Sienna, Thierry


Sienna pays a visit to a whiny sick teenager. Drugged-up Thierry spills a bit more than he probably should.


It is sunset of the fifth day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Infirmary

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From the astringent smell of redwort, to the gleam of counter and cabinet, this place positively defines the concept of antiseptic cleanliness. Despite the yawning exit to the Dragonhealer Courtyard, the floors remain scrupulously swept of sand and particulate matter. Back behind the counter where the healers usually are, are shelves full of bottles and jars, as well as cupboards hiding away more delicate items that shouldn't be exposed to too much sand. Beyond the counter, there is the Desk, where patients are checked in and taken to one of the examination areas by a healer. The windows are usually kept open for the flow of air, but there is both shutters to shut out dust storms, and curtains for other occasions.

The sun outside is setting on yet another Igen day, though, if you've been stuck inside like Thierry has, it doesn't matter what the time is. He's spent most of the day doused on fellis-laced concoctions to get him to sleep off the worst of his affliction, and despite being awake at the moment he's still clearly feeling the drowsy effects of the medication. And still coughing, sneezing and being a snotfactory in general, really. He's sitting up on his cot, looking utterly miserable, turning his head to wipe his runny nose on the sleeve of his Healer-issued gown. The only company he has at present is his little firelizard, Rat, who's curled up in his lap, quietly.

Rat. Who is /not/ a person. And Sienna. Who is. The AWLM, having heard from one person or another that her favorite guard was sick, has made her way into the infirmary. Shaking rain off her jacket, her hair (POOF, curls) and stomping mud from her boots, she shows the Healer on duty the basket she holds (nothing dangerous, no, no medicines, nothing…no…no…why would she be bringing him a nail file and bedsheets?) and then she's walking back towards his cot. "Hey."

Thierry blinks blearily at Sienna, then scrubs roughly at his eyes to try and wake himself up. That ends with him raking fingers through his hair, and pulling a squinty-eyed, sleepy look at the greenrider. "Siennassistant Weyrlingmaster." He turns his head to cough - a wet, racking sort of cough that's bound to leave some sort of icky in the handkerchief he remembers to cough /into/. Then, looking back at Sienna, he smiles weakly. "I'm dying."

Sienna shakes her head as she approaches, waiting until he's done hacking up a lung to do so. "You are not," she says, but her voice is gentle as she sets the basket down on his bed. "I brought you some cheese and crackers." Of course. "And some fruit. Are you drinking enough water?"

"I made some boy make me a sandwich with your cheese. Wasn't as good as what they make in the Dustbowl… betcha it wasn't your stuff." Thierry reaches for the basket, nudging Rat out of the way so he can settle it in his lap. The little brown crawls off, curling up further down the bed. Thi's very quiet as he searches through the goodies, his seeming disinterest likely a side-effect of his grogginess - though he does smile softly as he pulls out a redfruit. "I /like/ these." Cue more coughing, into his hankie again. The Healers must've swatted him enough times for him to learn that's the /proper/ way to do it! "Water tastes funny here," he whines, with the most pathetic look on his face. "'s'like they put stuff in it, or something. I don't like it."

Sienna shakes her head. "Only the Dustbowl and Ravene's shop use my cheeses." Anything else is…wait for it…nacho cheese. Ha. Sitting in a chair beside the bed, Sienna settles in like she's staying for a while. Redfruit. Note. "Funny? Maybe they do put stuff in it. But if they do, I'm sure it's stuff you need."

Thierry snorts. "Didn't taste like yours. Your cheese is /good/. I got it from the kitchen here." He shrugs, rubbing his thumb over the redfruit's skin until he has to grab his hankie for a nasal evacuation process… and there's a /lot/ to get out of there. Thi grimaces when he's done, dropping the used snotrag to the side of him before scrubbing at his eyes again with the heels of his hands. "I want to go home." Says the boy who's only been in the infirmary for a matter of hours. "Cha'el dumped me here. 'S'all his fault. It's /weird/ being stuck on the wrong side of the Weyr."

