Talya, Th'res


Talya is hiding out trying to find a sleep where she can and Th'res finds one of her hiding spots.


It is evening of the thirteenth day of the second month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.



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Light and airy, this space is interesting moreso due to how accessible it is from a staircase that hugs the outer stretch of the stables: it is frequented by more than just herder apprentices, the sweet and acrid scents of runner sweat, hay and feed commingling with the earthier tones of dirt and manure. It isn't an unlikely location for a winter nap, being often warm and dry and restful.

It has been a couple of days since Talya has been around Th'res's weyr, partly for reasons that the lift wasn't working already and partly because she was avoiding people outside of work and was trying to deal with stuff. After duties she had found herself dealing with the runner that would, supposedly, become her responsibilty fully after becoming a full Guard of Southern Weyr. Instead of returning to the barracks after feeding and brushing and making sure the runner had what he needed, she climbed the stairs to the airy stables to cool down and hide out among the bales of hay and discarded straw. Evening had settled on the Weyr and still she remains there, having even missed dinner to find a quiet and secluded spot to be by herself. And her firelizards, who at least were enjoying their private time together to cuddle.

There are a lot of places to hide in a Weyr, doubly so if that Weyr is attached to a jungle. But when your certain red headed Wingsecond you learn all the good ones from candidacy. From down below the loft comes the voice of Th'res talking to a runner "I know she is busy, but skipping meals isn't good for her any better than the over drinking was.." The sound of brushing is heard as he continues his talk, "I just hope she doesn't mind I brought her something and left it by the stairs up there."

Talya /would/ have gone hiking into the jungle with a pack for the night but it had been a long time since she's done that, considering she's got a job she needed to keep. The loft was a good hiding place as any, but apparently not good enough. There's just silence coming up from the top of the stairs. Then there's a little shuffling and a disgruntled sleepy chirp from a firelizard. A dark head briefly pops up over the edge to look down below, knowing that voice better than her own at this point. Her eyes are bleary and red from lack of sleep, though she was just trying to catch a few winks in the warm loft. And yet she only makes a quiet sound before disappearing again, ignoring the food that was left for her there. Maybe it was an invitation?

Th'res was paying attention, and when he is finished brushing the runner as he never leaves a job half done, will climb into the loft picking up the food as he goes. He moves to sit down near the guard recruit with the sleepy eyes, not forcing his presence but just simply showing her he is there and cares for her. He puts the plate between them, there is food for her and raw meat for her little firelizards.

Talya is curled up around Beast when the bluerider arrives, the sleepier of the two firelizards. The second pokes his small head up and gives Th'res a sharp look, protective of the guard now. But the food makes a quick distraction, crawling forward a few steps towards the raw meat immediately. Free food was still free, instead of having to hunt for it as they had to do now that they were older. He still keeps a whirling eye on the man before taking up a piece. Talya on the other hand is lethargic, but after seeing her firelizard warm up to the plate of food she finally moves herself. Just to scoot over and put her head into the man's lap. "Hey."

Th'res runs his hand through her hair picking straw and such out of it as he whispers "Hey my love." He is slow to move letting Talya get comfortable again as he is softly caressing her saying "You know I got the lift fixed this morning right? I mean not that I mind even being in the stables with you is amazing." So he is twiterpated, at least he isn't trying to do bad poetry or something.

Talya's eyes flutter closed at the tender words and the caress, something in her that was tense slowly unraveling. She had gone from making fun of Th'res for a laugh and teasing him to melting at his very touch. Her face turns and presses against his hand for comfort. "I know now," she murmurs, meaning she had not even bothered to go check if it wasn't working. "Sorry I haven't been by at all. I just…" And she falters a moment, a sudden tension that even causes Beast to look up from she was curled up, concerned briefly. "Just needed some time. And almost going to be a full Guard." Exams and all to focus on, when she could barely focus on eating. She lifts her dark eyes up to his face. "Everything okay?" as if he was the one that was a mess in the loft.

Th'res smiles down and nods "I understand, I spent six days out in the hall of mirrors at the Barrier before I took my journeyman exams." He keeps gently showing affections before leaning down and kissing her forehead "I am fine lovely, just here to make sure you are ok and if there is anything I can do to make your life better?" The last is said as he raises his eyes brows looking her over.

"What did you do for six days in this hall of mirrors?" Talya asks quietly, keeping the conversation on the bluerider as she simply enjoys the feel of him. When he does kiss her forehead, her eyes peek open again to study his face. She does not answer him, but her free hand does weakly reach up to grab a hold of his shirt, using the weight of her limp arm to pull him down for a proper kiss. "It's better," she murmurs against him. But then with a sigh she does reach down into what is bothering her a little, eyes moving away from his as she questions, "Do you ever fear not coming back from Threadfall? Or… or something happening?" Because Talya has been thinking about both of their mortalities lately.

Th'res gets a kiss and fireworks go off, and there is sounds and lightshows… At least in his mind as Jed is trying to pigge back this but the rider crushes it by asking him to check on Mudball. Looking down at Talya says "Well mostly laid on the ice and tried to breath, the cold really helps clear the mind." Then she asks a question that has been on his mind too, "I always fear not coming back, leaving you and everyone else behind. Everytime I go up it is there, in the back of my mind asking me if today is the day.. So when we come home and I get to see you or hug Amani or Alyna. Even teasing F'kan it is something that makes me feel great." He is looking over her face now cuping it slightly saying "Did something happen at work? I won't pry but I am here for you, that is my honor of being your best friend, and maybe a little more..?"

