Talya, Th'res


Th'res says good by to his wingmate, Talya plays with fishes.

VERY backdated


It is late night of the first day of the eighth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Koi pond, old Southern Weyr

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Koi Pond

This open space is where Phagian's famed roses grow. And grow they do, in a profusion of sizes and colours. Tiny miniature roses in low boxes, rosebushes in ordered ranks behind, wild roses twining upon arched trellises over the path and the bench at the head of the pond, every plant is healthy and neatly pruned. They are also labelled. Here is the red-on-white of Fire and Ice, there the simple crimson of Heart's Desire, over yonder the inky shadow of Blackthorne, and bobbing practically beneath your hand the vibrant gold of Susanna. The pond is a palette of bright colours as well. Within its dim refractive depths there lurk the ornamental koi. Each fish an ancient Oriental soldier in full scale mail, and proud of his polychromal coat. Warm colours are most common, bright vermillion, marigold orange, sunshine yellow, but also there are other, rarer colours. Here a splash of emerald flashes, there a streak of jet, a swatch of white, a blink of azure. Dozens of bejewelled ichthyoids play in this broad pool's depths, each fat, well fed, and haughty.

In what might be a bit uncharacteristically feminine is Talya, among the flowers and the fishies, and actually looking rather at peace as she fiddles with a plucked rose. Alright, maybe not so nice to go breaking off one of the flowers, but she is probably hoping no one yells at her this late at night. She is seated near the edge of the pond on top of a folded blanket that appears to have been taken from the pack she brought along with her. The woman is teasing the water with the flower. "Don't look at me like you're hungry. I bet I'll be murdered by whoever takes care of you if you wind up dead." Yes, she's talking to the fish.

"They always look like that." Comes the soft voice from behind her, Th'res stands with his hands in his jacket pockets. He is looking at the roses about him, still a little on the warn looking side but at least his face seems sober and he might of got some sleep. "Sorry didn't mean to startle you, Talya" he adds softly still looking at the beauty around him.

Talya is actually startled, quickly hiding the rose from sight as she jerks her head back to look at the intruder. Realizing who it is makes her relax slightly, and she brandishes the flower again as she points at the bluerider. "You, sir, may kill me someday by popping up out of no where." She looks around him, as if expecting more company to have followed behind. "What are you doing out here?" She glances back to the fish, then to him. "Do they really look that way all the time or you mean they're always kept half starved?"

Th'res chuckles and shrugs "It could be worse I suppose, I could just show up and steal your stuff and leave at random" he teases her but doesn't walk any closer to the woman. "I come here to remember my friend she liked it here alot." He shrugs and looks at the fish "And they always look like they want more but really they are babied from what I know of their care." He looks at her again and says "I can come back though if you need to be alone."

"At least I'll be left with my life, not having been scared to death. Though I guess then I'd just starve to death." Talya pats her supplies pack, flipping the flap open and displaying uneaten food inside it. She listens to him intently, then gets up from the ground and picks up her blanket, shaking it off. "You really don't have to ask that, you have more reason to be here than I do. I'm just harassing the fish." She waves to her spot and then around the place. "You could just take what you want, be here and remember the good times, instead of leaving. I wasn't planning on staying here too long." Considering her pack, with the food and the warm blanket, she was likely going to stay there for the rest of the night.

Th'res is more observant than some people think, he sees all her gear and draws the conclusion of her sleeping arrangements saying "Well that is good, sleeping next to the pond might give you the fire head." He says casually as he moves in closer to the area, and will look at her moment as if taking in her appearance and making sure she is actually doing ok. "You know that you can stay in the guest dorms or with the other residents right?" maybe she doesn't or maybe she does. Th'res seems to be reverting back to his old self and trying to take care of people again, whether they get annoyed at him or not.

Talya stands there staring at Th'res for a good long moment before she laughs. At him. "You can't catch firehead for just sleeping next to the water." She jerks her head back to the little pond. "Not like I'm going to go skinny dipping in that and sleep naked under the stars." Though with her, it's always a possibility to do just that if she felt up to it and it wasn't a cold night. She drapes the blanket over an arm, still chuckling at him as she shakes her head. "It ain't that. I stay in the dorms most of the time, sometimes I just want to escape and leave to think. Or sometimes I just wind up on the bad end of someone's day and it's better to get out of their way."