Sienna shakes her head. "Not mine, nope." Igen's kitchens get her cheeses throughout the turn, but now is not the time for them. Quiet during the snot blowing session, she smiles a bit. "You'll go home when you feel better. And Cha'el was only doing what was best for you." There's a pause. "The wrong side of the weyr?"

"This is /your/ side." Thierry shrugs, shifting basket and firelizard about so he can flop down on his side on the cot, cuddling his pillow and frowning at Sienna. It's a frown of concentration, as he keeps blinking and squinting, fighting off whatever after-effects his cold draught brought on. "Dragony side. It smells different. Like… dragons. I dunno." He shrugs his uppermost shoulder, pouting softly. "Your Healers are ok, though."

Sienna nods, "Yes, it smells like dragons." Can't argue with you there. "I like the smell of the bazaar, sometimes." when the winds are blowing right. "Like spices and delicious food, cloth and other exotic things." Exotic to her, still. Shifting a bit, she unfastens her riding jacket and shrugs out of it, hanging it on the back of her chair to dry.

"The bazaar smells like home." Thierry smiles, closing his eyes and snuggling into his pillow with a happy sigh. "People say it smells bad but I don't think so. Some days it doesn't smell /good/, but it smells ok. I'm glad you like it. You're allowed to like it." He smiles, cracking open one eye so he can reach out towards Sienna, flapping his hand in the air between them. "You're ok. You're allowed to like the bazaar. Tell them I said so."

Sienna digs into her satchel and comes up with a new handkerchief, offering it over to him. "Here." She got it in the bazaar, so it should smell like home. And just a little bit of Sienna, and Kehemath. A mix of smells. She grins a bit when he rambles on, nodding and trying to finger-comb-tame her wild curls. "Thanks, Thierry. I will tell them."

Thierry gives Sienna a thumbs up, and a toothy smile - possibly one of the biggest, most genuine ones the greenrider has seen from him. He squints at the handkerchief, bringing it up to his nose to hold it there, without using it. "Fanks." Something triggers another coughing fit, and rather than using his new present Thierry hides his face in his pillow until it passes. With a groan he lifts his head again, looking back at the greenrider with the most pitiful pout ever. "What's your Igen like?" Then he holds up his hand, spinning his finger counterclockwise for a few rotations before allowing it to drop limply back down. "/Old/ Igen. What's it like?"

Sienna shakes her head with a sad smile. "I don't know, I never went there. So…I don't know what it was like before. I remember old Ista vividly though," she says with a sigh, staring across the room distantly.

"Never? Never-ever? Why?" Thierry lifts his head, propping himself up on his hand. "Thought dragonriders went /everywhere/." He yawns hugely and noisily, only remembering at the last moment to cover his mouth. "Ista. That where you came from, lady? Lots of green there, I think. And water. Lots of water." His brown eyes focus in on her, and he grunts to suffocate the cough that was rising in his throat. "Whatcha got for Ista stories?"

Sienna shakes her head again, and shrugs. "Never had any reason to. I was Search and Rescue, then AWLM there, so there was no need to travel. Probably should have, but we never did." Another nod. "Yes, Ista. So much green. So lush, and /alive/." Not dead like Igen. She frowns, and then she smiles, relaxing into her chair. "Ista stories?" There's a pause. "Well, one time Kehemath fell off of a cliff when she was a weyrling. Before she'd really learned to fly, too."

Ooh. Drama. Thierry keeps one eye cracked open, the other pretty much squished into his hugged pillow. "What happened? Why couldn't she fly? I didn't know they couldn't fly." Rat comes clambering up the cot to curl up in a tight ball by Thierry's chest, and the teen strokes his brown pet fondly. "/He/ could fly after his tummy went down a bit. He was too fat when I fed him."

Sienna shakes her head. "No, dragons can't fly as soon as they've hatched. They're too big, they need time to build up their muscles. Not like firelizards. And…she fell. She had a friend who was a brown, who flew down after her to catch her. I had to try really hard to not let her go between." It was terrifying, but it makes for a good story.

