Alyna, D'har, Adryn (NPC, puppeted by Alyna)


Alyna and D'har help their infant son with a milestone.


It is sunset of the sixteenth day of the eleventh month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Beach, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 29 Dec 2018 07:00


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"There will be no stopping him now."



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

Evening brings some relief from the day's heat, and with sunset still over a candlemark away, Alyna is set up on the beach, sitting in the shade provided by a dozing Haquith, on a large blanket with little Adryn. The latter is enjoying some time on his tummy, lifting his head and trying to grasp for various toys that are just within reach. Already half a Turn old, the babe's head is still crowned with a mass of ebon curls that the greenrider refuses to trim. His golden brown eyes are alert and trained on a little wooden block painted bright red as his chubby fist reaches out to it and he squirms his whole body against the blanket. He's just wearing his nappy and a very light cotton shirt for comfort sake, and his mother is wearing one of her typical strappy sundresses that falls to her knees, this one a bright turquoise. She's sitting cross legged not more than an arm's length from her son, a couple of hides in her lap that she is trying to concentrate on, but her gaze keeps getting drawn back to Adryn's efforts as she is mesmerized by watching him figure it out.

With a late afternoon sweep under his belt, D'har is dead set on getting out to the beach and his family without further delay. He only stops at their weyr to remove his lifemate's straps and then shed his leathers in favor of shorts and a loose tunic, clambering up onto Searuth's neck directly thereafter and making the quick flight toward the sea. The blue quickly deposits his rider on the strand, taking a moment to lavish some affection upon his favorite green before going for a brief swim. His hide tends to hold a lot of heat in the warmer seasons, after all. D'har's grin is pure fond affection for the scene he comes upon, his weyrmate and their son enjoying the cooling of the day by the sea, the little boy's fascination with the world as enduring as ever. The swarthy bluerider folds himself down upon the blanket with a chuckle, leaning forward to greet his son with cooed words and a kiss upon his head before straightening and looking to Alyna. "Gorgeous as ever, lover mine," he rumbles as he kisses her in turn. "You know, we will have to cut his hair sooner or later. It will get very annoying when it starts falling in his eyes. Trust me, I know."

When Searuth wings over the beach and lands, Haquith rouses from her light doze and reaches out with a waft of lily-of-the-valley along her faintly buzzing mindlink. Lifting chartreuse head from it's rest place on her front paws, she also warbles a greeting to her mate as he wanders into the waves. The green's gleaming hide attests to her bathing having already been done, but she watches almost possessively as the midnight blue takes his bath. Lifting her head in a mirror to her lifemate, Alyna smiles brightly as she watches her weyrmate dismount and head in their direction. Her heart swells as she watches D'har affectionately greet their son, the sight never getting old to the petite greenrider. When he comes to her for a kiss in turn, she reaches up and cups a hand against the back of his neck, pulling him deeper in the embrace before releasing him with a chuckle at his words. "I know," she says reluctantly as she reaches a hand out to gently curl a finger into the babe's dark tresses, "I will make sure it doesn't bother him, but it would be a shame for him to loose his gorgeous curls." Lifting her gaze, she grins as she observes the traits that D'har has passed onto their son with beaming affection.

Searuth knows full well that he is being watched, his every move showing off as much muscle as possible. He'll come back and let Haquith inspect it all as much as she wishes when he's done cooling off, of course. He desires her attention just as much as she wants his. D'har is quite willingly pulled deeper into the kiss shared with Alyna. It'll be a while yet before Adryn might decide to start getting embarrassed by his parents' unabashed displays of affection, after all, so he doesn't mind taking advantage. "I doubt he will," the bluerider counters, leaning over again to brush back his son's hair. Then he notices Alyna's hides. "Getting ahead on your work, love?" he asks with a smirk.

