Edlsesa, Daenerys, Xanthee


Sesa and Daen have a long overdue talk and Xanthee has beans to spill

Candidate Bingo for Xan: No Dialogue


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Igen Weyr, Candidate Barracks

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"Wonder Who's Next?"


Candidate Barracks

Hopes, dreams, and fears are contained in these cramped quarters, full of small cots and smaller trunks; thin ragged curtains barely provide privacy between the bunks, shining patches in the material suggesting one too many mending attempts. The minimal floor space is kept clear of debris and personal possessions, wide enough for a single broad table often used for study in the art of dragon care. It is a cramped space despite it all, when dragoneggs lie upon the Sands: there's no helping the worn surroundings, when use is at an all-time high. Near the entrance, one cubby exists, large enough to contain a bit of luxury for an adult overseer of the candidates, and a desk — for once in reasonable shape — is set to the left of the entrance, conveniently placed for the monitoring of comings and goings.

Edlsesa returns to the barracks after a late lunch, seeking to escape the heat and to work on her candidate robe a bit before her next set of duties. She's much relieved to find the barracks empty, also seeking some solitude to sort through her crazy thoughts as of late. Candidacy is nuts in and of itself, but add in that one brother who's mentally recovering from a breakdown and one who's keeping secrets and it just adds to all the chaos. Settling in, Sesa grabs the things she needs and begins the painfully slow process of stitching one of the robe's sleeves back on, pushing her frustrations through her needlework.

Secrets will eventually out one way or another; Edlsesa will learn before too long that nothing is sacred in the gossip and rumor mill of the Weyr, especially for Candidates. But still, with the Traders gone, this one's been remarkably preserved for quite awhile. However, with Daenerys finally getting a little time to himself, he's gotten busy writing out a letter to home, curled up comfortably in his bunk like a good boy, one hand curled against his neck so his cheek rests on the back of it and writing in his usual neat, quick script. At the sound of Sesa's footsteps, he looks up and smiles a little, watching her settle into her bunk and begin working on her robe. "Hey, girl, hey." He greets gently. "Whatchu doin' over there."

Edlsesa looks across from her own bunk and smiles. Well, speak of the devil… She lays her robe down in her lap. "Trying not to screw up my robe. You?" Sesa won't dive right into things, after all, she does have some tact. "You escaping the heat too?"

Daenerys is like Bloody Mary: you say his name three times and he will appear! He sits up, tucking away his writing materials and smoothing down his hair (why does it get all over the place?) and smiling back at his sister. "Me? Writing to Reveka." He gives a gentle shrug and idly begins braiding his hair, so he can get it out of the way for a little bit. "Yeah — it was either this or spend the afternoon in the Lake."

Edlsesa smiles, both at her brother's struggle with his hair and for his reply on whom he's writing to. "Are you sweet on her brother?" She asks, curious. "The separation must be hard." Not knowing certain things might make Sesa clumsy with her words.

"You could say that." Daenerys agrees gently, tying a bit of discarded leather around the trailing end of his hair and letting the long rope of hair fall free to do what it wills. "Sesa… what do you think about being an aunt?" He asks, his tone mild and curious.

Edlsesa shrugs in answer to Daen's question, a thoughtful look on her face. "I don't know, I suppose is have to tell you if I ever became one." Nothing clicks for a moment as Sesa returns to her sewing. But then the way Daen asks that question hits her and she sets her tone down, eyes flying up to her brother in shock. "Wait, that's not a hypothetical question is it? Are you to be a father Daen?!?" If so, color Sesa completely surprised.

Probably she's the same colour Daenerys was when he found out! But still, it's nice to tell her what's been going on all this time. "I am. Didn't find out until after I became a candidate, though." He sighs, shrugs. "Reveka didn't want to ruin my chances…"

Even MORE shock crosses Edlsesa's face when Daen both admits to becoming a father, and, who the mother is. "Reveka? The contortionist from the Zingari camp?" Well color Edlsesa impressed. "That was kind of her. What are you both going to do? What if we impress Daen?" She's a planner, our Sesa.

"Yeah." There's a grin for Edlsesa being impressed! Daenerys hadn't intended to do the thing, and yet, it happened, thanks to a bit of forgetfulness. "Yeah it was — it was…" And somehow, regrettably wise of her. "Well, I intend to mate her, if that's what you're asking. How long it will take me to convince her is the sticker."

Edlsesa nods along as Daen talks, and seems proud that he wants to take the right and noble path. "You think she'll need convincing brother? She's Zingari, aren't they a bit…. stiff about those kind of things? Are you both keeping the baby?" Astute questions from Sesa, but ones she's now dying to know because it's obvious she's happy for her brother, despite the sticky situation.

Daenerys snorts in amusement. "She wouldn't let me leave to marry her as soon as she told me." And he's still trying to convince her that he's serious about this. "No…" He sighs, softy, running a hand over his face. "She feels she's too young to mother a child. We're going to foster the baby with Igraine and her weyrmate."

Edlsesa hmms. "Sounds like you both had to make some tough decisions." Quite practical about all this, Sesa. "How do you feel about all of it? How are you doing?" Sesa seems relieved choices have been made but she's worried about her brother and his well being.

The road has been long; long and tough. But there's a peace in having accepted the necessary growth that will come from this. Daenerys merely shrugs. "I could wish this had happened at a better time for both of us, but it didn't. So I am learning to be patient. It's good practice for a young dragon, should I Impress."

