Daenerys, Xanthee, Ziniel, Edlsesa


Siblings who adopted each other, Daenerys and Xanthee end up both in the Candidate Barracks with new white knots. Then two new Candidates join them.


It is afternoon of the first day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Candidate Barracks, Igen Weyr

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"Lemme breathe, girl!"


Candidate Barracks

Hopes, dreams, and fears are contained in these cramped quarters, full of small cots and smaller trunks; thin ragged curtains barely provide privacy between the bunks, shining patches in the material suggesting one too many mending attempts. The minimal floor space is kept clear of debris and personal possessions, wide enough for a single broad table often used for study in the art of dragon care. It is a cramped space despite it all, when dragoneggs lie upon the Sands: there's no helping the worn surroundings, when use is at an all-time high. Near the entrance, one cubby exists, large enough to contain a bit of luxury for an adult overseer of the candidates, and a desk — for once in reasonable shape — is set to the left of the entrance, conveniently placed for the monitoring of comings and goings.

Oh yeah, he's moved from his own place into Barracks. Again. Daenerys might as well forget all those lovely clothes he's gathered in his time as a Trader and get used to being scruffy again. It's larnin' time all over again. With a sigh, he plops himself down on a cot waaay in the back where he will hopefully never be seen and huffs to himself, "Why did I agree to this?" And what's he gonna tell Reveka?

With her pack hiked up on her back, wearing her mom's old riding jacket, Xanthee is fairly bouncing into the barracks, new white knot pinned to her dress. The smile spread is fit to crack her cheeks with joy. She's old hand at Candidacy at this point, and so she quickly does a scan of the barracks, happy to see how empty it still is, that means the pick of the cots…oh look there's Daenerys… blink blink "DAENERYS!" Xan squees as she takes off in a full out run, pack bouncing behind her, and tackles the poor guy in her excitement. "Oh my shards Daen! Did you get Searched?! This is AMAZING!"

"GAAAH!" Daenerys is unexpectedly tackled into his cot by the whirlwind that is Xanthee, laughing as he tries to fend the girl off. "Lemme breathe, girl!" Nothing like death by excited sister! Once he's managed to detangle himself, he'll nod. "By Doji and Raktraeth. They basically waylaid me on my run."

Tossing her pack on the bunk above Daenerys' cot, effectively claiming it, Xanthee disentangles herself from the Trader turned Candidate since she does like him to breath and stuffs. Slipping her jacket off, she scopes out a nearby trunk for her belongings and drops the garment on it. "Doji? Aww, she's awesome, and her brown is too. Yeah, this really weird bluerider tossed me a knot when I was working my shift at the Tea Room today. I think she was coming on to me." she says with a bewildered expression.

Daenerys eyes Xanthee consideringly. "In a good way?" Is there a good way to have a weird person come on to you? Really? He smoothes down his now-rumpled shirt and grins at her in amusement. "Or was it more… skin crawling odd?"

"Well she kept saying how striking I could be, so that was mildly insulting." Xanthee says as she crinkles her nose at the memory, but then she shrugs, "Never had a girl come on to me before, if that's even what it was. I mean, I'm flattered, but I don't swing that way you know.." She gives another little shrug as she goes to open her pack and starts to put away her clothes in the trunk with her jacket laying across it.

Daenerys snorts dismissively. "Well, that's the quickest way to not get what you want out of a lady." He studies Xanthee critically for a moment. "You're pretty enough just as you are, baby girl; whatever she told you, ignore her." Considering the woman was probably crazy, anyway. Who does that? "Ha, I didn't think you did. Sucks to be the weird bluerider don't it?" He nudges his own little pack, already missing his little yurt. "Faranth… I gotta tell Reveka."

Xanthee snorts a little but puffs up a little bit at Daen's compliment, "Thank you brother-mine." she says with a soft purr in her voice as she finishes putting away the last of her clothing. When next she reaches into her pack, she comes out with one half of a fist-sized geode, which she stuffs quickly under her pillow. When Daen mentions Reveka, Xan just chortles, "Oh poor Reveka, what will she do to occupy herself now?" but then the raven-haired girl sobers a little remembering something, "Although she didn't look well at the Clutching. I saw you talking to her, was anything wrong?" she asks, her concern for her friend now evident.

