Astrid, Eryzz


Astrid's on her way to her first day of work when she meets Eryzz outside the shops.


It is midmorning of the twenty-fifth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Craft Shops, Southern Weyr

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"I'm setting the intention to have a good day or so help me Faranth…"


Craft Shops

Every day is Turn's End, deep within the sheltering stone of Southern's craft shops, for nigh every material desire may be sated by the contents of the merchants which have settled here… if one has the marks to spare. Elements of the garden terrace roam within, freshening the air, while skylights above vie with glows set clever along the bottom edges where walls meet floors. Towards the entrance are vendors suitable for most common purchases; but as those ascend towards the graceful walk of the Harper's Solarium farther within, the shops grow luxurious in taste, and far more rich in necessary expense.

It's been a few sevendays since Astrid first arrived at Southern Weyr and she's been busy getting her life together. Her passion for clothing and the Weaver craft lead her to the shops in the Harper's Solarium where she was fortunate enough to obtain a position as a merchant. Where? In Master Donatien's shoe boutique. And today just happens to be Astrid's first day on the job! So, imagine her excitement at starting a brand new job in a brand new shop at a brand new Weyr… well, a brand new Weyr to her. "Okay, I can do this. There's nothing to it." Clack-clack-clack go her pointy bejeweled heels against stone flooring. Dressed in a long sleeved white blouse and a shin length charcoal colored skirt, she's en route to the boutique and holding a matching black leather handbag. "Nothing to it at all. Who said I couldn't do this? I never said that! I can. do. this." Apparently, she talks to herself when she's nervous.

Exiting from the Treble Clef with a guitar case slung over his shoulder, Eryzz pauses in the doorway as the rhythmic clacking of heels on the stone catches his Harper's ear and he turns slate grey eyes curiously in the direction it is coming from. When Astrid is spied, one dark eyebrow raises briefly as he hears the litany of self-encourangement coming from the woman. As she approaches where he is standing, he takes a couple steps in her direction and speaks up with a dry chuckle, "Keep up that attitude and you'll accomplish anything." the corners of his mouth turn up ever so slightly, an almost smile as one hand reaches up to comb absently through his coal black hair.

"Keys. I need keys." Astrid lifts her small handbag, opens it, and starts digging through the contents without breaking pace. Her heels continue their rhythm and her green eyes are focused on the task until she's reminded that she doesn't need keys. "Wait. The shop's already open." The handbag is shut with a click of its clasp when a Harper Journeyman appears from the Treble Clef and says… something to her. "Huh?" How articulate! "I mean…" Her mind down shifts a few gears and she slows her gait, but doesn't actually stop — she's on a mission, afterall! "That's the general idea. I'm setting the intention to have a good day or so help me Faranth…" A beat, "Do you ever just wake up and feel like you need to wear pink? I always thought pink is a power color." Clack-clack-clack. Poor guy will have to keep pace if he wants any chance of following this conversation.

With an interested hike of his eyebrow, Eryzz follows along because, why not? Hiking his guitar case further up onto his shoulder, his long stride matches hers easily. "You have a refreshingly positive attitude Miss. All I've seen are dour faces and scowls since I've arrived at Southern." Another dry chuckle at her question, he looks as if he is considering the query quite seriously, "I have to say, I don't think pink is my color. I've heard that I'm more of a Winter when it comes to my wardrobe pallet." he says with complete sincerity, although there's a sardonic half-smirk playing on his lips.

"It's all about intention! If you know you're going to have a good day, then you will." Astrid's thoughts are still fluttering about her head as she thinks about what it is she'll have to do when she gets into the shop. She'll need to check in with Donatien, put her stuff away, collect her keys, find the— wait. She halts when the Harper says that pink isn't his color, pivots, and studies his ensemble and the colors he's currently wearing. Her green eyes trail upward until they take note of his grey, a very unique color indeed. And a particular shade she hasn't seen in quite some time. Astrid squints ever slightly and keeps her gaze upon his, considering. "You could pull off pink. Absolutely, you could. Especially with that pigment in your eyes…" A single heel clacks against the stone flooring and she slips her handbag into the crook of her arm. "Or perhaps a pale lavender. Yes! That would look stunning with your eyes and your hair color." A beat, "Wait, did you say you've noticed everyone scowling around here?"

"You think so? Well, I will defer to your expert opinion then." Eryzz says with a bow of his head in her direction as he comes to a halt next to her, slate grey eyes dancing at the way she is scrutinizing him so thoroughly, hands pushed down into his jacket pockers, shoulders shrugged up around his ears as he considers an answer to her question about scowling. "Are you new around here as well?" he asks curiously before continuing, "As far as I've managed to gleen, there were some bad storms back in the Fall, Black Rock being badly hit and now they are dealing with refugees. And there's some kind of sickness. My classes are half empty most days, the apprentices have been hit hard, Although, knowing apprentices, a small fraction are actually ill, the others are using it as an excuse to get out of class." he says in his even, dry tone.