Edlsesa nods. "Mmhm. That's a very practical way of thinking about it brother dear." Edlsesa resumes her sewing and sighs. "Well then I suppose, in answer to your earlier question, that I would be in being an aunt, if the babe ever knows I'm such." She lifts her gaze a moment to look at Daen with a smile. A smile, that quickly turns into a frown when she jabs her index finger with the needle. "Shards and shells!" She lifts her finger to her mouth and sucks at the head of blood welling up there. "Every damn time…. "

Nearly sprinting in from the entrance to the Barracks, Xanthee is suddenly there, her round emerald eyes searching the room until she spies Edlsesa and Daenerys talking over there. Without missing a beat, she dashes in their direction as she is there suddenly, next to them, gesturing wildly to get their attention. If they look over at her, she will make a show of bouncing excitedly at them. Her lips are pinched together hard as if to show she is trying to keep something to herself.

Such is life! "Oh. Here…" And Daenerys produces a thing: a mended robe, nice and pearly white, just for Edlsesa! Her poor fingers need no longer suffer the point of a needle! He would say more. nut here comes his other sister, all excited! Daenerys jumps up, prepared to defend her against all comers, be they spinner or be they human. "What's this, Xan?"

Edlsesa gives Daenerys a look of UTMOST thanks when he tosses her that robe. She couldn't be MORE grateful. But then there's Xanthee, all excited…and quiet! "What is it?!?" Sesa looks around wildly but then she notices the look on Xan's face. She gasps. "Xan has a secret!"

Xanthee waves Daenerys to sit back down, an impatient look on her face, obviously she is not in any danger and he need not worry. With a pointed look she points to her chest a couple of times to indicate herself. Then she cups her ear and mimes hearing something and then shock on her face when she absorbs what she's heard. When Sesa mentions a secret though, she points at her and nods enthusiastically. She makes a motion like she is locking her lips with an invisible key.

"And a good one, to boot!" Daenerys can stand down, now! He gives Sesa a wicked little grin and then eyes Xanthee expectantly. "Well? Out with it." By smoke signal!

Excited that she seems to be cottoning on to Xan and her charades, so far anyhow, Edlsesa grins and laughs. "I'm betting she's not allowed to tell….but wants to anyway." Sesa sets both robe's aside and scoots to the edge of her bunk. "Well….. can you show us Xan?"

A new fun game is always appreciated, and Daenerys is nearly bouncing on his toes, alive with curiosity. He settles down on the floor next to Edlsesa's cot, his eyes bright and intent as he watches Xanthee, fiddling with the end of his braid. "It must be juicy — look at her. She can barely contain herself."

Again Xanthee nods enthusiastically as she points from Daen to Sesa as they guess what is going on. When Sesa mentions showing them, she nods again. First she points at her face, and gestures with large circles, encapsulating her whole head.

Edlsesa perks as she watches Xan, mental faculties racing as she tries to figure out what Can is trying to express. "You? A face? A girl?"

Daenerys squints. This is possibly the most confusing game of charades he's ever played. "Um…" He'll let Edlsesa do most of the guessing here, or Xanthee is likely to punch him.

Xanthee rolls her eyes at the two of them as she tries framing her head with her hands, first on the sides, and then moving to top and bottom and then back again. (Yes Xan is Vogue-ing).

Edlsesa ventures another guess now. "Portrait?"

Xanthee makes a frustrated noise from behind her clenched lips as she ponders how else to portray what she is trying to get across. She decides maybe she should try the whole word at one. First she points to her head with both pointer fingers, then she moves her hands down to trace an hourglass shape in the air in front of her, the universal sigh for a woman's figure. She goes from pointing to her ‘head’ and miming 'woman' several times over and over.

“Something to do with a woman…” Daenerys happens to be terrible at charades, but he will give it a shot. “But which? An old one?”

“Oh! OH!” Once Daen has the word woman out, it clicks in Sesa’s head, or so she thinks. “The Head woman?” She’s totally on the edge of her bed now and getting more than excited about this little game of Xan’s.

Xanthee jumps up and down now, clapping her hands and pointing back and forth between the two of them nodding like a maniac. Finally she settles down again and takes a moment to think of the next part. Glancing around, she spies a pillow off someone’s bunk. Grabbing it, she un-tucks her tunic from her pants and stuff the pillow under there, settling it in a comedic bulge over her normally flat stomach. Then she begins to mime a slow waddling walk, one hand on her lower back, the other resting on her ‘belly’.

Daenerys stares. Just stares. “No way.” She cannot possibly be saying…. “Cremla’s pregnant?” Surely Xanthee jests!

“Really? Is she really?” Since Daen blurted out what Edlsesa had just been thinking, she just adds on. She tucks her hair behind her ears and leans forward, breath bated.

Xanthee looks like she’s about to burst as her head nods so wildly it’s a wonder she doesn’t give herself whiplash. Just as she is about to take a deep breath and begin to speak about how she learned of such news, there is a loud gasp from behind them. Turning, Xan spies one of the drudges coming to pick up the dirty laundry from the Candidates. She had obviously heard, and the way she is quickly turning and heading towards the lower Caverns at a brisk pace leaves the raven-haired girl wide-eyed with panic. With one final glance at Daenerys and Edlsesa, Xan is sprinting back out of the Barracks after the errant drudge, hoping to catch up before it’s too late.

Daenerys turns to Edlsesa with wide-eyed shock. “Well, damn. Everyone is pregnant.” And then he begins to laugh, because it's just too funny! “Wonder who’s next…”

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