D'har, Alyna, Searuth, Haquith


Alyna seeks D'har out on a dark and stormy afternoon for a chat with a kindred spirit.

Fade to Black ending


It is afternoon of the sixteenth day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.
In Southern:
It is the seventy-sixth day of Autumn and 64 degrees. Rain pours down in hard, biting sheets. The wind tears through any open space, biting just as hard. Thunder booms and lightning flashes in the dark clouds above.


Sunset's Solitude (D'har's Weyr), Southern Weyr

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Sunset's Solitude (D'har's weyr)

Passing through that colorful hanging that separates outside from within, there is a short, glowlit passage to follow around to the right for about six long strides. Once inside, a meeting of twilight and daylight surrounds the visitor, colors both cool and warm blending invitingly to calm the senses and relax tensions away. Entirely of Bollian make, rugs of deep scarlet, saffron gold, dark cobalt, ember orange, and bold purple are spread upon the floor. Around a low table and upon a couch large enough for three, multi-hued cushions are heaped in abundance, some with tasseled corners and some without, some with subtly shimmering fabric, some wrought of simpler stuff (though still quite fine). Dark skybroom furniture is present in the form of a few cabinets, large chests, a taller table with three chairs to match, and a wine rack nearby. A brazier sits in the southeastern corner of the room to provide heat and hot water at need. A couple of folding screens block most of a luxuriously-appointed queen bed from view. While aptly reflecting D'har's Blood and Bollian heritage, this weyr is still warmly welcoming without being imposing or outright opulent - important for a man who doesn't intend to be alone within more often than not.

It is not a day to go outside except out of necessity. With the rain being so cold and driving, not to mention wind-blown, it's downright unpleasant to even make a quick trip to the living cavern for food. Yet every rider is doing it as needed. D'har has been out a grand total of four times today, spending the rest in his weyr while Searuth observes the storm from beneath his overhang. The bluerider, dressed in dark linen trousers and a loose white shirt with the sleeves rolled up (and socks, because rock is still chilly even with a fire going), is perched on the foot of his bed, several pieces of wood leaned up against the footboard as he works carefully to piece together those currently in his hand.

Maybe it's not the day to go out for delicate males afraid of a little rain…oh and wind, thunder and lightning, but that doesn't stop Haquith from ferrying her rider when Alyna decides that this kind of day is perfect to go and see if D'har were around. The swarthy bluerider has often been in the petite greenrider's thoughts since they first met, seeking him out now on several occasions when she felt the urge for some male companionship and has been enjoying herself immensely. But this time it's different, she has a feeling they may be very similar on some levels, and she needed someone to vent to about some things. So without so much as a warning, the pair make their way to the pair's ledge, Haquith calling out a greeting to the blue she sees on his ledge as she wings closer, reaching out to Searuth with her soft buzzing of hundreds of gossamer wings, softly scented with lily-of-the-valley wafting through, « Mine would like to come see yours, is he in? » And just to get out of the driving rain, the green will land on the ledge daintily, and move in under the overhang as she waits for an answer.

Searuth is pleasantly surprised to find Haquith winging his way, a low croon answering her call as he moves over to make room. « Never hesitate to land here, my dear Haquith, » the blue's deep baritone rolls from beneath the shadowed branches and leaves of his night-shrouded forest. Dozens of leathery wings flutter to life and rise from the dark foliage, glinting in the moonlight as they join the buzzing of the winged denizens of the green's mind. A hidden creek babbles through the woods, silvery water shimmering here and there to mark its path while fireflies wink and drift between tree trunks, slowly dancing on the cool breath of the woods. « He is in, and would be glad to see yours. As I am glad to see you. Do come and warm yourself, » Searuth invites, leaving plenty of space for the green to join him beneath the overhang. Once he learns of Haquith's arrival, D'har stops his little construction project and rises, and small smile curving his lips as he stretches enough to pop his back. He moves to the entrance and pushes the hanging aside, leaning his long frame there as he watches for Alyna's descent.