"I'm…" Astrid wavers for a moment as it takes a second to make a decision. "Yes, I'm new to Southern." She opts out of revealing where she came from and how she got to the Weyr and quickly presses on with their conversation. "I heard about a sickness from a few locals, but so far I've been lucky and have stayed healthy." It helps to have limited contact with people and she's been hiding out in her room for her own reasons. The light powder on her right cheekbone helps conceal what's left of a bruise that's now sevendays old — the current lighting helps keep it a secret from an untrained eye, thank Faranth. Astrid straightens a bit and notes the knot on his shoulder. "Ah. Yes! You're a Harper. I should've known." The guitar receives a nod before an outstretched hand is offered to the Journeyman. "I'm Astrid. Southern's newest merchant."

Eryzz notices the wavering, but he has enough tact to ignore it, nodding encouraging when she does share. "Well here's hoping we both steer clear of that particular ailment, by all accounts it's highly unpleasant." Now that they are stopped, his grey eyes examining the woman's face for a moment before he offers a bow at his waist at her introduction with a small flourish, "Very well met Astrid, I am Eryzz, and indeed a Harper." He says with a touch of playful sarcasm as he inclines his head towards the shops, "And which shop do you work at? In case I need any more advice fashion advice."

Astrid quirks a well groomed brow when she notes that hint of sarcasm in the Harper's response, the very corners of her mouth curving upward into a slight smile. She pivots, though, and points toward the elegant hanging sign of the Weyrweaver's clothing boutique further down the grand corridor. "Master Donatien's shop. I'm not a formally trained weaver, but I have a passion for clothing trends." Her smile grows and she returns her focus to Eryzz. "And colors." Her current black and white ensemble may say otherwise — unless he's looking at the sparkly purple gemstones lining the pointy toes of her shoes. She's trying to look professional on her first day at work! Just a liiittle splash of color does wonders to a classic colored outfit. "What's your Harpering specialty? You know, in case I need a returned favor." She might only be joking, who knows.

Making a point to look in the direction she is pointing, Eryzz makes note of the shop she indicates, taking the opportunity to give him a once over, a smile barely haunting his lips as he does take note of the sparkle on her shoes in contrast to stark black and white of the rest of her outfit, "Weaver trained or not, you obviously have a very good eye, and that can't be trained." When she asks his specialty, he lifts a hand to comb through his hair again, a nervous habit perhaps as he affects a rather sheepish look. "Nothing so exciting Miss Astrid, I work with the records, archiving that sort of thing. Oh and play whenever needed of course." he says nodding to the guitar case.

Astrid's cheekbones turn slightly red after his compliment, which makes her want to shift the conversation onto him instead. "Ah, the library! Have you seen the tree in there?" She has quite obviously never seen such grand foliage indoors judging by how her eyes widen with a glint of amusement. "Makes you wonder how it got in there… And record keeping can be quite exciting! You get to scribe new and old material," A fingertip taps against her chin while she considers his line of work. "You get to read all sorts of fascinating reports from various Halls. And you get to have access to all sorts of books before the general public does." Astrid seems to know a lot about archiving. Hmmm. "Like those steamy novels I've overheard the aunties gossiping about." A perk of working in a clothing boutique — she gets to hear the latest and greatest buzz around the Weyr.

Eryzz tries not to look too pleased by the blush he seems to have pulled from the woman, instead he will just chuckle softly as she brings up the Weyr's library and it's unique features. "I have actually, it's quite a sight. Everything about Southern is so wild, even where people have tried to tame it with it seems to take over." His laughter deepens as she extols the virtues of record keeping and he holds up his hands in gentle protest, "Well, then I stand corrected. If only my students had half your enthusiasm." her knowledge does give him pause to consider her again, but like before, he won't pry, at least not at their first meeting. At the mention of the steamy books another round of boisterous chortling. "Have you read the one in the Harper's Solarium? I couldn't get through a couple pages without blushing."

"No, not yet. But I have heard the one in the Tipsy Kitten makes bronzeriders giggle." The thought has Astrid's green eyes sparkling with amusement when she envisions Southern's manliest dragonriders tittering like tweens. Her shoulders lift into a shrug afterward as she tucks a few wisps of dark colored hair behind an ear. "I wonder why the author wants to remain anonymous. I mean, he or she is practically famous now, don't you think?" The handbag tucked underneath an arm is then fetched with her free hand. "Perhaps they're not Harper trained. Maybe they're part of the inner caverns staff and feel like this is the only way to get their writing out there for all of Pern to read." Or just Southern at any rate. "Someone no one would suspect. Oh, like a-" The jingling of keys inside her bag suddenly remind her that she's going to be late for her shift if she doesn't stop chattering about the author of Southern's famed bodice rippers. "Sweet Faranth! I've got to go…" Whirling around on a dime, Astrid clackclackclacks her way down the corridor as fast as her heels can trot. "Nice meeting you, Eryzz!" The ringing of her bejeweled footwear fades the closer she gets to the little boutique and finally stops once she steps inside.

Eryzz is looking thoroughly amused when Astrid waxes on about the identity of the author and is just about to makes his own speculations, mouth opening and then she is off with her clacking down the paving stones. All he can manage is to call after her, "Looking forward to seeing you around Astrid!" with a low chuckle, watching her until she finally reaches her shop. Once she disapears inside, the Harper will sweep the area briefly once more with this steely grey gaze before heading off in the direction of the Kitten to see if he can find that book that makes bronzeriders giggle.

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