Sesa, Xanthee


Xanthee runs into Sesa and catches the blueling up on some exciting news.
Slightly Backdated


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


North Bowl, Igen Weyr

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"I'm an auntie?"


North Bowl

In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.

Late afternoon and the rays of Rukbat are just beginning to wan, settling over the inky back of a sleeping blue dragonet (who is tucked out of the way so as not to be in the way) and his rider, who was jogging around the bowl, and now, after her cool off, is lifting weights made of burlap sacks and weighed stones so that she can build muscle strength in her arms. Sesa's sweaty, and tired, but she knows this is necessary, and the next thing she plans to add to her jogs and routine is a weighted vest. «You will tire yourself» Sesa sighs and rolls her eyes. That's sort of the point Edleveth. It means what I am doing is working. Weren't you taking a nap? Sesa continues her lifting, but her eyes flick over to look at her poetic blue. «I woke up.» Well. THAT is enlightening, isn't it?

After another busy day for Xanthee and the raven-haired girl is taking a stroll around the bowls, trying to work the kinks out of her shoulders and legs. She's finding that she's sitting a lot more and finds herself stiff at the end of the day. She swings her arms loosely as she meakes her way over to the North Bowl where she spies Sesa and her blue. A small smirk plays over her lips as she sees the blueling lifting weights, her eyes dance slightly as she wanders over, her long skirt swishing around her ankles. "Wow! You're stepping up your PT game now Sesa. You'll be ripped in no time." She chuckles teasingly as she puts her hands on her lower back and stretches with a groan as she grimaces slightly.

«We have company.» Sesa's eyes flick upward as Xanthee approches and she smiles at what might as well be her sister at this point. She laughs at what Xanthee has too say, but keeps going on her routine. "Aye, if I'm to be able to toss stone a dragonlength by the time I graduate, I have to do soemthing." Sesa chuckles and shakes her head and drops the weights to add a few more stones, then is at it again. "How have you been? Looks like you could use a workout yourself." Sesa grins and knows the kind of pain Xan is in, she's done plenty of sitting and hidework herself in her days as a harper apprentice.

Xanthee groans some more as she twists her torso from one side to the other. "A full dragonlength huh? That doesn't sound too bad." the girl says with a thoughtful hum on her lips. At her last though, Xan rolls her eyes, "Don't rub it in. I'm still training and running regularly, but at least in the tea room I was always on my feet, now I'm just sitting sooo much." And then she smiles a little bit, "But I like being busy, and Mal's massages are legendary so I really can't complain." She giggles with a wink at the younger girl.

Sesa nods. "Aye, a full length, and it isn't that easy for someone as short as me." She giggles and shakes her head. "Well, at leats not without proper training and PT, I'm determined to get there." She gives Xan an apologetic look after she groans. "Mmmm. I know the feeling, did plenty of that as a Harper. You have to get up and walk around during your work day, or you're going to be sore and stiff all the time. Massages or no." Sesa drops a wink at Xanthee, and chuckles. She may not be experienced, but she can drop a dirty line or two, thanks fellow weyrlings and former fellow candidates.

Xanthee nods appreciatively at the younger girl. "Oh I believe it. You've always struck me as a very determined young woman." At the girl's advice, Xan bobs her head, "Yeah, I need to try and do that because I don't like being this stiff and sore all the time, I'm too young for that." A soft giggle bubbles out of her as she gives an appreciative look to the girl's blue. "He's growing so fast. I can't believe how long ago the Hatching was already, feels like just yesterday we were scrubbing latrines and peeling tubers. Can't say I miss it." She grins thoughtfully.

Sesa bobs her head at Xanthee's compliment and adds another to her comment about being stiff and sore. "I can't believe how big he is either. I still feel like I'm dreaming at times, like, this isn't real and I'm going to wake up terribly disappointed." She really does feel blessed, but like she's in a bubble that might burst at any moment. "Ahh, peeling tubers wasn't that bad, was it?" She teases, dropping a wink. "And besides, tubers are a lot more tolerable than dragon shite."

