Amani, F'kan


F'kan comes across Amani in the War Room looking through some records.


It is midmorning of the sixteenth day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


War Room, Southern Weyr

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"Seems as though you're after something."


War Room

Within this room there is a constant buzz, a low-pitched thrum of activity no matter the time of day — or night. Here are the records for the current leadership, and pertinent information for the time: inventories and star-charts, ledgers and tithe manifests and wing records. Such valuable information is kept twice-watched by two disparate forces: a guard at the door and the archivist at his table, and none quite sure which of the two is more dangerous.

One good thing about heading to the library and war room during the morning candlemarks is that fact that much of the dragonfolk are still out at drills and such. Amani wasn't exempt from the morning routine, of course, the slightly damp state of her hair betraying a post-PT bath. She's currently settled at the table with a couple of hides spread before her, a mug of klah near at hand and a faint frown of concentration edging her expression as she jots things in a little notebook between scans of what's written upon said hides. Some of her firelizards are holding court here as well, blue Fayruz and green Zamarad watching the room idly from lounged repose atop the shelves while gold Dhahabi sits in the middle of the table, currently cleaning her talons.

While the other AWLMs lead the weyrling pairs in PT and more classes on flying and hunting, F'kan's been sent on an errand to find some specific records detailing some of the more obscure formations for lessons that are ongoing. Passing by the War Room, he peeks in and sees the Junior Weyrwoman hard at work. "You managed to find yourself a quiet spot huh?" he asks from the doorway with a warm smile before leaning on the frame, not wanting to intrude.

"Here's likely to be the quietest, short of hauling all this back to my weyr," Amani replies, not looking up just yet since she's in the middle of scrawling out a sentence. "Or my office." There's a beat as she finishes, setting down her stylus and looking up. "Journeyman Savlin there wouldn't approve of me trying it, I'm sure." There's a faint, rueful "hmph" from between the nearby stacks, betraying the presence of the current archivist on duty. It's likely something the junior Weyrwoman has attempted before, given the tone of the Harper's reaction. "You can come in, if you like," she tells F'kan with a smirk. "Seems as though you're after something."

"Yeah, need some records for one of the upcoming classes on wing formations," F'kan says with a shrug of his shoulder as he pushes off from his lean and comes further into the room to peruse the shelves for what he's looking for. A glance is given to the Journeyman with a reassuring smile, the brownrider respects the archivists after many a scolding for mishandling records when he was younger. "You would think being a Weyrwoman would mean that you could get away with more than the rest of us mere riders," he replies with enough of a joking tone to show he's not serious. Unrolling one hide, he shakes his head a bit, nope, that's not what he needs.

Amani chuckles a little at that, flipping one hide over to reveal another and settling back over it. "I can. Doesn't mean I will." Unless a situation is dire enough. "Anything beyond basic formations will be…third shelf, middle cubby," she informs F'kan, her head bent once more as she makes another note. "And I might have one of the hides you need, depending on what you're after. I've been doing some comparing and contrasting…" Of what, she doesn't specify, distracted for the moment. Meanwhile, Dhahabi hops into flight and glides past F'kan, chirping at him to pay attention as she passes and alights on the shelf Amani spoke of, curling her talons around the edge of the middle cubby full of hides and uttering a short trill.

"Ah, excellent, thank you," F'kan replies as he's lead to the proper cubby by Amani's little queen, inclining his head in her direction as well, "And thank you too. She's charming, I could use a gold to keep Reaper and Lil Bro in line," the last is directed at the goldrider idly before he starts looking through the records stored here. Finding a couple he's looking for, he turns back to the table to see which one she has in case he might need it as well. "Comparing and contrasting what exactly?" he asks, obviously interested as he takes a seat across from her.

Dhahabi chirps again at F'kan's thanks, rustling her wings and watching him a moment before unfurling them to glide back to the table. This time, she makes a show of inspecting the new hide Amani has revealed before settling in to preen again. "She'll make sure they're taken care of until you do, if you like," the goldrider offers, ruefully wry as she pauses to eye her little queen. "She's good at that." As for what she's working on, she sits back with a bit of a sigh. "Things I'd probably be told I don't need to concern myself with since it's Va'os and D'wane's domain," she answers, slender shoulders hitching in a half-shrug. "Casualty rates over the past few months compared to when they decided on the new rotation rule for the blue and greens. I like knowing the details. So does Zymuraith." A hand lifts, two fingers rubbing gently at her temple. "What I'm really more concerned about is morale connected to the change, but…there isn't a good way to measure that, of course." So what does she do? Looks for what can be measured.

