Eryzz, Taurie


Taurie and Eryzz make up after their spat and Taurie presents Eryzz with a good opportunity.


-- On Pern --
It is 11:16 AM where you are.
It is midmorning of the first day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the first day of Autumn and 89 degrees. Rukbat's heatwave has not yet let up, gripping Igen in its tight fist. Escape the heat!
In Southern:
It is the first day of Spring and 80 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day with a gentle wind.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the first day of Spring and 12 degrees. It's really damn cold out.


Southern Weyr; Living Caverns; NightHearth

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"I would wonder how exactly you intend to accomplish this? And then I would like to know what it is going to cost me?”



A comfortable nook, this natural extension of the living room is cozily attired with overstuffed chairs and a couple of well-worn loveseats. All have been covered in various shades of green, giving the very incongruous appeal of a miniature forest hidden away inside… a grove of man-made proportion. Fish stews and spicy white-wherry chili are often kept hot on the minor hearths east and west of the main, for those whose hours defy when meals are kept. Ornate, the largest hearth towers high, rich with carving and utilitarian in fashion: it holds court by providing the weyr with rich klah, the air thick with the scent of cinnamon wafting.

The first day of spring and it is actually pleasant outside with the sun shining and a light wind blowing, certainly the warmest day Eryzz’s has experienced since he arrived near the end of Autumn. And where is the Journeyman Harper? Tucked up in an overstuffed armchair, he has his gangly legs thrown over one arm carelessly, booted feet dangling idly as he rests his head against the high back. He is flipping through a stack of hides propped up against his knees, sighing over the stylus he has held between his teeth as his slate grey eyes scan over the work, every now and then plucking said writing implement from his teeth to cross out something, or add a note before putting it back and then moving that one to the bottom of the pile. On the low table in front of him, there is a mug with klah in it, now long gone cold.

It most definitely is the first day of spring and Taurie has been outdoors since the first rays of Rukbat touched the skies. She’s had an eventful morning this morning, a hike, and a run in with someone on the trails. It's been a good day so far. So, dressed in her halter top and shorts, she near skips across the living caverns to retrieve a cup of cold juice and a salad. Her high messy bun flops around as she moves about, her good mood is a near living thing around her. Food and drink gathered, she decides a seat at the hearth would be nice and heads that way. It’s not long before she notices Eryzz’s presence, but she sits in one of the oversized chairs anyhow, utilizing one of the low klah tables set around it for her drink and food. “You know, you can go blind from staring at hides so long, you really should give your eyes a break.” She should know, she spends hours pouring over hides herself, and, seems to be going for light hearted conversation, taking the positive side of things rather than focusing on the negative. Maybe it’s all the sunshine she got this morning.

Having been caught in the mind-numbing repetitiveness that comes with marking assignments, Eryzz doesn’t notice the arrival of the effervescent merchant girl. When she speaks up though, he jerks suddenly, lifting his slate grey eyes from the hides to peer in the direction of the voice. And Taurie may have a point about taking a break, because his eyesight is briefly blurry as he tries to focus on the form in the next chair. Only after he blinks several times, restoring his eyes’ natural lubrication, does he recognize Taurie in the chair next to him, and then his eyes grow wide as he gets treated to so much of her in her halter top and shorts, the sight triggers a rush of warmth towards his face. Quickly, and with a gruff clearing of his throat, he drops his head again, lifting the hides slightly to obscure the ruddiness in his cheeks and mumbles “Hey Taurie.”around the stylus still held between his teeth.

Eryzz’s reaction to her presence almost has Taurie smiling, but she keeps that to herself as she begins to turn into her meal. But As Eryzz continues staring at hides, she shakes her head. “Y’know, I wasn’t kidding, you’re gonna make yourself cross eyed if you stare at those hides any longer.” She aims a half smile at Eryzz before sipping at her drink. “Still mad at me then?” She wasn’t going to bring it up, but considering he needs to look up from those hides, and she doesn’t like leaving things unsettled, it was bound to come up sooner or later. And well, sooner is better than later in Taurie’s mind.

