K'vvan, D'wane, Bailey


D'wane didn't do it, he swears.


It is evening of the twenty-second day of the second month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.



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"Did you just take my side?"



Spotless and clean, the toilets shine with the glow of units well-worn from the numerous backsides of residents of Southern. The left half is for skirts, the right for pants, and there is a little protest petition tacked up under that skirt sign… something about discrimination, with a Serval rider's name prominently displayed.

It's evening. There's a line for the bathroom, but that's pretty much just the ladies side cause when was the last time that you've seen a ladies room without a line? Especially when half the weyr is practically getting dinner at this moment? Anyways, D'wane doesn't care about that line since he's not interested in that half of the latrines. He's just going to completely avoid that and sail on into the dude's side to go about his business.

It's because bathrooms are built by men who don't get that it takes longer to drop trouser to pee then it does to whip it out. K'vvan doesn't as obviously avoid the ladies' line as D'wane does, but he DOES note D'wane doing that. So in the nice latrine area he'll take up the appropriate distance to do his business and wonder if he should break the man code and ask. Or wait for D'wane to be done. #choices. HE'll choose a middle road, and grunt. #MANLY

Hey, maybe D'wane just wanted to avoid rubbing in that he doesn't have to wait into pee and accidentally spark a pee-bellion and so that's why he was so cautious in avoiding the ladies line? Or maybe he was avoiding someone in particular. We won't know at this moment because K'vvan's not actually asking and D'wane's following man code. The grunt is acknowledged with a similar sound. How much does D'wane have to pee? A lot. He's still peeing, so he's still not talking.

K'vvan's ability to pee matches his body, so he's done before the larger man is. Whatever men do with their dangles gets done before K'vvan heads off to go and wash his hands. He'll just take his TIME because, y'know, he wants to ask. But it's still awkward as long as D'wane is all splish-splashing.

D'wane had a head start, so it's not that much longer before his pants are being fastened and he's heading over towards the basin to wash his hands. Proper hygiene is important and D'wane has had enough of healers yelling at him whenever he's gotten threadscores (even if it was K'vvan doing most of the yelling). He's pretty thorough about that hand washing. K'vvan just gets a nod and an eyebrow raise as WTF is the wingleader just hanging out next to the sinks? Dude code says get in, get out. Lingering is rarely acceptable.

"What was up with the avoiding the females?" K'VVAN IS ALLOWED TO ASK NOW OKAY. "Did you screw someone and now regret it?" He's feeling chatty - M'noq is probably rubbing off in the wingleader in this way.

"I'm not avoiding anybody." D'wane's just going to flat out deny that K'vvan saw what he thinks he saw in a tone as flat as if he was just asked a question about the weather. Doo-dee-doo. Look at him just drying his hands over here.

K'vvan snorts. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS WIN. "You're shitting me - what did you do for serious? Do I need to worry about some crazy bitch," I'm so sorry all female kind, "showing up and interrupting drills because you screwed her?"

D'wane eyes K'vvan and his snorting and accusations and things. "What the fuck? You been reading too many of those smut books laying around?" Because who keeps replacing those books? Surely a lot of them have fallen victims to the Southern weather after a few months, but readable copies always seem present.

There's a writer who is super prolific. She/he/it survives on all the tales that this place conjures up. K'vvan shrugs a shoulder and gives D'wane an EYEBALL. "Then give me a legitimate reason for why you didn't want to get near the woman's line. You've never been fucking shy."

"Who wants to get tangled up in a line when you got to piss?" And remember how long D'wane was over there? He really had to go. Avoiding a pee-bellion may have been a legitimate concern. Anyways, he's just going to start back at that EYEBALLING. He's going to stand by his denials.

"That excuse is completely full of shit." K'vvan's just letting D'wane know that he isn't buying it. A jerk of his head towards the door. "Want me to protect you," sarcasm there D'wane man, "as you run away from them again?"

D'wane is going to look between his wingleader and then look down at his own massively muscley self and give a snort. "I think I might ask them to protect me from you on the way out." And speaking of running away, D'wane's just going to start walking out. He's done his bathroom business and it's time to leave, regardless of whether K'vvan follows or not.

