Willimina, Igraine, Dustin, Agertha


Willa sells a dress to Agertha and talks shop with Dustin, and Dustin talks to a hungover Igraine


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It is noon of the thirteenth day of the fifth month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the forty-third day of Spring and 84 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.
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Red Butte, Gather Grounds

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"Wouldn't do to buy something without knowing it fits."


Red Butte

Far removed from Hold and Hall, out in the utter midst of the plains of Keroon, sits the unique, solitary stone dome that every weyrling most likely knows better than any other landmark on the face of Pern - the Red Butte. Rings of eroded bedrock and sandstone ring this small mountain like long-frozen ripples worn by weather, upheaval, and time. Valleys and scarps surround and fade into the varied strata of the plateau itself. From both the ground and the air, the strikingly-hued Red Butte remains one of the most impressive and recognizable features of the entire Northern Continent.

It is the fortieth day of Spring and 84 degrees. It is a clear night.

Dragonfire Masquerade Fairgrounds

A very large section of the plains around the Red Butte have been manually cleared for the fire festival happening here. While the gather at Igen River Hold had been packed into a tight square, making it a maze of booths, this gather is set up in circular rings. The center ring is the main fire and recreational dance floor, then there is a ring of booths outside the fire, and a ring of booths and performance areas around that. Everything is fire themed, from the glassblower making glass dragons and flame pendants to the spicy food and fire displays! Drink flaming shots at the bar, or play the murder mystery!

Come All! Enjoy the delights of the DragonFire Masque out at Red Butte!

The last day of the Red Butte gather finds a thinner, and more subdued crowd than that of the last couple of nights. BUt it is early in the afternoon yet, and not quite dark enough for the more entertaining parts of the gather. And so, Willimina can be found, standing a shift at one of the dress stalls in the area designated for Zingari vendors. She stares boredly out at the few people passing, wishing that Rukbat would make his decent faster so that the real fun can begin. Off in the distance, the musicians are warming up, preparing for this evening's performances.

Dustin is helping to move heavy crates towards the backs of some of the stalls in preparation for tonight. Not wearing a domino mask at the moment as he puts down one of the crates and lets the stall owner know that he's delivered them. He spots Willimina and nods politely to her, "Good afternoon. Not much going on, hopefully that will change tonight."

It's perhaps not as hot as the summers can get, but Agertha's still not looking to comfortable in her riding gear. It's that or her winter wear, the kind meant for the cold of High Reaches. She makes her way along the line of stalls, looking at this or that and finally stopping at one of the stalls with dresses. She'd wear something more fitting for a Gather if she had something, "Well this is lovely," a dark green dress is touched lightly with the tip of one finger, "Doesn't look like it'd be quite big enough though."

Igraine steps out of her yurt and into the far too bright light of Rukbat. Squinting, she looks over at the Gather grounds, trying to figure out if there is a crowd yet or not. Things seem to be quiet for the moment, so the healer finds her way towards the stew pots for food and something to wash her hangover cure down with. She'd be glad when all this gather business is done.

Willimina looks up, smiling at Dustin. "Aye, It's pretty quiet right now. But we can't really do the fire displays during the day, or I'm sure we'd be much busier!" Willa laighs and turns to Agertha as she looks at the green dress. "Aye, that's one of our smaller dresses." Willimina wanders over to a wrack where she pulls out a very similar dress in the exact same shade of green. She brings it to Agertha and presents it with smile. "I think this one would do you much more justice." A wide smile is given then as she holds the dress up to the rider.

Agertha smiles as the larger dress is brought over, "It's lovely," she takes the item, and looks around, "Some place I can try this on?" she may not have much in the way of modesty, but she does know the common tennents of decency, "Wouldn't do to buy something without knowing it fits."

Willimina smiles. "Of course! Come this way m'dear." Willimina heads towards a curtained area in the back. "In here, let me know if you need help with the stays." Willimina smiles and opens up the curtain for Agertha, waving her inside. "We have masks to match as well."

Dustin nods a little in agreement, "I suppose so." He turns to let Willimina get to the dresses as he doesn't look good in a dress. He heads over to the stew pot to get himself something to eat. He spots Igraine, "Late night?"

Igraine rolls her eyes to look at Dustin, hair disheveled around her face as she gathers her food and drink. "You don't know the half of it… the mixed drinks were something else last night. Way too strong…" Igraine laughs a little nd then groans as pain erupts in her head. She dumps the herb pouch she had in hand into her drink and chugs the stuff down. Ick. Turning back to Dustin, she smiles. "Well, aren't you just as fresh as a newly blossomed desert bloom? Take it you weren't partaking last night?"

Dustin shakes his head, "Nope, I was too busy working to be drinking. Someone had to help clean up after last night so that it'd be presentable this morning. I don't drink to excess anyway and it takes a lot to get me drunk anyway." He gets himself a mug of klah, "But I hope that you had a good time last night."

There are the sounds of movement in the curtained area as Agertha tries on the dress. There's a couple of thumps, a muttered, "Shards," and finally she re-emerges back in her riding gear, "It's a little big," a hand is waved absently at her chest area, "Here," maybe if she padded? "I think I can manage the minor adjustment needed," which she totally can. She pulls her pouch off of the belt that's slung over one arm so she can dig around for the marks, "What're you asking for it?"

Willimina nods. "You could also run it to Timotin, he'd have it ready for you by tonight." Willimina smiles and grabs on of the cloth bags Timo had made for people who bought things. She folds the dress neatly into the bag. She looks at the mark put on the tag of the dress and back to Agertha. "This one's on sale for a half mark. We have a ton of these made and in stock just now." WIllimina smiles. "Did you want a mask to match?"

Igraine chuckles. "I should know better thn to drink to excess myself…But I did have fun. WOrking the Healer's tent all night tonight though, so have some fun for me, huh?" Igraine begins digging into her stew, trying to ignore the pounding drums in her head. The remedy would work, but she still has half a candle mark before it does.

Agertha beams a smile at Willamina, "Yes, that'd be lovely," the price is much less than she was expecting, and the full mark she has in hand gets a half mark added to it. It's not like she won't earn the marks back when those eggs crack. She'll take the bag over to Timo as suggested, since it would be nice to have something to wear later tonight.

Dustin nods a little bit, "When I was young and stupid I used to do that, but I'd like to think I've gotten wiser from experience. I hope to, but probably not until later on. Lots to do before tonight starts and even in the beginning."

Igraine nods. "Aye, there is much to be done before this evening. "I hope you have a good go of it Dustin. I need to eat and get cleaned up however, so I'll see you later tonight!" Igraine smiles nd takes her stew back into her yurt, grateful when the door shutting behind her, blocks out some of the noise.

Dustin takes a sip of his mug, "Oh I'll try to have a good day. Try to drink a lot of water. I've heard that helps." He says as he starts to eat.

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