Talya, Doji, Raktraeth


Talya's belated treasure hunting finds Raktraeth giving a funeral to a tree, plus a white knot and a trip to Igen for herself!


It is sunset of the sixteenth day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Beach

OOC Date 22 Feb 2018 06:00


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"Has all of Pern gone crazy?"



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

It is the seventy-sixth day of Autumn and 64 degrees. Rain pours down in hard, biting sheets. The wind tears through any open space, biting just as hard. Thunder booms and lightning flashes in the dark clouds above.

A thunderstorm has come and gone at Southern Weyr and Talya is taking advantage of the cooler climate and the empty beach to scavenge… clearly /very/ late to that whole treasure hunting game. The young woman does not look like she expects to find anything, but the recent storm did wash up some wet planks and broken driftwood likely from that good old wreckage that was washed out to the ocean early. She's yanking at it and pulling it to a pile, each new piece added in a growing stack. It's boring and pointless, but it seems to be passing up the time for the bartender.

And look what the storm dragged in… but not really. A bit further down the beach the very battered remains of a mighty tree appear, but this wasn't a storm tossed tree. Nope. The trunk is currently hovering in midair as the behemoth of a brown very carefully setting down the tree onto the beach before landing himself. The rider the slides off in full leathers that clearly aren't from around here. Doji looks around anxiously over her shoulder before addressing her dragon. "Trae… are you sure this is the place for it?" For response, the dragon just snorts and wanders a little further up the shore to where the tree line begins and starts digging.

Talya's quiet empty night is interrupted, and while not right in her face, the big brown dragon is a little hard to miss. Especially when he is carrying a tree. Her dark eyes move from her lame little pile to the tree that the dragon carries. Conveniently there is another discarded piece of wood in the direction of the strange rider and dragon. Tucking her hands into her jacket, she moves that way. Curiously, a little caustiously, her eyes completely on the pair and the tree. "Is he using a tree to find buried treasure or something?" She really has to ask, unable to keep quiet, her voice easily carried on the wind in the empty beach.

Raktraeth is really into his digging. He might not be quite as adept at it as one of his clutchbrothers, but he's a big dragon and he can move a lot of earth. Doji not so subtly steps to the far side of the tree and gestures for Talya to follow her. Unless the other woman just happens to like the potential of getting a faceful of flying sand/dirt mixture. The young brownrider shakes his head. "No… he found the tree on our ledge this morning. So after drills and sweeps, he insisted that it be brought back here for proper burial."

Talya kicks said offending piece of probably-shipwreck (it is obviously not anything that would hold something valuable) out of the way before moving just a bit closer to Doji, out of way of flying sand. "He's /burying/ a tree on the beach? He could give it a good firey send off instead." She offers, waving a hand towards her lame pile. Alright, it was too wet for a bonfire but a bartender can dream. And here was potential. She glances back at the brownrider, finally taking her in. Looking up, down, and back up. "Wait, are you even from Southern? How… er, why?" The idea of a tree on a ledge at Southern sounds probable— storm and all. But Talya gives the visiting rider a really perplexed look right now.

Doji really couldn't make this up if that exasperated sigh and eyes raised to the sky are anything to go by. And part of the reason might be that as soon as fire is mentioned, Raktraeth promptly swivels in a move that a dragon his size probably has no business making and he's just going to drag his tree just a little bit further away from Talya, eyeing the girl suspiciously. The rider winces a little bit and points towards the brown guarding the tree. "He's kind of attached to trees… Even though we don't have any in Igen. Or maybe especially because we don't have them there." But the How and why… suspiciously not answered.

Talya pulls one hand out of her jacket, then pats at the inside as if looking for something. Some flint to light a fire, maybe? "This is something that requires a drink," says the bartender without a flask to her name. It's a tragedy. Her lips start to quirk up at the ends, however, when she notices the dragon's look. She stares at the brown's tree now with her own greedy look. "I mean, it's dry." Unlike everything here. "It'd probably go up like *that*." She snaps her fingers, turning to look at the rider now for some help. It is a chilly day after all! "But seriously, now you're going to drive me crazy thinking about this. Igen, no trees, spontaneous one on the ledge." Talya is staring, hoping that Doji gives something away.

