Beris, R'ku


Beris and R'ku visit Big Bay Hold to try and find some more information on Beris's family.

Occurs after Chamomile in the Bath.


It is afternoon on the sixteenth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr; Big Bay Hold

OOC Date 28 Mar 2018 23:00


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Kabelkath's Lair; Big Bay Hold

The morning after is as warm as the night, it feels. Probably for the best, given the general lack of clothing in the weyr. Did the chamomile tea help with sleep? Possibly - but it's hard to tell given other, tiring activities that took place. The bath will need draining, the long-cold water still sat there. That can be dealt with in their own sweet time; right now, Beris is rousing, stretching out on the bed until her spine clicks. A sigh escapes her, but she doesn't quite want to open her eyes yet. Lyira purr-croons from where she's curled up at the end of the bed, and Beris mumbles a faint protest at having to wake.

It may be the subtle motions of Beris rousing beside him or the general internal body clock that nudges him awake at a specific hour, but R'ku starts to reluctantly move towards the land of the awake. He echoes Beris' sigh with a rumbling sigh of his own, the noise punctuated by a yawn. Stretching languidly, he rolls over slowly with another escape of breath, one bare arm sliding across Beris' side. He'll take the opportunity to do some naked pre-wake-up spooning. Always a bonus of having Beris living with him. Then Kabelkath ruins the mood by prodding him about the time, « Don't shoot the messenger, boss - you said to be sure you didn't sleep too late. I'm all for the naked spooning, but you wanted to go to that Hold place today. » R'ku makes a grumbling noise in his chest and another exasperated sigh before just barely opening his eyes the barest of slits. Nope - he's not about to pull away from Beris just yet. But he'll pull her a bit closer against his chest and place a delicate kiss to the side of her neck, his breath soft in her ear, "Morning, love." A pause efore he adds, somewhat amused, " .. well … getting close to afternoon at this point, but still."

Spooning has more than one benefit. Top of course is being close to R'ku. Second is being able to escape getting up for a bit longer. But not much longer - Beris can feel R'ku grumble as much as hear it, and now her eyes manage to crack open just a bit. Just to see how light it is in the weyr. Oh. Quite light. So it's not that early, then. This is confirmed by R'ku. She pushes back against him when he kisses her neck. "Your wing will have to count themselves lucky, not having early drills," she says quietly, trying not to sound too croaky after just waking. But she knows there's something else they had mentioned doing; the big thing that's been on her mind for a long time now, and now her eyes do open fully, staring off into the distance.

R'ku slowly starts to wake up gradually, his squinting eyes opening a bit more as they get used to the light of morning. "I had Kabelkath pass the word that drills will be in the evening due to the heat. Benefits of being the Wingleader." he notes, his arm still draped over Beris with his hand splayed across her stomach to keep her close to his chest. His voice is a bit rough, as well - probably part sleep and part exertions from last night. R'ku seems to sense something from Beris, as he strokes his hand down one of her arms in a soothing sort of way, his voice calm, "Are you feeling up to visiting the Hold today, love? If not, we can try another day. But we have several candlemarks to work with today, at least, so we can take our time a bit." He tries to be a comforting presence behind her, his arm still wrapped protectively against her. This position is probably going to start getting uncomfortably hot eventually, but with both of them naked perhaps they have a bit more time before things get unbearable. Besides, R'ku seems a bit loathe to let Beris go at this point.

Beris's eyes remain fixed on the middle distance for a bit longer, and R'ku may feel a hint of tension in her form. When he strokes her arm though, her body relaxes, and she takes a deep breath. "Yeah," the word comes out with a sigh behind it. "We should go. I think if we don't go now, maybe I won't…." She trails off there, but the implication that she won't be able to bring herself to do this hangs in the air. "This does mean getting up though," she moves to teasing softly, turning her head enough that she can look back at him, and there's a small smile on her lips, even if her eyes are a little troubled.