Hopefully it won't involve other men — at least not yet. Daenerys is all too happy to have her particular charms to himself for a time; tomcat though he is, somehow there is something about Reveka that keeps him almost… attached to her. He laughs at Xanthee's teasing, and throws a pillow her way. "Brat." And then, he, too, sobers. "She wasn't feeling to good. Something about meeting with her mother. I don't think that was all, but she wasn't up for much talking — and I didn't want to press her, not with half the Weyr about."

Xanthee dodges the pillow headed her way easily and retaliated with a tongue stuck out at her brother when she rights herself, eyes dancing. "And proud of it!" she replies to his 'Brat' comment with an easy giggle. Reaching back into her pack, she comes up with a small miniature portrait of a woman with dark brown hair and Xanthee's emerald eyes, without a second though, she kisses the portrait before placing it on the cover of her trunk next to her battered riding jacket. At Daenerys's words though, a shadow passes over her face for a moment, "Oh no. I'll definitely have to send her a note or something to see if she's ok."

"You know something I don't?" Daenerys is on that flitting shadow like a leaping feline. He's very, very still and very very attentive all of a sudden. "If she's real sick, for real, I should be there for her as much as I can be." Somehow, it doesn't cross his mind that there could be less… drastic reasons for what looks like illness; he's a boy, what can one expect? He manages, finally, to begin unpacking what he'd brought for himself: some clothing — including two or three pairs of leathers (who knows, he might need those), and some small bits and pieces of jewelry to work on in what little spare time he might have.

Ziniel makes her way into the barracks, and stops to stare. So much stone overhead it's almost claustrophobic, still she keeps her composure as she moves towards the back of the room. A cot is found, and what little she has is stowed in the trunk at its foot. Once that's done, Ziniel settles on her cot and just stares at the knot in her hand. She'll get around to putting it on eventually (before they're actually expected to do anything).

Xanthee puts up her hands and shakes her head, "No I don't know anything. But…." and here she nibbles her lower lip and looks down as she scuffs the toe of her shoe into the floor, "I saw her a little over a month ago, in the baths, and she was really pale. I really think you should go talk to her as soon as possible." And Xan may have her own suspicions about what is going on with her bestie, but she is playing her hand real close to her chest and not letting it show.

"She was pale. A month ago." And she's still pale and sickish? Oh, that has some interesting conclusions — ones Daenerys is not liking the looks of even a little bit. He sighs, rubs his hands over his face, and settles back down onto his cot. Why does this have all the makings of a very, very uneasy feeling for Daenerys? "Yeah… I really gotta talk to her." He eyes Xanthee thoughtfully for a long moment. "Good thing we do get time to go talk to people and let them know we haven't fallen off the face of the planet, or something…"

Pinching her lips together a bit to hold back her own suspicions, Xanthee sees that her brother might be coming to the same conclusions as she has and maybe that's all that needs to happen before some serious talking happens on the part of the couple/not-couple. Then his last garners a bitter snort from Xan, "Oh you might. Mal and I are taking a forced break from each other. Strictly letter only. No chance at temptation of anything." And the raven-haired girls voice rings of conviction, and maybe a little bit of dread at how hard this is going to be. "We said our good-byes the night of the clutching." she says with a tremulous sigh as she remembers that evening, and night….and next morning.

Oh, yeah: the p-word is definitely on the radar right now. Daenerys heaves a final sigh - there's definitely nothing he can do about it right this second, at any rate. But there will be a reckoning, and soon. "Mm. I suppose I wouldn't be tempted at all to sneak off and do things I shouldn't, huh." He eyes her comically for a long moment, perhaps a subtle rebuke in his tone. "I mean, it's not like I'm not faced with a serious consequence right now or anything." He's not entirely joking, either: what man will willingly leave a poor girl stranded and possibly pregnant among a very Traditional people? Even Daenerys isn't that much of a jerk.

Edlsesa is late to the party having had to run home before anything. Her mother had been half ecstatic, half terrifed for her but she let her daughter make her own choice on the matter. And of course the craft was alright with it. She'd packed light, a few clothes, a couple of her favored aketches from her father, and her own sketchbook and charcoals. She's beaming when she walks into the barracks, white knot clutched in her hands. She's walking through distracted by her own excitement, yet, familiar voices filter in. Wait. "Daen? Xanthee?" She comes walking towards them a look of incredulousness on her face.

