E'bert, N'ky


N'ky and E'bert meet and talk careers. Cailluneth and Karkath seem to hit it off with their mutual quiet.


It is midmorning of the seventh day of the fifth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Central Bazaar

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Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

Skipping through the bazaar is the now familiar figure of a small girl. She carries with her a rather large basket that's lined with a clean cloth and filled with what smells like freshly baked breads, pastries, and other such tasty treats. Zisiene stops at one of the stalls, a small exchange is made and the basket, when she leaves, is less full. She's being watched, this small girl making deliveries of long standing orders. The figure that is keeping itself in shadows is watching the girl, and eyeing any who look at her for just a little too long. From time to time the figure shifts his weight, and a brown form that he leans against snorts just a little.

The bazaar is a new spot for landing in, but even though she looks clunky, big-boned Cailluneth manages the tight space as if she's done it a hundred times before. Her oiled silver-green hide catches the light as she lowers herself to allow N'ky to dismount; he does with with practiced ease, slipping down to the ground and walking around to caress his lifemate's muzzle lovingly before stepping away from her. He's not in flight gear, so he can't have come from anywhere but within the Weyr. N'ky also looks painfully new to his surroundings, pausing to take in the stalls, the sights, the sounds, the smells - it just so happens that his pause it badly-timed enough to plant him right in Zisiene's way, without the lanky greenrider realising it.

Zisiene comes to a full stop right in front of N'ky, "Hi, you're new. I'm Zisiene," a pause to look around and a broad smile is thrown towards the shadowed figure, "Where are you from? What's your dragon's name? Would you like a pastry?" so many questions, and such an overly bright smile and tone of voice. A wave is given to the shadowed figure, "E'bert, stop skulking. You know Mama doesn't like that," then she's looking back up at N'ky. She's clearly older than she appears, though it's hard to gauge her exact age. Largely because her height does suggest she's quite a bit younger than her manner of speaking would suggest.

N'ky is startled by the youngster in his path, and holds up his hands as he blinks down at her. "Oh. H-hi there." He bites on his bottom lip, running fingers through his hair as he tries to process all of those questions - and the skulking rider, too. N'ky's warm brown eyes squint in the direction she's waving in, picking out E'bert and nodding a greeting at him. Cailluneth growls a rumbly greeting at Karkath, reaching out to him with her moonlight rainbow mind. "High Reaches. She's…" He looks fondly over to his dragon, smiling lovingly. "Cailluneth." And the final question? "I've n-nothing to give for one. S-sorry."

Zisiene smiles, "One free to riders and guards," she says holding the basket toward N'ky, "She's beautiful. Do you like it here? I grew up here," not that Zisiene looks like she can be much more than six, or maybe seven Turns old. E'bert steps away from Karkath who wraps the bulky green in his peculiar complete silence and stillness before he withdraws his presence, "Zisiene, that's enough," Zisiene sticks her tongue out at the rider who she bears a striking resemblence to, "I'm E'bert, brown Karkath's," he says giving the star spattered midnight brown a look, "Stop that Kar, you know that un-nerves the wing," except for the other midnight brown of Arroyo, "Ravene's our foster mother. She has a free pastry or stuffed bread with a klah policy for all riders and guards," is explained, "Don't you have deliveries to finish?" directed at Zisiene. Zisiene looks up at her brother, "Not until N'ky takes a pastry," so there.

"Oh." That's a pleasant surprise! Free things are always good. N'ky reaches into the basket, his hand pausing when the young brownrider comes over. "N'ky, Cailluneth's." Her colour's quite obvious. Cailluneth doesn't seem perturbed by Karkath's silence, either; her own mind is awash with colour, but quiet, too. In fact, she reaches out to spread a lick of colour across the brown's thoughts, imposing a moonlight starscape across his mind - inspired by his hide, perhaps. "She doesn't mind," N'ky reassures E'bert. "Free p-pastry is always good. Um… I'll take this one." He reaches into the basket at last, plucking a pastry out and holding it delicately between long fingers. "Thank you. Both. Igen c-can't be so bad if there are so many f-free things."