R'ku makes a noise of understanding in his throat and leans in to place a loving kiss on Beris' lips as soon as she turns enough to face him. There's a faint bit of heat there, but tempered - as much fun as another round of last night's activities might be, time's slipping by. "I'll be there with you - we'll get through it together," he murmurs, his voice full of warmth, "Though I do regret having to get up right now." That last comment strays into a bit of amusement, his lips quirking into a bit of a smile. His eyes grow distant for a moment as his lifemate says something and he barks a quick laugh, "Kabelkath says he'll be sure to act extra intimidating, if need be." Reluctantly, R'ku pulls back from Beris and moves to all fours on the bed briefly. Crouching over her, he gives her one last fleeting kiss before rising from the bed. "I suppose I'll have to get dressed. I don't think me being naked will impress anyone at the Hold." He starts off to try to find clothes, pausing only to run a hand over whatever bit of Beris' naked form he can touch as he passes her side of the bed.

Beris doesn't answer verbally, but the way she tries to press herself even closer against R'ku shows she's grateful for his support. She does laugh when he relays Kabelkath's message. "That would be one way to get information out of someone." She leans in to that last kiss, then watches R'ku as he moves around to look for clothes. Sighing, bedrudgingly moving, Beris too gets off the bed and grabs her closest clean clothes. She has a tendancy to shed them wherever and then not pick them up…maybe she should do some tidying, actually. No, focus: they have something bigger to deal with this afternoon. "Explaining why an Igen Wingleader's turned up naked might be a bit difficult," she smirks over at him as she pulls on a top, then stands to sort her trousers out.

R'ku apparently isn't as diligent in keeping his clothes tidy - at least the things he wears under his riding gear, which are rather thin and breathy by necessity. There are a few things scattered here and there on the floor that belong to R'ku, though he doesn't seem to be going for any of those currently. "I could say it's because of the heat!" he retorts with a flash of his usual toothy grin, highly amused, "Then they wouldn't question me. It'd only be a bit difficult to go *Between*, though. I'd probably freeze to Kabelkath's back and then that wouldn't be useful at all." He heaves a sigh, resigned, "I suppose I'll have to get dressed then." Though he's already pulling on a fresh pair of the boxer-brief like underwear he wears and, after bending over to root around in a bottom drawer of the dresser, he comes out with a clean undershirt that he pulls on over his head. He pauses to peer in the mirror and grimaces at what he sees - his bedhead is truly epic this morning … which is what happens when you go to bed after taking a bath and physically exerting yourself. At least his hair is only shoulder length and only takes a few quick brushes to tame it and, with a few deft movements, he arranges it into a thick but short braid. Then it's the riding gear - wherhide pants and heavy wherhide boots. He keeps the jacket off for now. "I can braid your hair before we go? Might be faster," he suggests, lifting the hair brush. He's a deft hand at braiding with so many sisters, after all. "We should pack water skins and some food, just in case we're there longer than we expect."

Beris is laughing again, this time at R'ku. Though she does shudder at the thought of going Between naked. "Please get dressed," she giggles, as she does up the tie on her trousers and then moves to grab her jacket and boots. Speaking of not getting cold on the journey, she'll need this gear. Before she puts them on though, R'ku makes that offer to braid her hair, and she turns back to see him dressed, hair neatened. Hers is slightly messy, in that way such long, thick hair gets - fortunately, it never gets particularly knotty. "Hm," she perches on the bed, settling cross-legged, smiling. "Go on then." She sounds intrigued to see how he does. As for supplies: "Oh, sounds like an idea. I wonder if they'd have some interesting food to eat there, actually." After all, she hasn't eaten breakfast yet, so she may be a little distracted by the thought of food!

R'ku sidles up behind Beris with the hair brush held casually in one hand, "You'll definitely want as much hair off your neck as possible in this heat. *Between* can cool you off only so much." He runs his fingers through Beris' hair fondly before starting to brush it, keeping a grip on it near the roots so there isn't any painful tugging as he loosens any minor tangles. "We can get food there, then, but we are for certain bringing water skins. I am not following Ch'ad's example." He heaves a sigh at the mention of his errant wingrider as his fingers deftly begin to part Beris' hair into different sections, preparing to braid it, "Ch'ad passed out during drills because he /refuses/ to bring water with him. Thinks he's tough enough to last without it." He snorts and shakes his head before continuing, switching back to the subject at hand, "I guess we'll land at the outskirts of Big Bay Hold and head to their version of the living caverns to see what we can find out? Or did you have somewhere else in mind?" His hands are gentle and quick as he starts to plait the hair. He's not doing anything fancy, to be sure, but he's pretty quick at the simple down-the-back braid, " … how's that?" He snaps a tie on the end of the braid and sets the brush aside.