Wearing a long weather-proof cloak with cowl, Alyna slips down from Haquith's neck easily, pausing long enough at her shoulder to quickly slip off the riding harness from her green's neck, glistening with the rain still clinging to it. Once done, it's just a quick jump down as she walks towards D'har calling out sarcastically, "Lovely weather we're having, isn it?" as she's holding up the dripping harness, "Where can I put these?" She asks, looking around slightly. Behind her, Haquith settles near to the midnight blue, but not close enough that she should drip on him, although she does extend her head in his direction and gives him a soft trill in thanks.

Searuth doesn't care if Haquith drips on him, really; he's much less apt to get grumpy about it than his rider. He reclines easily beside the green, the scenery of his mind descending into the more intimate confines of his nighttime forest. There are hints of ruined walls between the tree trunks, the soft singing of crickets and gentle hooting of an owl punctuated by the fluttering of leathery wings here and there. A presence observes just on the edges of sight, hidden eyes, benign (or are they?) and intent in their regard. « Does the weather bother you, or are you content? » Once Alyna is on the ground, D'har pushes out of his lean and pads forward a few steps to meet her. "Just on the hooks here, if you like," he says, gesturing to a row of iron hangers, some of which are occupied by his own lifemate's straps and other riding gear. "Would it be too cliche' of me to say I was just thinking about you?" he asks with somewhat lopsided grin.

« Oh this weather is great! You can fly around in a storm here without feeling like your hide is being blasted off by sand. » Haquith warbles easily as she shuffles ever closer to the dark blue, the buzzing of her mindvoice softening to something barely audible, but is replaced with the thick floral scent of lily-of-the-valley, softly muffled splashes as her thoughts move closer into his mindscape, her nose reaching to gently touch his. Over by the weyr entrance, Alyna smirks a little bit as she hangs up the riding straps and then her cloak and riding jacket underneath are also hung up and she left in her leather pants and a simple peasant shirt, sleeves pushed off her shoulders. "Not at all, I tend to make an impression." She teases, a husky quality entering her voice as she turns to him and places her hands lightly on his waist and tilts her face up at him. "I mean, I might be a little insulted if I didn't pop up in your thoughts every now and then."

A deep, low laugh rolls through Searuth's mindscape, seeming to come from the very ground itself. « I can heartily agree with that. » While he had not minded Igen, the desert would most certainly not have been his first choice of residence. He nuzzles at Haquith when her nose touches his, his near wing flipping open in invitation for her to come beneath it. « Would you like to relax further, dear Haquith? » he asks, his voice softening and taking on a close quality, almost whispered at the proverbial ear. Meanwhile, D'har is enjoying watching Alyna's reveal of what's beneath her jacket. The shirt may be simple, but he likes the way it looks on her very much. Chuckling as she draws near, he slips a hand around to her back, grinning down at her. "That you do, and it ought to please you to know that it happens more than just now and then," he says, and dips his head to seek out a kiss, pulling her closer against him. "Come in," he invites once their lips part, guiding her through the hanging and letting it fall back into place. "I hear you wanted to see me." And any reason for that is fine by him.

Haquith doesn't need to be asked twice as she shimmies under the proferred wing, her croon of thanks offered up as she settles in next to the blue. « I would most definitely enjoy that. Did you hear? I helped stop a ship from completely destroying the Docks during that big storm. » No false modesty there, Haquith is shameless about telling the story making sure her audience always knows she was the only green involved in that bit of heroics. Alyna can't help but giggle at her green's umpteenth repeat of that story, calling over her shoulder, "At least include me in this telling. I was there, even though I didn't do much." To D'har she just smiles brightly and nods her head, "That does please me to know actually." But then the bluerider is seeking her for a kiss which she accepts with fervor. Once they part and she's being guided back into the weyr, the greenrider bobs her head, "I did want to see you, and not for our usual recreational activities…well at least that isn't my intention, but the day is still young." she says with a wink of her iced blue eye. "I need a second opinion on a rather puzzling little…" and here the petite blond sighs as she searches for the right word, her frustration over whatever it is clearly apparent, "..Something." she finally manages weakly, giving up on finding the right word.