The tree was dry. Now, it's starting to get covered in some of the wet sand/dirt mix that Raktraeth had already excavated. Who needs to dig a full hole (or trench) to bury a tree when you could just make a big ol' mound? Apparently that's the 'proper' way to bury a tree according to the dragon. Doji just shrugs. "Some dragons are peculiar. And I'm willing to bet another dragon left it there. Probably Dhazkyth…" And the mere mention of that particular bronze is swiftly followed with a string of muttered curses, but she shakes it off a quickly as the swearing storm came on. "So… what were you doing on the beach aside from looking for bonfires?"

Talya looks quite disappointed at the fact that she will not be getting some proper firewood, when it just about had fallen from the sky. Wet sand piled onto the dry tree is definitely not going to help burn things. "There are some interesting things that go on in Igen," she notes with a little shake of her head. Dragons, will she ever get used to them? Doji gets an approving smirk at the cursing. She waves a hand along the entire beach— empty for the most part still. "We were hit with a bad storm down here and some people prospered. I thought I'd give it a chance." Not that she was very eager to be searching, belated as she is. "And this is the best time to come out here. When it's dead silent." Apparently people have not been her thing lately. She turns back to the brownrider, brow quirked. "So do you come often here for tree burials? I guess no place on Pern is too far to go when you're a rider."

It's probably especially fitting that Doji was cursing at Dhazkyth with words he probably taught her, but that's neither here nor there. Doji shakes her head as well. "You have no idea. We had snow a while back! SNOW!" In the desert. It was crazy. But then a quick glance around the storm battered beach has her sobering up a bit. "Luckily our storm wasn't anywhere near as devastating. Pretty much all melted away the next day. How were people prospering from a hurricane?" She's not quite scratching her head, but definitely tilting it inquisitively. As for coming down here, she shrugs. "Not often for tree burials… but we do come for trees fairly often. Every place is just three heart beats away."

"Has all of Pern gone crazy?" Talya honestly questions, trying to imagine snow in the desert. She huddles into her jacket and looks off into the beach at the mention of how devastating the storm had been. The smirk that was playing at her face pulls down into a frown. There is definitely something nagging at her with the mention of how bad the hurricane had been. She shakes herself out of it, saying, "Oh, they found some really old marks or something." She pulls a hand out of her jacket to sweep out in the direction of her meager pile of driftwood. "I find broken ship. Or whatever. Can't even make a fire out of it. Not that I would have found anything after the beach was crowded with hopeful idiots." She's totally not an idiot right now.

"Has it ever not been?" Doji raises an eyebrow at Talya. "We should really be used to expecting the unexpected by now." And hopefully Southern's dragons and other beach goers are prepared to have an unexpected mound appearing on the beach suddenly. Raktraeth is doing a pretty thorough job at covering up his tree. There will at least be some dirt covering all of it. "If you found a broken ship, some of whatever was in it must be nearby?" But what would Doji know? She's a rider from the desert.

Talya stares at the mound as the dragon continues to make sure that tree is good and buried. "I think that saying only works at a Weyr. I knew what to expect back home at Black Rock." Pause. "Except my old cothold being underwater now." That was one thing she never expected. That frown again, and finally she shrugs it away. The smirk is back, looking away from the dragon to her own wooden loot. "Nah, it's probably all gone. I wonder if that ship that crashed even had anything of value to salvage." That has not already been salvaged already while it was just recently sunk. "But I bet I can bury some of that and make others /think/ it's buried treasure, like your dragon has done." She gives a soft little chuckle at the idea of Southern Weyr waking up thinking there is stuff to unbury.