Beris is surprisingly good at sitting still while R'ku works on her hair. The fact it actually feels amazing to have someone else brushing it - and with a method that shows they know how to brush hair - also helps her keep nice and still. She rolls her eyes at Ch'ad and his macho behaviour. "He does realise this is Igen. How long has he lived here?" Her tone clearly shows she thinks the man's an idiot. Then again, if all she's heard about him is from R'ku, she probably isn't hearing about him at his best! She's finding it hard to think, with R'ku's hands running through her hair as he plaits it. "Um - yeah, that seems sensible. I reckon the steward or someone must keep a record of the traders who come and go? Or someone must do. Stewards deal with the records, right?" The real Hold expert here - or not. She feels the braid, jumping up from the bed with a grin. "Perfect." And she'll move in to give him a kiss.

R'ku slides an arm around Beris and settles his hand at the small of her back, using it to leverage her closer to let the kiss linger just a bit longer. It'll probably be at least a candlemark or two before he gets to do this again, so best make it count! He pulls back slowly and flashes her a warm grind, full of love, "Alright - enough about Ch'ad and his idiocy. Let's get the water skins filled and head out." He'll deal with the bath water and strewn clothes and used tea mugs later - there are things to do. Though he might regret that later. "We'll find the Steward first then." And then he'll draw Beris out towards the ledge. It'll probably take another 30 minutes, at least, to ensure the straps are in place and to gather the necessary water skins and supplies. But soon enough they'll be in the air. And then it's only a quick 3-second jump to Big Bay Hold.

When they emerge into the dry air above Big Bay Hold, Igen's Claw can be seen below, the Hold nestled in the land's curve. The sea glitters bright blue below them; the sun's heat is searing. The water was a good call! By the time they've landed outside the Hold, Beris is sweating even with her hair up off her neck. Dismounting, she undoes her jacket and shucks it off straight away. That said, there's a nice breeze coming off the sea, more obvious down on the ground. Kabelkath gets a grateful pat of a foreleg. "Well - I suppose we go find the steward. Or someone similar, if he's busy." Which, from Beris's tone, she thinks might be quite likely. Maybe having an Igen Wingleader will give their request more sway than if she'd turned up alone? "Living caverns?" She'll move to take R'ku's arm, less certain of herself outside of the familiar layout of the Weyr, though still trying to hold herself tall.

R'ku shucks off helmet and riding jacket as soon as he's on the ground, too. Because the heat really /is/ ridiculous. He still ends up dressed in a plain undershirt, his Wingleader knot displayed prominently on the shoulder, and wherhide pants and boots. He reaches out to take Beris' jacket and, after a bit of work, slides the jackets and helmet into a bag attached to Kabelkath's straps. He, too, pats the bronze's foreleg, "Try to find somewhere in the shade, if you can. We'll be a few candlemarks I think." He detaches both water skins and hooks one onto his belt before handing the other one to Beris. "Living Caverns seems the most obvious choice. It's usually a gathering place and perhaps we can find the Headwoman or Steward that can direct us. Or at least some food." He slips in beside Beris, sliding an arm around her waist and giving her a quick squeeze for moral support. Then he starts off towards the hold. Hopefully it won't be too long for them to find the living caverns in this unfamiliar hold.

Beris accepts the waterskin, working the cap off to take a swig. "Food. Food sounds good." And also the person or people who might be able to guide them in the right direction for their search, too. She follows after, drinking in the place with a lot of looking around and staring. There's a lot of activity in the Hold itself: animals being moved about, crates being shifted. There appears to be an argument happening over the legitimacy of some jewellery, which Beris stares a little too long at before snapping her eyes back on their route. Ahead, there's what seems to be the main building, with a carved entrance way. "If it's going to be anywhere…I'd guess it'll be that?" She says, pointing in that direction. Way to look like a tourist.