« I believe I do remember hearing about that, » Searuth replies, sounding pleased both for Haquith's sake as well as the fact that he is actually remembering. Letting his wing drape heavily over the green, he settles against her with an almost inaudible rumble. Within, the shadows deepen and enfold, the glitter of moonlight upon water and the soft glow of dancing fireflies seeming to grow more brilliant as the scent of water-nourished earth and forest, cedar and musk mingle with Haquith's floral notes. « Quite a heroic feat, my dear Haquith. There is enough trouble without such disaster at the docks being added to it. » D'har grins rakishly to hear that Alyna hasn't come for the usual, especially since she doesn't dismiss the possibility for afterward. "That it is, and the weather is perfect for indulging in such things," he rumbles huskily, though gets to behaving himself a bit more at her last. "A conundrum, maybe?" he volunteers, and gestures toward the bed to indicate she should make herself at home. "Is it a conundrum that a drink might help sort through?" His dark head tilts toward his stash of liquor in offer.

Haquith puffs up noticeably as she snuggles in close to Searuth, perfectly pleased with herself as she rubs her cheek along his jaw, her soft floral scents deepening as her mental buzzing fades to more of a meloidc hum, « Heroic perhaps, but it's my pleasure to show that greens are just as capable as any other color. » Her soft croon continues as she settles her head down on her forepaws, really taking his offer to relax to heart. Moving over to the bed when indicated, Alyna nods eagerly at the mention of a drink, "Yes please! A large one. This last seven has been brutal." She groans as she sinks onto the edge of the bed and lets herself fall back against the lush bedclothes and pillows although her feet remain on the floor, her boots having been dicarded near the entrance. "Conundrum. Yeah, I think that works quite well actually. Now where to start?" she ponders out loud before snorting, "There's this guy." Isn't there always. "A bluerider, wingsecond in Lynx. He…confuses me." And with that Alyna narrows her eyes at the ceiling, furrowing her brow with little wrinkles. "He does not act as men usually do around me."

Once Haquith has her head settled, Searuth nuzzles along her neck and finds a spot to rest his own, flipping his tail over hers. « Indeed. The Weyr is not whole without you, » he says of greens, relaxing in full himself with a deep sigh. D'har chuckles at Alyna's request for a large drink but is quite happy to fix a few up, taking out some rum, bitters, and after a bit of deliberation, ginger beer. Dark 'n' Stormies it is! Fitting, all things considered. A dark brow lifts as he listens and mixes, and hum of contemplation vibrating in his chest once she's done speaking. "You're talking about Th'res," he states, calling the redheaded bluerider to mind. He may not know the man personally, but he does try to keep his leadership memorized. He's smirking as he comes over to the bed with their drinks. "You mean he doesn't feel like having a bit of fun? Is it possible he prefers men?" the bluerider asks, handing off Alyna's drink before settling in the middle of the bed and leaning back against the pillows, half-sitting with his hip near the top of her head.

Taking the drink from D'har with a smile of thanks, Alyna rolls over onto her side, propping herself up on an elbow as she takes a long drink a look of pure pleasure sweeping over her features, "Sweet Faranth, that's delicious!" she says, running her tongue over her lips in appreciation, as ice blue eyes dance, "And yes I am. Th'res." She sighs slightly as she looks down into her drink, "I'm pretty sure with the way I can make him blush that he at least fancies women a little bit. But he's young…And I don't think he knows what he even likes yet." Alyna is really trying hard to keep her friend's confidences but she's needs to relay some information. "He keeps saying how we're friends, how he likes that we're friends. I mean…I'm friends with you and we fuck." she says, indicating D'har with an exasperated wave of her hand, "And I should be able to leave it at that, really… but… Haquith is courting his blue pretty hard, and even though that's never a guarantee with her, she seems determined. I don't know if it's cause the poor blue hasn't even chased yet or what, but she's going to be glowing here soon, and I worry…"

D'har grins smugly for how his drink is received. One good thing about liking his liquor a bit too much is that he's become a rather good bartender, so to speak. He takes a healthy sip of his own drink, a brow lifting at mention of Th'res' age. "Not long out of weyrlinghood, even being a wingsecond. Not that that really matters." Especially not at a Weyr, when the dragons don't take age into account for mating. "Friends and friends with benefits are two very different things in the the minds of most," he points out. Hearing that Haquith is the one courting Jedameth earns a lift of brows in surprise and a groan. "I suppose that means Sear doesn't have much of a chance now," he chuckles, his grin showing that he's very much teasing. Whomever Haquith catches has no bearing on his and Alyna's enjoyment of one another, after all. "What worries you, Alyna?" he asks, reaching over to feather fingertips along her jawline. "That if Jedameth catches, the flight sex will hurt your friendship with him? Or is it something else?"

