you aren't one of those guys who picks a tempermental beast simply to prove you can tame it." She says with derision before muttering under her breath, "I hate those guys." Starla starts whuffling at the man's shirt and long hair, seeing if he is hiding anything yummy on him, bumping him in the chest with her nose before whinying at him. Echo just laughs at her antics and thumps her on the neck, "She's a bit of a greedy guts too. Seems to think of people as walking food dispensers."

Daenerys rolls his eyes skyward for the idiocy of such men. "Oh, yes; the men who must prove their virility by abusing some poor beast. I know my limits. I'd rather she go to someone who can handle her if I can't. So far seems like we're a match, though, so…" He shrugs, mildly, and grins as Starla tries to shake some treats out of him. Fishing around, he manages to come up with a bit of fingerroot. He holds it out for inspection for Echo's approval. "This okay for her to have?"

Echo looks at Daenerys, eyebrows shooting up, cleary a look of respect in her eyes for his response. "Yeah, those guys are the worse." She says to end that sidenote, before nodding at the fingerroot, "Oh go right ahead, she won't leave you alone till she gets something." Without waiting, Starla stretches her neck out to whuffle at the root. Echo clicks her tongue and the runner stops her begging and with a heavy sigh lowers her head to a more polite position, all while keeping her dark eyes on the treat in Daenerys' hand. "Ok, you can give it to her now."

Oh, Daenerys so agrees with her — both that those guys are the worst and that they should leave the subject in the past where it belongs. They might call up such beasts if they continue to speak of them. Instead, he turns his attention to the runner's blalant begging, and his chuckle is soft and a bit rusty, for the runner's heavy disappointment in being told to stop begging is just too much. "She's a bit dramatic about that, hmm?" His dark gaze sparkles with amusement as he offers the runner the treat. "Here you go, pretty girl."

Daintily, Starla reaches out and takes the root with suprising gentleness, munching on it noisely. Echo chuckles, "Dramatic doesn't quite cut it. She's a character that's for sure. I knew it since I first saw her as a filly." The fondness in her eyes as she looks at her mare would make one think of a proud parent to a favourite child.

As well she should be: Starla is a well-bred runner, and obviously well-trained. There's another squint for the height of the sun, and a heaved sigh. "I'd better get back to my leather working; got about twelve harnesses to mend in my yurt." He looks so very enthusiastic, really he does. "See you around, eh?"

Echo blinks a little bit as she reaches out to rub at Starla's nose as she finishes her chewing, "Oh I love leather." Ummm, what? "I mean, not, I mean, with the runners, I have use for … um… it." she stammers that last bit then looks away as she pushes her face into her mare's mane. A muffled, "Yeah, I'll catch you around sometime." She even raises her hand to offer him a wave, as she replays exactly what she said over and over again, feeling her face grow hot with embaressment.

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