R'ku can't help but scan his surroundings as they walk further and further into the hold. He doesn't outright stare, at least, but he does give side-eye to that argument that's happening. It's not really any of hus business, though, thankfully. "I don't suppose anything looks familiar?" he wonders, glancing at Beris with curiosity, "Not that I'm sure how much people remember at such an age .. but .. " He trails off, shaking his head, attention drawn to the carved arch. He waits for Beris to catch up to him and then slips an arm around her again, intending to walkt hrough the arch together. Once inside, he'll make a beeline towards whatever looks, or smells like, the place where food is prepared.

With the entrance picked out, Beris can go back to looking around again. The sea is there, with numerous docks, some with boats, some empty. She ponders, chewing on her lower lip. "I feel like maybe I should recognise it? If somebody's telling me this has something to do with…me." She sounds a touch disappointed; a ittle frustrated, too, and strides to catch up with R'ku. She actually audibly sniffs the air when the scent of food can be detected. "Maybe I'll smell something that'll trigger a memory," she says thoughtfully as they make their way towards what turns out to be the living caverns, where there's a variety of buffet-style foods, and a few people already eating lunch. Now to find something with an important-looking knot?

R'ku inhales deeply as he strides into the living caverns, taking in the scents of food nd cooking. "Smells rather like any other living cavern to me .. but … you'd be the one to pick out something different if there as something different to pick out," he ventures, unsure of himself. He can't help but notice there are some people staring at them - him in particular with his prominent knot. He takes a moment to adjust his posture, trying to look the part of a Wingleader - he /is/ still pretty young for the part, after all, and only has a slight threadscore scar tracing across his forehead and along one of his arms to really pin point him as a seasoned rider of at least a few turns. "Let's see if we can find someone to talk to … " he trails off, scanning the crowd, before gesturing at a spot where it seems some of the kitchen workers are coming out of and it would seem orders are probably being dispensed along with the food, "Over there maybe? Unless you wanted to grab something to eat first?"

"Yeah," Beris says, trying to sniff a bit more subtly now. "Maybe there'll be something…." But so far, nothing. She pulls herself up when R'ku adjusts, glancing about at the eyes turning their way. She swallows, very much out of her element in this foreign place. R'ku's words bring her back to reality, grounding her. "Oh-" She looks at the place where he's pointing. "Seems sensible. Um. Okay. Let's ask first - then food after, I think." Like ripping off a plaster, right? She takes a breath, and heads over. The exchange will end with one of the kitchen staff heading off to fetch an assistant steward. It's not long before Hallan, a tall, older man with a hook nose, has come with the girl and is staring down through his spectacles at R'ku, noticing the knot. "Wingleader - to what do we owe the pleasure?" Beris is ignored, but she doesn't seem to be bristling at the snub, unintentional or not, sticking real close to R'ku.

R'ku slides an arm around Beris in a subconsciously protective way nd meets Hallan's gaze steadily, "Not on official business, technically. But on a bit of a quest ofr information regarding my weyrmate." At this, R'ku glances down and indicates Beris with a nod of his head before glancing back to Hallan, "She was separated from her family as a young child somehow - perhaps close to 18 or 20 turns back. We managed to track down some information that suggests Big Bay may have been where she originally came from." He pauses for a moment before adding, "I think it amy have been around the time of an illness outbreak, but I'm not sure." He's trying his best to sound somewhat official and less hesitant and unsure than he actually is, his voice clear and deep, "Is there anyone we can speak to here that may be able to help?" He glances to Beris then, perhaps indicating to see if she might have anything to add.

Hallan's grey-eyed gaze shifts from R'ku to Beris when she is indicated, and the woman finds strength enough to straighten, meeting the man's gaze. Hallan is listening to R'ku, nodding ever so slightly as their presence is explained. "I think some traders might be involved," Beris blurts out, remembering she has something to go on. Pulling herself together some, her next words are more normal than rushed. "So we-" a glance up at R'ku here - "to see if there were any records from that sort of time, about traders who were here." She bites her lower lip nervously as Hallan considers them both. His answer is slow. "We do keep records. I wasn't involved with them then, but we may be able to arrange a loan of the ones that cover that time period." R'ku's knot gets another quick look. Beris is looking up at R'ku, her eyes saying 'yes!'