"Tubers aren't bad, I've just did a lot of it when I worked as a drudge before I got the job at the Tea Room." Xanthee explains, "I definitely would take the tubers over dragon mess though, that's for sure." She raises a brow at the weyrling. "And I think if this was a dream, you would have woken up by now. But I can pinch you if you wanna make sure." And the weyrbrat raises her forefinger and thumb and mimes pinching in Sesa's direction teasingly.

Sesa finishes her reps and sets the weights down, holding out an arm jokingly for Xanthee to pinch. "I have a brand new appreciation for the drudges after candidacy and weyrlinghood, that's for sure." Sesa laughs and shakes her head, grabbing into her rucksack for a water skin and a hand towel. She wipes herself down and drinks. "So, besides an inordinate amount of sitting, how are things?"

Oh how loaded that question is! Xanthee actually chuckles as she shakes her head slowly. "Well, I helped welcome Daen and Reve's little boy into the world. She named him Revaerys." She follows that up with a soft sigh, "Of course, it was quite bittersweet. Igraine took the baby right away, Reveka insisted. I just hope she can someday soon see what a great thing it was she did." Another cleansing sigh as she looks back at the weyrling as if she hadn't just dropped that total reality bomb on the conversation.

Sesa 's eyebrows hike up when Xanthee speaks and she has to contain some composure because she's getting a bit excited, though she does feel quite bad about the situation her brother is in, not being able to raise his own child. But that's the life of a rider right? Some raise children, but most foster. Sesa's seen enough of the records in the archives to know. "It must be hard, parting with a child. I don't think I want any, my birth mother died bringing me into this world and it makes me wonder if I'd suffer the same fate." Heavy decision for a girl who's never even had a relationship, let alone what comes with a relationship. "This must be hard for him, and having to keep it in check because of Briamiorth." Sesa inches in a bit closer to Xanthee and in a hushed tone, squees a little excitedly. "I'm an auntie?"

Xanthee's eyes widen as Sesa reveals that her mother died in childbirth. "I didn't know that about you. And that's choice that only you can make for yourself." She says with a soft tilt of her head, "It was hard on him when I told him about his son, but he took it admirably." Then there's a smile spreading on her lips as she nods enthusiastically, "Yes you are Auntie Sesa!" After a thoughtful hum, Xan shrugs her shoulders, "I want a whole pack of Mal's kids…one day far in the future." She giggles with her last.

Sesa can only nod along with Xanthee's first because it's true. But, she barely contains her excitement at being an Auntie. She wonders if the foster parents would bring her nephew around sometime. After weyrlinghood of course, because Edleveth is all. «What about me now?» Nothing my love. Stop eavesdropping. We //are supposed to be building barriers you know.// «But I like hearing what you are thinking.» Glazed eyes roll a little as Sesa speaks with Edleveth, but it's only seconds before her attention is back on Xan. "I wish you luck in that endeavor." Sesa giggles and shakes her head. "Babies everywhere."

Xanthee recognizes that glazed look as it comes over the younger girl, a small knowing smile as she patiently awaits the girl's attention to return to her. A long blink follows the girl's last. "Like I said FAR in the future. Way too busy to be a mom just yet." Xan seems to have it all figured out doesn't she? At least in her head it is. "He's a little cutie though, I think he looks like Daen through and through, definitely going to break some hearts. I'm sure Igraine and A'lira would let you meet him sometime. They are just the nicest couple. You know, I stood for the same hatching where A'lira Impressed." She says with another smile as she rolls her neck from one side to the other, groaning as she can't seem to dislodge a particularly stubborn knot.

Sesa smiles at Xanthee. "Oh really? I didn't know that. So you know the foster parents then? That's nice." Sesa begins packing up her things, since she doesn't need them anymore and sets them aside for now. She watches Xan roll her neck and sighs. "You should see one of the healers about that. They have a numbweed salve that helps with the soreness and has something in it to help relax the muscles, Mama used to get it all the time because she spent hours composing music." Sesa clears her throat. "My foster mother that is."