Maybe more terrifying if Thierry properly understood! But he blinks and frowns in concern, at least knowing that /between/ is a bad thing. "She's lucky she has you. You're ok, Sienna. I like you." She gets another of his big, bleary smiles, and another thumbs up, too! Double approval. "Did Kehem— Kehe—" He can't remember her name, so he just groans over it before continuing. "Did she want to eat me?"

Sienna blushes a bit, smiling warmly at him. "You're okay too, Thierry. I like you too. Kehemath," she supplies patiently. "Eat you? No. She doesn't ever want to eat people. She's just…very curious and a bit skittish. She just wanted to…well." She grins. "What she /wanted/ to do was come up and sniff you, but she's learned that most people don't enjoy that, so she hangs back now."

Thierry groans, slapping his hand against his face and running it from forehead to his jaw, which is covered in a pathetically fluffy beard where he's not shaved for days. "Thought she thought I looked tasty, or some shit. Still not used to dragons, man… I washed that greenrider's, though. He sucked. So /mean/." Thi pushes himself up into a sitting position again, so he can reach for his used handkerchief to blow his nose. That nice new one's kept right beside his pillow - maybe he doesn't intend on using it! "Why's she wanna sniff people?"

Sienna shakes her head with a little smile. "K'vvan isn't mean. He's just prickly. Kind of like you." Grin. "Dragons don't eat people. And she…she's got a really good sense of smell. It's how she…well." Back up? "You know dragons don't have long memories?"

"K'vvan." Thierry commits that name to memory. "I know dragons are big, and they fly, and /now/ I know that they don't eat people, but ma used to tell me she'd feed me to one if I was naughty." So he grew up /thinking/ they ate people. "Didn't never get close to one until Elicheritath tried to eat me. Not /eat/ me, but…Tuli looked like she wanted to." Om nom nom. He makes the noise as he mimes eating. "Why don't they have long memories?"

Sienna smirks. "What'd you do to make Tuli angry? And…I don't know why, they just don't. Firelizards do, but dragons don't. That's just the way it is. Anyway, Kehemath remembers smells. She remembers smells and emotions, so that's how she gets to know someone and how she remembers them. So new people, she likes to sniff a bit, so she's got their scent in her mind and she'll know for the next time that she's already met them, and if she likes them or not."

Thierry oohs in understanding. "She can sniff me. Whenever I'm /free/." Of the infirmary. He winces when he's asked about Tuli, exhaling sheepishly as he shrugs. "I tried to get her to play a game. She didn't know it was rigged so she'd win, but it was only meant to be a… a game. Just fun. But she didn't like it and got angry, and that big-butt gold of hers came and, like, crashed into the bazaar from above, and there was a bronzerider too, and they locked me in the brig." He shrugs again, peeping one-eyed at Sienna to see her reaction. "'s how I got into the guard. She made me. That Southern woman said I oughta."

Sienna looks a bit surprised. "Wait…what? What game was this?"

"I dunno, just one we played." Thierry's expression goes sullen and sulky, and he coughs - though it doesn't seem /quite/ as real as the ones that came before. "Just a dice game. With my boys."

Sienna ahhs. "With weighted dice?" she queries, glancing at him with brows lifted.

Thierry nods. "Yeah." He opens an eye again, peeping coyly at Sienna to judge her reaction. "But only so's we could win."

Sienna nods again, and doesn't seem to give much of a reaction other than to shift a bit in her chair, one heel on top of her opposite toe as she lounges. "Then she made you a guard?"

"Then she made me a guard." Thierry seems a little relieved that there's no huge outcry, and even risks a little smile. A sheepish one! "That blonde Southern woman suggested it. Tuli wanted to send me to the Western Isles, but she compromised and I got to stay." His smile grows a little. "Didn't like it then, but it's good now. 'cept for all the women. Women are /mean/."

Sienna rolls her eyes a bit. "I'm a woman." In case he forgot. "How're they mean? I'd guess…I'd guess that any woman willing to brave the Igen Guard would have to be rather tough."