R'ku maintains an outwardly cool, calm and collected demeanor at the news that records may exist, though he des give a subtle squeeze to Beris' waist at the words. "That would be wonderful. Is it possible we could view them now, while we're here? My time is limited, unfortunately, and I know yours is as well. I'm hoping to get this squared away while we are here, if possible." He gives Hallan a pleasant, business sort of smile. A smile that tries to be as pleasant as possible in order to get what he wants. Hopefully it's working. He does add as an afterthought, "We can perhaps wait for the records here? While we get a bite to eat?"

Hallan may have a sort of arrogant air to him, but he's apparently not in the mood to sass a Wingleader. Especially when they're being polite. The man's thin lips seem to get thinner, but his assent is given. "Of course. I'll have one of our archivists fetch it. If you would like to take a seat, Wingleader," and his gaze does pass over Beris, too, as he says that, "and we will be glad to serve you food." His neat footsteps carry him away into the Hold. Beris sags down from her upright posture. "Well. I really hope we can find something," she says, quietly enough that the kitchen staff lingering and watching nearby can't hear. Now her eyes move to the food, and you can almost hear her stomach rumble sadly. "We should probably eat?"

"Hope so," R'ku echoes Beris' words once Hallan is gone, his upright posture sagging just a bit, as well, "Are you any good at reading records? I've got a bit of knowledge with 'fall reports and tactical documents and weather patterns. I helped a bit with my father's book-keeping at the spice stall, but who knows if the records would be kept the same across all the areas?" He mulls this over a moment before he shakes his head out of his reverie and nods decisively, "Food! Yes." He bends to steal a quick kiss from Beris before moving to find a seat. "Let's get a seat first … " And hopefully either they'll be served. Or, if not, R'ku will definitely get them both plates of food and some drinks.

Beris pulls a face when R'ku talks about reading records. "I read a bit when I was working with the healers, but I can't say I was very interested in them." So, that'll be a no then? Finding comfort in that kiss, she'll follow him to a seat. The kitchen staff are obviously keen to stay close - they head over with plates of various foods, and don't stray too far, trying to put on an act of being attentive to the guests. Though, one would not be wrong to think they're trying to eavesdrop. Beris gives them a stare and then rolls her eyes at R'ku. Hungry as she is, her stomach is also roiling with nervousness about this quest, and she eats slowly, speaking around mouthfuls. "If we can take them to Igen, I guess we can take a bit more time trying to figure them out. Hopefully the hand-writing isn't as bad as in the healers' ones…."

R'ku casts a disapproving glance at the lingering kitchen workers, though merely ends up sighing and ignoring them, keeping his voice low, "We should probbly look at them a bit here tos ee if we can find anything. If we need to speak to someone else while w'ere here …. " He trails off, pausing to take a bite of a roll on his plate as he chews thoughtfully. Swallowing, he slips a hand around a mug of cilled juice and frowns, "I mean - if there's a name of someone in the records. May want to check them out, if they're still alive … while w'ere here." He shrugs his broad shoulders, apparently unsure where this quest may be taking them but willing to see it through to the end. He reaches across the table with his free hand to try to take hold of Beris' and give it a squeeze. He's here for moral support as much as anything.

Beris is just going to try her best to ignore those girls. "Good idea," she notes softly about the records, glancing in the direction Hallan went. "There must still be people around now who were here then, right?" She's looking to R'ku for reassurance again, very much reliant on him righ tnow for that support. The hand squeeze is met with a return squeeze and a grateful look across the table. And here comes Hallan with a thick record, placing it carefully on the table - away from the food. "I believe this record should cover the time period you're interested in," the man says, addressing both of them this time. "Our archivist has kindly agreed for it to be loaned to the Weyr, though he does request it's returned within the sevenday." Very matter-of-fact. Beris manages to get out a quiet, "thank you", her hands going to run over the record and then pull it closer, looking at it almost reverently.

R'ku takes a long drink of chilled juice and then lowers the glass, letting out his breath in a sigh, "There have to be some left that were alive around that time … " He trails off, lost in thought, and then blinks several times as Hallan comes back with the record. "Thank you very much," he echoes to the man, his tone full of genuine gratitude, "Pass along my thanks to your achivist, as well. I'll deliver it back within the sevenday myself." He lowers his glass to the table with a thump and, as Beris looks over the record, he leans towards Hallan, "Do you know of anyone still living at the Hold that was actually alive around the time in question? Perhaps we can speak to them before we have to head back to Igen?" He looks hopefully at the man.