"Well I know A'lira more than Igraine, but she's Zingari, so at least the baby will remain with a member of the caravan. I think that's a relief for Reveka." Xanthee says with a firm nod and a sigh. "I'm trying to check up on her as much as I can, but my scehdule is already packed, the only time I see Mal is when we sleep." Another long sigh as the girl laces her fingers together behind her head. "I wonder if this is what being a grown-up is like." she says wistfully, the girl's eighteenth turnday is almost three months away and she still can't believe where the last nine months have gone.

"Well I know A'lira more than Igraine, but she's Zingari, so at least the baby will remain with a member of the caravan. I think that's a relief for Reveka." Xanthee says with a firm nod and a sigh. "I'm trying to check up on her as much as I can, but my scehdule is already packed, the only time I see Mal is when we sleep." Another long sigh as the girl laces her fingers together behind her head. "I wonder if this is what being a grown-up is like." she says wistfully, the girl's eighteenth turnday is almost three months away and she still can't believe where the last nine months have gone.

Sesa sighs and nods along as Xanthee speaks. "Poor girl, and poor you, it definitely sounds like you're very busy. DO you get any time to breathe?" At this point, Edleveth is quite alert and he stands, stretching, his inky self shaking off the sand. He lumbers over to Xanthee and Sesa crooning towards his lifemate. Whirling blue eyes will level with Xanthee, seemingly taking her in. «What a beautiful specimen your friend is, pale, moonlit skin, ruby red lips, hair like the darkest night. She radiates with light from within. You should draw her.» Sesa colors a little, even though she knows Xanthee can't hear him. She'll probably end up doing a sketch for Edleveth later.

Xanthee is suddenly the subject of much scrutiny from the blue dragonet, and she just smiles in his direction before sliding her gaze over to Sesa, with a dark brow arched in question, but it doesn't bother the girl much. As to her assertion that the girls isn't getting time to breath, she just giggles with a dismissive wave of her head, "I try to schedule it in when I can remember to." she jests before her eyes narrow as she sees Sesa's cheeks color. "Ok, now I gotta know, what did he say?" she asks with much curiosity.

Sesa giggles a bit and runs a hand thorugh her shortened hair. "He said that you have pale, moonlit skin, ruby red lips, hair like the darkest night. And that you radiate with light from within. And I should draw you." She colors a little more and giggles. "He's a bit of a hopeless poet, my Edleveth." Edleveth makes a sound like he's a little offended. «I was only speaking truth!» Sesa sighs. It was a beautiful compliment my blue.

A bright blush blooms over Xanthee's cheeks as she turns to look at Edleveth. "Wow! That is probably the nicest description of myself that I have ever heard." She bobs her head respectifully in the blue's direction. "How fitting that you would end up with a poetic dragon Sesa." she teases the once haper apprentice. With a chuckle, she continues, "I tried my hand at poetry once. I go back and read it every now and then…" she shakes her head and winces, "it was really bad."

And because Edleveth is sensitive to open minds, while he's happy with Xanthee's thanks she might get just a barest tiniest hint of an inky wave from the blue, maybe, maybe not. Just then, The blue drops to sitting and gives a good scratch to his hide. Sesa sighs. A rider's work is never done. "He also says his hide is itchy. I should get his blueness oiled before he starts flaking or injures himself. Then I'd really be in for it. It was really nice to see you Xanthee, don't run yourself into the ground ok?" Sesa gives Xanthee a friendly salute and begisn gathering her things in preperation to go.

Xanthee furrows her brow softly as she wonders if she imagined the inky wave that dances at the edge of her mind before she shakes her head as if to clear it. "Well needs must. I will let you get back to your work. I should be getting home. I might actually get a conversation in with Mal before bed." she snorts derisively. She's just starting to wander off when she catches the younger girl's last, "I will try to remember not to do that." she says with no real conviction as she takes off towards the Crafter's Quarters and home.

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