"You're a /good/ one, though. And you're not a guard." Thierry gives Sienna a sleepy thumbs up again. "They're not nice. Some've them are bossy, some are just mean. Think they sorta rule the roost or some shit, because they're, like, the Weyrwoman's /chosen ones/." He rolls his eyes, puffing out an annoyed breath. "I'm better'n them."

Sienna shrugs a bit, returning his thumbs up. "No, not a guard, but remember I'm a ranked female greenrider. There was a time /that/ was an oddity here. Perhaps with the females in the guard, that will change too." She eyes him with a gentle smirk. "Not right now you're not," she teases gently. "I'm sure you all will settle things out in time, and become a team."

"But I think it's maybe more ok to have girl /riders/ than girl /guards/." Which is /huge/, coming from such a conservative teen! Thierry watches for Sienna's reaction to /that/. "I mean, you've got goldriders. They're women. And I guess it's ok for women to be on green dragons too, since they're, y'know, also girls. That makes sense? But I wouldn't want you to fight thread. Women oughta not fight, I don't think. Men oughta protect you."

Sienna doesn't react other than a small smile. "Yes, we've goldriders. But what about women on blue? Or brown?" Her smile grows slightly at his last words. "You know, back when I was in Ista I would've agreed with you there. That men should protect women."

Thierry shakes his head. "Dunno about them. Girls oughta be with girls." He shrugs, pushing himself up into a sitting position again, this time with his legs crossed in front of him. "But it's ok for a guy to be a greenrider, because they have to fight. But women greenriders shouldn't, I don't think. Do you /want/ to fight thread?"

Ah. Good question, Thierry. Sienna considers it. "I…do and I don't," she admits, deciding to answer him truthfully. Perhaps he won't even remember in the morning. "Kehemath and I did very well when we were in Whirlwind, before we transferred out. She would be /good/ at it. But. The other part of me is scared, and perhaps…guilty about it, that I'm in Mirage and likely will never face thread in the same way as the higher wings. But," she adds, "I think women are just as good as men at fighting Thread. There's good and bad riders, gender doesn't matter."

Thierry's expression suggests he's not so sure about Sienna's opinion, but he's trying to gather his thoughts to come up with an intelligent response. It takes a long time and a lot of frowning. "I think it would be distracting. Men would be trying too hard to protect women, and they'd maybe lose track of everything else happening. That's what I think it's gonna be like in the guards. The girls are /distracting/. You can't /run/ with them cos they're all /bouncy/, and nearly tripped into the lake because I was watching Cleo's boobs…" He grins, sleazy despite being sick. "And you can't hit 'em or anything if you're training, cos they're /girls/."

Sienna shakes her head a bit. "That's why the wings have been drilling and drilling and drilling these last two turns. So the men no longer notice they are women. They're just wingmates, same as the man on the other side. You'll get used to them." Bouncy boobs have her grin a bit. Oh, she knows. The bounces can /hurt/, too. "Or think of it this way. As a guard you've got to stay steady under all sorts of distractions, right? This is just one more thing to learn to ignore. As for hitting them…you should. Treat them just like if they were a guy you were sparing against. Won't be doing them any favors pulling punches. Criminals won't, they need to be strong enough to handle it."

"I can't /hit a girl/." For everything else underhand he may be likely to do, /that/, at least, is something Thierry can't stomach. "They're /girls/. They're meant for making babies, not for being punching bags." He shakes his head, dismissing that notion while blowing his nose into his used handkerchief. It's getting beyond soggy, now. "Do /you/ think you're just the same as a man when you're drilling?"

Sienna shakes her head. "You're going to have to." And she reaches out to gently punch his arm. "Women are good for more than making babies. And yes, I do. The focus is on the /drill/, not on who has a penis and who has a vagina."

/Dirty words/. Thierry looks at Sienna with wide eyes when she says them, blinking before turning away to cough in surprise. When he's done hacking up a lung, he looks back at the greenrider and shakes his head, whispering hoarsely; "You can't say /them words/!" Fingers clutch into his blanket, and he continues shaking his head. "I dunno, Assistant Weyrlingmaster. Ay-dub. I'm gonna call you Ay-dub, cos that's a mouthful otherwise. Is that ok? These recruits are the first /women/ I've had to work with. Dunno if I /want/ to. Maybe it's different in the Weyr bit here, but it's not over there. Not /really/. Not so much as here. In this side."