Looking over at her he will ask "and which is it now? Because if your looking for a place to hide I know a room in the minercraft wing that is secure." Th'res still looks at the flowers as he comes to stand near Talya. The look on his face is of reflection but the light in his eyes shows that some of his old spark is coming back.

Talya gives him a long look, as if worried she is being led into a trap. "I'm hiding away from the Weyr, tonight," she answers finally with a shrug of her shoulder. "What's the wing like? I will consider suggestions. Though it may be hard to compete with this place." She lifts the rose to her nose in a feminine gesture, sniffing the wet petals quietly. "I'm surprised someone really takes the time to come and take care of all this." She gives him a sidelong look. "If you want to be alone, I can get going."

"No that is ok, stay as long as you wish. But they come to check on the fish early in the morning, like before first light" Is the reply to the question of leaving. He moves to sit down next to Talya for a bit and says "The minerwing is quiet, not a lot of people around as we work three shifts. You won't be noticed coming or going." He pulls out a small door key and lays it inside her supply pack saying "My old room is still there, I like to keep it when I too need time to think. But if you want to use it better that then letting it go to waste."

Talya frowns at the new information regarding the pond. She seems to take a long time to consider her options. Finally, she drops the blanket where she is standing and sits back down on it with a sigh. She gives the man a poke with her snipped rose, her face still pulled down unhappily. "You're sometimes way too nice, has anyone told you that before too?" She pulls the key from where he placed it in her supply pack to study it, looking back at the bluerider. "Is this the only key to the place? I think it'd be a little weird for a random woman to be walking in and out when she's not even an apprentice there. I have other options, anyway, or I figure if nothing ever does work out here I can go back to Black Rock."

Th'res nods with a little smirk "I have a spare I keep in my weyr under the cookie jar, and no one will really notice you if you time your comings and goings between shift changes" Yup totally to trusting and nice. He looks over at her and says "Or do you just want to go back there? I mean it is home after all." He looks down at the fat fishes in the pond as he waits for her answer.

Talya's eyes narrow at the key as if silently questioning it before she decides to put it away back in her pack. She tucks it safely before removing a cloth-wrapped parcel, revealing cold meatrolls inside and then offers it to the rider. "It ain't much in exchange for a place to stay, though that's still questionable for me," she says in regards to the food. "And no, I don't really know if I want to go back. It's not home," she says the last with a bit more vehemence than she probably intended.

Th'res will reach for a roll taking it saying "This works just fine for me, never had a head for business and trading" yup to honest it seems, but then she hasn't played cards or dice with him yet. Munching on the roll he will listen to her as she talks about not going back to where she is from, he will observe gently "Then maybe this could be home for you, I mean if you think you could handle a to nice blue rider as a friend that just won't stop putting his nose in your life."

"Of course you'll have to tell me all about how to sneak in and sneak out and the right times to not be noticed." Talya takes her own meatroll, taking a bite and swallowing before she adds, "Not to mention which room is yours. Or I guess I can try all of them." And maybe some of them are not locked anyway and she'd just find herself exploring. Instead of finishing off the roll, she cuts off a few pieces of the crust and actually tosses them to the hungry fish. They were just staring at her mournfully so… a few crumbs won't hurt them. "I think I can handle you just fine. You'll know when your nose has poked too far into my business that it bothers me."

Th'res chuckles and finishes his own roll rather quickly before he will get up and hold out his hand to her saying "well we better hurry then, shift change starts in a few." He figures she won't take the hand but he has manners and lets face it his momma scares him more than she does. At the talk of knowing when to keep his nose out he adds "Well I will when I teach you how to throw a good punch.."

Talya shoves the meat roll in her mouth, but she isn't as impressive as him in finishing it. It's simply to have her hands free to push off the ground (all on her own, no she doesn't take the offered hand) and then sweeps her blanket and pack off the ground. "Mmfffh." She snaps, eyes glaring in his direction regarding her punches. Probably not a nice thing said behind that roll in her mouth. She pulls it out of her mouth, poking him with the not-so-messy end of it. " Har. Har. You haven't really felt my punches on your face yet and I got a feeling you will be shortly. Now show me to this room before I change my mind." And she'll stalk out of there, not even bothering to wait for him or even giving the lovely flowers and the poor starving fish a last glance.

Th'res chuckles and lets her stalk out, someday he will stop poking fun at her. Probably the same day she stops teasing him about nudity. He will move quickly to catch up to her showing her the way to the miners wing. Th'res does glance back before he leaves though to the small white flower on the ground where he sat, as tribute to a lost wingmate and friend.

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