"I guess most of my friends have come with benefits at some point or another." Alyna says thoughtfully as she takes another sip and sighs softly before giving D'har a rue smile, "I wouldn't count him out, Haquith likes a nice selection when she flies." And even now, when the blond greenrider reaches out to her green dragon, she finds her happily esconsed against the dark blue, wafting that special floral scent she only reserves for potential suitors. "I've stopped trying to anticipate her choices, but…" another sigh and sip as she looks up at him when his fingers trail along her jawline, "He's not experienced D'har, and you know how I am in bed, I get wilder when under flight lust." She pauses again just to let that sink in. "And I don't want him to look at me any differently. He's this genuinely good guy! Who does crazy heroic things like jumping from the back of his blue onto a boat that's on a crash course with land. Who does that? And he's so damn humble, he refuses to even acknowledge how fucking cool that was. Like really? Where the shards did they Search this guy from? Straight out of one of those trashy romance novels I keep seeing all over the place down here." With a low groan she buries her face in some pillows.

"Well that's good to know," D'har says of Searuth's chances after another sip, also checking in with his lifemate and finding the night-washed blue cozied up very happily with Haquith indeed. Alyna's worries about Th'res' inexperience render the bluerider pensive, nodding subtly as he considers. The way she describes herself in the throes of flight lust, however, earns a heated grin. "Now I hope Sear catches even more," he quips, but quickly circles back to the matter at hand. "If Th'res is a man of such admirable character, why would he look at you differently for something beyond your control, Alyna?" he asks. "I'm sure he knows full well what he risks by not increasing his experience and yet letting his lifemate chase. Whatever happens happens, and if he has his reasons for not wanting to jump into bed before Jedameth wins a flight, well…so be it. It is his choice, and if he wants to stick to his convictions that solidly, you can hardly fault him. But from what you've said of him, I truly don't believe you'll have to worry that his perception of you will change, especially if he values your friendship."

Muffled words come up from the plllows where Alyna's head is buried, a string of curses maybe before she lifts her head again for a drink. "And you know what? He's so fucking amazing that he would probably kiss me on the forehead the next morning and act as if nothing happened at all." the tone of her voice though is annoyed. "I can't get under his skin, but for some reason he is fucking firmly under mine." Her pale blue eyes are stormy now as she turns them on the bluerider. "Is my ego so fucking fragile, it can't handle rejection by some 20 turn old barely out of weyrlinghood?" The last of her drink, about a third, is quickly chugged.

D'har tries to decipher the muffled litany that rises up from the pillows, opting instead to knock back more of his drink when the effort proves futile. He finds himself trying not to chuckle until Alyna gets to the part about getting under skin and rejection. "You…sound as though you're after more than some fun in bed with him," he observes. "There are feelings coming into play for you I think, my dear." He studies her for a long moment, handsome features inscrutable. "They're torturous things, aren't they?"

Alyna slides up and off the bed, making her way over to put her now empty glass back over by the liquor, feeling the need to move a bit. When D'har starts to talks about feelings, Alyna scoffs before chuckling a little too loudly. "No…no…no.. I don't do feelings…Not anymore. Tried it, and I am not cut out for all the fucking expectations that comes along with it. Nope!" And now she is holding her hands up, shaking her head vehemently.

"Our hearts seldom allow us much of a say in the matter, unfortunately." D'har seems to be contemplating the remnant of his drink now, dark eyes cast down toward the amber liquid filling the bottom quarter of his glass. "What else would explain just how much this is bothering you?" There's something rather melancholy in his expression as he looks back up at her, subtly pained and inadvertently unguarded. "From the sound of things, he would have those expectations you fear. Perhaps…you might consider distancing yourself a bit before the cut can go deeper? I would not like to see you hurting, Alyna." His eyes flicker downward, a corner of his mouth quirking upward as fingers tap his glass lightly.