Ay-dub? Sienna doesn't even know how he /got/ to that. "Call me Sienna," she suggests. Ay-dub sounds like a bad Bitran rap star. "Well give it a try. You like being a guard, right? Guards have to deal with lots of stuff they don't like dealing with. Maybe this is just one of those things." And hopefully, in time, he'll realize the women aren't /that/ bad. Or maybe they are, Sienna is tired of arguing this issue and would just rather let him wait and figure it out. As for dirty words…she just grins.

"I gotta try, or I get booted outta here." Thierry picks at his blanket, all miserable-like again. "Both weyrwomen like the girls more, right? And I've already been in trouble. So if I /don't/ try, I've gotta leave." He shrugs, turning mournful brown eyes on Sienna. "I don't wanna get sent to the Isles. Have you been there?"

Sienna shakes her head a bit, watching him. "I haven't. Have you? Where are they?"

"West, somewhere." Thierry shrugs, reaching again for the redfruit he picked out of the basket earlier. It's tumbled gently back and forth between his hands. "I've never left Igen. Hardly ever left the /bazaar/, until I hadta come this side for guard duties."

Sienna grins at that, slow and almost playful. "Well. If you ever want to have some /fun/…Kehemath's a really good flyer. If you trust us, that is," she adds with a challenging look and a lift of her brows.

"I can't ride a /dragon/." If his eyes were wide when Sienna dropped the anatomical bombs, they're /saucers/ now. Is that… fear, maybe?

Sienna tilts her head a bit. "Why not?"

Thierry falters. Why not? "Cos I can't?" He scratches at his chin, then his scalp. "Cos I'm… not… a rider?"

Not a good enough answer. Sienna watches him. "Dragons carry people who aren't riders all the time. It'd be fun!"

Thierry blinks. And again. Then he sneezes - and blinks some more. "I… dunno." There's definite anxiety there at the thought of it - but also some degree of excitement, too, perhaps? "Um… maybe later. Can't right now." It's non-committal, and he gives Sienna a twitch of a smile. "I've never been higher than the rooftops."

Sienna smiles kindly at him, nodding her head. "Of course not now, but when you feel better and won't vomit all over Kehemath." That's gross. "But we'd be honored to give you your first ride. She'll be good, I promise. No rolls." Unless he wants to.

"… vomit?" How can /that/ gross Thierry out when he's living in a world filled with gross bodily fluids at the moment? "Um… later. Maybe. Ok." He doesn't sound so sure about that at all, and he squeezes his redfruit gently between his rough hands, before rubbing over it with his thumb. "Sienna?" There's hesitation in using her proper name, as if checking that it's alright before proceeding. "You can come find me, later. When you want to… when Kehemath wants to… so she can sniff me. And maybe - /maybe/ - I'll, um…" He points upwards.

Sienna nods encouragement when he uses her name. Anything other than Ay-dub. "Alright, Thierry. I will," she says with a warm smile, reaching out to squeeze his arm. "Right now you just rest and focus on getting better."

And the getting better part is about to be enforced by a Healer, who comes over with another steaming draught for him to drink. Thierry groans when he sees it, drawing his knees up to his chest like a little kid. Do not want! But it's forced on him, and he sits hugging the mug miserably, breathing in its steam. "This is gonna knock me out," he grumbles to the greenrider, putting that pitiful face back on. "Stupid fellis. Will you come see me again? Later? You're alright, Sienna." So he keeps telling her.

Sienna smiles at him, rising to her feet and trying to ruffle his hair gently. "I'll come visit again later," she promises. "You're alright to, Thierry." She even gives him a thumbs up, since that's good, right? "Sleep well."

Thierry gives her a thumbs up right back. He doesn't even try to duck out of the hair-ruffling - maybe he /likes/ it! Or maybe he's too dopey to care. Either way, he smiles up at Sienna, nodding at her. "Later, lady." Cos he's on a one-mug trip to the Land of Nod.

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