Nevik, Kultir


Nevik, while practicing with his sling, stumbles upon Kultir at the Hidden Pools. Cut short due to RL company for Nevik


It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the seventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr

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Hidden Pools

| Such beauty! Water the color of pure turquoise | Rukbat |
| reflects the filtered light of Rukbat that comes | |
| through the small opening of the upper canopy; | . |
| surrounded on all sides by lush greenery, the jungle | . |
| stream tumbles into the brilliantly colored waters of | | |
| the pool creating a waterfall that refracts the light | '. _…_ .' |
| into giving a near-constant, imperfect rainbow. The
| stream continues on, long past these hidden pools of
| turquoise, leaving behind the crown jewel of
| Southern's getaway spots. The spray of water from the
| small waterfall mists the rocks, and at some point in
| the centuries that Southern has been inhabited a
| quaint stone bridge was built to span the width of
| the small pools. Vines and jungle growth further add
| to the sense of seclusion, surrounded on all sides by
| nothing but nature.
| The ground is dappled in the shade of the plentiful
| bamboo and palm trees.
| It is the eighty-eighth day of Winter and 62 degrees.
| Partly cloudy, the storm seems to be mostly gone with
| only the occasional short falls of rain painting the
| ground.

Kultir is seated at the top of the arch on the bridge crossing the pools, his long legs dangling bare feet above the water and his arms crossed over the lower bar of the bridge supports with his chin resting on the crossed arms. The drip of the latest shower can be heard in the silence, a soft pattering on the undergrowth while ripples form on the pools from drops that make it that far. The young tracker seems to be simply enjoying the silence and solitude afforded by this out of the way place and the rain that has kept most people immured in the Weyr for the past several days.

The whizz of a bullet, arrow or…something disturbs the silence of the pools as it spins over the bridge and 'thocks' into the trunk of a nearby tree. What it was or could have been would not be immediately apparent to most - but to those who are experienced with a sling and just how complicated it is to get the rocks to go in the -right- direction its fairly evident. Trundling through the brush, having apparently lost the trail a way back, Nevik emerges on one side of the pools near the bridge and looks around with a half surprised and then immediately worried look upon his face, "Um…greetings," he says and immediately attemps to hide the cord-braided sling behind his back. "Didn't think I'd find anyone out this…far."

[<+Heatstroke+>] Nevik: would there be a version of a mosquito on pern?
The sound of a projectile whizzing through the silent air startles Kultir out of his musings and finds him rolling away from the side of the bridge and flattening himself against that slim protection. When the sound doesn't occur again, he lifts his head and scans the underbrush where he thinks the sound originated with a frown creasing his brow. When the young Healer emerges, the tracker sighs softly and pushes himself easily back up and resumes his interrupted contemplation of the pools though his golden gaze remains on the youth. "Hmm … obviously if you're practicing with your sling." The young man's voice is a bit gruff, who could blame him after being startled like that?, but he waves a hand in a beckoning gesture to invite the young Healer to join him anyway. "Didn't expect folks to start wandering out here till the rain quit completely myself."

Nevik nods, "Which is exactly," he begins to speak and gesture with the hand that's holding the sling and then suddenly remembers it's in full view. Quickly trying to hide it behind his back with his other hand he, almost comically, tries to ignore the presence of the sling entirely while continueing, "…why I came out this far." He takes a few steps towards the young man and adds, "I didn't…uh…" he glances the man up and down a few times as if assessing his condition, "…nope, no injuries." Continuing on his slow approach he stuffs the braided sling into his satchel and pauses once he's within comfortable speaking distance from the Tracker. "My old Dah said that learning how to use this would teach me patience and…courage," he grins a little and pushes back his soft, leather hood to reveal a red welt across the left side of his face from where he's already whapped himself with the strap of the sling at least once. "…Still working on both."

Kultir snorts a soft chuckle as the frown dissolves from his face leaving a lopsided smile on his lips. "Naw, you didn't get me. It went way off that way." He waves a hand of to one side and behind him. "Just habit to make me get out of the way till I figure out what's stalking me. May I?" One large hand is held out for the slender weapon, his fingers almost itching to feel the leather in his hands again. "Patience, sure … never was too sure about courage though. Can take avians with slings but not much else. Though it's a good distraction for some of the bigger, more cowardly beasts that roam through here." His eyes travel to the welt and a mild wince is evident since it looks like it hurt a bit.

Nevik pulls the cord-woven sling from his satchel and wraps it up into a ball before handing it over to the tracker. The 'weapon' has three feet long straps on either side, each woven out of a sturdy cord, with a cup-like depression set into the center. With a knot on one end and a loop on the other it looks as though it were well made but hasn't been used in quite some time. "My ol' Dah wove it for me back at Fort Weyr," he explains and finds himself a seat so that the tracker doesn't have to crane his neck up to speak to him. "He said that I had to have the courage to let go of the knot…let the stone fly where I directed and be 'certain' that my aim was true." Each word seems to be a wishy-washy recitation of something that was probably a very solemn moment for him. It's clear that the boy isn't sure what he's supposed to do with the thing other than whap himself in the face with it.

Kultir takes the balled up sling when it's offered and nods as he uncoils it, his thick fingers smoothing out the kinks in the leather and feeling the strength of the woven cord. "Hmm … it's a nice sling. A bit longer than the one I had when I was your height though … and made differently." The young tracker examines the weapon from all angles before standing up and moving to the middle of the bridge. Taking a stance where he won't get the sling tangled up in the bridge posts and supports, he pulls the sling taut and spins it about shoulder height till the leather whistles though the air. Relaxing his posture, he pulls the straps of the sling back through his fingers and nods before returning it to the youth. "It's a good sling. Takes a lot of practice though. Might want to set up a target on the beach or something so you know you won't aim near people." He grins at the younger man and settles back down at his perch though he rests his back against one of the bridge supports this time and only dangles one leg off the bridge.

The healer seems to brighten a bit as the tracker examines and tests his sling. It's good to know that if there are any difficulties in his learning how to use the weapon - it's all within him rather than the tool itself. Nevik asks, "You mind some company or would you rather that I leave you to your thoughts?" while tucking the sling back into his satchel. He half-turns on the bridge as though he's just as comfortable to leave or to stay; he'd rather not complicate the Tracker's mind unnecessarily.

Kultir shrugs a shoulder at the youth's question, his expression still pleasant as he gazes out at the green surrounding them. "I don't mind company. I'm just waiting for the avians to come out of their nests is all … got a few snares set." He waves a hand toward the canopy around the pools. The young man's posture indicates that he's just as comfortable with the youth's presence as he would be with solitude though there is a gentle invitation in his tone should the boy choose to accept it.

Nevik is reminded of something and curses himself. "Sorry, I just remembered that I have to cover for someone at the Dragon Infirmary." And with that he vanishes back along the trail.

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