"I'll keep that in mind if they get any more unruly," F'kan says with a crooked smile before listening to the rest of what Amani has to say, brows creasing slightly, "Wait, why wouldn't you need to concern yourself with things? You're a weyrwoman, one of the leaders of this Weyr. Isn't it better than you want to know more and have a well-rounded view of everything?" Looking totally perplexed, this is probably why F'kan never felt the urge for advancement up the ranks, he doesn't seem to understand the mentality of Leadership a lot of the time. "As for the new rotation, you're right, it is affecting morale, I've heard some grumbling myself." Not being affected by it, F'kan has little in the way of opinion on the matter, "Have you found that it's been helping at all?" Away from the fighting ranks for now, F'kan is woefully out of date on the successes or casualties of the recent Falls.

Amani, rather than immediately growing rueful at F'kan's first, looks rather appreciative of his words before answering. "You would think so," she says evenly, "but some of the more traditional-minded seem very sure that it shouldn't concern someone who doesn't fight and flame with the rest. Never mind that we have our own ways of doing both." When the brownrider echoes what she's been finding in terms of morale, she nods along. As for whether or not it's been helping, she sighs. "Sort of," she replies, a slight crease forming between her brows. "Thing is, I'm not so sure the lessening of injuries lately can really be chalked up to the change as much as just the regular ebb and flow of casualty rates. That's why I'm looking back over the months, trying to see if the pattern's really shifted all that much. Greens have always had to cycle out, and most of the Nowtime blues. The number of Oldtime blues is high, so they're the ones most affected by the rule. Sure, their casualty rates are lower; that's a given. But if they're not being used to their full potential, surely no one's going to be surprised if there's some resentment there." After another sigh, she notes, "At least the rule helps ensure less in the way of heroics. I just think it needs to be exercised on a case-by-case basis with the Oldtime-sized blues. But this isn't my area to deal with." She gives a little tilt of her head. "That's the Weyrleader. I won't lose anything by bringing it up I suppose. Worst case, I won't be dealing with anything worse than I already have." In terms of traditional mindsets, that is.

"Well…maybe those people think they know what's best, but are blinded by tradition and threatened by change even when it could be beneficial," F'kan muses most thoughtfully, his mind drifting to Devana and her tribulations with her people, causing a frown to form between his brows mirroring the one on Amani's as she continues explaining. Listening attentively, F'kan bobs his head along to her points. "It's obvious you've put a lot of thought into all this, and you have some excellent points. Va'os and D'wane would be stupid not to at least listen to them."

"That's usually the case," Amani counters F'kan's first, setting her stylus down again and letting Dhahabi exact some scritches from her newly unoccupied hand. "I'm not worried about Va'os and D'wane not listening to me, just to be clear. I'm just…concerned about maybe not being taken seriously. Sometimes it's hard for me to read them. Though I'm not always good at reading most people," she admits with a bit of a smirk. "Plus it's a subject that'd be easy to get into an argument about, and I'm not keen on a fight with the people I work. Defusing fights is something I feel like I'm doing half the time in my usual duties anyway." With a shake of her head, she dismisses all of that, deciding to turn matters to F'kan's reason for being here instead. "What formations are you going over with them already?" It seems like the dragonets just hatched last seven, and here they are in the air already!

"Is not being taken seriously any better than not being listened to?" F'kan wonders briefly out loud, but will leave it at that when Amani changes the subject. With a lopsided grin, he nods, "Yeah, it's amazing how quickly time flies," see what he did there? "We've done the basics so far, line, V, inverted V, and rows, all on the ground of course since they haven't done mounted flight yet. Next seven, it's going to be about advanced formations, how to alter the formations to suits the conditions at the time. It's a great class, some really sharp minds and some great dragonets. Some still have a bit of maturing, but in all, a great class."

Amani lifts a dark brow at that. "Maybe not, though at least if you speak up, a seed gets planted for potential action later," she reasons. Getting on to the subject of the weyrlings and where they're at in their training and growth is a much more pleasant subject, one that she's happy to take a break from her own little project to discuss. "Considering Zymuraith and Ravaith both, I wouldn't expect them to be anything less that sharp," she says with a little grin. She's not going to pretend she isn't proud of them all! And she'll happily chat over the fact with the brownrider until duty calls them each to wherever they're required next.

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