“I am well aware of eyestrain and how to avoid it” The young man replies evenly. And truly Eryzz is not actually reading the hides, just using them until he feels his cheeks cool enough that he can toss them over onto the low table as picks his mug of klah up absently and takes a sip. When the cold liquid hits his tongue he makes a face and quickly puts it back down on the table, obviously too comfortable to get up and fetch another one. So he crosses his arms over his chest as his grey eyes wander over the merchant girl, the shock of seeing her in her warm weather clothing worn off so he is able to school his expression carefully, his lips pressed tightly in that ever familiar non-expression of his.

With her last, he takes a deep breath then exhales in one long sigh as he lets his head drop against the backrest again, grey eyes searching hers before he shakes his head the tiniest bit. “I was never really mad at you.” He says cryptically as if that should be that, nothing else to talk about really right? A wave of nervousness settles over him strangely, as he was sure that the merchant woman would have no more to do with him after the way their last meeting ended up in a heated exchange. Not one to often care if he offends with his sometimes biting words, Eryzz is finding he does care that he offended this girl. But after another deep breath/sigh combo, the Harper adds with a bit of a softer tone to his voice, “I’m sorry I was an ass.” he says with all the self-deprecating sarcasm he can muster.

Taurie sucks in a breath and sighs at Eryzz’s first, and then takes a drink from her cup. She watches the harper go through his motions, setting down the hides, the obviously not good klah face, the crossing of his arms. Hmm. Back to the non-smile. Great. “You sure about that?” She teases, a tiny bit of incredulity in her voice. He sure had seemed pissed off. A minor look of shock crosses Taurie’s face when Eryzz apologizes, but she looks pleased that he does, too. “It’s alright…I probably could have comported myself better as well.” Blue-green eyes sweep downward and a slight pink crosses the bridge of her nose. She could have been more graceful. When she looks back up, it’s with a slight smile.

Eryzz wrinkles his nose as he sinks deeper into his slouching position, betraying his discomfort for the current topic of conversation, thick coal black brows hooding over slate grey eyes as he grumbles dismissively. “Fine. I accept your apology.” Was that an apology? This Harper seems to want to take it that way, “Can we please just not talk about it ever again?” he says with his usual sardonic dryness, but there’s a subtle undercurrent of pleading in the way his eyes catch her blue-green ones before he realizes he is doing it and quickly looks away, one hand coming up to comb through his unruly mop of ebony hair, fingers lingering to absently play in his dark locks as he seems to retreat into himself.

Taurie opens her mouth, about to retort something in regards to their conversation, but her blue-green eyes catch his, and he doesn’t hide that pleading look very well. She closes her mouth and sighs, nodding. She doesn’t want to argue with him again, it had left her feeling unsettled and she’d felt so … guilty, leaving things as they had. She spends a moment, gaze softly looking over Eryzz as he toys with his hair and seems to go even more distant. There’s something cute about it, despite it making her worry about his state of mind considering their argument. “So What should we talk about then?”

Looking rather relieved that she agrees to drop it, Eryzz turns his attention back to the blond woman and even treats her to a thankful smile just barely curling on his lips. Tilting his head to one side he ponders her question for a long moment as he studies her intently before quietly responding, “Don’t feel obligated ok? We had a couple of drinks, you don’t owe me anything because we exchanged some heated words. It’s fine. I don’t mind.” Tinged with a forced aloofness, he’s giving her an out now, a way to reject him without actually doing so. It’s a classic Eryzz defense mechanism, push them away before they can walk away on their own.

“I don’t feel obligated to do anything Eryzz, what if I simply just want to, eh?” Taurie raises a brow, setting food and drink aside for now. “If I didn’t want to talk to you, I wouldn’t have. But here I am.” Taurie gestures at her own figure and the hearth seating around, “And, I wondered what we should talk about. So are we talking? Or is it you who doesn’t want to anymore?” That raised brow hikes a little further and now that she’s said what she wanted to say, she grabs her juice and takes a sip. Classic Taurie offense, don’t let anyone tell her how to feel or how she should feel about something. If she does something, it’s for her own reasons, and no one else’s.

