A'ndi, Th'res, Taliveth, Jedameth


Jedameth has a bad dream and seeks out comfort from his neighbor Taliveth. It's about as adorable as you'd expect!

some cursing, intense cuteness


It is late evening of the fourth day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Taliveth's Ledge

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« I was swimming and chasing fishes, then a big fish came and ate me. Tail and all!! »

Taliveth's Ledge

It's… a ledge! Surprise! A spacious one, well-swept, with a gorgeous view of the foliage-covered cliffs and the churning river below. There's a few small potted plants near the weyr entrance because Taliveth.

It is late into the evening. Long past the normal time for people or dragons to be awake unless they want to. The still of the night is broken by that strange poping and clacking noises.

The weather is nice so some dragons have taken to sleeping out on their ledges. One such is none other than Taliveth, his great brown bulk all laid out on its side, chunky legs twitching, one dark wing held aloft. Maybe he's flying in his dreams. Either way, the popping noise stirs him. Just a little. Tali shifts, groaning in his sleep, the wing folding down.

And that wing meets resistance as lays over a large form, almost as large as the brown. There is a rustling noise and then pressure as what ever that something is leans up against Taliveth. There is a soft crooning noise coming from the mystery being as what ever it is settles in using the larger brown as a wind break as well as a blanket.

Taliveth is certainly no stranger to snuggles, and so at first nothing seems amiss. The wing drapes gently, his own weight shifting in towards this mystery visitor. But gradually he becomes aware that something is different. The warship brown cherishes every cuddle and thus has a pretty good memory of them, for a dragon. This shape… it's big but not buxom like Caelisth. As one lid creaks open, Tali sees blue, but it's not the HOLYSHITBLUE of Zynth. And this form is certainly not sleek and svelte. Taliveth's head raises to peer down upon his unknown, though not necessarily unwelcome, guest, his googly eyes bulging slightly with curiosity. « ARE YOU A PRESENT? »

Jedameth croons and opens one sleepy eye « I had a bad dream, sorry didn't mean to wake you. » He shifts slightly but doesn't actually pull away « I just remembered how nice it was sleeping on you when I was little ». His large head settling down next to Taliveth's as he croons happily.

« OH! I thought maybe Zynth got you for me! » Because apparently now Zynth can gift dragons to other dragons. This might be a slight overestimation of the icey blue's abilities. Maybe. « But but but tell me about your bad dream! » The brown's tail snakes around the slightly smaller dragon, and he rumbles pleasantly deep in his throat. « Tell me and I'll SCARE IT AWAAAAAAY! » Tali's big ol' maw opens at that, his tongue extending and wiggling with a menacing hiss. Like a very large, angry Canadian goose.

Jedameth rumbles happily « No MY Zynth didn't send me. » He turns his head to be the big scary and croons happily « I was swimming and chasing fishes, then a big fish came and ate me. Tail and all!! » The dragon is actually shaking slightly « I couldn't between I couldn't get to my bonded. » He turns his head to the weyr next door to the sleeping man in the hammock on the ledge.

Taliveth's face moves closer and closer until his wiggling tongue is licking Jedameth's muzzle, quickly becoming much less of an angry bird and more of a mama kitty. He even tries to hold the young blue's head in one of his large, silver-taloned paws. « AWWWWWWW my poor widdle Jedameth! » His mindscape showers Jed's colors with shimmering star embers, warm and twinkling. « Don't you worry, though! All you gotta do next time that happens is CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP right through the fishy! It's just a big dinner, right? Like a giant sandwich! » Tali also glances over to the neighboring ledge and, upon spying the figure in the hammock, he projects, « HI TH'RES I LOVE YOU DON'T WORRY I'LL TAKE CARE OF JEDAMETH! »

Th'res was asleep, and now he is not, no at the sudden mind invasion he projectile bounces out of the hammock and slams on the hard stone looking around sleepily before he grumbles and limps back into his ledge. A'ndi is going to get a very angry letter or a bar tab at least.. Jedameth doesn't mind the licking, as he settles into it « I didn't think of it like that, that fish would of tasted well. » He cloeses an eye more to avoid the dragons tongue than anything else his tail curling back around the larger dragons leg. « Will yours be upset that I am here? »

Honestly, A'ndi gets a lot of angry letters. Or at least, a lot of Very Stern letters about Taliveth. He ritualistically BURNS THEM AHAHAHAHAHAaaaaaaa- If Jedameth is going to be so wonderfully cooperative, Tali will just go to town, then! Shlobbering all over the blue's headknobs. « See, sometimes you just gotta think of things a lil different-like! Something scary might not be so scary afterall! It might even be DELICIOUS! » And that's Taliveth's Life Lesson for the day. As for his rider, « Awww, naaaaah, A'ndi won't mind! RIGHT A'NDI? COME LOOK WHAT I GOT! » It takes several minutes, and a lot of grumbling from within the weyr, but the brownrider does eventually make an appearance at the weyr's entrance. He leans against it, clearly half-asleep, wearing a shirt that doesn't quite fit right because it's totally D'ex's. « SEE, A'NDI? It's my Jedameth! » There's a vague, sleepy nod from Tali's rider. "… neato…"

There is a TWANG sound, and an arrow hits the potted plant somewhere near the entrance attached to this arrow is a thin rope, as well a note says "Hold this tightly for booze". Jedameth is just as happy to be cleaned as Tali's at the cleaning of him. He turns slightly and says « LOOK Th'res is going to send A'ndi a present! » But there is that nice humming that the blue is doing to the loving attention of the brown dragon.

"WHAT THE FUCK TH'RES I SWEAR TO FARANTH-" The brownrider stumbles as he's shocked out of sleepiness by an ARROW and falls back somewhere in the weyr. His hand appears briefly from the shadows of the weyr entrance, slapping around on the stone and the potted plants til he finds the arrow, the rope and the note. The rope is grabbed, held, tugged suspiciously. wtf is this shenanigans- « We LOVE presents! That was a really exciting surprise! Your rider is so CREATIVE! » Taliveth gushes as he grooms and nuzzles his companion. « But I think that's enough excitement for tonight, right? It's waaaaaay past your bedtime, young man! » Taliveth begins to shift his large bulk, attempting to get into proper draconic spooning position.

Th'res does send a present on the zip line, three jars tided by strings slide across and land safely into the plants while the dragons start to cuddle. Jedameth curls up with the brown and says « you should of seen his…» his maw opening largely as he yawns « Flying suit… Also he wants A'ndi to come visit says they need to talk about…» what ever else was to be said is lost as the blue drifts off to sleep curled into the brown dragon, and yes he snores making it sound like a zipper slowly opening and closing. It will be a late morning for all involved probably as Th'res wont wake his blue till around noon as day offs are great!

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