As Haquith waits patiently for Searuth to cool off, the buzz of her mindvoice intesifies to betray her anticipation, there's certainly a reason the dark blue has caught her every time she's risen at Southern, not that the prideful green would ever admit to it. Alyna snorts under her breath at her green and her antics before peering back at her weyrmate when he asks his question about the hides, "Just trying to stay caught up, it's neverending I tell you." Her voice holds a bit of a whine to it and she affects a bit of a pout, but it's all for show. She's found the last few months flying as Wingsecond to R'zel to be some of the most rewarding of her entire Threadfighting career. Her view on a lot of things, not just taking up a ranked position, has changed in the last few turns, D'har and Adryn are proof enough of that. But Alyna couldn't be happier. Stretching her scarred leg out a bit, wincing as she feels the jab of a cramp, she looks back at the babe, who is still determinedly wiggling his little body and reeeeeaching for that red block until his fingers hook a corner and he can pull it towards himself and does what he does with most things these days and pulls it to his mouth to gum it experimentally. "Of course, with the adorableness of our offspring, it's mostly hopeless. The nannies say that he could start to scoot himself along on his tummy any day now, and I'd hate to miss that because my nose was in a hide."

D'har simply grins when Alyna pouts, knowing very well that his weyrmate is happy with her position at the moment."Regardless," he says, stretching out on his side and touching his lips to the greenrider's knee along the way, "I'm sure the hidework won't get out of control on you." Propping himself on his elbow, he watches Adyrn, rumbling encouragements as their son works to get hold of that red block and praising enthusiastically when the goal is accomplished. "Adryn," he calls softly, pitching his voice higher and lowering his face so that his chin touches the ground as he looks at his son with exaggeratedly wide eyes. "What've you got, hm? What's that?" In the meantime, Search finishes his dip and prowls back onto the shore, standing and shaking himself free of excess water before taking a moment to preen.

Tilting her head tenderly in D'har's direction when she feels the press of his lips against her knee, Alyna's crystalline blue eyes blaze with her fierce love for her weyrmate as she silently takes him in when he settles. Then her gaze is back on the babe, praising him with softly cooed words in turn. For his part, Adryn looks over when D'har lowers himself to his level, reacting to his name being called with a grin curling around the block in his mouth. Pushing himself up on his elbows, he rolls himself onto his back, closer to D'har, with a giggle and then reaches out with the hand holding a now quite drooly block and offers it to his father, brown eyes bright and focused on the bluerider's face, babling incoherantly. Haquith watches as Searuth returns to shore, her round eyes swirling blue/green as she gives an impatient trill in the midnight blue's direction. She doesn't mind if he's a bit damp.

There's no helping the grin in such situations. D'har rests his chin upon a flattened hand, reaching out to touch a fingertip to Adryn's nose before gently taking the slobbery block between his thumb and forefinger. "Is that so?" he says in counter to the little boy's babbling, and flicks a playfully glinting glance toward Alyna. "What if I let mama have it? Will you go get it back?" He holds the block so that Adryn will focus on it, then starts moving it slowly in his weyrmate's direction until it's close enough for her to take. Searuth prowls his way to Haquith at last, rumbling softly in answer to her impatience and sparing a quick glance for their riders and child below before sliding up alongside the green, slipping his neck along hers and nuzzling the underside of her jaw.

Alyna's eyes brighten and sparkle as emotion overwhelms her. D'har has been the model father from the begining, helping out in whatever way he could with little Adryn. But to see them recently, actually interacting with each other, and seeing this patient, caring, paternal side of her weyrmate, it just reinforces the greenrider's decision to start a family with him. She knows she's found the perfect partner for that now, not that she had too many doubts. When the block is held out to her, Alyna tries to ignore the fact that it's all slobbery and instead takes it gingerly when offered, "Thanks daddy," she replies with watered down sarcasm and a gentle smirk in the bluerider's direction. She holds it down on the blanker, just out of Adryn's reach and bounces it around a little bit, "Come on baby boy, you can get it." Her encouragements cause another excited outburts of baby talk as Adryn squirms around on his back, hands reaching back over his head for the block, but quickly finds it too awkward. With a grunt of effort, he rolls himself back onto his stomach and start to wiggle while reching out, but it's just a couple fingerwidths out of reach and Alyna is keeping it there. Another outburst of babbling as he kicks his feet ineffectively and squirms his body from side to side, tucking his elbows to his side and gaining some purchase as he manages to push himself forward a minute amount. There's a loud squee from Alyna as she looks up at D'har, "Did you see that?" she asks before intesifying the wiggle of the block on the blanket, offering crooned encouragements.