Well that was a clever reversal, one that takes Eryzz by surprise though he fights not to show it too obviously, a mere raising of his thick eyebrows. A widening of his grey eyes as he takes her gestures at her figure as invitation to once again drink the sight of her in subtly, his pulse quickening minutely as there is a soft flutter in his chest which puzzles him briefly before he sighs heavily to clear his mind. “I don’t mind talking.” He says in a perfectly non-committal way, still not entirely sure what her motives are and why she is bothering, but willing to take her at her word… for now. “So…great weather today huh?” yeah, he went is digging at the bottom of the barrel of conversation topics, but he does quickly add, “I just remember you saying you were looking forward to the warmer weather, so I’d expect you’re happy huh?” See? He pays attention.

Taurie chuckles at Eryzz’s choice in topic, but he pulls off a nice save, so she smiles at him. “Very happy, I’ve been outside since dawn. I wanted to explore while it was warm and quiet.” She’d started the morning with a jacket, but that’s neither here nor there. “I plan to hit the beach in the next couple of days. It’ll be nice to see it when it’s not destroyed.” Or covered with red tide. Taurie takes a few bites of her salad and washes them down before speaking again, after all, a girl has to eat. “What about you? What have you got going on?”

Eryzz nods along with her words, a tug at the corners of his lips as she confirms how happy she is over the weather, a thick brow raising appreciatively at the idea of her going to the beach and the image of her in a bathing suit coalesces suddenly in his mind and it brings another wave of ruddiness to his cheeks as he lowers his head and forcefully coughs as if he has something in his throat, and he mimes going to get a drink, as he hops out of his slouch and strides quickly over to fill a glass from a tall pitcher of ice water, keeping up the ruse as he sips gently on the water as he walks back slowly. “Sorry about that.” he adds sheepishly as he returns to his chair, but now sits perched on the edge of his seat, leaning towards her while bracing his elbows against his knees. “So do you go swimming at the beach, or are you one of those girls just there to work on their tan?” He asks, genuinely curious with a subtle brightness in his usually dull slate grey eyes.

There's something in watching the way Eryzz moves and reacts to things. Taurie is both patient, and holding back smiles when Eryzz suddenly coughs and excuses himself for water, catching at least a little of that ruddiness in his face. My, my, what had she said? Her eyebrows raise at Eryzz’s next question, and she chuckles in response at first. “I was raised on an Island, of course I swim, though I won't pass up a chance to tan either. I like being in the sun.” And she has to wonder if this question was asked to avoid answering her last, even with that subtly lighted curiosity of his.

“That’s good. I love a good swim as well.” Eryzz remarks in an off-hand manner as he takes another sip of his water before setting it down on the low table. Finally he gets back to her previous question. “Nothing much to be honest. Work, work and more work.” He says with a long suffering sigh and an exaggerated slump of his shoulders. “When you’re the most junior of the journeymen in an area, you tend to get the least desirable work foisted onto you.” He says in a much maligned manner before slumping back against the back of his chair. He tilts his chin in the direction of the stack of hides he was working. “Right now I’m doing all the marking, which is soooo fun.” He drags that one two letter word to leave no doubt that he is being sarcastic.

Taurie tucks an errant strand of hair back behind her ear and grins. Swimming is a popular activity in places like these. “Mmm. Perhaps you should come with me some time.” When he answers her former question, Taurie nods along with a sense of understanding. She may not be in a craft, but she certainly understands craft politics. “Well, just think, someday you’ll have a Sr’s knot and will be able to delegate yourself.” She drops a teasing wink, a grin forming in full appreciation of Eryzz’s sarcasm. She eyes his stack of hides and raises a brow. “What exactly do they have you marking?”

“Perhaps I should.” Eryzz echoes back to Taurie at her invitation to come swimming in a completely non committal way, even punctuating it with a dismissive shrug of his shoulders. That’s probably as close to making social plans as this Harper gets. Her next draws a dry chuckle from the dark haired young man, as he crosses his fingers melodramatically, “I can only hope, that’s the dream.” he adds acerbically before scoffing, although he finds that teasing wink of hers quite alluring, the only indication of such being the curls at the corners of his mouth deepening considerably. As his eyes follow hers to the stack of hides he groans, “Spelling tests from the youngest classes. Their writing is atrocious.” Indeed, shame on those 6 turn old kids for not writing more legibly.

