Nathanael, Bailey, and Yules


Bailey and Yules are getting away from it all (to, admittedly, Ista Hold), and run in to a familiar face… and come back with him.


It is evening of the sixteenth day of the twelfth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Ista Sea Hold Docks

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Great white stones form this magnificent quay, used by the Istan Sea Hall as docks. Each stone fits against its neighbor snugly and neatly. Black rock and pieces of coral bring color to the quay, adding to its attractiveness. Attached to it are stone piers that shelter some visiting ships. Across the center of the span is a thinner wooden walkway, rigged with great winches, meant to be hoisted high into the air on pivots to let ships pass underneath and through. Thin metal plating has been lined on it to add some protection against Thread Fall, adding yet more weight. Incredibly heavy, this structure takes much effort to raise and lower.

Strange times, on strange shores - or at least, evening time, on Istan shores. Yules is there with Desmeth and another tall, dark-haired woman… who turns out to be Bailey. Desmeth is currently standing very still on the quay, while grumbling a little under his breath, and Yules is scolding the brown: "You have to get away from those eggs sometime. Work-life balance, Desmeth, and this is work!" In the Istan weather, the Wingleader's stripped down to her undershirt, ignoring any awkward stares from young boys and old young boys alike. To Bailey, she says, "He's not usually like this…"

What's that? Bailey has SLIPPED HER LEASH? She's learning from Hannah, who is a pro at this kind of thing. Not like Khalyssrielth minded her whiny-ass lifemate leaving her alone for a nap on the Sands after a nice, big, Desmeth-inspired meal. "It's fine. He can be weird. He's a Southern dragon, there's probably something wrong with him anyhow." The flash of her teeth makes it semi-obvious that she's joking. Ish. "HALLO THE HALL, don't make me come ring your bell," she SING-SONGS. She's stripped down to a pair of soft, tight shorts and a relatively modest swimmer's top, and blatantly returns stares with Level Looks.

But see, The hall doesn't want to hallo back. In fact, it's stones are going to just ignore the two Southern riders. However, there is at least one person around who hears the calling. Said blond haired teenager isn't anywhere near the hall, but up the dock a ways, inside one of those boats. The familiarity of the sound of that yelled voice has Nathanael scrambling up and out of his boat as quickly as possible. "Be right be sir, jus' a sec, promise." With that very brief explanation Nathanael is running up the boardwalk and edging around other workers. "Ma'am Bailey! Ma'am Yules!" No… he doesn't quite hug them, coming to an abrupt halt just a few feet away.

Despite Yules' half grin at Bailey's analysis, she still mutters, "Must be something in the firestone…" Too soon? "What if they're not in?" she mutters to the goldrider but that's just silly. Who's never 'in'? But it's not a call in front of the pair that has Yules perking, it's the one not in front of her: "Nathanael?" Could it be? Is it he? "Is that you?"
Since Yules was clearly bracing for a Nathanael-bowling-ball, she eyes when the boy stops. Huh. "How are you faring?" A hand waved to Bailey, "You remember goldrider Bailey, of course," just in case he was guessing the woman's name a moment ago…

Too soon. Bailey shakes her head in exasperation at her clutchfather (clutchfather rider? Poor Yules is making all the normal gender things CONVOLUTED) and smirks.. until a familiar accent comes 'round. "Nate?" she queries aloud, pivoting about to STARE at the seacrafter. "Well, this is an entirely small world," she announces, arms ALREADY HEADING OUTWARDS for a HUG when he … stops? Huh. Guess EVERYONE grows up. She spock's an eyebrow over at Yules and then Kirk's an expression at Nate.

Nope, no hugs. It hasn't been that long since Nathanael left Southern, but there is a distinct difference between the more laid back attitudes there and the stricter ones here in the north. One sea voyage was all it took to remind Nathanael of those differences. So, he'll fold his arms behind his back and attempt not to smile like the pair of them just brought the sun with them. "'s good t' be seein' ye ma'am's! I didn't expect…" He blushes slightly red and looks down at the ground. "well, t' be seein no'un f'r a while. If'n it ain't disrespectful… may I be askin' what be brinin' ye here? Less," A hint of worry, "ain't nothin' bad happned?"

Not even Bailey-arms-of-hugging? Yules eyes Nathanael with a faint suspicion. Instead, she asks, "How is SeaCrafter treating you?" Very subtle. The suspicion fades into a merely interested look, "Nothing bad has happened…" A considering tilt of the head, "Well. Not to Southern." This is why Yules isn't allowed to do inter-Weyr politics. Behind them, Desmeth is trying to shift about on the key, wings outspread for some balance, but he's quiet after he finishes his turn to watch the threesome contentedly. "And your father? He's doing well?" This is awkward, okay, and it shows a bit on the brownrider's face, trying to find topics.

RIGHT? Bailey hugs are the best, because they are so RARE. Therefore Bailey also looks at Nate with suspicion and edges a bit closer to Yules just in case the crazy is catching. "Are they feeding you right?" Bailey runs hot on Yules' question's heels, eyebrows furrowing together. "We're fine. Why are you being weird?" The last is demanded in a maybe slightly belligerant tone. WAY TO GO AT BEING SUBTLE BAILEY. WAY TO GO.