Beris has gone from running a hand over the cover to actually opening the volume, looking at the dates on the first page. Hallan seems satisfied she's not about to destroy the thing and addresses R'ku's question, more lines appearing on his brow as he considers his answer. "Our dockmaster has been here thirty turns, at least - Jarod." That seems to be all that he's offering up, standing politely to see if there are any more questions. Now Beris pipes up - though her words are directed at R'ku, not the Holder. "It starts from before the Pass," she says, softly, running a finger over a line of crabbed writing. "There's so much to read though." She flips a few pages to show the sheer volume of cramped text.

R'ku nods his head once to Hallan, "Jarod. I'll have tos ee if I can swing by the dock on the way out to speak with him, if possible. If not … perhaps when I return the records I can speak with him." He flashes one of his winning smiles at the man and inclines his head, "Thank you again - I think that's all we'll need." Thenn his ttention drifts back to Beris and the record and he leans forward, eyes scanning the tiny cramped text, blinking, "Shards. I don't even know where to start looking. Maybe a few turns after your turndate?" His brow furrows in thought and he heaves a sigh, "Hopefully we can get through this before a sevenday is up." Because he wouldn't want to have the ire of the archivist or Hallan coming down on his head for not keeping his word.

Hallan doesn't give much of a reaction to R'ku's smile, other than a flicker of movement in an eyebrow, a nod, and then he leaves them to it. The kitchen girls get a stern look from the man as he passes, and they,t oo, clear off at last. Beris is leaning in closer to squint at the writing. "I guess so. I think they've written down everything about the wagons. Which could be good, if there's loads of detail, but…." She looks up at R'ku, grimacing at the immensity of their task. "Do you think the Igen archives have something to make reading this easier? The handwriting's so small."

R'ku plucks another roll from his plate and munches on it thoughtfully, trying his best to keep crumbs /off/ the old record. "Mmm," he makes an oise in an affirmative until he manages to swallow his mouthful, "They have a magnifying sort of … glass half-dome thing that helps in making the small text easier to read. I've had to use it with the weather pattern notations sometimes since the Starcrafters can ave such tiny notations sometimes." He squints at the page, though can't seem to mae much sense of it and merely shakes his head, "Did you want to try to talk to the Dockmaster before we leave? Or maybe once we have more information from the records in a few days?" Because who knows - they may need more pointed questions for the Dockmaster.

Beris has more or less forgotten her food, but, not having much luck reading the record other than giving herself a headache, she closes it and carefully puts it to the side. Now it's her turn to nibble at a roll, looking interested in this glass instrument. "That sounds perfect. Hopefully they'll let me use it, if I ask nicely." She gives a flash of a smile, before considering the Dockmaster. "I think…if we have some more information, we might be able to jog his memory? If he even knows or remembers anything, anyway." Who knows how old the man is and how good his memory of that many Turns back will be! She finishes the roll, puffin gout a breath and looking across at R'ku hopefully; gratefully. "I think we might get somewhere."

R'ku bobs is head in a nod as he chews on another bite of food. Swallowing, he adds, "They'll let you use it. If they don't, I'll make them let you use it. But usually anyone in the Archives can have access to one of them. They have a couple of them around. The Glasscraft makes them somehow." He shrugs a shoulder, as he's certainly got no clue on how such at hing might be made. He does smile at Beris, though, the expresion full of warmth and love, "I think you're right, though. Let's regroup, get some more information to jog the man's memory and come back. We can bring the records back to return to the archivist here when we do." He nods his head decisively, "Now - the only thing left to do is for you to take a deep breath, try to relax and have something to eat, love. You've barely eaten anything." He nudges one of the plates of food closer to her with a grin, "We made it. Nothing bad has happened. We're making progress."

Beris eyes the record, perhaps imagining what information it might hold. "Yeah." Speaking of deep breaths, she's going to do just as R'ku suggests and take one long one in, then release it, shoulders relaxing. "Okay. Yeah. Let's eat, and then we can get this back to Igen." She'll take her eyes off it to finish eating, and those kitchen staff will reappear to take their time cleaning the table when R'ku and Beris make to leave. No doubt there'll be some gossip around the Hold, after they've gone!

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