Taurie can't help but laugh and shake her head a little, Blue-green eyes lighting up at the idea that Eryzz might come swimming sometime and at the curling of his lips. “They're what, six… seven turns old? You can hardly expect them to write well when half of them come in not even knowing how to read. It'll get better.” She's teasing him a little, and stating a fact. She drinks some of her juice and sets it aside. “I can imagine that becoming a bit tedious, however.” She eyes what's left on her plate and wonders if she should eat it, and opts for not. She's comfortably full. She looks thoughtful for a moment, crossing her legs and chewing lightly at her thumbnail. “If you had the chance to do something else within your craft, would you? Something a little more geared towards your specialty perhaps?”

“Excuses, excuses.” Eryzz states dismissively at the idea of the youngsters and their inadequate writing skills, although there may be a faintly playful spark twinkle in his eye just briefly before it is gone again. When she mentions it becoming tedious, again the boy will shrug, his go to move to indicate his ambivalence about something, which he does a lot. “It’s what it is. Eventually I won’t be low man and then like you said, I’ll be able to turn it around on the next guy.” Her last though conjures a puzzled look on his brooding features, a narrowing of his eyes in her direction as he answers deliberately with care, “I mean, I still work in the archives as much as I can manage. I just have to keep up with the other work as well..” he trails off with confusion stil coloring his tone as he tries to read between the lines but he’s got nothing.

Taurie makes a humming noise to herself, looking as if she's thinking about something. “Aye but what if the menial tasks could be given to someone else? What if I said I knew a high ranking harper that just happens to need help not of the apprentice variety and that it's intensive archives work?” Because she most certainly does know such a harper and if she's correct in her assuming, the work said harper needs done is right up Eryzz’s alley. Something that might actually catch his interest and maybe make going a bit more blind more worth it than grading hides.

Eryzz sits up straighter in his chair as he looks at her with an intensely searching expression, slate grey eyes boring into her teal ones as if he can find the answers to the many questions rushing through his head in their depths. Highly suspicious, he give the girl a healthy dose of side-eye. “Well, I would wonder how exactly you intend to accomplish this? And then I would like to know what it is going to cost me?” He may be a brooding misanthrope at times, but Eryzz has a Harper’s shrewd mind, and he most definitely knows that one does not get something for nothing.

Taurie near wants to laugh when Eryzz narrows his eyes at her, so suspicious this one. “What if I said I could accomplish this because said high ranking Harper is my Mother? And I think you’re what she’s been looking for in terms of help, things like re-recording histories and restoring old books, sensitive textiles and hides.” Her tone holds one of intrigue, because she has a feeling this might interest the harper who doth take penmanship so seriously. “As for what it would cost you, I’d take another shot at drinks, maybe that trip to the beach?” A friendly smile slides across her lips. More time to figure out this puzzle of a man, to try and make him smile, she doesn’t know why, but she wants to know him.

Suspicion, thy name is Eryzz. It’s nothing personal against Taurie, but the young journeyman Harper has developed a (un?)healthy dose of skepticism over the Turns. It’s only when she mentions that the Harper she is referring to is her mother that his jaw drops as he is both amused and a little annoyed that she kept this very important aspect of herself secret through their previous meetings. Why would she not tell him her Mother is a Harper? It definitely would have changed his thoughts about her when they had their never-again-to-be-mentioned spat after their second attempt at drinks. Curse the girl and the way she has his mind tripping over itself!

As her intriguing tone outlines the details of the work, he groans softly, desperate to believe that Taurie can deliver on such promises because she is basically describing his dream job. The turmoil of roiling emotions flickering to take hold of the normally broody man and he can’t seem to decide which one to settle on. Finally with a sigh of defeat at the invisible battle raging underneath that shock of coal black hair which he pushes his fingers roughly through, sending his coif even more askew. “Drinks on the beach maybe?” he asks in a tacit acceptance of what she is proposing, rewarding the blonde haired girl with a genuine half-smile that brightens his soft grey eyes as they catch her blue-green ones.

Taurie’s grin widens when Eryzz’s jaw drops, though she moves to hide it behind a drink. Hadn’t expected that little tidbit, had he? And were he to ask, he would be assured that Taurie can indeed, accomplish what she’s laid forth. She watches the play of expressions over Eryzz’s face, wondering what’s going through the inner workings of his mysterious mind. When he pushes his hand through his hair, Taurie finds her gaze following the movement, it suits him. His suggestion has a true smile blooming on her lips. “I think that could be arranged.” She says in acceptance of his counter proposal. “And I can arrange a meeting with my mother as soon as tomorrow morning. Would that work for you?” Taurie is good at these sorts of things, probably why she’s in the position she is.