"Hey, if you wanna ruin your chance at standing for those eggs, go right ahead, I am keeping well away from Mal, and he's doing the same for me, because he would never do anything to ruin this for me." Xanthee says with a fire in her eyes that burns with the love she has for her Miner. Then she softens a little, and gives Daen a slightly pleading look, "But…could you check up on him sometime and tell me how he's doing, and maybe let him know how I'm doing?" Her emerald eyes beg silently for a long moment before a familiar voice is heard and she snaps her head to see the harper apprentice there. "Oh my shards! NO WAY!" And now Xan's squeeing again as she looks at Daen for his reaction to this new arrival.

Daenerys rolls his eyes skyward, exasperated, for once, with his adopted sister. "Right, I should just dump Reveka without a thought if she's pregnant — even though it'd be my doing — because I might Impress a dragon. Without even having a conversation with her about it. Because it's all about me. Thanks, sis, for thinking so little of me." The trader will push himself off his cot, and move a little distance away, only to turn and eye her sternly. "No, Xanthee. If you're old enough to Stand, you're old enough to control yourself, if Impressing means that much to you. If you don't think you can do that, then you need to not Stand until that's an option for you. I'm not going to be your messenger boy." But wait — there's another sister joining the group, and he chuckles softly, "Well, if it isn't the short girl." He teases Edlsesa gently. "They've gotta be kidding, right?"

Edlsesa picks up on some of the tension, but doesn't cotton on to the topic of conversation. "Hey. I was just thinking the same thing." She tips a smile at the two siblings and shakes her head. "Well this is going to be interesting. When did they pick you two up?"

Snapping her head back as is she had been slapped, Xanthee's emerald eyes are round and shocked and her breath catches in her throat. It takes her several long moments before she even moves, and then it is to turn towards the bunk and take a few deep breaths as she pretends to fix the blankets on top of it. When she speaks up, her voice is even and quivering just slightly, with real actual emotion this time, not the fake stuff she's tried to pull on her brother in the past. "I'm sorry Daen, of course, I didn't even realize what I was saying, I didn't mean it like that at all. You're right, I shouldn't have asked you to go see Mal." She swallows hard and runs her hands under the pillow where she holds the geode in her hand briefly, closing her eyes and trying to not break down right now. Sorry Sesa, Xan needs a moment.

Perhaps now's a good time to be distracted by other things — like that pillow Daenerys threw. He picks it up, tosses it back on his cot with a soft sigh before he eyes Xanthee for a moment. Those — are signs of actual tears, he knows; not the usual fakery. "I'm pretty sure you didn't think about me being worried, I know. And I know you'll miss Malosim — but baby girl, I don't think you'll make the same mistakes you did before, so I'm still not going to run messages for you. I'm going to trust you'll be able to resist his charms. And that he won't try to lead you astray." Because Malosim's definitely not that kind of guy. If Xanthee will sit still for it, Daenerys might even pat her on the knee in that awkward way dudes have of trying to offer a tacit apology for being waspish. And for Edlsesa, Daenerys will explain, "Apparently, Doji's Raktraeth decided my noon run was a good time to waylay me for a Search… and this pest came in soon after." He's definitely kidding about Xanthee being a pest. As attested by his mischevious grin.

"Well I'm glad there's two of you who have faith in me not to mess this up." Xanthee says with a sardonic little snort, Now just to find some faith in myself. she thinks to herself as she lets go of the geode and offers a soft smile at Daen for the pat on her knee. Thankfully the tears that were threatening to spil over are drying up as she giggle slightly when he calls her a pest. Cause then she knows that at least her momentary lapse into teenage self-centeredness is forgiven by the other most important man in her life. "I hope everything is ok with you and Reveka, and whatever is going on with her." Cause we mustn't presume right? And Xan will now drop that topic completely in favour of laying back on the cot, her hand draped over her eyes. She's just worked a full shift at the Tea Room, got Searched, and had managed to piss off her brother for the first time ever, which is surprising considering some of the shit that Xan has pulled since they met. Because of all that, the raven-haired girl will be dozing in no time unless interupted.

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