A catalyst of sorts has I'dre finding his resolve to make a decision about his future…


It is sunrise of the nineteenth day of the tenth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


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"I can't help you," … "I — I'm not a healer… I'm sorry."


Time has passed since his official tapping into Mirage and the transition remained far less painless than he expected. I'dre kept himself busy and did his best to ignore the strange looks he'd sometimes receive, the gossip that would come around or even those brazen (or stupid, in his opinion) to ask him outright. He'd flown a few Threadfalls without incident and much of his days were occupied with his unconventional duties but largely his sessions with the Healers.

Progress has been frustratingly minimal and I'dre's hope of a swift resolution dwindled with each day that passed and with each relapse he suffered. As it becomes more obvious that his time in Mirage will be long, his thoughts return again and again to his brief talk with Doji. Yet he never could bring himself to commit to the idea of taking the path of a dragonhealer…

… then he met HIM

A recent Threadfall a day or so prior saw an influx of injured. Normally I'dre would make himself scarce during these times, but he could only avoid his daily sessions for so long. It was at the end of one of them that he heard the rider groaning from his bed. The young man was around his age, but severely wounded along with his dragon. Pausing at the threshold of one of the exits, I'dre never could pinpoint what made him turn around.

Reluctantly, he approached, gritting his teeth against the distant flashbacks of another in his memories; his own father, in a similar situation but far less fortunate. The man in the bed wasn't his father of course, but that didn't stop his mind from taunting him with parallels. As he wrestles his thoughts, he almost didn't hear the injured rider or how he is close to begging him to check on his dragon.

Unease and discomfort lance through I'dre as he stares down at the helpless rider, his expression tense and grim.

"I can't help you," he feels the words tumble from him, empty and distanced. "I — I'm not a healer… I'm sorry." A hollow apology, if there was ever one.

The wave of guilt that follows is enough to get I'dre moving but before he can turn away, he feels a bandaged hand grab and catch weakly against his arm. It's enough to make him stop and glance down from over his shoulder.


That plea again. I'dre's eyes narrow, pain masked under frustration and mixed with self hate that he cannot find the compassion in him, in that immediate moment, to comfort the other rider. In the instant that he's about to shake free of the rider's grip, a thought strikes him.

Was his father left like this too?

It's enough that I'dre's resolve settles in the next heartbeat and he finds himself nodding, features softening enough at the edges to lend some reassurance as he gently moves out of the rider's reach.

"Alright," he mutters. "Alright, I'll go."

The young rider's relief is visible, as is his tentative grip on consciousness and I'dre barely gets the dragon's name from the man before he's lapsing back into a fevered sleep.

Once he steps outside, he reaches for Mhiruth to help him, though the blue was already feeding a steady pulse of encouragement the moment he agreed to help the rider. Together, they find the dragon in question and even I'dre can see the discomfort without having to be linked into a bond. Leaving Mhiruth to bespeak the other dragon and lend what comfort he can, I'dre hunts down one of the on duty dragonhealers.

He doesn't care about the narrowed looks or unspoken disapproval when he interrupts a conversation, tersely stating his reasons and not leaving until one follows him back. A part of him understands that they do all they can and that sometimes the number of wounded can overwhelm the number of healers; he holds no resentment, but part of his temper simmers all the same. It keeps a tight grip on it, as they approach their patient.

In the end, it was nothing overly serious. I'dre had planned to drift away while the dragonhealer was occupied but instead found himself roped in as a volunteer. Changing bandages does not require much skill and with a seasoned and skilled healer overseeing each step, he caught on quick enough. He never noticed either, until later, how the healer had so subtly prodded him with questions while they worked.

I'dre had no intentions of entering the infirmary again either once their work was done. Mhiruth confirmed that the dragon was much more at ease and resting and yet rather than leaving, he found himself at the rider's bed again. The young man was sleeping, still fevered but restful. Not long after, I'dre takes his leave and falls back into his usual routines.

It will not be his last visit.

Over the next few days, infrequently at first and then more regularly, he visits the rider. The Healers notice but say nothing, as their patient seems bolstered by these visits and improves little by little each day for their interactions. There were no protests either, when I'dre brought in a small table one day and the two played a few harmless rounds of backgammon.

It was through these visits that spurred the definitive moment that I'dre makes his decision.

If he cannot be cleared for the fighting Wings, he'll be useful in another way; he'll take on the challenge and path of a dragonhealer trainee. He still has his reservations and doubts, but Mhiruth bolsters him with gentle insistence that there could be no harm in wanting to help others, no matter how little or small.

At the very least, he can try to keep another pair from ending up like the ruined shell his father became.

As far as goals go, I'dre found that that one wasn't entirely out of the realm of possibility. He knew there'd be more failure than success but…

… one success was better than none.

OOC Footnote: I left the details of the rider in question vague and open ended because, while I intend for the NPC rider to be a large influence on I'dre ICly, I am entertaining the idea of having him available for adoption to be made PC! If you're interested, please @send me on game. :)

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