Once he manages to finally get over reeling at the revelation Taurie treated him to, Eryzz shakes his head with a dry chuckle. “I see I am going to have to watch myself around you, sneaky girl.” He teases lightly, lips curling into a smirk as he narrows his eyes again, but this time his suspicion is put on mostly for show although he meant what he said. “I can see how I was wrong about you. You are obviously a shrewd negotiator which must be invaluable to a merchant.” His words are sincere even though they come off sounding a little sarcastic, he can't help it, it's like this default setting and sometimes that is hard to switch off. “Ok then Taurie, a meeting for tomorrow morning would be fine.” He finally concedes.

Taurie drops a playful wink when Eryzz calls her sneaky, and it's quickly followed by a chuckle and a small look of triumph on her face. She gives a nod at his next. “My father taught me well, though my mother's a fair hand at it herself. It's a vital tool necessary for running proper business. And I thank you for the compliment.” She grins, and it widens when Eryzz agrees to the meeting in the morning. “Great. I'll let you know when and where.” She pulls out her rucksack and a small hide and scratches a note onto it. When she's done she places her things back in her bag and flicks eyes upwards to land on the harper once more. “I have a feeling you have questions?” Her lips curl up in a half secretive manner.

“Just one question actually.” Eryzz replies as he leans forward in his seat, bracing his elbows against his knees as he looks up at her through the shock of coal dark hair that falls in front of one eye now. His eyes are subtly searching hers, his normally closed-off expression opening up as his dark brows rise considerately in question, sweeping his brooding countenance away. “Why are you helping me?” His words are soft then, as if he is afraid to ask, afraid he may not like the answer. But he has to know. And not just to satisfy his suspicious nature. Taurie got a taste of him at his worst the last time they met, the prideful ass who takes offense easily and holds onto it like a canine with a bone. That is usually enough for most people to decide he’s not worth their time. But this girl, she doesn’t seemed phased by it and that intrigues the Harper boy, enough that he is finding himself looking forward to their drinks on the beach.

That open look on Eryzz's face, the way he looks at Taurie through the hair that hangs over his face, is moving. She fixes the harper with a sincere and genuine look of her own, blue-green eyes open and warm. “Simply because I want to, and I think you're skills are being squandered grading hides.” A warm smile blooms on her lips, brightening her expression considerably. She finishes off her drink and sets it aside, her gaze returning to Eryzz, but remaining silent. She'd given her answer.

Eryzz finds himself transfixed by her warm blue-green eyes, staring way longer than is considered polite, but with a blink he manages to pull himself back to the here and now with a sheepish chuckle as his hand slips through his hair and comes to rest, cupped against the back of his neck as he quickly dips his eyes downwards, breaking the eye contact reluctantly and clearing his throat before speaking, “Well…I appreciate it.” He says a little awkwardly but his voice carries with a soft timbre, free from the bit of sarcasm that usually accompanies his words.

“Anytime.” Taurie looks towards the entrance to the living caverns, the light without has shifted a bit, signaling it time for her to get to business. There are things to get done yet today. Sighing she slings her bag back over her shoulder and gathers her dirty dishes, intending to leave them in the indicated place near the side boards. “I have to get going unfortunately, but I'll meet you in the archives after breakfast.” She knows she mentioned letting him know when, but she's fair certain she can get her mother to meet then. “Have a good day Eryzz, and don't go blind grading those hides.” She drops him a wink and saunters off then, going about her day in the same effervescent way she'd started in.

Eryzz can feel the buzz, her effervescence has invaded his senses and he just looks up at her, canting his head to one side, lip curling up on one side as his dark locks fall away from in front of his face. “I’ll be there.” He replies with a touch of amusement, nodding his head as if the motion can reinforce his words. When she turns to leave, he lets his gaze follow her, slate grey eyes unabashedly watching the hypnotic way she walks out of the room, a rush of something warming the Harper until she finally slips out of sight. When he turns back to his work it’s with a shaky exhale of breath which does little to bring his mind back to the task at hand from thoughts of the merchant girl.

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