D'har just waggles his eyebrows roguishly at his weyrmate as the block is handed off. He does indeed see, beaming and nodding enthusiastically at Alyna as he props himself up again. "Go get it, Adryn! Go on!" the bluerider encourages, reaching out to tickle the bottom of his son's foot. Just for some added fuel to move forward.

"C'mon Adryn, you got it. Just a little bit more…" Alyna encourages as she can feel her eyes brim full of emotion. He's a determined little thing that's for sure, he flails a bit as he tries to figure out exactly what it was that caused the object of his desire, the block, to be just that much closer. You can almost see the cogs turning behind those expressive, golden brown eyes of his. Another wiggle and his elbows catch again just in time for the tickle at the bottom of his foot that has his kicking away from the sensation, bending his knees and giving him some more traction in turn as he scoots himself forward and manages to grab hold of the block and take it from his mother's grip, babbling triumphantly before returning it to his mouth with gusto. The greenrider is clapping and praising him as the most clever boy who's ever lived, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks. The strong emotions alert Haquith, who grumbles a bit as she lifts her head from Searuth's attentions and peers over at the scene on the blanket, « What did he do that you're making such a racket? » she asks with an inquisitive tone that only holds a mild note of annoyance. The green is fond of the child, that's obvious, but she's not as impressed by every minor milestone he reaches like his parents are.

D'har pushes himself upward, laughing warmly as he leans down once more to kiss the top of Adryn's head. "That's the way, little man," he murmurs, and comes up to sitting, lifting a hand to Alyna's cheek and swiping away some of her tears with his thumb. "There will be no stopping him now," he notes amusedly, and spares a quick glance up at the dragons. Searuth utters a softly amused rumble, aiming to distract Haquith with a gentle nibble at the back of her jaw. « There is simply progress happening, my beauty, » the midnight blue intones with a cool breeze rustling shadowy leaves at the edges of her mind, and sparkling drift of fireflies carried along beneath moonlit branches.

"No, there won't," Alyna affirms as she wipes at her wet cheeks with the back of her hand. Chuckling softly, she reaches out to place a hand on D'har's shoulder and squeezes briefly, "I love you, my bluerider," she affirms before leaning in to seal it with a kiss. "And I love you, sweetest of boys," she adds and leans over to press a kiss to the top of his head in turn. Rolling onto his back, the babe looks up at his parents with a wide grin before one of his hands reaches up and snags the neckline of Alyna's dress and tugs on it with some emphatic whimpers. The greenrider rolls her eyes affectionately, "Looks like someone's hungry…" she drawls before carefully extracting fingers from fabric before he causes her now more than ample bosom to spill out and flash anyone in the vicinity. "Should we head home? I could do with some supper myself. We can come up with ways to keep him safe in the weyr as he becomes more mobile." With that she shifts onto her knees and reaches for carrier she uses when taking him a-dragonback, "Do you want to take him? He might get fussy riding with me if he's getting hungry." Sensing their nap on the beach is getting interrupted, Haquith resigns herself with a heavy sigh as she turns her head at that nibble and returns it with an affectionate rub of her cheek against his before slowly un-tangling herself from him in preparation of imminent departure.

"Yes, let's," D'har says to the matter of heading homeward with a chuckle. "I can take him. And as for keeping him safer now…well. I have a thought, but it can wait for talk over dinner." Once the carrier is loaded, he relieves Alyna of Adryn to take on Searuth, who reassures Haquith that they'll soon have quite enough time to themselves once they're back home. And that's precisely where they'll head now, with supper soon forthcoming, conversation to be had, and progress to be continued.

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