Zalara, A'dan


A'dan brings some work by the Smithy and catches up with Zalara.


It is afternoon of the twenty-fifth day of the fourth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr

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The Smith's area is certainly not the prime real-estate in the crafter's section of the Weyr: but, true to Smith form, they've taken what they were given and made the best of it. At the tail end of a maze of winding streets, an iron gate is set within adobe brick walls, opening up into a narrow courtyard. Cracked cobblestones and paths overgrown with native grasses mar the place, though the influx of Oldtimers brings signs of improvement. A few gnarled trees provide shade over stone benches for people to sit and talk. In the back corner of the courtyard, where it can be shaded by the surrounding buildings, is a rather large copper still.

Off of this central area, there are several wooden doorways opening into the four sides of the small buildings flanking this narrow courtyard. To the left is the metalworking wing, its windows often kept open to keep air flowing and prevent the buildup of toxic fumes. On the opposite side of the courtyard, away from the metal's fires, is the woodcrafting wing. Straight ahead, opposite the entrance gate, are the living quarters - with apprentices on the bottom floor, and stone steps leading to the second floor offices and higher ranking sleeping quarters. Along the wall with the gate, there are various classrooms and working rooms with windows opening out to the streets beyond, so that their wares can be displayed for passersby to see - and hopefully purchase.

It is the eighty-fifth day of Spring and 67 degrees. It is bright and sunny. The only evidence of the overnight storm is in the lingering mud puddles.

Zalara is sitting at one of the tables and she's working on putting back together one of the flamethrowers. She was just fixing and cleaning it out. She hmms as she is about half way done.

A'dan enters the smithy, a jangling sack in hand. Apprentices everywhere at tasks he's looking for one he can peel off to ask some questions. Ah. There's one. He rolls up on Zalara at her worktable, watching the clever-handed little smith work. Not looming. Nope.

Zalara continues to work as she has her goggles and work gloves on. She doesn't seem to notice A'dan as she moves with precision to put the flame thrower back together. She looks it over once she's done and she tests the trigger and makes sure the nozzle is clear. There is nothing in it of course. She takes off her goggles as she puts it to the side and spots A'dan, "Hello Rider A'dan." She says politely and formally as they are in the smithy.

"Hello Smith Apprentice Zalara," A'dan rumbles formally. "I see you've gotten your hand on flamethrowers at long last." He casts a considering look at the flamethrower. It's the kind groundcrews use, smaller than the ones the goldriders sported. "How are they holding up?" he gestures with a free hand at the 'thrower. Fall had started since last the bronzerider and the little smith had spoken.

Zalara nods, "Well not at long last, I've been putting together and taking apart and doing repairs on the older ones to bring up up to snuff for a while now. Overall they are hanging up very well. Thanks to the ones that the oldtimers brought we have ones that are in good working order that we can copy and use to diagnosis problems with the older ones."

"Ah." It had been a while since they'd talked. "Good that they did. Your studies still going well?" A'dan shifts, weight moving smoothly from one foot to the other as his eyes flicker around the room, noting the movments an dispositions of people in the room.

Zalara nods a little bit, "Yes they are going very well I'm doing well in my chemistry class to learn how to make the compound that they put in the tanks as well as jewelry making is going well." She sighs, "To let me be in the chemistry class without any complaining I had to agree to also take the jewelry making class."

"Jewelr-" A'dan is confused. Zalara hadn't seemed the type. Then she explains. "You don't enjoy it?" He gestures with a hand, "The jewelry?"

Zalara nods, "Yes Jewelry." She sighs, "Well." She looks around and leans forward, "I do like it a lot." She whispers, "I just don't want to get stuck doing it because it's area of study that the masters decided that are suitable for girls to study. I just want to learn all the other stuff too."

"Smart of you to be worried," A'dan rumbles, "But the Pass has begun. Resources are tight - raw materials AND personnel." He glowers down at the smith apprentice, "Anyone in particular giving you a hard time?" It's not his area to meddle, but Zalara he looks out for.

Zalara shakes her head, "Not really, the old chemistry master was given a more advanced class to teach and a older journeyman is teaching us now."

A'dan nods, "Mmmph. An older journeyman?" The grunt says, 'What's this guy like?'

Zalara smiles, "He's nice a lot like my father, has a lot of oldtimer ideas, like women and girls should be treated equally to boys and men."

Another grunt deep in his chest. "And this master. When you run across him again in the advanced course," he's confident she'll get that far, "What's your plan?"

Zalara hmms, "Well by that time he'll hopefully be retired. He is pretty old. If not then I'll just deal with it. Besides by the time I'm taking the advanced courses I'll be a journeywoman."

A'dan's eyes narrow, he purses his lips, considering that answer. "How old are you?"

Zalara smiles, "I'm 13, going on 14. It will be at least 5 or 6 years before I'm a journeywoman."

"Mmmph." A'dan grunts again, "Got plenty of time to work things out. You let me know if anyone hassles you." He puts the jangling sack on Zalara's worktable, "Came across a store of broken rings and fasteners from the last group of weyrling straps," he nudges the bag toward Zalara, "Thought I'd drop 'em off for you guys."

Zalara nods, "Yep plenty of time. I'll let you know." She says as she looks at the sack and she nods, "I'll see to it that they get to a journeyman so that they get assigned. When would you like them by?"

The bronzerider grunts his thanks. Lots of monosyllabery today. Grunting: So Versatile. "I'd like them totally reforged, if possible. By mid-summer." That's a couple months off. The rider rumbles down at the tiny girl, "Thanks, Apprentice Smith Zalara."

Zalara nods a little bit to A'dan, "Sure I can let the journeyman know that. I'm sure they'll have them done in time." She gives A'dan a smile.

A'dan nods at Zalara. "Good." That task seen to the bronzerider tosses his head by way of farewell and turns to leave the smithy.

Zalara waves, "See you later Rider A'dan." She says as she gets up to go bring the sack and the order to the closest journeyman."

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