Talya would be happy to be sharing the feelings with Jedameth too, though she already assumes that's part of the packaged deal with a rider. She actually gives a little snort at the idea of him laying on the ice and she nuzzles her face a little more into his warmth at the thought. They're like night and day when it comes to some differences, as much as she dislikes the cold weather. "It's been on my mind a lot." She looks like she is about to say something else, about what had happened, before she shakes her head slowly. "Nothing happened at work." And she shuts down with a dark look, pulling away from the man's hands. The sudden flare of anger, however, finally causes her gold to shake themselves out of their sleepiness. She's definitely still not a happy firelizard, and those projecting lessons have been working apparently because the gold reminds the girl /and/ that bluerider there just what they were angry about. It's likely a reflection of a nightmare Talya just before the man arrived, because it's a vague image of falling off the loft, which seems to be a much larger fall than it actually is.

Th'res blinks a moment as Jedameth relays the image, though the blue takes the first move and soothingly blankets both the firelizard and the humans' minds with warm soft glows of blue gold lights. The red head reaches instinctively for Talya, pulling her close and just whispers "I got you." No promises of making it go away, or fixing a problem but that he is here for her.

Firelizard minds are not accurate, but she is angry for Talya and Talya is angry for reasons. The projection is enough to show what has the young woman scared and something to do with a dragon. Talya allows herself to be pulled closer by the man even if it doesn't make Beast happy. After all, /she/ wanted to be held too for her troubles. She finds the remains of the raw meat and, with a huff in the direction of the humans, flutters over to it to get her own late dinner. Talya readjusts so that she can crawl into Th'res lap better, wrapping her arms around him tightly and tucking her face into his shoulder. "I'm just a mess right now, Th'res, I can't even get 'nough sleep at night."

Th'res nods and strokes her hair saying "It is ok love, I am here now." He gently lays his cheek on the top of her head calmly hugging her tightly. When she talks about being a mess and not sleeping well he says "Well if your a mess your the hottest mess I ever did see." he is only have poking at her because we all know he means it. "Come home, I will stay with you as long as you want me too."

Something about being scared really turns Talya into a child again, enjoying the feel of being held by the bluerider as she curls herself into him. Her breath comes out over his neck in a weak chuckle, "Hot mess sounds about right, but not really the kind you are referring too." She gives him a squeeze, not wanting to let go of him any time soon. "Home, huh? You're already so easily attached to me… What if something were to happen to me, Th'res?" She pulls away enough to turn her head to look up at his face. "You think about not returning to us during Threadfall… Which is half of the nightmares I've been having suddenly. But what if it's the other way 'round, would you be okay?"

Th'res looks down at her and kisses you forehead softly, he whispers "No I wouldn't, I wouldn't kill my self but my heart would break for you everyday." He hugs her tightly "I would go on, because I know you wouldn't want me to die, but that doesn't mean I would ever look for love again." He reaches up and rubs his hand on her cheek "But until that day happens I am going to live every day thankful I get to spend it with you…"

If the bluerider expected a tender reply to that, he was mistaken. Talya pulls away even more, her hands resting on his shoulders so that she can narrow her eyes at him. "/Jedameth/ wouldn't want you to be like that. As if you're dead inside, either." The weariness she had earlier is being replaced by a spark, her eyes darting around the loft to look at their surroundings as if to find some answer there. "You can go any time during Threadfall. /I/ can go at any time. I always thought nothing can really hurt me or I wouldn't be stupid or…" She trails off as her eyes meet his again. "But it can still happen. Or if I stand for a clutch." It's hard for her not to think about that possibility with eggs on the sands and more to come. "I'd like to know you'll be okay. You can't get so attached to me."

Th'res isn't leting her get away, he sighs saying "Talya, I have lost people before, even people I have loved. You don't ever really come back from that, but day by day it gets easier." It is his turn to remember bad things, dark things that even has Jedameth growing quiet in there minds. He looks at her and says "I will be ok, but I also won't deny my feelings for you. Talya, you tell me to live in the hear and now, so HERE AND NOW, I am in love with you and will be until we no longer walk this world." He looks towards where the eggs sit on the sands "And if you are chosen and you impress, then I won't have to worry as much because I know that you will be there to have our backs in the sky with your lifemate."

"I know you have," Talya answers seriously, her voice dropping back down to almost a whisper at the reality of dragonriding. She doesn't elaborate on that nor how strongely he feels. She studies his face a moment in silence before giving a sigh of defeat. "I have told you to live here and now, but there are still many more Turns left for the both of us. Can't really predict what will happen or how you'll feel ten turns from now." She can hope it's that long and many more, at least. Her eyes dart in the direction of the hatching grounds as well, a frown pulling at her face. "Still a big 'if' I ever stand again. Not sure I can even get astride a dragon anytime soon, unless it's Jedameth." It's hard not to trust that blue, she still loves him.

This raises a whole other flag of questions for Th'res but nods "Well I promise that if you get a lifemate, you will never have a fear of flying with them. I mean I was terrified of flying until Jed came along." He is pulling her close and instead of snuggling like she might want, he is instead saying "WE are going home love, you need to sleep.."

Talya may not share what it is keeping her awake but the gold firelizard might give up more details given time. She has settled herself for the moment, but a particular blue dragon neighbor might make her agitated again later. "I figured that much, hard to be scared when it's with your lifemate." The shake of her head is for the thought of her standing on the sands. She goes willingly with a groan. "Sleep does sound good about now." Not that she hasn't tried. Perhaps having the bluerider with her will allow her to fall into a dreamless sleep. The weariness falls back over her and she holds onto him bonelessly until he is ready to take them back to his weyr.

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