"Fuck feelings." Alyna says with a stamp of her food, as she crosses her arms over her chest, like a particularly foul-mouthed toddler. After a long moment she sinks back onto the bed, sitting on the edge but leaning back on her hands with a loud sigh. "And you're right, we've actually talked about it. And he's looking for his one-and-only. Something I can't be." She looks back at the bluerider and notices the subtly pained expression and narrows her eyes. Then when he mentions not wanting to see her hurt, one eyebrow shoots up in question, a small smile of her own taking over her lips. "Now don't you go falling in love with me D'har." she says with a soft purr in her voice as she teases. "Although you probably wouldn't ask me to give up other bedmates like every other serious relationship I've ever tried. What's so hard with understanding, 'I will always pursue others, it's who I am.' They kept thinking it was meant as a challenge, to win me over to them alone and then got mad when I still randomly went home with people from the bar. I try to be honest, but maybe no one else is looking for what I am." And with that she shrugs as she again falls back onto the bed with a sigh.

D'har chuckles, agreeing with Alyna's first. "I think the notion of a 'one-and-only' for a dragonrider is…a bit misplaced," he muses, and downs the last of his drink in one fell swoop. Her teasing of him in the wake of the emotion he lets slip earns another one of his rakish grins. "You are quite fine as what you are," he tells her, reaching over to sift his fingers through her hair, teasing at her neck every now and again, "in quite delicious ways. And you are right; I would not ask that of you. It need not be so complicated, after all." Still letting his fingers play, he turns thoughtful for a long moment. "Could it truly work?" he asks suddenly. "A deeper relationship with one person while still bedding others? I admit I haven't tried it myself, but…it seems to make a certain amount of sense." Particularly for dragonfolk.

Alyna turns her head in the bluerider's direction as she feels his fingers begin to sift through her hair, a soft moan on her lips as her eyes threaten to flutter closed as he continues the play of his fingers over her skin. "That's just it, it doesn't have to be complicated. And it did make sense, to me! I fall in love with someone, that doesn't stop me desiring others. It never has. But for some people it does I guess." And here she shrugs her shoulders against the bedclothes, eyes wandering the ceiling above the bed, not settling on anything "Maybe I just need to find someone who is wired like me." and her eyes drop to find D'har's dark gaze with their ice blue one.

D’har can’t help but smile at the little moan Alyna utters, taking considerable pleasure in being able to elicit such reactions from her. Her last earns a thoughtfully tilted smile as he returns her gaze. “I imagine it would make for fewer such conundrums as this,” he notes, and shifts to stretch out on his stomach beside her, now able to see eye to eye. Still he strokes her hair, now brushing it back from her brow and temple as he props himself up slightly on his other forearm. “Have you truly been in love before?” he asks, his tone quietly curious as dark eyes follow his own fingers a moment, then flicker back to hers.

Alyna can’t help a soft shiver as D’har continues to stroke her hair, a softly heated smile playing on her lips as she continues to look at him, one hand reaching up and draped on the pillow above her head, getting comfortable as she considers his question for a while. “I think so?” she answers with a question, “I thought it was love. I was even weyrmated. It lasted a Turn. I promised that I wouldn’t seek anyone else but him, because that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re in love right?” She gives a bitter chuckle, “Well I was told that I couldn’t have loved him if I still desired others, and maybe he was right. But that was the last time for me. I kept things extra casual from them on, if someone looked to be getting attached, see ya.” she giggles giving a little wave of her hand to those poor unfortunates. Tilting her eyes up at D’har she queries, “And you?”

Dark brows lift in surprise when D’har hears that Alyna had once been weyrmated. He mulls over her answer with care, almost so slowly that he nearly misses her turning the question back upon him. Inwardly, he groans over it, but of course he should have expected having to answer in kind; it’s only fair, after all. “So…which was right - that you loved him but still desired others, or didn’t truly love him because you still desired others?” One brow hitches upward again along with a corner of his mouth. “It must have been the former if you actually weyrmated him, I should think.” But now he really does have to answer. He’s quiet for a long moment, a mental nudge from Searuth encouraging him onward. “Yes. I was,” he finally replies, his fingers in her hair slowing. “There was a woman, a greenrider, who had me thinking I could actually devote my full attention to only one…and then she disappeared without a word. It was a risk I vowed never to take again.” His expression is edged with that hint of pain from earlier, and there’s a rueful twist to his lips as he meets her eyes again. “But I have a horrible habit of complicating matters for myself.”