Stare away! Raktraeth will keep burying until well, he's not. It's not quite as abruptly as he appeared considered he appeared through teleportation, but he does come to a very sudden stop. The brown steps back to admire his work for a moment before his head starts hovering closer towards the girls. Don't mind him. He's just being a little nosy. Doji turns a little bit pale at the mention of Talya being from somewhere that bore the brunt of the disaster and she starts shifting rather awkwardly. There's a bried glance over her shoulder at her life mate, some brow furrowing, but she does turn back. "He says you could come to Igen, if you don't have a home. Once you're finished burying things. The sand is good for it."

Talya holds up her hands at Raktraeth, showing them empty and free of anything threatening when he looks over. With him hovering, the bartender goes from being amused to being wary. Big dragons that start looking too closely may be up to no good. Without him being distracted, she gives a small step back and a bob of her head towards the tree. "Good job there." Yes, go back to the tree big dragon. She furrows her brows and looks towards Doji, then gives another chuckle at the misunderstanding. "Oh, no, I have a home— I mean, as home as Southern Weyr can get. I ran away from Black Rock almost a Turn ago now. This is as far as I made it." She gives the beach and then a look in the direction back to the Weyr. "It's actually not bad." See, not homeless. Just her childhood home.

It's fair to say that Raktraeth is probably up to no good. he just showed up out of the blue to bury a mysterious tree that had no business being in his possession anyway. « You can make it farther. » The voice comes along with a hint of evergreen needles on the wind and a faint calling of avians. Doji starts turning red as her hands fumble in her pockets. "He didn't mean it like well… that." There's a bit more fumbling as she finally manages to fish what she was after out of the pocket. "Along with the snow, Igen got another clutch on the Sands. You could Stand. If you wanted to." The little white knot is there. Not exactly thrust at Talya, but not being hidden either. But the choice is all her's. Forget that the dragon had previously accidentally called her a vagabond.

You think by now she'd be used to a dragon interrupting her quiet brain from time to time. Talya still flinches in surprise, then looks to the brownrider apologetically. And then the woman is doing something with her pockets and… Dark brown eyes stare down at the knot. It isn't a chuckle this time, it's an actual bark of laughter. Probably the loudest she's laughed in a while. It trickles away almost immediately. "Wait, you're serious?" She turns her head sharply back to the brown dragon. There's a mix of emotions on her face: confusion, wariness, surprised elation. "Um, yeah?" She clears her throat. "If this isn't some kind of weird joke, then yes." Sorry Southern, the place may get a fond look back but her eyes are locked on that white knot.

The accusation that Doji might not be serious has the girl blinking and looking down at the knot in hand, then back at her dragon who just whuffles and nudges his rider towards Talya, knot and all. "He says he is. Serious, that is. So that's a yes?" Doji actually hands it out to the other girl. She has to take it if it's a yes. "Is there anybody you should tell before we like, whisk you away to another continent? Stuff you want to gather? We can wait an hour or two."

Talya takes a step closer to Doji, just up to the taller woman and having closed the distance between them. She still looks like she expects the knot to suddenly disappear. Then her hand comes out slowly, and she carefully takes the knot… It didn't get yanked away, or lifted over her head (yes, it's funny to do with short people), or disappeared in a puff of magical smoke. "Well shit." She stares at the thing in her hand, then shakes her head to Doji in a daze. "No, don't need to tell anyone— I mean, yeah I should probably grab some clothes." Her head snaps up to the rider and she holds up a finger. "I won't be long." She's going to start backing away first, towards the Weyr, giving Doji a moment to either still pull the joke out or maybe she'll disappear now.

It's okay. Doji and Raktraeth will still be on the beach waiting when Talya returns. Although Doji might be attempting to explain again why they can't take a Southern Tree back with them to Igen. But there here and soon Talya will have her head stuffed with all the rules of what is expected of a candidate. Doji's a stickler for those rules.

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