Nathanael rocks on his heels a bit, and looks down at the ground. "Good t' be hearin' ain't nothin' bad be happenin'." Yep. There's awkardness for just a second before Bailey is asking her question. Nathanael casts a look behind him at the busy docks, then back up at the two women. "I ain't sure if I should be huggin' ye, 'cuz it ain't Southern no more. 'n… ye know, ye're both imporant people." Someone has informed Nate that rank MATTERS. "'n I ain't wantin' t' be lookin' like I ain't carin' 'bout that 'cuz it.. ye know." Blue eyes look up, they totally get it right?

For once, Yules is looking at someone else with slightly arched eyebrows of surprise. But not for long because she starts to nod in agreement, until Desmeth at least rumbles a little. Ahem. "Well. If we're important people, and we think you should be hugging us," so Yulesian logic goes, "Then you should hug, yes?" Take that, stuffy Nowtimers. Desmeth, warning given, turns to sneeze on a couple of younger boys who have been approaching his tail. And then, of course, look endearingly at a young drudge girl. Ignoring him. "Are you… liking SeaCraft?"

Bailey eyebrow-raises AGAIN. "Who said I was important? I'd like to talk to them. Actually speak to someone who thinks I'm important — that'd be nice." Bailey grumbles the last part and takes a step back to STARE at Desmeth. Huh? What? Why is she completely taking herself out of the conversation? She's still listening, she's just being weird. This, apparently, happens when Bailey doesn't have Khaly around.

"Well… ye are a weyrwoman… I be thinkin' ye're important…" Nathanael scuffs the ground again. But Yules logic is totally irrefutable. He casts a glance over his shoulder again, almost like he's checking to make sure that no one is looking. His fingers twitch with that held back hug, especially when Bailey steps away. So…. no hug? Mixed signals here guys. So. On to Yules question. "'course! Ain't no other craft what I'd be wantin' t' be in. Ain't 'e same 'n 'e North, but ain't e'erythin' different when ye ain't use t' it?"

Desmeth eyes Khalyssrielth's rider for a moment and huffs. Women. He should know. For a moment, the brown eyes Nathanael in a heart-felt bro-code moment. And then Yules interrupts it: "No other craft, huh?" Long and drawn out, Yules crosses her arms and cocks her head to examine Nathanael: "You're sure you're enjoying it there." Eyes light up as something occurs to Yules, "Hey wait. We're in Ista. Did they give you a boat or something?" She's searching with long glances down the piers, scattered like dendrites into the waters: "You haven't made Journeyman yet, have you?"

Bailey keeps staring at Desmeth. Maybe she's trying to communicate with him. Obviously she is FAILING. Nevermind her, guys. She's having a moment. And there are some seacrafters starting to ogle her as if wondering what on EARTH is wrong with her. (Nate's probably going to get beat up by association after this.)

Nathanael is feeling a little out of his element guys. Bailey is acting WEIRD and he isn't quite sure what to do about it. Yules's question causes him to blink. "No ma'am, jus' a layo'er afore headin' t' Nerat." Because… boats do that right? Sorry Yules, Nathanael takes a few steps closer to Bailey. "Ma'am, 're 'e alright?" Genuine WORRY here Bailey.

Nevermind Desmeth over here. He'll just commune with Bailey for a little. Or pretend to. Whatever makes Khalyssrielth's lifemate happy, for now… Yules again: "Oh, so you're still on your way there!" Yules declares, sounding a tad more relaxed. A quick eye is tossed back to Bailey: "She's alright. She's enjoying some time off the Sands." Desmeth isn't, but he's not going to complain right now as his massive brown head starts to swing slightly to where Yules and Nathanael stand. Sniff. "No, Desmeth, I don't smell like tasty fish," Yules tells him crossly. A look to Nathanael that's nearly apology: "Dragons can be so strange."

"HA. You can hear me," Bailey announces loudly to Desmeth, before turning with a bright, maybe-a-little-bit-plastered-on-smile back to the pair. "So Nate. Nathanael." Back to business. (Maybe she's drunk.) Puzzled: "Of course I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"She ARCHES AN EYEBROW at Desmeth, he who is so large that he wouldn't ever even notice such a blatantly obvious expression. Does she start tapping a foot? Maybe she starts tapping a foot. Now she's staring at Yules. If Osweith was here he would be screaming about conspiracies. Is that a smile? Wait, that's a smile. That can't be good.

Nathanael is confused. So, you know what? He's not going to try to make sense of it. Instead, he's going to hug Bailey, and hopefully she's okay with that. Please be okay with that.