When D’har asks his question as to which one was truth, all Alyna can do is hike her eyebrows and shrugs, “I thought it was the former as well. Faranth, I would have done anything for that man, dived headfirst into a patch of Thread if he asked me. I burned for him, with my everything. But I couldn’t do the one thing he wanted from me, so what that says of me, I don’t know.” Her eyes watch him closely as he takes a moment before answering. When she feels his fingers slow in her hair, she reaches for his hand with the one she has resting above her head and slowly interlocks their fingers, squeezing in support when she sees his expression edge with pain. “That’s awful. Such a cowardly thing too, to just up and leave like that without a word. I’m so sorry you went through that.” But then his rueful smile does bring a soft smirk to her own lips, “Complicating matters? Yeah, so been there.” she responds with a snort.

“It may have been cowardly of her, but I didn’t do much better,” D’har notes dully, running his thumb across Alyna’s knuckles now that their hands are joined. “She ran from Igen…and then I did the same. It is the real story behind why I’m here, when it comes down to it. I couldn’t stand being reminded of what I’d lost every day.” He turns onto his side, facing her, resting his head upon his bicep as he studies the greenrider. “This…isn’t something I’ve told anyone else before,” he confesses, his tone seemingly subtly surprised. “I never intended to.” After a moment, he chuckles softly, a familiar roguish glint coming to his eyes. “Yet I somehow feel at ease enough with the wonderfully sexy woman beside me to tell her. Interesting, that.”

Alyna looks up at D’har, her eyes soft as she gives his hand another squeeze before releasing it to follow his example and roll over onto her side, crooking one arm to act as a pillow as she looks at him with a sigh, “Yeah, I can definitely understand needing to be away from places that remind you of things best forgotten.” Alyna lapses into pensiveness for a moment before shaking it off in time to hear his last which has her smiling softly at him, “That’s ok, I won’t tell anyone, promise.” When he compliments her though, it takes her off guard, and there’s a soft pinking to her cheeks as she nibbles her lower though for a moment before answering, “I guess I just have one of those faces that cause people to open up…” she says softly, her eyes never leaving his. “I’m glad you told me.” she adds, her tone serious now if whispered.

D’har gives Alyna a little grin for her promise, something that grows when he succeeds in making her blush. “Or perhaps it’s the similar wiring that makes it easier,” he ventures, echoing an earlier concept. His released hand skims over her shoulder and down her arm to her waist, resting there as he leans closer. “Thank you for listening. And for telling me yours,” he counters quietly, closing the space between their lips with a soft kiss that further conveys his gratitude. It doesn’t take much for the heat lying just beneath the surface to bubble up, however, and the low rumble that vibrates in his chest after a long moment is completely involuntary. He grins again when they part, ebony eyes glittering desirously. “Unless you still have some more to discuss, which I’d be all ears for, of course,” he says, the hand at her waist steadily slipping around to her back, “I’m going to spend a considerable amount of time kissing you now. And likely much more.”

As D’har echos her previous words back to her, Alyna’s eyes light up just a little bit as the blush grows deeper on the apples of her cheeks. She relentlessly nibbles on her lower lip, amd his hand skimming down her shoulder elicits a shiver to run through her, bringing with it a softly contented sigh. Watching him draw closer, she moves slightly to meet him. “Anytime,” she says simply after he thanks her for listening and sharing. Then his lips find hers, and there is a brief spark of connection before she lets herself sink into the soft kiss until his rumbling causes her to smile. When finally they part, she lets her eyes flutter open to meet his with a soft moaned sigh, returning his gaze almost identically. His last, though, brings a loud chuckle of delight woth his plans for her this stormy afternoon. She pushes herself closer to him, voice husky as she replies teasingly, “Well, if you’re going to insist…” and trails off as they spend a cozy afternoon thoroughly enjoying each other’s company in numerous imaginative ways, just a pair of kindred spirits who have managed to find each other.

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