E'bert shrugs as he watches Zisiene move off to finish her rounds, "Don't forget to get a replacement!" is called after the girl, "I don't know about the other merchants, just Ravene. She owns Ravene's Bakery and Sundries down the sidestreet there," he nods towards said street, "She's pretty traditional for an Oldtimer," imagine that, an Oldtimer that's not put out by sticking to the conventions of the time. Karkath blows gently at the starscape. This is nice, is what that gentle breath seems to imply. E'bert watches the brown for a bit, then shrugs. He's not hurting anything, and he's not being stupid so no harm.

With a mouthful of pastry to chew through, N'ky takes a moment to reply to E'bert. "Ravene. Right - I'll remember. We've only been here, um… a sevenday now, I think? Just over, p-perhaps. I'm already losing track of the time, there's been so much settling-in to do." He sighs tiredly, giving a gentle 'what to do?' shrug of his shoulders. Cailluneth is happy to weave more stellar landscapes for Karkath, winding a silvery rainbow throughout the pitch-dark canvas of her thoughts. "You're with… Arroyo? Is that right? I'm still trying to figure out the wing insignia here… we're in Mirage."

E'bert gives a nod, "Arroyo's not been bad, though it's been hard for me to keep up with my studies," his shrug mirrors N'ky's, "Used to be a Herder's apprentice. I was studying Beasthealing when I was Searched. Never expected to Impress," Karkath is happily watching the scene that Cailluneth paints unfold, "He's never shown interest in anything outside of drills before," this seems a mild surprise for the young rider as he watches his dragon for a moment, "Anyway, it's not bad here. Zisiene and I have been here our whole lives except for a brief period in the back of nowhere out Telgar way."

"Cailluneth's got a way with dragons," N'ky says proudly. "I wouldn't have thought you'd have time for studies, outside of drilling and everything? Or the energy to, anyway? Um, my f-family is actually Herder-involved. They raises flocks up in the 'Reaches mountains. I-I'm a farrier. Was, anyway, before Cailluneth claimed me." He shrugs fondly, looking lovingly over at his green. "The Beasthealing I learnt c-came in handy when I started studying dragonhealing."

E'bert nods, "That's what I'm studying when I get the time," which, admittedly, isn't as often as he'd like, "I find that early mornings is a good time to study, and then again late at night when drills and sweeps are done," he makes the time for things he cares deeply about, "Kar's silence unsettles during Fall and drills, but on the rare occassions that we've had time to help in the infirmary his stillness is helpful," pride glows for his strangely patterned brown lifemate. Arroyo is probably not the best fit for the brown, but E'bert seems happy enough.

N'ky cants his head curiously, while he licks the crumbs from the devoured pastry from his fingers. "Oh. I thought all 'h-healers were in Mirage. P-perhaps we'll run into each other in the infirmary, sometime? I'm sure Cailluneth could show him some mind exercises… I'm guessing your… Kar?" He doesn't have the full name, not yet, "is quite young? Sometimes it takes time for them to settle into the right f-frame of mind. Cailluneth… well, she was a struggle. I struggled." Perhaps it's hard to imagine, given the dreamy calm imagery she's creating for Karkath.

E'bert gives another shrug, "If it comes to it, I can always transfer. Right now Arroyo fits," which suggests that E'bert doesn't think it could fit for very long. There's a girl see, and he's very fascinated by this girl, "Karkath's slightly older than a Turn," maybe a bit older, E'bert's not sure really. A soft rumble of appreciation for the images is given by Karkath, then a mental nudge, "Oh shards, I'm going to be late for my sweeps," and as he's in his flying gear, save for the jacket that's slung over a shoulder it's clear that the young rider was indeed preparing for a long sweep.

"Still young. Give him time to s-settle… though I still have trouble with Cailluneth on occasion." N'ky admits as much with a soft blush sweeping his cheeks, and he shrugs softly. "Oh, sure. Sweeps - I've yet to be assigned them. Going e-easy on the newcomer, I guess." He grins, touching fingers to his forehead in a farewell salute. "Clear skies, E'bert and Karkath." Cailluneth gently withdraws her starscape, the stars bursting into tiny firework lights that fizzle and fade as the night sky turns to dawn, turns to nothing. She pulls away physically too, leaning down to gently bump her muzzle against N'ky's back.

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