Of course Desmeth can hear Bailey - at least he doesn't give her a gentle sneeze in response. No, instead Desmeth is enraptured with watching his lifemate. Or something. As Nathanael moves to hug Bailey, Yules looks from the apprentice to Bailey, to Desmeth, and then back to Bailey with slightly widened eyes. No, Desmeth seems to want in on this hug, moving so his tail can slowly sneak around the weyrwoman and apprentice's feet. Curl curl curl coil. From outside this trifecta, Yules clears her throat, even as Desmeth gives it a good shot of curling all of himself around before giving up and resting his nose just next to Nathanael's thigh. "AHEM," Yules repeats herself, if only so Desmeth can… ignore her: "Sooooooo, your crewmates that are continuing to Nerat, they can take a message to your father, right?" A look at Desmeth: "Because Desmeth would like you to come back to Southern and Stand for his cluch. And Khalyssrielth's." A quick look to Bailey - her dragon had something to do with it too. "So, will you come?"

Bailey isn't an easily startled woman. The hug she returns with a maternal strength that most would never expect from this particular redhead, wrapping around Nate's shoulders with an object defiance to anyone who would find the action inappropriate. Her lips tip upwards at the corners at Desmeth's benediction, but she has one of her own as she pulls back slightly from the seacraft apprentice. Her grey eyes search out his light blues, and the expression she levels onto him is fierce and bright with unshed tears. Her addendum to Yules is simple but vast, so much meaning for three little words: "Come home, Nathanael."

Nathanael managed to not cry when leaving Southern. He really did. Okay, it involved a LOT of running around like an energizer bunny till he couldn't see the shore any more, but he did it. That hug of Bailey's though… that completly undoes his manly resolve to cry about leaving. He returns her hug tightly as the tears do slip down his cheeks, blurring the sight of the two women. They fall for a few moments before is able to trust his voice to speak. It's thick, "Aye ma'am. Ain't nothin' but seein ma again'd be makin' me happier." And then he's going to hug Bailey again (sorry Yules) and just keep crying for a bit.

Who needs manly resolve? Nathanael and Bailey have Desmeth wrapped around them, and Yules standing guard (she doesn't even look offended to not get a hug, just glaring at anyone who approaches). Still, Yules relaxes a little and nods with Bailey's words; she is not good with sentiments but echoes, "We've… it's been quiet," if a shade more uncomfortable, with the feeling. There's not even a sally about tripping over a body now, partly because Desmeth lifts his head to gently touch it to Nathanael's shoulder. And everyone is staring. Who cares? "Well then. Good." Breaker of Moods should be Yules' new title. Desmeth grunts something in response and his rider rolls her eyes, "Oh don't mind me. Just let me know when you'd like to head back…" At least no one's tapping their foot.

That's okay, Yules can beat the shit out of those little assholes that bullied Nathanael. Not that Bailey has them on her 'to kill before I die' list or anything. That's an emotion Yules could get behind, right? Bailey mists up a little more at Nate's words, though, and it's a vocal clearing of her throat to keep her from breaking out into real tears in the middle of a freaking northern crafthall. "Nathanael," her voice is a little thick but she straightens, cards through his hair with her fingers to shift it into some respectable neatness. "Let's go." Someone ELSE can tell his masters. She repeats her earlier sentiment, again; this time it's said with hope. "Home."

Nathanael steps back from Bailey's hug (and totally doesn't trip over Desmeth's tail, because that would ruin the moment), and whipes a hand across his eyes. Okay, two hands. He'll look once more behind him and look at the line of boats docked. One particular craft meets his gaze and he locks eyes with a man leaning against the rail. A captain knot is on his shoulder, and a thin line marks his lips. Disapproval guys. Nathanael turns resolutly away. "Home." Just something about that sounds right. He isn't even going to try going back for his things. Mostly because he's reaching out for Bailey's hand.

For the first time since Khalyssrielth clutched, Desmeth is not complaining about getting back to work. He uncurls slowly, taking care to extend himself fully, wings extended, and bugles happily. No shy fading gentlemanly flower here: Desmeth is all on display and if he could add bells to his straps, Yules would be sewing right now. "Alright, alight," Yules says gruffly, and Desmeth crouches to allow Bailey and Nathanael to mount. Yules, however, has spotted something, and marches to where her voice can ring out over water, with Wingleader-ordering clarity: "Nathanael of Seacraft is Searched," she roars, "Tell Seacraft of this honour, and we will send for his father when the time comes." That captain that glowered gets a glare back, echoed by a brief look by Desmeth before Yules goes to mount. It wasn't poetic, but perhaps the point got across. Once all three are ready to leave, Yules shouts one more thing, but Desmeth was ready and roars to interrupt her, and whatever she said is lost in the noise.

Bailey shepherds Nate towards Desmeth, her mouth curving in approval at Desmeth's showing and Yules' fierce retort. She, herself, lifts her unoccupied hand to FLIP THAT CAPTAIN THE BIRD. (She's a goldrider and apparently therefore important and he can KISS HER ASS.) "C'mon, Nate. Up you go." She gestures at Desmeth's straps and serenely smiles to the closest gawker — a teenaged able-bodied apprentice, pimply-faced and previously scowling at the attention given to Nathanael; he flinches at Desmeth's roar and cringes at Bailey's smile. She has one last thing before she ascends the straps behind Nate, and she waits until silence has fallen in awe of Desmeth's insane vocal prowess to declare it to that kid and everyone else within earshot of her precisely bitten-off words: "He's ours now. You can't have him back."

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