Oh, K'vvan is following. He's SERIOUSLY invested and curious about what D'wane is going to do. Hands in pocket, jaunty step, K'vvan is feeling super full of himself as he steps outwards right on D'wane's heels. Just looking to see if a woman will assault the wingsecond~

"What precisely are you doing?" comes a familiar low alto, lifted in the worst of the worst: light, studious inquiry. Because here's Bailey, arms folded across her chest, one eyebrow raised as she glances between the two men. "You're acting suspicious." hi d'wane

"Can't a man take a piss in peace?" D'wane just seems completely perplexed about why there are all these questions involved in coming and going to the bathroom. He did not sign up for an interrogation. Whether that question is directed to K'vvan or Bailey is kind of left up in the air. Although if it was Bailey there probably would have been at least a ma'am attached to it.

K'vvan scowls when he sees Bailey but will attempt to plaster a nothing-look on his face. "Leaving the restroom Weyrwoman." Answered question, titled used, K'vvan is ROCKING THIS INTERACTION. Which means everything is going to burn to the fucking ground in about two poses.

"Thank you, K'vv," Bailey replies sensibly to the wingleader, which also means that this is going to go to shit. "You didn't answer the question, wingsecond." More formally to D'wane. "There's been a complaint." wait what?

That's a very pained sigh from D'wane as he's getting called out on his non-answer. "I went pee. Washed my hands and tried to leave. And somehow…" There's a hand wave at K'vvan. He can't explain that and isn't going to even try. But the last comment gets a head tilt. "Complaint, Weyrwoman?" He can be respectful too.

K'vvan isn't going to risk a single other word with Bailey in the room. Instead he shoots D'wane a 'wtf shut up man' look at his wingsecond. Asking the weyrwoman for details is the WORST THING TO DO EVER.

"Something about a greenrider who says you're avoiding her." Bailey says, briefly glancing toward K'vvan, "She had a great rack," as an aside, "And that also you used the women's latrine earlier." Her eyebrows lift. What do you have to say for yourself, D'wane?

D'wane just stares at the accusation for a minute, mouth agape. Then a pointed look at the line coming out of the women's side and the very much lack of one on the dudes' side. "No. I definitely didn't use the women's latrine." He's definitely got a witness for his most recent latrine visit and as for the rest of the afternoon, "And I was on sweeps before dinner." NOT EVEN IN THE SHARDING WEYR! He's been besmirched!

"She said earlier. Meaning at any point in the day - what the fuck D'wane." K'vvan shakes his head slowly, there is never a reason to use the woman's bathroom. Also, maybe if he just takes Bailey's side he'll get out of this.

"Did you just take my side?" Bailey's grey eyes turn to K'vvan. It's not accusatory, for once. More — surprised in a taken-aback kind of way. D'wane, you have a brief reprieve, 'cause the goldrider's puzzlement is still solidly upon Nadeeth's.

"What the fuck…" D'wane's going to be mutter that phrase of the day under his breath. And possibly try to slowly back away while the other two are both still astounded that they managed to agree on anything. He needs to get out of the vicinity before lightning strikes or something spontaneously combusts.

"I'll take care of him if you would like Weyrwoman, as he is under my responsibility." <— K'vvan, diplomacy.

"That would be…" Bailey briefly narrows her eyes at K'vvan then nods, once, "Proper. Thank you, wingleader." The smile that she offers the greenrider gives merit to some of the stories that the anonymous pornwriter of Southern indulges in time to time. She eyes upward at D'wane ONCE and then turns to cut in line to get into the women's room. #perks

Did D'wane walk into a low hanging doorway really hard again? Cause his day just went from normal to not making any sense. "I didn't fucking use the women's latrine." There must be another ginormous bronzerider that's a peeping tom or something, although he's not claiming that outloud because it sounds ridiculous. Even if most of the bronzeriders are over six foot anyways. BESMIRCHED

K'vvan turns to put his back to the weyrwoman-cutter so only D'wane can hear what he's about to mutter in his direction as he heads towards the opposite direction of the living caverns.

You overhear K'vvan mutter, "Are you fucking crazy? … … whatever punishment I give … turn the fuck around, … … with … … is fucking letting … go." to D'wane.

And that's how D'wane and K'vvan escaped a Bailey interaction with minimal damage. Run away while she's in the restroom. RUN AWAY


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